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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah. Allah Allah means that Allah cinnabar kind of you know Muhammad while earlier so he will sell them. The Sleeman Kathira mama bad.

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Today inshallah Allah tonight we start with Babel, Toba, the chapter on repentance. And the other side of him and Hadith number 13. But before we get to this Subhanallah, it's very appropriate to talk about the subject. As I was just coming here for Serato, Alicia, I met other jazz and I asked him, and he updates on brother Salah

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who was used to be a member of our community, and then move to Capelle somewhere else and then come back again. So he's been active in the community for some time SubhanAllah. And I mentioned to you that he was in critical condition, and ICU, I just got the news that he was released from the hospital, but to hospice, which means is going to be actually at home. And what does that mean, for those who don't know, it's basically the end of life care, meaning that the doctor, they say, there isn't much they could, which means next maybe a few weeks, and Allah knows Subhanallah how much time Allah gives us in this life. It's a very important ally. For me, I was, it was very emotional to

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reflect on it. And remember that because

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for the past month as an imam being here for this country for about 25 years, Imam, you make announcements for people dying and making janazah. And for this person, that person, and you talk about some of the elders of the committee, I don't even know who they were.

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But as you start aging, and you get involved in the community more and become closer to the people, solid right now you start announcing people that you recognize and you know, and now it's our generation.

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So that's a reflection. That's some highlights of how we were going to be next anytime soon. And Allah knows what we have done in our lives and what we have sent ahead of us and what are our important battles in this life? What exactly you really working on and fighting for and doing and what legacy you want to leave. After you depart from this for that's very important thing to think about online. Instead of just sitting getting into petty things with people right and left and keep talking to this about this when that person Gman Allah, it's much more important than this. Life is much more abundant. So we want to leave you leave a legacy so Allah Allah, when our time is going to

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come so we ask Allah subhana wa COVID To make it easier for the Salas family or Bananaman and make his patches easier in the ACA Allah, we ask ALLAH SubhanA to accept for him the best of his deeds. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to multiply his deeds in a way that it's dealing with the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala and forgiving the shortcomings of Sinjar of the line Amina We ask Allah subhana wa when our time comes, that we also be under the great drama of Allah subhanho wa taala. We ask Allah Azza to give us our shortcomings are below me. So that being said for us, maybe it's a moment to reflect on the meaning of Toba and repentance really? What does it mean? So he says Rahim

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Allah Tala Baba Toba Carl Amma October two Algebra Two men call them he says scholars are saying that it is necessary to repent from every sin, every sin for incarnate till now master to banal Abdullah in Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah to Allah COVID hackday Eid me fella shoot. It says, if the offense involves the right of Allah, not a human, then there are three conditions to be met in order for the repentance to be accepted.

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Number one, a nuclear Anil Mercia to desist from committing the sin, like stopping right away. Not taking you know, one step forward, one step back. Notice immediate this stop it.

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Number two, an e&m Allah failure to feel sorry for committed like being remorseful. Not looking back at those times and say Oh, I wish he was Harlan. Man those days was so amazing this you can't say that. You need to be remorseful and thinking about it and regret every moment that you spent disobeying Allah subhanho wa Taala in that sin

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a number three. And yeah as Emma Elia Ilya Avada. To make a commitment and decide never to commit that sin again. Never call a firm folklore that I had a Salah delimiters Aha, Toba. Any repentance failing to meet any of these three conditions would not be some

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Tama raga he says when character Marcia to the Allah cobia the million official rule to her ERVA Hadith terraza whenever I'm unhappy, so heavy ha. Because but if the sin involves the human beings right, that requires a fourth condition, and that is to observe oneself to absolve oneself from such right. If you owe someone something called for incarnate mal an owner who robbed the holiday if it was a property or wealth

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money, you should return that back to them or to the rightful owner. But when kind of had that fun one Aha, who McKenna human. If it was slandering or backbiting, one should ask the pardon of the offended. Like you're gonna ask for forgiveness for what you've done. Carla yog Wu

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Tang Clan Canada the button

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is the Hello Mina. If it was a viva bikeway you should also ask repentance or ask forgiveness from them. Hello everyone, YouTube women Jamie, I didn't know you should be repenting a secret acquaintance from all sins fair in tava nimbala Soeharto Vertu, and that will help him and that he cut them. However, he says, If someone repent

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from some of these sins, then the repentance will accept it for these sins according to the majority of their lemma. Wolbachia Allah he'll be happy but you're still going to be liable for the other ones Wakata Erica type was trying to wage man Almighty Allah will you will tell by he says evidence is improved from the Quran and Sunnah.

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And consensus lemma are many that support such a hokum and ruling on the Tober con Allahu Taala were to eat Allah here Jamie and uh, yo manana le Allah.

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Allah subhana wa Tada speaking to us, he says, on and all of you, and all of you beg ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala to forgive you or believers, that you may be successful.

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What God has done for Europe become so Matobo la seek their forgiveness of your rubs. apana What are you Lord, and turn to him in repentance? We'll call it Allah. Yeah, you Alladhina amanu to it Allah He toe button masu ha, oh, you will believe turn to Allah was sincere repentance. And the Hadith one Abu Hurayrah Trotsky, Allahu Anhu Cara symetra Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Yahoo Wallahi in NIDA, Starfield Allah Hawa to boo la fille Yun, Theremin seven in Amara, Rohan Buhari. In this narration, the prophets of Allah Sam says,

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I swear by Allah, that I seek Allah's forgiveness and repent to Him more than 70 times every single day.

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And as the messenger of Allah Speakon sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So the meaning of this, when it comes to the Toba, an English we use the word repentance, which is actually is not really the act the accurate definition of Toba and Islam. Because the word repentance in English, it means once you do that, Toba, you can't do that sin again and there is not expected of you to do it again. Or it happens from you again. But Alhamdulillah Allah subhanho wa Taala is most Merciful have forgiven

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and Allah azza wa jal knows that we are human beings, no matter how much we make commitment, we get weaker.

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There are moments we'll become vulnerable. When we fall short and our promises to Allah subhanho wa taala. We fail in our commitment to Allah azza wa jal and you probably commit the sin again.

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Again, and again. We're gonna assume some of the Hadees later coming up what the Prophet SAW was him saying that Allah subhanho wa taala, he knew that you are going to be committing sins called alum amla. And then you ask forgiveness, repentance of Allah subhanaw taala and Allah will forgive you. And that person does it again. And comes back to ALLAH my lord, I've done it again. Please forgive me, and I'll forgive them multiple times. And I still ALLAH forgive them every single time they come back to him. subhanho wa Taala

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This is how much mercy ALLAH SubhanA wa is preparing for us when it comes to committing these sins. So here, when Allah has commanded and says we're to will it Allah like Allah was asking, so look, look, it's okay if you make a mistake.

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It's okay. Come back to me. I'll take you in.

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So it's not a matter of if you make a mistake or if you commit a sin. It's when you commit that sin. Allah's doors are always open.

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And Allah's Rama is always available, and it's given for anybody and everybody was asking for it. So when Allah says come back to me to word Allah, come back, there's no escape away from any from Allah to accept me, Gemma, what are we doing?

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When you make a mistake, when you commit a sin, that you owe someone and a human being what are you going to do, you're going to try to find anyone to hide behind them just to protect you from that and try to find a way to throw to this person to forgive you. And you run away from them probably because you know that's not going to be forgiven at all. But from Allah, where are you gonna go?

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There is no way to go wrong and away from ALLAH SubhanA wa T except by running were back to him. And that's the meaning of Toba that you you come back to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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admitting your faults and your sins and seeking His forgiveness, Hannah what I will call the start of Europe become so much more willing. seek forgiveness and repentance Panama Tana And he says yeah you Alladhina man Oh you who believe. If you truly believe he says, then to will Allah, then come back to Allah subhana was sincere repentance. Then the Prophet salallahu Salam, Salam o Allah was ceremony. The best example Rahmatullah al Amin, the mercy of mankind to the world. He sets his example for us, even though he is the one who's probably not in need of it. Because Allah subhana wa Taala guaranteed forgiveness for him.

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Allah guaranteed forgiveness for him. But he will stand up at night in tahajjud until his feet are swollen. And when I should tell him rasool Allah rasool Allah, why would you do this to yourself? Allah has forgiven your sins.

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Karla Fela Hakuna Abdon Shakira, shouldn't I then become or prove to be worthy with and become a grateful servant of Allah subhanho wa taala. So he's the one who doesn't need to seek forgiveness because Allah guaranteed Jana for him guaranteed forgiveness for him. He says, Listen, I seek forgiveness from Allah every day more than 70 times. And we learn from before that an Arabic language when they use the number 70. What do they mean by that? Abundance a lot. They don't mean seven zero. They mean just like a lot.

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So sometimes, you don't have to count on your tests via your fingers 70 times of sale so far. No, no, just keep saying it. Day or night. When you walk to the masjid when you walked back home when you go to work, when you drive in an every moment that you can have a moment of remembrance, seek his forgiveness. How do you say that? The least is to say I still feel Allah. I still fear Allah, I still feel Allah and what does it mean to say stop for Allah you're seeking a mantra and the Arabic language any word that startled LFC into your soliciting something. So when you say a star, Pharaoh that means I am soliciting a low from another foreign the Arabic language is basically concealment

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and covering.

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So what's the essence of seeking forgiveness mean then? That your Allah, I asked you to conceal and cover my false?

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Like, I know I've done them. They're not gonna go anywhere. They don't work because already registered. I'm asking you to conceal them for me. So that I don't see them, no one else see them. Because Subhanallah if we keep remembering our senses, your ma, are you going to be able to eat?

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Are you going able to drink to sleep to function?

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If you believe in Allah, and you know that you've wronged them, all these mistakes, and they're piling up in your record, would you be able to breathe will be depressed. But Alhamdulillah Allah subhanho wa Taala Rahman Rahim, Allah for he is the one who's conceding these sins for us.

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And sometimes it's NEMA that will forget to Allah in some moments of this. It's nema. Sometimes I will forget. Because if you don't forget, there is no escape from the marriage from Allah Subhana Allah except back to him. So SNAM that you forget sometimes about the sins so you can operate and function, being able to, to move with life and, and worship Allah Subhana Allah, having hope and His mercy as well too. So that's the meaning of seek and forgiving, I'm going to say start with federal law. So your Allah forgive me by concealing these sins from me. I want to see them, I know what I want to see them. And also the meaning of is too far. Your Allah don't hold me don't hold the

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liability against me because of that.

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So if Allah forgives us, then he's not going to hold you accountable for it anymore.

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And that's where we hope for our sins, that we won't be held accountable for them at all. And then he says quite what a to LA and I seek repentance meaning I keep coming back to Allah over and over again because I know my sins are many.

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So the least you could say to fulfill this, or this hadith individualism is to say, I still fear Allah wa to really

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if you keep saying stop for Allah to really stop for Allah wa to worry, or stop for Allah wa to worry, keep saying it hundreds of times 1000s of times every single day Wallahi wouldn't be sufficient.

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If it is efficient for one mistake we do that we owe to Allah subhanho wa Taala this apology and the success so far.

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So I want you to repeat this inshallah with me three times when the land let's say this inshallah Estelle for Allah

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wa to LA.

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Stop fear Allah

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wa to boo la

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estado fear Allah. Wa Tobu la

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make sure to keep doing this

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sent during the night in sha Allah Tala until you fall asleep. May Allah accept you for so familiar but I mean, forgive us all our sins you Allah will ask Allah to give us a towel there is no so there will conceal our sins and erase them completely audible Alameen wa Allahu Taala and the question

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panic along with 100

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