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30 Steps Towards a Refreshing Ramadan #24 Respond with Peace

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Omer El-Hamdoon

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cemani Kumara Mottola he wabarakatuh Allah subhana wa tada describes a bad man, those who worship a ramen as why bad or smelly lady name Chanel, all the hohner the worshipers or the slaves, All right man who walk on the land with ease, meaning that they are free of the concerns that come with the dounia and the different aspects of material that bring anxiety and worry why the Hata bomb will jahi known also Salama and when the ignorant speak to them, or try to intimidate them, then they say set peace. And this is what the reminder number 24 is about. And that's about emptying your junk mail do not allow anger to become part of your day to day response. There are people there who are

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ignorant, there are people there who are abusive, there are people there who just want to cause trouble. And no doubt, there is lots of reasons why this may happen.

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We don't want to go into the details and the different causes of this. But it's important to understand that your response is what is important. Your reaction is what is important. So we have to learn not to allow others to cause us to react in a negative way. Some people have their own issues. And that's what we mean by the junk mail, they have their own issues, they have their own problems, they have their own anxieties. And very often they are looking for other people to throw that on. So do not allow them to put that onto you. You have to learn how to bypass this by saying ceramah and indeed when people do offend you or people do make you upset or do people do make you

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angry, then you have to also learn how to forgive and to forget and to move on because carrying that grudge with you carrying that junk with you is cannot or can actually cause you more harm and can was more stress and worry. And in Ramadan. We learn a lot of this the Hadith process and we know how to react to somebody who tries to irritate you or annoy you. We know how to control our emotions and we learn how to be better people and forgiveness is part of that betterness so this is number one learn to empty your junk mail, not to carry anger, which obviously can be something with inside you and learn how to deal and react to others.