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salamati chordomas Allahu wa barakato My name is Omar Al Hamdulillah, welcome to the Ramadan, reminders

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with everything. Like anything else in life, if you want to succeed, you need to have a plan and around Milan is no different. If you want to get the most out from a one, then you have to have a plan. You have to have a plan in how you think, and how you approach this great month, you know, these great blessed days, which are really a great opportunity because Don't forget, this is an opportunity which Allah subhanaw taala has really prepared for you because you know the beats for the heaven and Jenna they are open the gates for the Hellfire closed, the older devils and the evil, whispering, demons are all locked up. So this is an opportunity for you to really excel. So really

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have to have a plan, in the sense that you need to be thinking, Okay, what am I going to do? What am I going to get out of this month? How can I achieve my utmost from this month, and it means that you have to think from now before we get too deep into the month is to say look, what am I going to try to, you know, what are my goals in this month? What do I want to really achieve? Which looking back on the other arm? avans? I tried but I didn't, didn't quite achieve? Well? Is it that I'm going to try and pray all the tarawih prayers in the masjid? Is it that I'm going to try and you know, recite,

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complete the recitation of the Quran? Is it that I'm going to try and give X amount of money as charity or raise so much money in charity? Is it this? Is it that? How many of this am I going to do? How many of them am I going to do? What is my end goal? If you start thinking like this, now, before we get deep into the month, then you can have a good insha Allah a good prospect in achieving those goals that you have set out to do? And obviously what will help you in that regard as well, is to think about what are you what are you? What are your aspiration? What do you want to achieve? And that's in terms of like, do I, you know, what, what can I if I had that ability to have anything? Or

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would I ask a lawful, what am I going to ask Allah subhanaw taala to give me because this is the opportunity, this is the month of DHA. So when you make dua and this is really the power of two as well, which sometimes we don't really think about when you are making dua, okay, you're asking a law, I know you ask Allah for a wife, or a husband or children or more money, or a better house or food or, you know, that actually allows you to do, you know, to unlock something within you, because obviously, you're asking Allah subhanaw taala, but also what you're doing, subconsciously, or maybe even not being aware about that at all, is that you are also saying, I'm going to work hard to

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achieve this, you know, so if you're going to say, if your daughter is, oh, Allah,

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give me a good wife, you know, or a good husband for sisters asking for her, then you're going to also be thinking, Okay, how do I work because you know, that a husband, or a wife is not just gonna come and knock on your door, you know, they may do but it's not just gonna happen, like, that needs some work, it needs some, maybe some asking it needs some extra, you know, things to be done here and there. So your data is actually going to make you focus on what you want to achieve. So you're going to start thinking, Okay, well, I want to achieve this, how am I going to go about achieving this, and therefore, I'm going to do X, Y and Zed. So that's also part of the plan, you know,

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because if you say you want me to die, though, you wanted a law to give you the ability to memorize the Quran, okay? And you asked Allah sincerely, and you kept on making that da, okay? But Allah Subhana Allah is not just going to put the Quran in your heart, you have to work for it, you have to study you have to memorize you have to do extra, you know, effort to try and achieve this. So the reality of the matter is, your da is going to help you to focus on what you want to achieve. And that's part of the bigger plan, as well. So as we're starting out Ramadan, let's think about what we want to achieve, what we want to do, how much money we want to give to charity and again, that will

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help you to focus that look, by this day, I want to be giving have given up this much money, this much charity, and that inshallah will help you to steer clear in achieving, achieving what you want. And remember when you when you have a plan, write it down, even if it's in just shorthand form, then by the will of Allah Subhana Allah, you will achieve a lot of it. So Dominic rahmatullah wa barakato.