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Many people are oblivious to the fact that Jesus was a Muslim who lived Islam. I know that at first hearing this you’re probably thinking how is that possible? Let me explain, Islam simply means to acquire peace by submitting your will to Almighty God, and a Muslim is the one doing the submitting, he is a “Peaceful Submitter”

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So many people are being just robbed and neglected from hearing about the truth. But you got to tune in today and you got to hear this wonderful story. So she went from being an A really staunch Baptist household, Christian household to now being Muslim. When we say Muslim, remember, it's very important these key points that Jesus was a Muslim, because a Muslim is one who surrenders and submits to the crater alone, worshipping God Almighty, the same God that Jesus worship, ABC 123 really straightforward, because Jesus really was not a Christian, nor was Abraham or Moses, they were all ones who submitted themselves to God alone to the Creator, they worship the Creator, not

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the creation, I'm talking very slow and explaining because it's very simple and easy to understand. And you will find this message over and over in the Bible here, O Israel, the Lord that God is one, not three in one Jesus when he was approached, and he said, Oh, good Master, what good thing can I do them, I may have eternal life. He said, Why are you calling me good, there's only one good, and that's God, that's the Creator. And if you want to enter into eternal life, meaning paradise, keep the commandments. And this is what Muslims are doing. And one of those commandments you saw, but the main thing is, before we get into the do's and don'ts, which I had mentioned, these are things that

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the creator prescribed because they're good for us. Laws are there and the society protects society. And that's why God Almighty, He had revealed certain commandments to protect us and to benefit us things that can benefit us he told us to do, and there's great wisdom and the things that the Creator has prescribed for us. And one of those things that have been prescribed is the immodest dress and you'll see this over and over mentioned also in the Bible, what we have left there of truth. In it, you'll see the call to do what the aka is doing, worshiping the Creator, not the creation and nowhere did Jesus ever say to worship himself, like she was asking nowhere. There's

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ambiguous statements, but clear and equivocal? No, but you see the pure menace message of monotheism that Jesus called to, and then you see where Jesus, his mother, Mary, what did she do? She wore a job Jesus before he was born, that Jesus's mother worship Him who was not even brought into this world yet. And then when he was a little baby was she worshipping him as a guide? No, she was worshipping the same God that our sister now is worshiping Allah, La ha in Aramaic, the sister language to Arabic, I want people to see the commonalities and to see the authentic pure message that Muslims are upon. And you'll see in one Corinthians it says that a woman who prays prophesizes,

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without her head covered, she might as well shave her head off, she does honors her head, it's in the Bible, it's there. So bits and pieces of it are there but has been altered has been changed. That's why the creator sent the Quran, tamper, free, tamper proof, and it is the verbatim Word of God and the final message of problem and peace be upon them. And more people who are sincere truth seekers are seeing this the message is resonating because it's straightforward. It's simple. It's based on logical proofs and evidences and you can go ahead and learn more call us one 800 662 Islam but do what she suggested you do real simple, do what Jesus did. He didn't put no monkey in the

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middle. He didn't put anyone between him and God, he doubted the wreck do that call on the crater alone and ask for the guidance. Ask for the direction ask for the purpose of life from the one who made you your maker. straightforward, simple, nothing esoteric, strange here worshipping only one God the Creator, not the creation. I keep mentioning over and over because that's what Islam is all about. And if you can dig that everything else will fall in place. You can't even understand that how we help you understand anything else.