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smilla rahmanir rahim Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. My name is Armando Hamden. And this is one of the Ramadan reminders. In fact, it's the first Ramadan reminder because it's about how do we receive Rama avant, in terms of our hearts and in terms of our mind, our attitude, we're at the beginning of Ramadan, we're just starting now, it's very important that we have a clear mind of how we intend to deal with Ramadan, obviously, we can have the main intention, if you like the obligatory intention, which is to

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intend to fast Ramadan, for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that is a pillar of the fasting you have to have the intention, as well as abstaining from things that break your fast, but intention isn't just simply about making that obligatory mandatory intention, but it's more about really your attitude. And that's what the intention is about. This is what this what Allah Subhana Allah wants us to have with our intention is to be focused in what do we want to achieve from Ramadan? What do we intend from this fast Allah has already guided us in that regard because given us so much indications, but the most key and the most important indication is what he said at the

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opening of the verses of fasting, which is that he has ordained on us.

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Fasting, what's the purpose? lalla contattare hoon, in order that you may attain taqwa and turquoise about being conscious of a loss. Panda is about fearing a law, being pious, it's about knowing Allah subhanho wa Taala. So that you are your actions yourself, your your, your attitude, the things around you or they're all guided by how you are aware of Allah subhana wa tada in your daily life. And that is what taqwa is. And that's probably the prime aim of Ramadan or fasting. So we have to have that intention. We have to make that intention for Allah Subhana Allah that we want to attain a more consciousness of Allah want to be aware of Allah in our day to day life. And if you are aware

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of Allah, well, you're going to be aware of what you say you're going to be aware of what you look at, you're going to be aware of what you hear, you're going to be aware of your actions you're going to be aware of people around you, those who are in need those who are desperate those who are maybe need advice, need some guidance, you're going to be aware about lots of things your whole world is guided now by your vision of what Allah subhanaw taala wants from you. So this is the ultimate aim of fasting and if you have that intention within you, then you can also carry on to think about Okay, what else can I intend from Ramadan which obviously is going to fall into that, that remit I

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intend from Ramadan, you know, to, to not only have to about to come closer to Allah subhanaw taala because the person continues to come closer to Allah subhana wa tada with not only the obligatory acts, but continues to, to come closer to Allah with the extra acts, as Allah says, until I love him, you can have the intention of to do more ibadah more Salah, more recitation of the Quran, more charity, more relation, you know, linking with the relation, I want to have the intention of being a better person, I want to have intention of changing I want to have intention of learning more, I want to have an intention of being a better person by stopping any bad habit and by doing so good.

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So, you know, the list is literally endless, because you can just intend as much as you want. And the more you intend, this is the beauty is the huge my brother and sister. The more you intend, the more you will be rewarded for because the prophesies and I've said in MLR motivation yet actions are bought by intentions. And that means that whatever you intend you will get you will get even if you do not carry out the action in the best of terms, then you get the reward of the intention, which in itself is beautiful. Obviously, if you intend and do the action, then the rules are much, much more multiplied. But just to have the intention itself is a great is a great achievement in itself. And

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when you do that you're focused Your mind is focused your attitude is focused by by the will of Allah comes then the sincerity, which is like the icing on the cake of intention because that's where the sweetness and the great reward comes from how intention does that qualify for listening I hope Allah can give us that ability.

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To make our intention sincere for him Radovan mobarak