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The speakers discuss the importance of fulfilling hedge rules before individuals perform them, as it is crucial to meet hedge rules and stay in a certain area for optimal hedge usage. They also emphasize the importance of avoiding distraction during a trip to a home and learning from past experiences. The speakers stress the importance of educating individuals on hedging and following instructions to improve hedging, as it is difficult to convince people to go for hedging. They also mention upcoming seasons and the return of a woman to her former job.

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Bismillah Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa he was Salam. ala Ana de Hill Karim alayhi salatu Adama tasleem, a Bish roughly in Saudi Arabia Sidley Emory, attending the signing of Coco Lee, my brothers and my sisters cenomar alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh I hope that you're all doing well in sha Allah Allah.

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I'm trying out these different angles with the camera. So every live session, I tend to switch it up a little bit. And that's mainly because of lighting. And also

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because I'm the only one here so it kind of need to have everything and hands reach, but also got to set up everything and take it down every single time that I go live. So

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the interesting thing process but humbler is what it is. Today inshallah data we're going to be continuing the chapter on Hajj pilgrimage.

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Last week, we began the chapter. And just to go over some of the sub headings that we took, we spoke about the virtues of Hajin, Amara, and the rewards and benefits of performing hajj, we also learned that it's compulsory, for those that are able to go money stuff I eat at sebelah. So that's the ruling with regards to hedge. If someone is able to go for him, it becomes an obligation upon them, and they should make sure that they fulfill that hedge before they lose out on the ability to actually perform that hedge.

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We looked at the hedge of a youth so someone performs hedge when they're young before the age of maturity, then their hedges still,

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you know a reward for them, they are rewarded for that. It's a benefit for them. However, they still need to fulfill the compulsory Hutch when they are mature later on in life, right. We also looked at what is the meaning of having the means to perform Hajj. So what does it mean to actually be

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able to afford to go for Hajj. So we looked at the different things that are there, we looked at the hedge of a woman, right. And we also touched upon the topic of delaine to perform the hedge, sorry, not going to perform the hedge right, encouraging people to perform it before they get old and busy or lose out on the financial aspect of their ability to go for hedge. So those are some of the things that we looked at. We left off the last topic that we took was the time restriction

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are the specific time within the year that a person must perform hajj and also kind of with Allah says and sort of avacado as we learned Yes, aluna candy hillock will he MRP to the NASA well hedge. And he also says and had us from the animate. And we learned that a person cannot just go for Hajj whenever they want it and he's you know time throughout the year. For example, a person can't go perform Hajj during Ramadan, they cannot go and perform Hajj during the month of Muharram for example, you know, that's not the time of Hajj. So it's a specific time.

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And the restrictions with regards to the locale as in where a person is and where they're going to be coming from is what we're going to begin with for today in sha Allah Allah. So restrictions with regards to how a person is supposed to enter Makkah or we should say the rules with regards to how a person is meant to enter Mecca. And we begin with a Hadeeth even Ambassador Viola and Momo when he's where he says, The Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam specified the halifa which is a place just outside the city of Medina. Medina from one hour. So he says the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam specified there lay for the most part for the people of Medina. And

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draft for the for the people of greater Syria. Yeah, lamb lamb for the people of Yemen, and Cardinal Mennella zeal for the people of nudged.

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These meat thoughts are for the people who live in those places, and for whoever comes through them intending to perform hajj and Ramadan. However, someone who lives in the area between one of these two may have gods and maca can assume the state of a home from the place where they live. So if a person lives within, actually, let me just finish the Hadeeth and then we'll continue and then he continues to say some longer AlLahi wa sallam the people of Makkah can also assume the state of harem, from Mecca. And then in another Hadith Chava, viola says the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam designated that do it that way

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For the people of ad hoc, so that he comes to me plans for the people of Iraq and anyone who's coming from that region. So you'll notice that around Mecca, right coming in from different directions, there's a new court. And so anyone who's coming in for high drama needs to cross this meet. Often that means God is basically the head it is the border of where you are to enter from, but you also need to be in the state of home, you need to be wearing your home and having made your intention from that area or from that point moving forward. Okay.

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So if we backtrack a little bit, we mentioned that these meat costs are for the people who live in those places and for whoever comes from within them. So anyone who lives outside of the meat caught so you have for example,

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I should I should use the whiteboard. Right? So you have makup Okay. carrabba Okay, maka and then you have the surrounding area around it, okay, where people coming from different regions will need to enter into a home before crossing those, those those costs. So in different areas, right.

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Anyone who lives outside or further away for example, us all the way in North America, we need to cross through one of the new pots on our way in depending on which

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way or which area we're going to be traveling from. So for coming in from Medina, for example, we're going to be going through the Khalifa again.

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Anyone who lives within the area of the meat costs so between the macaque and maca, okay? Those people can just put on their home from wherever they are wherever they live, and make their way into Mecca, okay, they don't need to go out and come back in, they don't need to go out to make art and come back in. And as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said as for the people of Mecca, they can assume the state of home from Mecca itself, so they can put on their home from Mecca. And we see that people go out to must do that a shop

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slipping my mind now

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must attend name, okay, from mustard in a name in order to put on their home and head back into Mecca. And that's usually for people who traveled from outside and they're going to go perform another demo, we're not going to talk about that right now. We'll talk about that at a later point in time in sha Allah who to add, now, whoever is intending to go to America to perform Hajj or Umrah

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is not allowed to go beyond the monocot or beyond these points. Consider it like a point of no return without assuming the state of health. So you need to put on your head on

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and then cross those points. Okay, those meet got and head into bucha. So anyone who's intending to perform high drama is not allowed to go past to the meet got without having put on or without assuming I should say, the state of okay without assuming the state of the home. Furthermore, it's disliked to assume the state of how long before a person reaches the meat box. So for example, someone who's in Medina, Tijuana water at mustard in February, okay, a person can put on the home as input on the physical pieces of cloth, those two pieces of cloth.

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However, it's best for them to wait

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or delay seeing their intention or making their intention to go for high drama until they reach the halifa. Then when they reach a little halifa, they make their intention. So they're already wearing that helm. Right. And usually, that's what people do is because it's a lot easier to put on your home from your hotel, as opposed to heading out, you know, to the alpha and then there's a crowd and a rush of people there that are trying to put on their home and everyone's scrambling to try and get a bathroom and take a shower and all that stuff, right? So it becomes a little bit difficult there. So what we usually encourage our groups to do is to put on your home from your hotel in Medina, and

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do not say your intention until we get to the meat got into her life or once we reach adulthood Eva, then we got then we encourage our group either go inside and prayer to God or go inside and make blue and so on and so forth. Or if you know someone needs to stay within the bus, sometimes people have a difficult time getting out or they might get lost. So they prefer to stay in the bus. Stay in the bus. Make your intention. The baker love the baker long head done and then head out. Okay.

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There's an interesting thing here that EMA Malika Hema law, pointed out, Mr. Malik said to me

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person who wanted to enter the state of haram before reaching boohoo leafa. Okay, you mathematic, he said to a person who wanted to assume the state of Iran as input on their home and make their intention before reaching through Khalifa from Medina before reaching the meat got.

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He says to him, Do not do so for a fear that you will put that you will be put to trial, as in you will be facing a fitna. So the man asks, like when you think of this, why would he be facing the fitna? So I'm going to ask you, in fact, since I could see the chat, and there's quite a few on a few of you on why do you think that it would be a fit enough for a person to put on their eardrum and to assume the state of Islam before reaching the me and got in Medina? Why do you think? Write it down in the comment section? I'll give you a minute to type that in there. So why do you think that it would be problematic or would be a fit enough for someone to make their intention and assume

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the state of harm from their hotel or from Medina and Manoa itself? I must have the neverwet itself before reaching the khalifah.

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Does anyone know?

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Anything that you could think off the top of your head? Just type it in the chat? Don't Don't feel shy? You know, whatever you think just there's no, there's no

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penalty for saying something that's wrong. And you know, it makes it a lot easier to learn when you actually try to,

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you know, respond to questions and you put some time and effort and thought into it. So please feel free to write that in there. I saw lots of articles about you guys. I know if you were in person, you'd be asking questions and raising your hands and talking like crazy. But for some reason online, you don't feel like you want to Okay, hello, Melissa says no idea. That's good. At least you give me a response. Right? No idea. But think like why do you think it would be a fitna? Why do you think it would be a problem or problematic to start your intention from mustard another week before reaching the mascot of the halifa?

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Why do you think it's problematic?

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Okay, so SR Simon says just in case

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they do something, then they will have to do them.

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Something is not allowed. Okay. So in case they do something that's not allowed. Okay, good.

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Anyone else? Ahmed says no idea as well. Yeah. Do you have to have some ideas? And for sure you have some ideas, you know, Egyptians Mashallah they think really quick and really fast their intelligence, so you have to have some idea. All right.

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Anyone else? I'm waiting for a third person. Ella, don't be shy.

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No one. Long, Stan.

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Okay. I'll continue and let you know. So he says, Eva Malik says to a person who wanted to enter the state of a home before reaching through her life or do not do so for a fear for you.

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That you will be put to trial you will you know, it's a fitna for you. So the man asks what kind of fitna can occur from that seriously when you think of it like what could be the problem. Like if I make my intention from mustard, the number eight and then I go to Makkah, and I pass through the main pot, what could be the fitna

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and he says to him, and Maliki says, it is just some distance that I'm adding. It's just a little bit more distance just a few kilometers, to be honest. So Malik Malik, or mo LA, he told him he says what fitna can be greater than you thinking that you are performing a virtuous deed, that the Messenger of Allah some Allahu Allah He was sending them failed to do.

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As for me, so my Mallika Allah, He says, As for me, I have heard a loss of words, when he says in Surah, to newer verse number 63. And I'll just read it in English to save time and lots of kind of data says let those who oppose the messengers commend, beware lest some fitna, some sort of trial or affliction befall them, or a painful torment, inflict be inflicted upon them. So basically, he's saying,

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What? You know that this man is saying, what could possibly happen? All I'm doing is adding a little bit of a distance on to my journey. So I'm starting my home from busted another

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Instead of his or her life or the mcats He says, Yeah, medic. All I'm doing is you know, adding a little bit of the distance to my journey. My Malik says, You know what? What fitna can be worse than you thinking you're doing something right that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he himself didn't even do. You see that? So what he means here is, don't do something that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam didn't do, try your best to do, what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did.

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And he follows it up with the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala, verse number 63 of sudo. To know, he says, Let those who oppose the messengers commend, beware

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for if a fitna, befall upon them, or there could be a fitna that comes to them because they oppose the prophets and along I need to send them so now they go against what he did, there could be some sort of punishment or some sort of hardship that comes to them, because they did not follow the sun of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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the next part

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is actually not what take something first. So entering the state of home Act, the neat part, okay, entering the state of home at the meet, but if a person intends to enter the state of your home, and he or she intended to combine hedge and drama, having along with them, or bringing along with them, their sacrificial animal, then that person should say love bake a lot of whom had Gen Y.

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Right, so a person should make intention for hedge and I'm gonna combined, okay.

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And that's if they're bringing their animal along with them, and they're going to cross through the meat got, well, I mean, a lot there. Okay, now, if a person is intending to make Rama, only, then a person should say bla, bla, bla, bla, and then cross through the meat box.

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If I was to translate that in English, the Tobia which is the statement or phrase that is said during the bake Allahumma Baker Baker lecture he can you just take that first part of it and you say the baker Mama, and then you either say or hedge or add gin marmota depending on what you're going for, okay? So At your service,

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for both hedge indorama or at your service or law from the bank a lot of money.

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If the person made intention for hedge only, and they're not bringing their sacrificial animal with them,

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then that person that person should make intention for only

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and then go perform the IMA and then re enter the state of a home. After they've performed their Amazon they've completed and they've taken off their home and then enter into the state of Hajj or Umrah again, the second time intending hatch, okay.

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So I know it's a little bit complicated, don't worry, it's just you know, details that you get right now, the difference is the Hajj of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that he did, which was known as good on, and then we also have the hedge to mature, right? That's the second type of hedge, which, again, they're all the same kind of hedge, it's just a matter of whether you're bringing your animal with you, or you're not bringing your animal with you, or you're going to be performing or not performing. ombre. Right. And that is a lot of the time due to time. time constraints. Okay, so if you have a difficult time, for example, a person is going to be arriving on the ninth of the

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hedger in Mecca, should they go for Allah? No, they might miss out the day of arafah it's, they're gonna arrive in the afternoon. Why would you go perform your own route and you miss out on alpha? So go straight to our alpha, and, you know, continue your hedge from there without performing armor. Okay, so all of these little details, you know, when you go for Hajj, and sha Allah, all of these will be explained to you. And if you go for Hajj with us, when I'm leading the group, you can ask and ask and ask away that's what I'm there for. hamdulillah.

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We also see that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam emphasized verily the umbra shall be combined with the hedge until the Day of Resurrection. And this was something that was revealed to him. When the Sahaba of the of our own home went for Hajj with the prophets of Allah, Allah us

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alum and we'll see that explanation in the hadith of Jabba of the Alomar. And so this text also shows that there Umrah forms part of Hajj and is not to be separated from it. So when someone goes for Hajj, they are technically more it's preferred for the person to perform Amara with their hatch, so you don't just go for Hajj, you perform our Umbra, and you perform Hajj together, okay.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also said Had I known beforehand what I came to know later, I would not have brought my sacrificial animal with me. So when the prophet SAW along there, it was Sunday and went for Hajj in the ninth year after the Hajj, from Mecca to Medina, he brought along with him, in total what he had as well as what I do the love I had when he came from Iraq, they had about 100 animals, right 100 animals that they brought as sacrificial animals for this a habit of the love. And so he said, while he was there, he said, had I known beforehand what I came to know later, I would not have brought the sacrificial animals with me. And in this Hadith, the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was simply stating his desire to get what he had missed, by combining the hedge with the rumba, because he brought the animals with him, they were, you know, there was a difference between the method or the steps taken in going for the hedge.

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Instead, this was an announcement on his part that had a tour, as in making the head making the hedge end or on separately on the same trip is preferable and preferred by Allah subhanho to Allah, then to do a hedge on which is combining the hedge and Arma in one act as in you perform that, and you go into your hedge without removing your home. So what is preferred is actually going to mcca without bringing your animal with you. And this is known as hedges tended to and performing the Arma. And you're done your own, you perform your co author on the Kava, you perform your say, between sufen Mandala, and then you go and you trim your hair or you shave your head, your head for

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the men, right, women don't shave their head, they only trim

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and then you remove your arm, that is the preferred way of doing it, then you rest and you wait until the eighth of the head and you put on your arm once again. And you make your intention for hedge this time. And you go from Makkah to Mina on the eighth and you perform your

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hatch. Okay.

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And this is what we're going to get into now we're not going to conclude the hadith of Jabba of the lava and today because it's really long, but we'll look at the permissibility of making the intention conditional upon not becoming ill, or something of that nature. Okay, before we actually jump into the long long Hades of debit or the long run, the Hadees is fairly long because one entire page 23456 pages long so the Hadeeth of Jabba villamartin is six pages long Okay, that's why we're not going to finish it today. But first we're gonna look at the permissibility of making the intention conditional upon not becoming ill or something of that nature. Okay, oh no, explain that.

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Now inshallah.

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I should

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have said the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to Luba didn't Zoo zubayr and said to her, perhaps you have

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the desire to make hatch?

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And she replied, by a law

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as in Yes, she takes an oath Viola. She does wish to perform Hajj.

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She says By Allah, but I do feel sick.

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So she intended to go for Hajj, but she's feeling sick, and she's worried. No, should I go for Hajj because I'm not feeling too good. I'm feeling sick.

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So the prophets on a longer alayhi wa sallam told her

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make the hedge. But lay down a condition by saying Oh Allah, I will finish my state of home as in I will come out of my home. Wherever you refrain me from going further wherever you stopped me from going any further due to the sickness right due to feeling ill. So she is being told by the prophet SAW longer. I think it was Sunday. And look people will say

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Where'd you get this Heidi's from Saudis is actually an authentic hadith that's recorded by unmountable hottie as well as in our Muslim, as well as in an unnecessary. Okay, so it's an authentic hadith where you can put this condition in place, if a person is feeling really ill that they will go for Hajj. But if Allah does not allow them to go any further than they will come out of the state of home at that point in time, of course is not something that we encourage, because it's not easy for us to go for Hajj every single year it costs a fortune. And so we look at a number of Hadith and a number of things that we can put together to try and make that hedge easy and

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permissible upon a person. So again, when you do go for hedge, what I encourage people is read, study, research, learn, educate yourself, ask questions, listen to lectures, watch videos, and so on and so forth. However, when you're there for Hajj, consult with the Imam of the group that you're going for Hajj with on every step of the way that you are confused about. Don't feel shy, ask. Right? Don't over ask. But ask. And again, usually when you go for Hajj that Mmm, who's going with you in your group will explain every day? What you need to do throughout that day.

00:26:20--> 00:26:26

Right? So a lot of the time people will panic. What do I do on the eighth? What do I do on the ninth what I do on the 10th? And it's

00:26:27--> 00:26:42

it's a little harder. It's not even really hedger yet, like, you know, sending emails, phone calls and so on asking, What do I do? What do I do? What do I do relax, we will explain to you what to do. And this is why when we go for Hajj our group when we go for Hajj,

00:26:43--> 00:27:02

we explain our armineh in detail before leaving. Why? Because we're going to be performing on first. And people like Yeah, but what about hedge? Don't worry, we will let you know very basically what you need to do in hedge where we're going to go, what we're going to do, what to pack what to bring what to prepare for. However,

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we will go through the details of hedging day by day in depth. After we get to muck up and we finished our ama, that's when we start heavily you know educating our group about hedge and the days of hedge and what we're going to do in hedge, right? So you get a general idea before leaving why because you don't want to confuse yourself and you don't want to overburden yourself. So don't panic, never panic when you go for Hajj be relaxed, be relaxed, and just learn and follow the instructions that have been taught to you by the Imam or the leader of your group.

00:27:49--> 00:27:59

Okay, if someone lays down such a condition, then if a disease or an enemy or something prevents that person from going any further during the Hajj, he leaves the state of home.

00:28:00--> 00:28:29

For hedge end, he does not have to sacrifice an animal as a penalty. However, if someone does not make such an intention, or a condition within their intention to go for hedge and is unable to continue for whatever reason, and that person does have to sacrifice an animal will explain this to you when you go for hunting shallow data. And that's why a lot so kindly to address as in sort of a bucket of verse number 196. But if you are prevented from completing the rights as in,

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prevented from completing certain steps in the Hajj, sacrifice an animal such as you can afford us in an animal that you can afford. And the sacrificial animal can be a camel, a cow or sheep. Okay. And if a person cannot afford a bigger animal, and they can only afford a sheep, then they should sacrifice the sheep. But the cow and the camel are actually preferred if a person can afford it. Some people make 2345 mistakes, right? I know someone who had to sacrifice five animals after their hatch, and they were like I can't afford, you know, to do the five animals. And so so kind of like, you know, that was something that we sorted out for them. But you know, that person imagine having

00:29:18--> 00:29:26

to sacrifice camels would be very difficult, right? They're expensive, or cows, you know, a little bit less expensive, but still more expensive than a sheep.

00:29:28--> 00:29:51

And so if a person cannot afford to sacrifice an animal, then that person has to fast 10 days, then we'll look at that later on inshallah, how that's supposed to be done. Okay. So if a person absolutely can't afford a camel than they are to look at a cow, they can't afford the cow, then they can sacrifice a sheep. And if they can't afford even to sacrifice a sheep, then they need to fast 10 days. And

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so we started the Hadeeth of Java 836 I think we should maybe stop there and we started

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Next week, I think that would be wise for us to do. That way we can get through the whole Hadeeth. And the headies basically explains hedge from beginning till end, and shows how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam left just to show you in the beginning of it.

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In my Muslim record on the authority of Jaffa, even Muhammad from his father who narrated, we went to Jabba did not dilla. And he began inquiring about the people until it was my turn. And I said, I am not even present. And he placed his hand upon my head, opened my upper button, right? He put, he basically put his hand here, like a child, right? And remember, they live in the desert. So

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it's nice to cool yourself down, right?

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And, you know, he spoke to him and so on.

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And then it you know, he asked, tell me about the heads of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he mentioned that he did it in the ninth year, and so on and so forth. And we'll get into that Hadith next week in Sha Allahu Allah. So I'll put a little note here that we ended today on September

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13 2020 iccm.

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Does that come along hate on my brothers and sisters? Next week we continue with the ladies and gentlemen of the lower end, which I mentioned to you is six pages long. So we'll basically read through it and explain you know, certain things included within the Hadith is the final sermon of the prophets Allah Allah you ascend. Okay, the last and final sermon

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of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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just a little credit for attending bought a calligraphy calm and look forward to seeing you next week. I also look forward to you performing hajj with us and me being able and accepted to go for Hajj. I actually you know, good news, very good news today I learned that in sha Allah to Allah from January 1 2021

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will be reopened shut a lot. That's what I saw today online by the hedge ministry. So in sha Allah from January first 2021 aroma season will ensure a lot inshallah inshallah resume and I look forward to going for as well as hedge in 2021 botica level one, which is akin to level eight on some level or send them a little better guide and Amina Mohammed

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Salim was sent Mr Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh