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settimane Kumara to Lahore Baraka to Ellen was silent woman haven't become Welcome to Sahaba profiles. Today we take a look at the story of Sabina be what costs are the lava and one of the Asher mo Bashara, one of those Sahaba, who was part of the group of 10 that received the glad tidings of Jenna collectively at the same time, from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was a young man when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was blessed with the war. And he was a young man in search of the truth. He was a young man who knew that the ways of his people and the rituals and the practices of worship of his people were not correct, were not logical. Were not in

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alignment with the original teachings of Abraham Ali Salatu was Salam. And he says that one day I saw a dream. And in my dream, I saw that, you know, I was drowning in darkness, at different levels of darkness level upon level layer upon layer of darkness. And in between all of the darkness, they were these stars that were shining out. And when I went in the direction of those sun stars, I found that there were others would reach the stars or it reached the moon. Rather, there was this moon shining out from in between all of this darkness. And as I started to move into the direction of the moon, I saw that others had reached they before me, who are the others? Zaid bin haritha, the

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adopted son of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, I live in Abu Talib in Abu Bakr Siddiq. So he says the next day I went looking for them. And that's when I heard that the prophets of Allah Hollywood cinema proclaimed that he was an OB. And he was he was calling people to the deen of Islam. And I went to him and I accepted Islam on his hands. So Sacramento Casa de la vida was from amongst those who accepted Islam in the very early days in the very initial stages. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was very, very happy when sad beanery workers of the olana accepted Islam because sadly, NaVi workers was from the tribe of Banu Zora and busara was the name of the tribe of the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his mother Amina, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to refer to him as his uncle. And one day would stop interview of course with your loved one was passing by the prophets of Allah, listen until people that's my uncle, show me if you can match an uncle like that. Look at my uncle, what kind of an uncle I have, you know, the caliber of the men, sadly, who puzzle the law. And when he accepted Islam, he found himself facing a great challenge, a huge challenge, a tremendous challenge. He was a man who really served his parents, and he loved his parents tremendously, especially his mother. But when his parents found out, they had accepted

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Islam, they totally, totally lost it. They became so angry with him that his mother told him, I refuse to eat and drink until you renounce this new dean of yours. And sadly, not because of the lantai to reason with her, but she wanted to hear nothing. She stopped eating, she stopped drinking. After a few days, she was losing weight, her health started to suffer. He tried every tactic in the book, to try and convince her that please eat Please drink. You know, I love you. I don't want to see you die. She said no, until you don't renounce this new dean of yours. I am not going to I'm not going to touch. You know one morsel of food. I'm not going to drink even one drop of water. He tried

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to tempt her but to no avail. Finally, one day he told his mother, Mom, I love you, Mommy, I really love you. But I love my alarm more. I love my alarm more. I take an oath by Allah. If you have to lose your life 1000 times, I will be able to tolerate that. But I cannot turn my back on the religion of Allah. When he said that to her mother that her spirit broke, because obviously she was trying to force him to renounce his his acceptance of Islam. And that's when she ate in a lot. He revealed a very famous verse of the Quran, or in jihad, aka Allah and to sharika Bhima Lisa can be here. When your parents try and make you associate partners with the law because of their ignorance.

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falletto Tahoma don't follow them. do not obey them. do not obey your parents if they want you to disobey Allah Azza hypomorphic dunya Morocco but continue to be good to them in this world. So it's a sad, sad, maybe what crosses the line except that Islam in the early days later on when, when they were in Medina to the munawwara, when it came on the occasion of brother, his younger brother, or male. There's a famous story with regards or made as well or made wanted to take part in the Battle of butter, but he was very young. So he tried to get in, you know, he tried to just slip in, because he knew if the Prophet sallallahu wasallam saw him the Prophet sallallahu wasallam would tell him

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you're very young and you cannot participate. And the prophets of Allah listened and saw him and told him that you cannot participate and his heart broke, his heart broke, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he saw how heartbroken this young boy was, he then gave him permission. He couldn't even carry a sword properly. Sad. Meanwhile, we were cursed with the land had to help him tight to drag the sword to the Battle of butter. Sad maybe what parcels the land came back alive but not his brother or male. That desire that infuse enthusiasm for martyrdom was there and a lot of other court accepted on the occasion of our sad baby wakasa. The alarm was that fuse was amongst

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those few Sahaba who remained behind with many had fled to protect the prophets of Allah Salam after the ambush and on that

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occasion they were they were just a few people left protecting the profits of the valley center. And the mushrikeen were really upping the ante. They were really putting pressure inside going to be one of the Illinois shooting arrows. And he was a good marksman with every arrow that he was shooting, he was hitting one from the enemy and killing them. And that's when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, it'd be sad, it'll be Shoot, shoot, fidic be with me, my parents be sacrificed for you. And sadly, nobody wakasa the lavonne used to take pride in that statement for many, many years after that. He would say I'm the only person with regards to him the prophets of Allah Islam said, May my

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parents be sacrificed for you. Then came the time of Abu Bakar of the land. And in the time of Omar the island, there was a great threat from the superpower of the time, one of the superpowers of the time the Persians. And there was a need to send a very big army over the land sent letters throughout the Muslim lands that send you know, horsemen and send the goods and send weapons and armory, we need to prepare very big in a very strong and mighty army to take on the Persians. And when he made mushara with, you know, respect to respectable and wise people that who should be the leader that was unanimously sad being a beaver castle of the Levant. And when he went with him, they

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were about 99 Sahaba, who took part in the Battle of butter, they were about just over 300, who had the battle with one, they were about 300 or two at the conquest of Makkah. And there was some 700 from the children and progeny of Sahaba. It's a story all on its own one that we should read when we have the time, but he was the conqueror of Persia, and he was the hero of Godzilla. And the odds were totally stacked against them at Katsuya. But they manage they managed to pull off a very unlikely victory in a way that was absolutely remarkable and leaves historians To this day, you know, struck with amazement and sadness, who Casa de la Juan was at the forefront of front of it,

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when he left for a very long time, and he lived to a very ripe old age. And when he realized that death was, was nearing him, then he asked to be buried in the very clothing with which he had participated in the Battle of butter, so that a lot of article with Alec would look upon him with a case of mercy. These are our true heroes me a lot about a cortada make their lives and their qualities and the actions and their words and inspiration for us. Sahaba profiles for myself Sulaiman rabbit as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah warahmatullahi wabarakatuh