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smooths out the downside to summer. So let's

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going okay Sharla

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So this is where it becomes hard for me because today, the Imams would cover us for October

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and Jonas and leave me a vote. And I only have less than 10 minutes or so to summarize these salts, in fact, I could make it very dry, dry as like the soil talks about this sort of talks about that, but that's not the point. The point is that I want to talk to your heart I want to touch your hearts I want to connect in Chicago time. So this meant that the patients that we'll be covering today is from page 202 to 26 studies from solid Atella. So Tober is

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is has 128 So it is considered from the mean because it's about 120. So it's considered from the aid

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it is

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it's it is the only source of hunger that starts without a human I would explain as to why it starts with database management. It is also called Bala or is also called Alpha. But this avoid actually came and found the half the soda that exposed the the machine the key that expose the hypocrites as well.

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Let us start why it started. The SOA by the way is slower there is

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this period

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in Medina is in fact the foremost the very last sewer that was revealed on some say that it is the last door that was really profitable hamburger and he was telling Allah subhanho wa Taala starts with

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its what is very, very nice innocence. But also he said, but it is a vo what you do an innocent for money, why it starts

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there are a few views here. Let's start with the idea of the alarm. And he says this meter

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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim out there.

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We're going to be safe. He says Bismillahirrahmanirrahim it is a sort of an even balance at the time. Whatever it is to write in the letter they will start with us without him or him except if they were to break a treaty or to break the covenant with a tribe they will not so we're going to start with and then we'll start straight with the statement here Allah azza wa jal because the Prophet Muhammad is breaking that treaty, that covenant with Lucia key The song starts with Voila, Allahu Allah.

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Allah Allah says to be safe ah was revealed with the sword it was very very hard soil lesson Hannah Medina, you know, talk to me.

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And then there's few gems let's talk about the gems let's talk about your number one verse number 24. I call this eight verses three eight verses three ALLAH SubhanA wa Genesis first number 24 on let's count them say Oh heaven when you say call me and say say oh Muhammad tell them in Canada

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number one completely okay

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about oh come alchemise Your father's your parents but in Canada okay. Whatever now come your children what you want to come your brother's your dendrites? What as well as you can your spouse that will fall last year that you can your tribes that's the bird fine. Okay, good. Well, I'm wondering if come off after Mohan a wealth which you have accumulated welcome water

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what the Java

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and the business trade which you feel declined. That's number seven. Number eight. What my sacking I don't know how and the dwelling your houses your properties that you love. I have made a commitment well, you will also need what you have. Visa BB football muscle. The Allahu Allahu Allah. Ahmed SICP. If these eight are more beloved to you than three, while these three is why product is which is three, three, Allah wa sudenly Allah and His Prophet and striving, the battle Allah Subhana Allah Allah. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, wait upon the decision of Allah Subhana Allah without any punishment from Allah. Yes, we're are supposed to love our children. We're supposed to love Allah

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azza wa jal, of course and foremost, Prophet Muhammad and Jesus to them, but the I mean, I'm sorry. We're supposed to love our children. We're supposed to have our parents we're supposed to love our our spouses, but the love of Allah subhanho wa Taala comes first with

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two hands. What a question. Yeah, the question is who raise two hands

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And she was the only one who raised the lens. If government is doing this, why I'll tell you why. I'll give you an example this way I want it to be dry. I'm gonna give you an example. Let's say your wife may Allah forbid you're getting a lot from me. She wakes you up at two o'clock in the morning.

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And then she says Wake up, wake up.

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What happened in Honey Honey,

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I just didn't do this.

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Honey, honey, honey vinegar, jam all that. So she says Wake up, wake up. Your son has a high fever.

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A high fever that you got and that your son had a high fever, high fever that led him to go to fate. So you take your son, two o'clock in the morning you get up with your pajamas and you go crazy to take risks on streets today emergency balloons you won't you know that of course your son's couldn't ski everybody music is life. And if you take into the emergency two o'clock in the morning, you go to the doctor and you cry and your wife was crying making all over making three o'clock in the morning you see in the emergency and the doctor comes into the emergency said two o'clock in the morning you have to wait and you wait and you wait and you wait until four or five o'clock in the

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morning. And then the doctor comes to check on your son they gave him something and then the son becomes alright is fine.

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And then you come back home.

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Five o'clock 530 You're back home you're tired go back to sleep as soon as you woke up to see him. Hola Hola. Como

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the car?

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What do you get? When you have to work tomorrow at seven o'clock in the morning.

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You can wake up disable your cup to take your son to the emergency. We'll leave it up to you to decide this is why it wasn't you see if you're if you live your country or your wives and your families more than a lot of those are these profit than wait about the decision of life but nonetheless the Paleo tele talks about the

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This is special. This one is special. Special I have I tried to do to speak with your hands but those who do love this gift they want to count that maybe 1000 2000 3000 I have this cold

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just be counter does your front counter alright. How many months do we have our B months? Aesthetic months 12 which is the very first month that we start with Mohan okay now what's coming in we'll have M systems this is for the sisters because they are sisters sister phase I give them the mic

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or sister advisor This is the question for the sisters how many Muharram months we have on how long months sacred

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how many? How many months which are sacred that Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about in the Quran for what are they

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what are they

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no wolf give her chocolate give her a tougher even chocolate move

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let me talk to her I want for a sequence who can give me a final sequence

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Ah she got it she got it

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let's start with the beginning of Russia because Russia was singled out Russia and then you have the panda visa and Russia and yes

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so system phase that will give you this you can give it to her

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so these are the four strikers masala Subhanallah dialysis in in the life now as I was thinking Don't be lucky. I

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plot of the movie in the end is a Kamala as he says in his four months. Do not run yourselves. So Allah has talks about them inside. I tell them that Allah subhanho wa Taala something beautiful here. Really beautiful. Allah has social talks about the Prophet Muhammad when he made migrated from Mecca to Medina with Abu Bakr until they went too high into this mount call or the cave cave of Thor cave or fall. And then he was a movie buff and was so scared because he was thinking or maybe he was thinking that furnish would come and try to keep Prophet Mohammed as I said, So he goes inside the cave to clean up to make sure the PVC that he goes first covering all the holes, and then he called

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Prophet Mohammed. Mohammed gave me he was tired, he slipped on the lap of overkill. Abubakar

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got bitten by a snake on Scorpion, and he was in pain. He could not wake up the Prophet Muhammad as a sidenote and then he cried in the teeth fell off of the check to cheek of the Prophet Muhammad woke him up. Yeah, what's going to go back? Yeah, I think I think you're bitten by a scorpion and then the prophet will have a bruise on his feet.

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as if nothing has happened to him, and therefore he won't be home. They happen to be there who told him about the game of the heart and they came there and then the Prophet said, a book will say the last one. If they were just tuning down, they will see us they will see us the Prophet Muhammad wasn't scared, but that was and that Allah subhanho wa Taala says it and that also verse number 1411.

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Is kefalos And his name is Uma.

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If you're here, here's what I want you to take with you all today. That doesn't in a Warhammer. Anna is ending his brother, his friend, Rebecca.

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Brothers, sisters, don't worry, Allah isn't with you. If Allah is with you, you have everything. But if Allah is not with you, you don't have nothing you missed out on anything on everything. And then Allah subhana wa Bucha had also talked about

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the the building of misogyny there are by this man the head of the hypocrites when he tried to build or establish this message and then to contaminate the climate between the Muslims and then Allah subhanaw taala and futile the Prophet Mohammed central un and he destroyed that measure and he built a new Muslim before building ministry the neighbor week, he built this metric called Masjid

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over here

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all right, because I can read it for you and and from there on I heard from the other two

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here we go. This is

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talking about literally fullback

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and mystery that was built upon duct work. Let's talk about the very first version that was built in this day and

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over in Medina, before making the demo we

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saw that humans in general just quick, quick, so what this talks about the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the power of Allah subhanaw taala and the sense of Allah subhanaw taala see

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what I one. One is when we got Allah subhanho Dionysus, what he did was set in son or daughter of God, the honor to hear our PA in our party that for that matter, just

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went a man is being defeated with some evil, some heart. He will call upon us sitting, sleeping, walking, he will simply separate the afternoon and he will drop this make that happen. We said he sleep He's everywhere he goes, he comes to the masjid, he sprained his breadmaking and then when Allah alleviates his pain, he comes in he forgets about Allah desertion, as if nothing has happened to him. The essence of the message here sisters and brothers. Don't forget about Allah. You may be going through difficulties and you go and you say Oh Allah, Oh Allah, Allah Subhana Allah and that we alleviate in sha Allah who will help you but once Allah azza wa jal does that as a test from

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Don't forget about online in about a month, we come into Ramadan and then after Lama says that about Thank you very much.

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Please stick to the magic stick to the the to environment of Matt to ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless you to reward you by the philosophy homes that move ahead

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