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camaleon levena will heighten saheeli Will at the Adam Lindsay Bashara be hearing some new Meriam

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Ibrahim alayhis salam

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for sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he will Omen Latina Baraka who beat him Cafayate and there's a lot of momentum with agile

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but hamdulillah Allah de la mia Mala Mia Love who Shaniqua unfillable well me Aquila Walia, Mina truly Kabir Bucha

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hamdulillah Allah the Angela and I booty Hill kita Willem ah I love

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him hamdulillah Allah

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you know when I started fiddle, we're not we will be here when he when we let him in surely and phocoena woman say, Medina when you have a love of Allah, woman you will find a hadith

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when a shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa

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when a shadow Ana Mohammed Abdullah he Rasulullah sallallahu ala hota Allah will Buddha within the Ube Hara who Allah Deen equally he worked Fabula he Shahida for some Allahu Allah He was seldom at the Sleeman Kathira and Kathira in destruction Hadith II kita moolah. Well, how are you doing heavy Have you met in sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in a shopping mall.

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Bakula, Allah.

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Allah Allah azza wa jal if you can eat

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below him in a shared funnel regime, a service owner said before equal macabre Boon fees and 99 for letting me know when we're coming along.

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Muhammad Allah Minister BP, I mean, Alladhina amanu aminu Saudi has also been happy with me down a bit I mean,

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today's cover is about a couple of items that belong to sort of lucky, that are really beautiful for you and I to think about in terms of ourselves. Allah azza wa jal describes uniquely in Silicon Valley is something that he does not describe in most other places in the Quran. Usually, you get a description of Judgment Day, and you get people on the right and you get people, people on the right people on the left, you get people that are believers, people that are disbelievers, you get people that have light, like Allah describes in certain Hadith and SUTA. He describes people on Judgment Day, they will have light coming from their chest and from their right side, and there are people

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that have no light. That's the description between two groups of people most of the time in the Quran.

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But in certain Wakiya, Allah decides to describe three groups of people instead of two. In the opening of the Surah, Allah mentions what quantum as much in Canada, you are three, you will be broken up into three groups, unique description. And there are two groups with light. And one of them in the darkness. Let's have a Shiva the people on the left that is no. But Allah describes the special scene on Judgement Day that isn't found much anywhere else. That's their sort of lucky. That is that there are what I want you to imagine is there's a group of people on the left side, there's a group of people on the right side. And then there is a VIP section that's in front. And it's

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closer than everybody else. And literally, their description is La Ecole. Makara Boone, they're the ones that have been brought close. So there are people that are in the regular sections. And basically what that means is, you're in trouble this way, you're okay, you're safe this way. The people that are safe are over here. And the people that are in danger are over here. And then there's people that have some kind of a VIP pass, and they're in the front. And they have their own special section, they have been separated. And Allah described. So I want to know who these people are. And interestingly, even when you're taking a flight or you know, you go to a, you know, some

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kind of a lounge or hotel or whatever they have first class, right? And literally Allah says, These are the people that are first a savvy, they're the first ones and the best description of them. Okay, who are these people? What does Allah do in his perfect eloquence, nobody speaks more clearly than Allah. You know, the opening of a sentence is supposed to make you curious about the closing of a sentence. In other words, if I say this community, and you don't hear the rest of the mic cuts off, and you just heard this community, and you just hear my mouth move, but you don't know what I said. In your mind. I must have said something about this community. I must have given you some

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information. It's called cover. The first part is called the latter part is called the hubbub. And the cover is supposed to be what do you want to say about the motor that tells you what your topic is? And the cover tells you what is it that you wanted to say about that topic? A savvy pool is the McDonough it's, it's your topic. It's what Allah says that what he wants you to think about and now he wants us to tell you wants to tell us something about these people that we should not and what does he do? The Hubbard itself is also a savvy. Savvy, phone savvy.

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First and foremost, these people that are elite that are in the VIP section, what should you know about them? They are the first and foremost what? How does that how does that help? If I say who are the students? I say the students are the students didn't help. Faster. Who's the mom? Is it the mom is the mom? That didn't help? So how the code how's the description? What are we? How does that make sense? This is Allah demanding contemplation from a believer. One way of looking at this is Colombian Chai. What that means is, it is as if Allah is so happy with these people that he mentioned their name twice, not even a sentence Oh, the people in the fryer, the people in the

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front, like Allah's own joy. Allah has own contentment with these people that he talks about them twice in this way.

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Another show Rahim Allah added is as if there is no better description found for these people than this. This is the best possible description.

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And if you look at it, in one sense, they are in the front, and everybody in the world will look at these people. Why are they in the front? Why are these people? And the answer is because they were in the front in the last life. So Jonnie Asahi, put onto words, one of them in the era and the other one in dunya. The Cyber Poon in the afterlife are the ones that were born in dunya. So we have to then ask ourselves, what made them serve in this dunya? Who are these people, and then Allah goes on further to say something more about and that's mysterious. He says, fuller, two minute hourly worker,

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they're going to be a very large percentage of people, a large group of people from the early times. And they're going to be lesser people from the last times later times. So the further back in history, you go looks like you get more savvy, you get more VIPs with Allah, and the more history moves forward, you get less and less of them. Now that starts sounding depressing. Because that sounds like Well, I think a lot of history has passed since the IOP came out. So we must be pretty much all in the economy section. At best, we have no chance of being in the VIP section, that opportunity is gone. So let me know now wedding, Illumina affiliate, in fact, some of the companions

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of the prophets of Allah, they got depressed with the hurt desire. They got you know why? Because when they heard it, they said, Oh, this must mean that all the prophets of the past their followers, there were more of them. That was cool. But in our times, because they're the academe, they're not thinking of us, they're thinking of themselves. They're thinking, Oh, we must be the, there's lesser of us. And there's more of them. You know, and I'm gonna describe the people on the right hand on judgment a that he says from the terminal Olean was for lack of Minella theory, there's a huge group of them in the early times, and there's a huge group of them in the later times. So now this becomes

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kind of a sad thing. I want to be in the VIP, maybe I don't have a chance. Maybe that's the best I can get as the people of the right side. Maybe that's what it means. But then Allah azza wa jal himself solves this problem. He actually He demands that we contemplate his book, he demands that we seek answers to these questions he demands, because when he left a general, he didn't specify who are these people, except there used to be a lot in the early times, and lesser in the later times, but then he himself explained it. In sudo, Toba, he says a savvy poodle, oh, Luna minute hygena. Well, before we go any further, he says the savvy, the first and the foremost who came first from

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the MaHA Julene and the unsavoury

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now the thing is, if you know the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the people who first accepted Islam were in Makkah, and then they migrated when the Prophet SAW Selim was nearly killed, they migrated. And they became the Mahajan own, they became the migrants and the people who help them are the answer. So who's first the mojito because they were the early ones. So you would think in Latvia, when Allah says

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it must be talking about the MaHA Joon it must be talking about them because the unsolved came later on. But in this ion, sort of the Toba, Allah says Assad before our Luna Amina, no hygiene. Well, I'm sorry. That the first and the foremost that belong to the MaHA God and the first and the foremost who belong to the unsavoury now Allah has given us a hint. Allah has told us the word early and the word late, or the word sabich. Doesn't have to do with who came first. Historically. It has to do with some someone coming first in some other way. You have to think about the word first in some other way and, but that's what I'm going to help you think about today. You see, anything that

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people do in this life, forget about

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Islam for a moment, anything that we do in this life,

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we're probably following someone. If I'm wearing these clothes, it's probably because they belong to a culture where everybody wears those clothes and now following them, and I'm wearing similar kinds of clothes. Language is you following the pattern of your parents, you driving a car in a certain direction, you're following everybody who drives the car in that direction. Pretty much all most of my behavior, and most of your behavior is us following something that somebody else has already done. We're basically all followers in most of our lives. Why is it that you bought a laptop, you will you know, what we do before you buy a laptop, you go do a review check. Because somebody else

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already bought it. You're like, Okay, I'll buy this one, because somebody else already bought it. They like it. Enough people like it, now I'm going to follow them, you become a follower in your purchase. Nobody goes and buys a car without checking reviews and talking to customers, reading from customers who already own the car. That's what you do. So we are followers and most things, but in some things, and let's take it a step further. What kind of what kind of degree should you get in university? Those of you that are in the university? What should I read your ad? Well, either you're gonna follow your parents instructions, because your parents are doctors and your uncle's a doctor,

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your cousin's a doctor, so it's wajib on you to be a doctor. So it's not even a question you're gonna follow. Right? Or you're gonna say, Hey, I'm not sure about my major, let me ask some of my friends, what are they are doing, or let me see which careers are trending right now. And all these people are making money in this field or this field, maybe I should go in this field or this field, you'll end up following somebody. But then there's one student in the University who says, I don't want to follow anybody, I'm going to do my own thing. I want to study the history of

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PA pots, and do a PhD in clay pottery. Nobody's ever done it before. And his parents are depressed as societies. His everybody thinks he's gone crazy. And they go and tell him Listen, nobody does this. We have pots. We don't need a PhD in pots. This is what why are you wasting? You're wasting your life? Does Ed Do you know anybody who doesn't follow? No, I want to follow my own path. Well, if you want to follow your own path, you probably crazy that the parents tried to give you an example, you see everybody going on the highway this way, if there's a person going in the wrong direction, and says, I want to follow my own path, that guy's crazy. You're crazy. Because if you

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want to follow your own path, there's something wrong with you. Here's the thing. When prophets came to every nation in the past when prophets came,

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and they said something that nobody was following. They said something new, right? They're not following anybody. No human being, they're following an instruction coming directly from Allah. And they're saying, this is the path. You know, this is my path. This is my path. And everybody else around them says we gracing this with

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your father didn't follow this. Your grandfather didn't follow this. Your family doesn't follow this. Why are you going this way? And they had to be the first to follow a different path, isn't it? And when you have to be the first to follow a different path, and everybody else just separates themselves from

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everybody says, You're crazy. You're extreme. You're doing something nobody else does. And then the few people who follow the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they were the first people in their family to do that. And they all said, Why aren't you Why are you separating yourself from the family? And somebody had to take that first step. Now, let me fast forward from the Prophet's time. So

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imagine some place in Avada sign 1000 years ago, 2000, you know, 1000 years ago, let's say, there were Buddhists there. There were Hindus there, different religions there, people traveled there from all over the world, and some young man and some Buddhist family decides to accept Islam. Somewhere in the mountains of Afghanistan, one young man, his whole village is going crazy. What's wrong with you? What's wrong with you? And this one young man, 18 years old, he runs away from home. He goes somewhere where he can find other Muslims. He gets married and starts a family 1000 years ago, how many 1000s of children and grandchildren does he have since then? You understand? But that was

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because that one person took one first step. And there was no support system for him. He didn't say let me follow somebody else. Because following somebody else's way more convenient, is way more convenient. But when you have to follow your own path, and you have to be the first in your life to take the step, then that makes you a sabich because you took the first step. Nobody else was willing to take the first step.

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You and I can be Muslim and Hamdulillah we can be in a Muslim family. But that doesn't mean

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meaning that there are some things in our family or in our lives that are going against the teachings of Allah.

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They're going in the wrong direction. And nobody in the family says anything. Everybody's quiet. We just follow. And someone comes along and says, I'm going to take the first step. No, that's wrong. I'm going to do the right thing. We're not going to make money that haram way anymore. I'm going to start something new. I'm going to break away, I'm going to create a new path. And they will feel the wrath of everybody else. Because there's other people.

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By the way, it wants to stop before I'm telling you about Diem. But even in science or technology, somebody says, I'm going to make a new app. Yeah, you're crazy. Who's gonna? Who's gonna care about your? And then that takes off? And it's like, Hey, can I join your team? Because when he was first giving the idea that nobody took him seriously, because people don't take savvy coding seriously, because nobody follows them. Why can't you be like everybody else. Some of the most amazing inventors and pioneers and entrepreneurs in the world. The only reason they're successful is because in some way, they were savvy boon in their field, because if they were doing everything, every

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everything everybody else does, if they were just getting a job like everybody else, if they were just doing the work like everybody else, if they were following the path that everybody else follows. They would never have been entrepreneurs, to be an entrepreneur, to do something new, you have to trailblaze you have to create a new path. And then what happens once they reach success, then millions of people follow them, what does Allah say a savvy

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and those who follow them.

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So the people have the right hand. Remember those guys, the regular section, the people that are saying, you know who they are, today are the people that are following the path laid out by the Sabbath,

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the Sabbath, who created a legacy, they broke away, and the people behind them are following them. And Allah says about both of them, while the Allahu

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Allah is pleased with them, they are pleased with Allah, meaning they're both good. There's both so both good and bad. But what Allah is saying is, as time goes on, you're going to find less and less people willing to take the first step, everybody will become more used to following everybody will become used to what everybody's doing it to let's just do this. Everybody will follow trends instead of creating a trend. You know, and even nowadays, when you know, in the age of like social media content, predict production and wanting to become an influencer, most people that call themselves an influencer are heavily influenced, but call themselves influencers. But anyway, the idea of becoming

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an influencer, I want to create content. Now let me see what else everybody else is creating. So I can create copy.

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You want to be savage, but actually you're a follower, are actually not creating something new at all.

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And so that's this is the first thing that I wanted you to, to see in these, every one of us has an opportunity actually in some capacity to take something and that's why in the very next surah in certain habits, this is the very next surah Allah actually gives us an instruction he says sub

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race come first rush towards forgiveness from your brother. So big become from the savvy sabich

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which actually means conservative,

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become the first because when you tell somebody to raise, you're telling them to win the race. Go ahead and come first. So now the question that becomes for you and me, what is it that I can take a first step

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that I know people around me I haven't taken but I can take a good first step. In the rest of this. I want to give you the flip side of this problem. The other side of this equation, which is equally important, somebody says I want to be I want to be first I want to do more than anybody else I want to do better than anybody else. I want to be among the VIPs with Allah. Fine.

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Then they decide that they're going to let's just say let's say they're going to study the Quran. I'm going to say the Quran that's and I'm going to be the subject and studying the Quran and my my family and my community. So now they're studying Quran 15 hours a day, eight hours a day, 10 hours a day. They're memorizing. They're learning Arabic. They're listening to lectures, they're trying to study and immerse themselves completely, completely completely. And then their family says, Hey, you want to come for dinner? No, no, I'm trying to decide the phone over here. I don't have time for your dinner. His friend say hey, you want to go play some basketball, bro, you best best case

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scenario for you. Maybe it's helping me. I'm trying to be the cyber phone situation. This is not gonna it's not going to come cheap. So you guys go ahead and play basketball. I'm going to do this I'm going to be able to

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Know what happens, you start becoming what's called obsessive compulsive disorder. You just need to do more and more and more and more. And the more we become focused on doing good, you know what happens there are other things in life that we start ignoring. We start ignoring So somebody says, I just want to, I have so much guilt I wasted so much of my life now I finally made I want to come back to Allah. Now I'm gonna come put the foot on the accelerator all the way, you know, I can't slow down now I have to make up for lost time. There's so much guilt. There's so much I've done in my past, so I need to make up for it. So now I have to go overboard and what happens people around

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you start saying, Hey, I think you're going a little too extreme. And you say, Ah, you see, this is exactly what Allah says about you people. You're trying to hold me back. You see in

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the conflict, not your money and your children are fitna for you in the mineralogical mobila.

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your spouse's and your, you know, your children, your children have enemies among them. So you say, Aha, see, you're trying to slow me down. I'm trying to go into Path of Allah, and you're putting me back. I'm trying to learn VT and you're pulling me back. And there can be mothers that are studying their religion all day and their children are being neglected because they're studying Allah's religion. And the husbands are being neglected. And there are husbands that are like, I want to do Dawa. I want to spread the Allah as D I want to learn, I want to study and they're not taking care of their parents are now taking care of their spouse and they're not taking care of their kids.

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They're not fulfilling their financial responsibility, because they're just giving themselves to Allah that said, I'm just gonna serve as the and in their head, this is their way of becoming what?

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Oh, what does Allah tell us in the very next Surah versus a cervical, just like he incurred he described the amazing status of these people in the previous surah. But now in the next Surah, he's gonna balance that equation for us. And he says, Go rush race fine. But then in the very next ayat, Allah azza wa jal describes in a student pointed out to me the other day, and I thought it was it was wonderful contemplation

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was that Allah describes the Christian tradition, particularly the Catholic tradition,

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in the next style, strange change.

00:22:16--> 00:23:07

And in the Catholic tradition, Allah says, which I don't know if people knew but Lavina satin, what if matter what I have any and unlimited Aroha Allah, softness and love and courtesy and care in the hearts of people who followed Jesus. But then some of his followers, they invented something new. They invented the monk life. They invented, I'm going to live in a church monastery, I'm going to wear uncomfortable clothes, because this world is temptation. This world is fitna, I just want to remember Allah, I just want to do vicar, I'm not going to get married, I'm not going to eat all different kinds of food, I'm going to just do the crab Allah and live this life because I want to be

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in their head, they were trying to be savvy, actually, that's what they were trying to do. Because if someone says I don't want to get married, and I don't want to eat all kinds of food, and I don't want to enjoy decent clothes, or just relax that and they just want to just worship, worship, worship. That's what I want to do. And clearly in their in their head. They're trying to be something cool. And Allah says

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they weren't able to keep up with it the way they're supposed to. The first of all, they created their own crazy standard. And then they weren't able to keep up with it. They weren't able to do what is it that we do you see the Saudi pool, they're not we can't compare them to each other. Each one of you has a different life. And you have to figure out how do you become a subject in your life, but you cannot do so at the expense of other things Allah put inside me and Allah put inside you. And I don't really know who he created. It's the same to the same Quran that tells, you know, speaks of a balance in life what I can't see but can be the dunya don't forget your portion in this

00:24:14--> 00:24:56

life. If you want to be from the Saudi teen, then you have to be the best at balancing all of these things. I have to be the best at learning my Deen I have to be the best at taking care of my health. I have to be the best with my children. I have to be the best with my spouse, with my parents with my business dealings with my financial responsibilities with my social responsibilities, but my manners with even myself. I have to balance with myself. I have to take care of the body and the mind that Allah has given you and me is a gift from Allah. It has to be taken care of. And we have this Dean, all of it is about MISA. It's all of it is about you know a balance. And these people

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that are sad before they were able to excel while maintaining

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balance while maintaining a balance. What happens with us is something Allah warns us about. Either we say, Oh, that's too much work. I'm okay I'm thus how will you mean section? I'm good enough here so long as I'm not burning in hell, I'm alright. Just anything except that barbecue and I'm good. On the other side, some people say no, no, no. If I'm going to do that I have to sacrifice Islam one sacrifice. Who told you Islam one sacrifice? Where's Allah ever use the word sacrifice of the Quran? Sacrifices a Christian concept.

00:25:35--> 00:25:40

Sacrifice is not the only sacrifice we do is an animal. That's a sacrifice.

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Everything else

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be grateful Allah made things for you to live well. Allah keeps pointing out things why? Why would Allah want me to eat miserably or live miserably were all the time in the Quran. He's talking about different kinds of fruits, different kinds of animals, different kinds of food, different kinds of blessings, constantly talking about these. Why? Why?

00:26:05--> 00:26:17

Because in these things, I will find myself closer and closer to Allah. But regardless, when you and I ever attempt to be SAVAK, there will be a loss of people, that's for sure.

00:26:19--> 00:26:36

There will be some kind of social outcast scenario, that will happen. So what that means is people that you used to be close to they will become further from you. And the reason they're becoming further from you is you're trying to become closer to Allah.

00:26:38--> 00:27:07

The closer to Allah you're trying to get, some people are very allergic to that. And they push away from you. Now, don't confuse this. This is why I mentioned both of those scenarios. Just because I'm trying to get closer to Allah doesn't mean I get to push people away. Because that's what a lot of people do that they push people away. And then they say, ah, these people, they're pushing me away. No, no, no, you're lying. You're the one pushing them away. You're the one imposing your standards on them, you're doing that.

00:27:08--> 00:27:44

But even if you are maintaining balance, and you're trying to be a person, and you're trying to be a savage, there may be people that still just as a result of that they push you away. And then you have to decide whether you want to maintain closeness with Allah or want to go back towards those people that people choose to sacrifice sometimes their social, social environments to stay closer and closer to Allah, you do to make this easy for you to understand if there's a university student who used to party used to hang out used to have the full life. And then he decides he's going to be the first among his friends to start praying. He's the first guy that starts praying first guy that

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says, Hey, guys, I'll be back. Where you going? Oh, there's nothing. Well, come on. Are you going on? Friday, Friday, prayer time. You pray you

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remember last month, what we were doing on Friday?

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I know I know. But I'm going to change. Okay, that's a bit extreme, though, bro. How about we go somewhere else? No, no, no, I'm gonna you know what, forget it. Forget it, and you lose that friend. You lose another friend. And then they look at you from a distance. This guy's getting extreme. This guy's losing it. He won't even drink anymore. You won't even do this anymore. You understand that? Well, that person is losing people. But at the more they're that's losing. That young man is losing people. He's gaining Allah. He's working hard to get closer to Allah. Why am I saying this at the end of this call? Because Allah describes where I started insolate Aloka that when they are in the

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VIP section, they're not getting close to Allah. Allah is pulling them close to him.

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They were working in this life to be close to Allah. And Allah was rewarding them on judgment day before even Jana before even Judgment Day. This is judgment a judgment day Allah says he can mocha Ramon. They're the ones that have been brought close. You put so much work in in close to me. Now I get to bring you close to Allah subhanaw taala This is the reward Allah gives the Sadiq Khan and this is an opportunity each one of you has in your life I have in my life to be savage in some sense to earn Allah's forgiveness in some sense, you know, and and maybe we don't get there. But even in our attempts to get there at the very least we're gonna secure the people of the right hand spot,

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isn't it? So there's there's nothing to lose only to gain. May Allah azza wa jal Amicus give us a new sense of commitment to being the first to taking the first courageous step to stop worrying about what people are going to say what they're going to think what their opinions are going to be, who's not going to be your friend anymore. We're what circle you're not going to be popular in anymore. Allah let us go of all of those concerns. And all of those closeness is in exchange for the closeness we should

00:30:00--> 00:30:09

Have without robber with Allah azza wa jal, Allah azza wa jal make all of us in our families from among the sub up BarakAllahu li Walakum field hockey monophyly We are coming at with the hacking

00:30:14--> 00:30:16

Hamdu lillahi Wa Kafa salat wa salam ala

00:30:18--> 00:30:23

Rasulillah of money Hey Mohammed Ibrahim Mohammed Amin while he was here

00:30:25--> 00:30:26

with me Hecarim

00:30:27--> 00:30:29

ministry kind of regime in Allah Allah.

00:30:32--> 00:30:32


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Allah He was able to slim up Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed can also lay down Ebrahim rather early in the machine Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad

00:30:47--> 00:30:53

Rahim al enemy in Himachal Majeed about the light from Allah. Allah in Allah yet

00:30:54--> 00:31:04

we will call about when handled fascia you will mooncup whether they call it or not, we are never matters now. I can solo in your salata cannon, mini Nikita Makoto.

00:31:15--> 00:31:17

Long, long