Ramadan 2022 – Judgement Day #5 – When Allah Addresses the Gathering

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What will it be like to meet your Lord? That first encounter is entirely up to you.

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Imagine if you had a pen pal that you wrote to every day, or someone that you spoke to on the phone for years and years. And then you meet them in person for the very first time. If you took five years of prayer, and you just calculated five prayers a day for five years, no sooner has nothing else, not even taking into account the various circumstances of people. That means you would have prayed about 10,000 times. That's 10,000 times you've been in dialogue with your Lord, and that's not including Darat or anything else. Now, if you've had all those conversations, and you still don't feel like you've ever spoken to Allah or have a relationship with Him, that significance, if

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you have a relationship with him in this dunya he's not going to let you down in the as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, One to One La La Heizo Adela Abdon for dunya for you will Lehigh Rahu Yama, Yama, Allah does not take someone as a friend in this life, and then entrust him to someone else on the day of judgment. And so that's the difference between the two arriving on the day of judgment about hasm Rahim Allah was asked, How will returning to Allah be like he said, As for the obedient one, his return is that of a loved one who has absence whose family is eager for his return. And as for the sinner, it's like the return of a runaway captive, and his captor is

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angry. All of this is to say that the day of judgment is not just when you meet your deeds, but more importantly, it's when you meet your LORD with your deeds. And you want that meeting to be a reunion, not an introduction, and you definitely don't want it to be an apprehension.

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In non harmful mental health, Bina Yeoman Abu sung Campari Verily, We fear from our Lord, a distressful day, fellow, call him Allahu shuttleq, Vatican Yom when a call home, not the rotten was surah. So Allah spared them of the horror of that day, and gave them radiance and inner joy. The Prophet sallallahu it was seldom said that Allah has said, by my might, I will never combine in my servants how feign what I mean to feelings of fear, or to feelings of security. If he feared me in this world, I will make him feel safe for me on the day of judgment. And if he felt secure for me in this world, then I will make him fear me on the day of judgment. So those that ignored Allah in this

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life and were blind to his guidance are ignored by Allah in the afterlife, and they're unable to see him. They just feel his anger. Tele in Oman wobm. Yama is in the module Boone the disbelievers are veiled from him. And this causes them even greater apprehension because they will know His presence and they will sense his anger, but they see nothing of him. subhanho It's out of that comfort zone. As for the believers, they get to see him in that assembly, but not in the full sense of blessing that is present in Jannah. So how does Allah arrive to this gathering and introduce himself to the righteous? The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said yet to Jen, Lana Rabona as the agenda Yeoman

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CReality Vika our Lord will present Himself to us laughing on the Day of Judgment Subhan Allah, like a Buddha zine while the Allahu Anhu said when he heard the prophets lie Selim describe the laughter of Allah. He said, Len now the Minhwan been yelled, Haku Hydra, we will never be deprived of good bye Lord who laughs and this is a gift to the believers that puts them at ease in that gathering. So who are those we find ease for in this first sight of Allah. Now you have the continued theme of humility in the Hadith. So there's one Hadith, whoever controls his anger at the time when he has the means to act upon it, that Allah will fill his heart with contentment on the Day of Judgment,

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Allah will restrain his anger from him. But then you have this constant theme with these opening announcements from Allah subhanaw taala. About the people who are going to be granted contentment. There's one narration with a slight weakness in its chain that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that Allah will announce on the Day of Judgment, so yeah, Gemma, a young man, I look around, that the people of this gathering are going to know today who the people of nobility are, and they say and who are the Rasul Allah Who are they a messenger of Allah. And he said, victory for the Majelis those people who are distinguished by their remembrance of Allah subhanho wa taala. Now almost every

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narration about those who are granted contentment as they stand there, when hellfire and Paradise have been brought forward and Allah subhanaw taala addresses the gathering has to do with being a person of Vick it has to do with being a person of remembrance, and mom and her saying all the time on who he reported that the messenger of allah sallallahu it was

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Salam said, Verily the best servants of Allah on the day of judgment are and hemma doon, those of us that constantly praise Him. And one time the prophesy son was with the companions, and he said subequal MUFA ReadOn Saba Kalama for redoing those who practice solitude have raced ahead, and they said the other sort of law who are those people, and he said animal stat our own Fe Victrola those who are completely immersed in the remembrance of Allah. And then he said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam yelled out of the Quran as Allah Han Fei tuna Yeoman TRT he Fafa there Vicki to the remembrance has lifted all of their burdens. And so they come on the Day of Judgment, weightless

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with no burden whatsoever. And subhanAllah you see that Allah starts to call out to them. Now people have wicked, they loved the most beloved place on earth to Allah and those are the masajid which are the most beloved places to Allah. Why? Because of the amount of Vicodin there the remembrance of a Lunder so it also la sigh some said Allah announces Aina Gilani, Aina Gilani, where are my neighbors, where are my neighbors, and the angels they respond they say, well, then a woman young Betty and UTAU raka Oh our Lord who is befitting to be called your neighbor, and Allah will say a non remodel massage. Where are those who used to frequent the massage those who are regular in my

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houses in this world? Then the prophets nice and um, said, some of you may use it or not Allah then distinguished as the scholars and remember, the writer scholars are called what in the Quran they're called zyk the people of remembrance, and these are the opposite, of course of the hypocrites amongst them, may Allah protect this, who have their own humiliation on the Day of Judgment. These are the sincere scholars who lived what they talked, and they use their knowledge to get close to Allah in the mailbox, Allah Humminbird the Hillary lemma, those who truly fear Allah are the true scholars. So this day they have no fear. Allah says to them, yeah, mash them up, oh company of

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scholars know about FICO made me What an odd

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I wasn't going to waste my knowledge on you, just to punish you today. Called the golfer, I forgiving you. You see the theme here? Those people of knowledge and in the circles of remembrance that had the shade of the angels and this life going up to Allah and Allah announcing to the angels that he was pleased with us, even though we couldn't hear it or see it, we felt it. Now Allah is making those announcements in front of the angels and in front of everyone else, that he's pleased with us. The differences were actually there to witness the announcement this time. May Allah make us amongst them a lot. I mean, finally, there is the specific vicar to the Prophet slice I mentioned

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for this moment. He said SallAllahu wasallam. Whoever says three times in the morning and in the evening, I'll lead to Villa Europa will be Islam, Medina, will be Muhammad in sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gonna be, I am pleased with Allah as my Lord, I am pleased with Islam as my religion. And I am pleased with Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam as my prophet cannot happen Allah, Allah He and your Leah who yelman piano, Allah has taken it as a guarantee upon himself to please that person on the Day of Judgment. So the three questions in the grave, you're already pleased with the three answers. And so when you think back to what we said early on, women are older and decreed for in the

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Lahoma a shirt on Blanca, the one who turns away from the remembrance of Allah has a constricting life and we said that's in this dunya that's in the grave and on the Day of Judgment. The opposite is true. When Allah says, Allah be Vickery la he taught me in Oulu verily in the remembrance of Allah don't the hearts find tranquility, that is also in this dunya that's in the great and that is now in this gathering on the day of

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