You Are Responsible, but Not In Control

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All right, so I want to come around to library catalog less than you initially thought it was not often our him hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen, whatever you wanna call it. Meanwhile, housekeepers who didn't want to paint long, so there was something about a karateka. So we can Mohammed and Salalah hardy or Salah, or any he will certainly will sell into semen cathedra. So I want to welcome you all in sha Allah tada to what will be just some nightly reflections and some reminders, and just talk about what this is going to be like and shot a lot. Of course, you know, this was something that on the COVID-19 era started, I did nightly reminders thinking it would be a short affair, not realizing

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it was gonna go for a very long time, then Ramadan came around, then after Ramadan, we have the keeping connected with the four ad campaign. And now here we are, we're still we're still you know, for the most part stuck at home. And, you know, it provides us an opportunity and shot lots out, it's really just get to reflect together and go over some crucial lessons together. So here's what this is going to look like and shall at least for the next few weeks, Monday nights, Wednesday nights and Thursday nights, I'm just going to go live and reflect a bit on particularly sort of walking. Now it's not going to be a tough scene, it's going to be more of reflecting on a particular

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lesson, you know, drawn from an idea, but it's not going to be diving deep into any thoughts or anything like that. So I might spend, for example, three nights, talking about one idea or one particular thing that sticks out from the idea at a pretty practical level. Or I might just jump through the sutra and talk about some other things. And a few years ago, actually 10 years ago exactly that hedger 10 years ago in in New Orleans, I actually had my community memorize sort of brought him together over the course of the hedger as we went over the tough side of it in a deep way. It's one of my favorite sources and an extremely comprehensive sort of particularly when it

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comes to life advice and, you know, rectifying our perspectives on life. It weaves in so many things beautifully and brilliantly. So that's what we're going to be doing in Chatelet, tada, Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays now Tuesday nights and I know I probably am going to confuse you also I'll say this once or twice inshallah. Tuesday nights starting next Tuesday night, because I calculated wrong the three Tuesday's before the hedger Tuesday night, starting next Tuesday night in sha Allah, I'm going to do a few long sessions on the life story of the Buddha he marks Okay, so that'll start on July 7 inshallah. And then we'll go three Tuesdays, and that'll take us right into the hijab, in

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the month of the hedger, the first 10 of the hijab, I'll have a special series inshallah that's going to be coming out, and the scholars and fellows at 15 inshallah, we also have a collective series, which I'm sure you all will enjoy it in the nighttime Fridays, we'll still do a 2pm Eastern shell that's out of the virtual hotel. So anyway, that's just a bunch of, you know, a bunch of logistics so what that means is that tomorrow night will just be another nightly reminder inshallah, but then next week, that Tuesday night in Sharla. At the same time, we'll have a long session for the for the those three Tuesday's talking about the life of Ibrahim IE Salaam, some of you have

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asked about the series about the first, the first will continue after the Hajj inshallah on Tuesday nights inshallah. So I'll get back to that series, after that be the night owl. So with all that being said, like I said, let's just reflect together on on a few elements of the surah. And I'll probably spend a few nights just on this first eye on Charlottetown. And then we'll jump around a bit with the surah sort of Brahim, and I'll just say about sudo, Brahim, something that when one of my Messiah said, which is very beautiful that Brahim Iceman has not mentioned much in sort of Ebrahim. But when you start to actually look through the themes of the sutra, every one of the

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themes is so relevant to him, right and it's relevant to all of us but there's something that creates an immediate connection to something in his life. And so the very first verse of the of this surah where Allah subhana wa tada says, The phenomenon Kitab Bonanza. Now, when you look at Tuskegee gymnasts, I mean, a literal Nazi either nor the is near up to him. He does that often. Aziz Hamid, Allah says that this is a Book which We have revealed to you,

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that you that you may bring forth mankind from every kind of darkness into light and direct them with the permission of their Lord, to the way of the Almighty and the innately praiseworthy. I'm going to talk about those later on. So we know that Rahim Islam obviously struggled, because he wanted his father so badly to be guided to this path, and that was not given to him. So what is this? What do I want to talk about tonight from this particular verse? Allah says Kitab one Anza now what a Laker We have revealed this book to you, oh Muhammad, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the two three gymnasts that you may bring forth mankind from darknesses you know blue

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Rule 90 either nor darknesses into the light and then direct them with the permission of their Lord to a laws wait. This is a really powerful expression Why? Because Allah subhana wa tada is tasking the messenger, peace and blessings be upon him to pull people out of the darkness into the light, darkness is into light. Okay, pull people out of the darkness into the light. But though the prophets I send them is being spoken to here as the ultimate dairy as the ultimate color as the ultimate vehicle of guidance, the vehicle by which all of us hope to just be messengers have that messenger right, though the prophets lysozyme is being spoken to in this capacity and though he's

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the only one who the four and was revealed to and then we are simply messengers of the messenger, when we take on the noble work of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. Allah same to the prophets lie Selim Leto fliegende us that you may bring people out from darkness into light. Now we don't sort of bucket up Allah subhana wa tada says, Allahu Allah, you're letting me know, you read your homie Nakuru, Mattila know that Allah subhana wa tada is the will he, he is the protecting friend of those who believe and he pulls them out of darknesses into like your fridge your home may not matter either. No. So Allah subhanaw taala is the one who pulls people from darknesses into the light. And

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we also know Subhana Allah that Allah says to the profit slice on a neck Atlanta demon, I bet that you don't guide whom you will, but rather it is a loss of hundreds out of who guides whom He wills. And this is a powerful message. Why Because here, he totally done us that you may bring people out from darkness into light. In certain bacala, Allah makes very clear that he's the only one that can bring from darkness into light. And he also makes clear that though the prophets lie, Selim is a guide, that Allah subhanaw taala is the ultimate guide that allows the source of guidance. Now there's just one particular thing I wanted to reflect on here, which is the language and this idea

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of responsibility, taking things upon yourself making yourself responsible, while at the same time understanding that it is a loss of Hannah horchata, who does the ultimate guiding that is a loss of Hannah Montana, who is actually fully in control. And this is especially true in regards to data. But it's true with everything else. It's true with everything else. It's true with every good effort. And I want us to think a little bit about how we measure success. And let's think about it in a few ways, you know, we should take good are the efforts of good very personally, and we should assume full responsibility and put forth our best effort in every way possible. Whatever that is,

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whether it's in the cause of death, it's in the cause of justice. Anything that has FISA be the law, under the umbrella in the cause of God, in the cause of Allah subhanho wa Taala, we should assume full responsibility. And so whether you're talking about advocating for the multiple mean, you know, we're for those that are oppressed, we're looking at what's coming out of China, and the oppression of the reverse and the annexation of Philistine of Palestine and all these things, it's overwhelming, we should assume the full responsibility and do the absolute best that we can but know that Allah is in control, know that Allah is in control. And so the mindset of when I assume full

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responsibility is that I'm going to do my absolute best. But at the same time, I know that my human potential reaches a limit. And even the potential that I do have is only within what Allah permits is only within what God permits. And so I'm going to work and work and work and work and going to trust the loss of Hannah Montana with the results. Many times we falsely equate success with the results with the worldly outcome. But when you are working for the Hereafter, then the results are meant to be seen meant to be realized, at least in the sense of reward in the hereafter. And so there are a few there are a few layers of this one of them, for example is that if a person does

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doubt, you know, if a person calls people to Allah calls people to the light calls people to the way of God, right, and they die and they have not succeeded in bringing but one or two people but they were sincere. They were sincere. They did their absolute best to be a part of calling people to Allah. They did everything they possibly could. They were sincere in that. And the results in the worldly sense didn't really you know, demonstrate success. But on the Day of Judgment, there will be prophets that stand in front of Allah subhanaw taala that did not have the

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One or two followers and some with even no followers, right? And so their successes with Allah subhanaw taala. On the other hand, by the way, it could be a person that guides many, many, many people, but fails to nurture that light within themselves. And so what is the point if on the Day of Judgment, may Allah protect this a person who's dragging their intestines is exposed and, and and punished for their own insincerity while guiding while guiding others to clarity my last contract protects us. So a lot of times, you know, we get disappointed, we get deflated, because we're, we think we're doing our absolute best. And it's not translating into anything. Or it's not translating

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in the way that we want it to translate in this world. And that's okay. We have to disconnect ourselves from the outcomes of these things in the same way that when it comes to the individual work that we do, our individual, you know, our individual act, that to what could and Allah sometimes are trusting a lost contact with results with the outcome meaning means that you, you stay in your human lane, right, you stay in your human lane. And so I think that you know, what I just wanted to reflect on tonight, is this this idea, right, like Ibrahim alayhis salam, and we'll talk about the life of Abraham peace be upon him. Well, he might he's, you know, he was so eloquent He

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did everything right. But if you ask him at that point, when he is walking away from the fire that his father just launched him into, and walking away from his people, and he only has, you know, his wife as a follower and loyalty his salon. That's, you know, that's got a steam right but at the same time, Allah is in control, Allah is in control, Allah is always in control. And so there is no contradiction because sometimes we we excuse ourselves from putting forth our best effort by saying Yeah, well it was in control anyway, no here you you have to assume full responsibility like you owe Mohammed slice Allah and those that want to follow Mohammed's by some are responsible for bringing

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people out from the darkness into the light. But at the same time, understanding and coming to full terms with a lot is the one who brings people from darkness into light. And so again, whether we're committed to causes of Dharma and causes of justice, all of that under FISA Beatty law under the cause of the last panel, it's an Allah subhana wa tada does what he does, and we do the best of what Allah has allowed us to do for the cause of Allah subhanaw taala so May Allah make us sincere and steadfast and allow us to do our best for causes of good llama and Ameen so I'll see you all tomorrow night like I said, tomorrow night inshallah. Just going to do nightly reminders for the

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next four nights inshallah Tada. And then next week, Tuesday, we'll switch to the story of Ibrahim ice. But we'll continue doing this and show what's out there Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and then Tuesday nights. Next week in Charlotte. We'll do the story around mid slam Friday we'll just have the virtual Hulk been shot Latina and who knows I've got a nice setup now Hope you guys noticed I got a nice setup. So it's like a little faded.

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And I'll see you all tomorrow.