When You Can’t Be Broken or Bought

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The upcoming week's evening show features a nightly reminder and series on the life of Ibrahim. The discussion covers the struggles of Islam, including the loss of Hannah Montana and the oppression of men and women by oppressors, the importance of validation and faith in Islam, and the danger of an oppressor. The speakers emphasize the importance of faith and avoiding afraid of one's own capabilities. The segment ends with a mention of the upcoming documentary on the struggles of Islam.

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen whatever we want to avoid, I mean when happy but too much suffering a lot more so it was a little darker because we can Mohammed in Salalah while he was alone, and it only he was like we were so interesting and kathira so just a reminder, inshallah tada tonight will be the last of the weekly reminder of the nightly reminders this week and shout out to Hannah, we're going to be doing them Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Tomorrow being Friday, I'll have my reflections in Charlottetown at 2pm. Eastern. So you can join in for the virtual what's been shot Latina. And then next week. Again, we'll have our nightly reminders Monday,

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Wednesday and Thursday and shot law. And Tuesday night I'm going to be starting a series on the life of Ibrahim based on the actual

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life story of the Prophet Ibrahim is to help prepare us for the hedger to really connect at a deeper level with his story. So tonight in Charlottetown, I actually wanted to talk about something that I find just very profound. And again, you know, this isn't meant to be a tough scene per se, just more of some reflections as we go along the sword or sometimes multiple.

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in one area, when I was in Aziz and Hamid, slaughtered as easily Hamid, the path of Allah Aziz, the Almighty and Hamid the innately praiseworthy, if you think about where those two names come together, and we talked about this idea that a person derives their strength from the Almighty and so they become Aziz, by connecting themselves to Al Aziz. They become Mahmoud, they become praiseworthy by connecting themselves to the one who needs no praise but deserves all praise Allah subhana wa Tada. So when you think about Aziz and Hamid, it's a powerful connotation. We talked about how a person develops a sense of integrity, a sense of independence, a sense of honor and a

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station that otherwise they would not be able to attain otherwise they would not be able to achieve. But if you think about where those two names of Allah Subhana, WA, tada come together, they come together in a very particular part, when we're talking about us habitable food, we're talking about the people of the ditch, that Allah subhanaw taala mentions to us and sort of broach as they are being rounded up these people that believed in Allah that decided to that decided to rebel in the sense that they decided to reject the dominant religion, the dominant state religion, the dominant forces, and they instead chose to be amongst those that believed in Allah subhanaw taala and the

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scene that they are all being gathered in front of this pit of fire. Now what's the connection to Ibrahim it says Brahim, it is Saddam was of course thrown into a fire. But Allah subhana wa, tada protected Ibrahim on Islam and he was able to leave that fire without being harmed because the mission of Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam was not yet complete. And that was one of the miracles that Allah had given to Warhammer Islam. And so Ibrahim alayhis salam had his he had power. And he had, he's praised he's elevated because of the way that he reacted to that devastating situation here, go to sort of broach you have a group of people gathered in front of a ditch of fire, about to be thrown

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into that fire. And a loss of Hannah Montana says one moment home Illa Allah Allah is the only reason why they have been gathered in this fashion. They have been tortured in this fashion. They have been oppressed in this fashion, is because they believe in one God is because they believe in one God, Allah Z's ultimate, they believe in the Almighty, they believe in the innately, praiseworthy and Subhana Allah if you were

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context you would say what they do, men, women and children to be gathered in this fashion to be thrown into this ditch of fire. What horrific and horrendous thing did these people do? And the reality is all they did was they believed in Allah as east of Hemet and the same thing with the Prophet sly Salaam, when Rebecca or the Allahu taala animal repeated what was repeated when Moses when morsani his salam, a Tucker to Luna Raja neurobiological kill a man just because he says that his Lord is a lot just because he says he believes in one God, would you really kill a man for that reason? And that's the thing. It's ridiculous. But why? What makes these people so threatening? And

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I want you to think of the scene of billable the allowable time angle. Again, if you were watching the the oppression of the law, you're watching a man being whipped and starved and dehydrated and placed in the middle of the desert in this humiliating way with a big stone placed on him. One that takes multiple men and he's screaming in pain and there's a difference.

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Get men standing over him.

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And Bilodeau the last time it was under the stone, but below the law and was insisting on 111 God, one guy, who's the more honored of these people. And this is really powerful because if you think about that moment, it is it is below the a long time who is in the most humiliating situation, in the most difficult situation. But despite all of the harm that's being inflicted on his physical person, he is being elevated in stature. We look to build out all the a lot of talent and when we say what a man, we say, what a believer, we say, what an example of courage what an example of bravery, what an example of sincerity, what an example of resilience. And that's what made Islam so

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threatening. That's what made faith so threatening to the polytheists of Mecca, that this man would be willing to be subjected to all of this. And he says, I had a head one one for his faith. Now here's what I want. What I want us to talk about, you know, when you think about oppressors when you think about Narcissus, Narcissus oppressors are always almost always Narcissus. And there is a sense of how dare you find your strength in anything but me. How dare you find your your validation? How dare you find your meaning and your purpose and anything but me? Because the oppressor, crushes people and crushes the self esteem festa huff up on the right lowers and belittles the liberals the

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intelligence of the people belittles the worth of the people and puts them down to a point that they think that the only way that they can succeed is through validation through them. And so, there is nothing more threatening to an oppressor than a person who cannot be broken or a person who cannot be bought. There is nothing more, you know, frightening to that person or to that system than a person who is liberated even if they are chained than a person who is free, even if they are enslaved, some kind of love that finds that much. And that's why one of the beauty of Naranjo stands in front of Russell and Persia, and has absolutely no, no fear of the person that's sitting in front

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of him right on a throne and looking down at him and says, Allah has sent us, you know, a documentary about this today, bad evaluate your ability, but that God has sent us to take people out from being enslaved to other slaves to being enslaved only to the Lord of all slaves. Women leave the dunya in a satin to deal with it on from the constriction of this world to the expanse of the of this world, this life in the next woman, God, the ideal Islam, and from the constriction from the oppression of other systems to the justice of Islam. That's so threatening the fact that this man had this much Hayes's up this much honor, that was not an honor that was demonstrated through the

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clothes of whatever. It wasn't through him being vulgar or vile in his speech, rather, it was the dignity of this man. And so, you know, if you're thinking about metka, why, why would these oppressors increase in their oppression? As they saw the prophets lie summon his followers increasing only in their good character? Why was it that they you know, they went from insults to physical injury to murder to, uh, to, you know, banishment of entire tribes? Was it because the Muslims were responding with aggression? Was it because the Muslims were falling into their trap? Or was it because the Muslims were so self suffice? That these believers had so much self

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actualization, that they took their power from a power source that these people did not control, and they derive their dignity

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that was accessible to these people. That's what's so threatening, and that's the power of faith. That's the power of faith, that it honors a man like bill out of the allot of time and who, despite all of the worldly shackles, and it humiliates a man like Abu lahab, despite all of the worldly embellishments, because when a person cannot be bought, and when a person cannot be broken, then they are a threat to systems that depends a narcissist and oppressors that depends on breaking people down. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us it is, through our faith to give us a sense of strength and dignity, to never allow us to be afraid of those that taunt the believers to never

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allow us to relinquish what Allah has given us of this beautiful faith to keep us firm and steadfast and sincere, to never allow us to be broken or shackled by anything. That is other than a loss of hundreds and we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to make us amongst those that run back to him that fleet back to him in every situation in every scenario we ask Allah subhana wa tada to make

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Amongst those that have those beautiful qualities and achievements,

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but he mentions of those people of the foes that can be added to that great, that great success that great success which cannot be taken away by anything that happens in this world may Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for our brothers and sisters that are oppressed all over the world. May Allah subhanaw taala keep our brothers and sisters oppressed all over the world sincere and steadfast in the face of their oppression. May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow them to see victory in this life and success in the hereafter wherever they may be. Awesome. I mean, does that mean Oh hey, don't sit on Mighty compartmental Ah, he's got a castle.