With Hardship Comes Ease

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I hope you all are well. Hamdulillah. It's great to be back. I think I came to Drexel adult, I think it might have been six, seven years ago. So I don't Was anyone here when I came to Drexel. Okay. Y'all have moved on at this point, right. So it's about six, seven years ago, probably. And handed a lot of laminate was one of the most memorable trips that I had. And it's a blessing to be with you here. And I know that in settings like this q&a is far more valuable. So I won't speak for too long. Inshallah title offers some remarks on this concept that I hope will be a little bit different, or at least enriching to what you already have heard about when it comes to solving when it comes to

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patients. And when it comes to this, this beautiful IRA or two eyes in the Quran. In the matter is real slide in a matter of Suslov, barely with difficulty comes ease, rarely with difficulty comes ease. Now, I'm just gonna take a show of hands. I mean, how many of you feel like the Hult buzz and the lectures in the last two years have revolved around this concept? Have y'all heard a lot of hopeless about difficulty?

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Yeah, okay.

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One of the things that I see with this discourse is that a lot of this comes down to whether or not you're going to apply some of these basic concepts from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in regards to how to show somebody.

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You know, if you think about it, at the end of the day, when you're talking to someone that's going through a hardship, it's a lot easier for you to find the words to give to them, than it is for you to actually express them in a heartfelt way, when you're in the midst of a difficulty. And that's why Subhan Allah, the the blessing of simply saying Alhamdulillah the blessing of simply praising Allah Subhana Allah to Allah saying, and hamdulillah when you are in difficulty, is in and of itself enough to build you a home in paradise. It's not this long prayer that you have to say. It's not something that's elaborate or comprehensive. It is one phrase, in the midst of difficulty that at

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the first strike, and the submitter Oola, to say, Alhamdulillah is enough to have a home built in paradise called the House of Fraser and Hamdulillah. You don't have to do much more, right? It's not complicated. You don't have to sit there and think about what you what you remember. And you know, it was really interesting when I think about how simple that is, and how beautiful it is. I had a friend of mine who was in a really bad car accident. And this is what I think about when I think of this hadith and the simplicity of it. And in the midst of this car accident, when they got in, they started asking me I said, What's your phone number, and he couldn't remember his phone number,

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right? Or a phone number of a family member or a friend, right? When you're in the midst of it, there's a level of shock, right? They said the only thing I kept on saying was hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah so I forgot my phone number. I forgot my phone number. But I didn't forget that hamdulillah because the believer is so accustomed to constant HEMT to constantly saying and hamdulillah thanking Allah subhanaw taala that you hope that when the test comes, that that will be your natural first instinct. But in order for it to be your natural first instinct, it has to be a regular habit, the same thing as this dream that we all have. That Allah takes us saying what what

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do you want to be saying when you die?

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Now you know how to Allah see all yourself. You want death to get to you while you are saying that you know hola May Allah give us all that ability to say La la la la at the time of death. May Allah make it our last words on our tongue and in our heart, you're not suddenly going to come up with La la la la. If it wasn't a regular vicar. You know, if you think about the prophets lie somewhere, he says Keep your tongue moist, keep your mouth moist with La Ilaha illa Allah

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keep your mouth moist with La la la la. Right as a form of remembrance. What a blessing from the Prophets lie some to teach us something so simple, yet so profound. Because if you are accustomed, if you train your tongue, to while when you are walking from place to place, walking to class going somewhere else, you're saying La la la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la La, constantly moving your tongue with it. Then when that moment comes to you of death, whether it is sudden, or if it is at the end of a long extended trial, that law will be natural for you, because you've made it

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habit to constantly say Leila Allah. So it's very simple things with huge rewards to say 100 At the time of mostly, but at the time of tragedy guarantees you what a house of praise and Paradise to say La ilaha illa. Allah at the time of death, guarantees you entrance into Paradise because the prophets lie some said whoever dies and that Allah is their last words duckula Jana, you will enter into paradise. That's why Allah doesn't give it to anybody. It's a special gift that allows pantile gives to you what Muslim doesn't know it hamdulillah nylon, Allah, we all know it. You could talk to a Muslim, that is thoroughly educated and deep in the faith. Or you could talk to a very simple

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Muslim, that lives somewhere in the third world in a desert cut off from people what Muslim doesn't know to say hamdulillah for good things and Alhamdulillah in times of patience and La Ilaha illa Allah at all times, every Muslim knows that. So Allah is not giving us a difficult equation here. It's whether or not you can bring yourself to actually say it in the moment. Now, I gave a whole talk about this a few weeks ago, sobor, the short term of sober and the submitted Oola. The first strike is to say Alhamdulillah, the long term determination of patience, is whether or not you're making progress in your relationship to Allah.

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The long term is whether or not you're making progress in your relationship to Allah. So are you succeeding? In the short term? Did you say to him, did I want to happen? Or did you shout out a bunch of you know, curse words, or say a bunch of things you shouldn't have said. And then when you call down, you suddenly hamdulillah the long term of it is measure your patients by your progress. That's the long term. Okay. Now, I want to come back to this i in the manor city, your slot, I was thinking about this idea as much as I could. What's an angle? What's something that we can extract from it? That is not already obvious from the eye itself, that Verily, with hardship comes ease or

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with difficulty comes ease? Verily, Allah subhana, Allah says it twice, right? He repeats it. With hardship comes ease. I can't tell you how many times I've been invited to give a whole talk or lecture at a university and they said, What's your topic? I said, What's your talk? What's my topic with hardship comes ease. All right? No offense to Drexel on the say, You guys could have been a little bit more creative here.

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in reality, though, the Quran as a whole offers us an opportunity for infinite reflection. Like you don't stop reflecting on the Quran. You don't stop extracting jumps from the Quran. So there's actually beauty in the fact that these few phrases stick with us because they become part of the ethos of the Muslims. This becomes who we are with hardship comes ease in the matter of suicide in a matter of Susa. So what does this refer to? The word ERISA is a very interesting word. Alright, difficulty. ERISA is a very different different word. And of course, in the Arabic language, you have such a rich, you know, spectrum of words to define, seemingly a singular concept that each one

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of them offers you a lot of benefit. And so there's the word machaca, machaca, and machaca. Typically, the scholars say of language that it refers to very tangible pain, very tangible pain, okay? Something where there's a wound, or there's a quantifiable loss of something, or difficulty, you know, sweat, blood, all of that. machaca typically refers to something very tangible. All right, this is a state, a state of difficulty. And so it covers more. And it refers perhaps, to some of the things that aren't as easily identifiable. And so Allah subhanaw taala mentions

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about the Day of Judgment, Yom when I see a day of great difficulty for the wicked for the disbelievers. Allah pantalla mentioned into certain some of the scholars mentioned in terms of divorce, alright, and going through that and everything that covers in that regard. So ERISA, and by the way, this is very interesting, because a lot also talks about people in debt, people in debt through

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a person that's in a state of difficulty. And some of the scholars mentioned that one of the benefits of that is that, you know, when a person is in debt, it's not just the debt itself. Right, not just the dollar amount that is causing them difficulty, but there's a lot of stress that comes from it. That is really deeper than that. And that's why Prophet slicin needs to seek refuge in Allah from that and taught us to seek refuge in a lot from that because like, it's not just a matter of I need to pay this off in a certain amount of time. Right, what it brings, what it induces of difficulty is great, right. So so typically refers to a state of difficulty and it can be an

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overwhelming state of difficulty, you know, when, especially the hardest moments, so actually Ursula, by the way, a lost parent

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I refer to a book, you know, that hour of great difficulty where it just consumes every part of you, right? One of the things about being in that state

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is that you're not rational.

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You are not rational. Alright. And it's actually important to understand that like, someone comes to me in the midst of great difficulty, and they're asking me to explain something to them like look in the midst of you're not going to accept a rational answer will be much more helpful is for me to remind you of ALLAH SubhanA, WA Tada. And to give you words of comfort, but you're not going to clarify deep concepts when you're in the midst of deep trauma. It just doesn't work that way, because it overwhelms your senses. It overwhelms you in every way. After this talk, I'm sure some of you will come up and ask questions that are very difficult. May Allah help you? I'm not saying that

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I won't listen to your question. Alright, and then I'm not interested in hearing about your pain. I'm just saying that you have to also understand that this is not your right, you don't have a rational problem. And so a rational answer is not going to solve, you know, your your sudden crisis and worldview. This is not going to happen. When you're in the midst of it, it is hard for you to see a way out. It's one of the that's one of the things about it, you know, Subhan Allah as believers, if you realize how much emphasis there is in the Quran, on vision beyond the immediate eyesight, right? The idea of belief in Adelaide, Allah, do you know what to believe those who

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believe in the unseen part of the unseen is called out in public? Right, the Divine Decree of Allah subhanaw taala. The same way you can't see a loss Peno Tada. The same way that you can't see the Day of Judgment, you can't see the workings of other, you can't see the workings of that divine decree. And so it's not the mechanics of the Divine Decree. That's the problem. It's your ability to trust the whole idea, the divine himself in his decree, not to question the mechanics of it, or try to get an understand it's just not gonna work, you have to put your faith in Allah subhana wa Tada. And you have to affirm them. That's why I've been ambassador, the Altana, on whom I said, that whoever

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affirms their faith in divine decree has established their Tohei their idea of the belief in one God, if you lose that your toe heat is destroyed, you're going to destroy your belief in God as a whole, it's all going to come falling apart. And so it's not a rational response. It is reaffirming your trust. In the one who knows what you don't know. Reaffirming your trust in the one who understands what what you don't understand. Reaffirming your trust and acknowledging your limitations to the one who has no limitations. Allah subhanho Tada. Right. So that's, that's actually what it is you cannot see past

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in sometimes, maybe while in the moment, we won't fully admit it. It is it is a profound short word of wisdom.

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That sort of wakes us up and helps us keep perspective.

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You know, it is someone putting their hand on your shoulder, saying, hey, look, you're going to get through this and shall okay.

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I love you. And I know you and I know you can do this. It's like, that's not really profound. But maybe it helps. Maybe it's because you trust the sincerity of the person. That's saying, maybe and I remember, and I'm not I'm not going to veer into psychology here, because I'm sure that there are people here that are

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actually experts in the field. But, you know,

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I remember reading a book on counseling, because that's what we had to do. When you're any mom, you got to know how to change lightbulbs, you got to know how to counsel people, you got to know how to like, everything, right? Everything in between, right? So I'm like getting in the masjid. Okay, now, you got to do all these different things. So what did I have to do? I had to read a bunch of books on counseling. And one of the things like when you're talking to someone, sometimes when they're not so certain, they will draw their strength from your certainty as you're talking to them.

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Right, so maybe they're trying to tell themselves on the inside, like, I'm gonna make it through this. But there's, there's a doubt there. When you're saying, Hey, you're going to get through this. I believe in you. I know you. Allah has a plan, and you say it with certainty, they might draw as a recipients from your certainty. That actually might be what affirms them in the moment. Okay, so that's the value of I'll see how is the value of advice, the value of being with someone to walk with your brother in their time of need, that's the value of that because sometimes it's that the certainty in your voice that actually is going to give them the voice that they need on the inside.

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When you're in it can't see past it. You know, someone's in a really, really bad relationship, messy, messy breakup, you know, thought I was going to marry this person, it's not working out, and I now see it slipping away. Or, you know, maybe even a divorce itself. Like I can't see happiness after this because the greatest happiness I think I experienced up until this point was one this was out of how

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Right when this was going in a certain direction, and so now, it's like you're taking away any notion or any possibility of happiness from me. Now, as a guy on the other side, that's seen people recover from bad relationships and seeing people recover from divorces that didn't know they're, you know, on that side, I can be like, you're going to be okay.

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Look in sha Allah, you're going to be okay. But that person's like, but I can't live without her. I can't live without him like, yeah, you're going to live, you're going to be okay.

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Seriously, I've done it enough times to sell you're going to be fine. Inshallah is going to hurt sometimes. Yeah, but you'll be fine. Allah has created us, not just with with immense capacity of patients, but also amongst the immense capacity to recover. Recovery is part of the software that Allah put inside of us the possibility of recovery, Allah put inside of us, it's actually remarkable. It's a gift from Allah Subhana Allah that He's given us that possibility to recover, not not to where we don't hurt when we remember certain things not to where sometimes there isn't long trauma from certain things, but we do have the ability inside of us as good from a loss proton to

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actually move on. But when you're in the midst of it, you don't really think that way. Right? You know, so beautiful about the profit slice of them kind of holdover Quran, right he was a walking Quran character was the Quran, in a manner serious law

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is not the Prophet slice Allah, you know, in his era, being caught by Swakop nomadic as a fugitive, right, about to be killed, possibly on the run from his people to people that he doesn't yet know really well as a refugee to them. And him telling Soraka by the way, how will it be Osaka, when you are carrying the gold bracelets of Kiss Allah, the most powerful ruler ruler in the world in your hands? If that's not in my interest?

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I don't know it is. That's literally and the prophets lie son is the one who's in the deepest Earth. So in this moment, he almost just died. How do you I mean, subhanAllah, like we talked about now the effects of remembering things and the effects of of,

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of trauma afterwards. He and Abu Bakr, Siddiq, Radi Allahu Taala were in the cave. And they were right there these people that wanted to do horrible things to them. Were right there.

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And the Prophet slice Allah,

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of course, tells him how is it a double Becca with two people? And the third is Allah subhanaw taala. He's the one affirming a little by little the a lot of time. And he's telling Sulaco how will it be when you are carrying the bracelets of the most powerful man in the world, the most powerful ruler in the world. That is prophetic vision beyond the moment.

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conduct that is the greatest hardship that you experience as a people you're fighting for your existence, as a community, against the people that want to wipe you off the face of the earth. And in the darkest times in the ditch. You see the light of Islam spread throughout the world in the matter of three, Yusra. It's gonna come out of this, something's gonna come out of this. So when you're in Ursa you're overwhelmed, your senses are gone, you're overwhelmed by the difficulty. And when was this sort of revealed to the Prophet sly summoned, by the way, was revealed to the Prophet slice on his victory lap. Was this after better that this was revealed? What is this revealed to the

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Prophet slice of them?

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When there is no useful insight? It's when it's revealed to the Prophet slicin.

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Right? This is revealed in Mecca. When there is no rational pathway out of this, you couldn't sit with the Prophet sighs I'm in those moments, if we were limited to the rational, and saints of the Prophet slice on them or say to other companions, you know, look, here's, here's how this is gonna go. We have a plan. All right. Abyssinia, is gonna open up for us.

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The ruler of Abyssinia, the one ruler that will take us in will form a rebellion. And he'll provide some ships just in case to eventually get to Medina. And this other place is going to open its doors to us and you're going to have people that love us more than they love themselves, that will jeopardize all of their alliances to establish the civilization in accordance with this message.

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That we have wealth coming from this direction or we have helped coming from this external empire. There's no there is no rational pathway in the moments that this is revealed to the Prophet sighs I'm going to compaines the Quran was not just for the prophets, I saw them right. There's nothing right. You can't rationalize a pathway. Look what Eliza did. Now imagine being the companion who was there when this was revealed in Mecca. And then 20 years later, you're doing had to adapt from Medina with over 100,000 companions, from Medina to Mecca and everything between the two revolves around

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This message that a handful of followers were about to be wiped out with.

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Imagine what it was like for a business, ooh, there'll be a lot of chat. or below, it'll be a lot of time to read this idea. Having lived through that history, again, in the midst of it, it's hard to see. But they did not place their trust in the ability to see the rational pathway out. They placed their trust in the one who sees what they don't see. That was the point. What does Eliza just say at the end of this in the matter of suicide, no matter rescue? So I haven't noticed, I haven't started to break down some of the concepts yet. But what does the law say at the end of this, that either for after fansub what you know, become follow up. Now get back to worship.

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Focus on your worship, keep paying attention. Next, move on to the next cause of worship, move on to the next course of action to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala was not going to be limited by these things, as well as parents it does. Put some back on track. Stay focused. That's the call to action at the end of this stay focused, stay engaged in worship. Not look for the next sign. Stay engaged in worship, it will come to you in a minute or three your sloth verily with every difficulty comes ease verily with every difficulty comes ease. Now scholars mentioned a few things here are some of the scholars said the repetition here is a for a form of upkeep. It's a form of just reaffirming

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comforting the prophets Isom verily to say it twice, right? Some of the scholars also mentioned if you pay attention LSR in Amar, Ella Russell, one research Verily, with every single difficulty comes ease. It's not a loser. It's in the plural ease. It's a weak Hadith, but it is something that that's that the Sahaba can be traced to the Companions and some of the settler that now yes libo rose soon, that one. So now you have rigorously you strain, one hardship will not overcome two forms of ease. So Alas, pants are mentioned ease twice, but only mentions one difficulty. The beauty of that that they're in amount mentioned and there's so much to talk about here is that with every single

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difficulty comes multiple forms of ECE similar to one Allah says when many tequila Hydra Lahoma Florida we are resume and Hazel

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whoever is mindful of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Taqwa typically comes when sin is presented to you and you restrict yourself you restrain yourself from that sin, you might think that you're missing out, right? You're missing out because you restrain yourself from that sense of the lead the the pleasure of that sin, you're foregoing it therefore, inducing hardship for yourself, right? Well, man, yeah, tequila. Yeah, Allahu Maharaja, not only is a lot gonna make a way out for you, your resume and hatefully Allah is gonna provide for you from ways that you don't even understand ways that you didn't even plan, things will come to you from directions, and in packages that you could have never

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planned for yourself. Only a tequila Yamato, it was a common hate today. So the scholar said, when it comes to the test,

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the blessings that are unlocked after the test in this life, and the next are multiple, or multiple, you know, if you're actually taking an exam, most of you being students, I presume you can understand this, when you're actually taking the test right to get this particular degree, what the degree will unlock for you in terms of career and in terms of potential and profession, right are multiple doors, whereas the test is limited to a time, a moment, you have to pass this particular test. And so when trials come to us in this life, look, you've got to get through this moment. But what will come after it is multiple, multiple, in what sense multiple, and that the blessing might

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come to you in this life and or the next, but certainly in the next, if you are patient, you'll certainly be rewarded for your trial in the next no matter what so long as you are patient. And you also may see some of that ease come in this life as well. Now, as we said, there is useful in the plural ease in the plural, or isn't a singular, right. I want you to remember that next time you're reading this. Okay. As great as Eurosport is the user will always be greater. Notice here Allah did not minimize your hardship.

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Allah doesn't say you're not really in pain. It's not a big deal. Get up, walk it off. Allah does not minimize the hardship he simply maximizes the reward.

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There's a big difference between those two. Remember I said the person good counselor, good counselor. Someone that gives you that strong advice affirms you speaks with certainty. Belief in you write a bad ones like walk it off. What's the problem? Other people go through this all the time?

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Don't you hate that when were you going through something bad? Like, oh, people go through this all the time? You know, I went through this two three times. I didn't cry like you

00:25:12--> 00:25:32

that's how I got fired for my message. No, that's not what happened. Not what happened right? But like, you don't tell someone walk it off. Right? Not a big deal. It's not being a crybaby because you're minimizing the pain. You don't minimize the pain you maximize the reward. Right? So Allah and comforting does not say to the prophets, Isom five doesn't really hurt that bad, does it?

00:25:33--> 00:25:54

Right? This persecution Mecca is not that bad. But Allah FOAP turns the profit sighs I'm focused in the believers by extension, to the reward to the reward. Okay, the difference between the two in the profit sighs I'm now as the one that's consoling on hubbub or the Allahu taala, and who comes to the profit slice on them.

00:25:55--> 00:26:14

And I think of the scene and it's, it's a hard one. Honestly, hubub struggled. Well, the Altana one of the greatest Sahaba honestly, you read about how barbital the Alon, you fall in love with this man. What he went through what he struggled with incredible human being.

00:26:16--> 00:26:21

And Barbara the law and who sees the prophets I'm sitting with his back against the camera and his legs extended meaning

00:26:23--> 00:26:31

you know, sometimes, you know, when Allah says that you might think someone is from the attorney out there, okay, because of their tough because of the way that they're carrying themselves,

00:26:32--> 00:26:40

you might make the wrong assumption about the amount of suffering or the amount of pain they're going through, right person might be going through a lot, but

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something is keeping them going in a certain way. And so to the outside, you're not you don't really understand the full extent to what that struggle is. So hubub sees the profit slice on them reclined against the camera. And he says to the profit slice, the artist, Ella Teddy Ruana alerta sponsored Lenin, aren't you going to make your art first? Aren't you going to seek victory for us? Let me ask you a question. Don't you think the Prophet saw someone was doing that?

00:27:08--> 00:27:23

A lot. I mean, in bed the whole night, before the Battle of better the prophesy some didn't sleep to get refreshed for the for the fight. He spent the whole night making draft for the Muslims for what victory?

00:27:24--> 00:27:30

prophesy, some could have told you about, Hey, you don't understand I'm doing that. He didn't do that.

00:27:32--> 00:27:33

He didn't do that.

00:27:34--> 00:27:36

He told kebab or the Allahu Taala animal.

00:27:37--> 00:27:39

That people that came before you

00:27:40--> 00:27:48

were sawed in half. For La ilaha illAllah. For this belief, Allah is going to give us victory.

00:27:49--> 00:27:53

We're going through this together, it's going the user is going to come

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focus on that. Focus on that it's going to come it's gonna come. So here in the minor city you saw focusing on the useless focusing on the reward, the greater the difficulty, the greater reward. Think about this for a moment. For some, there will be no you're sorry, except in the Hereafter. And as a believer, you accept that I'm telling you one of our greatest problems is that we we demand justice, the imminence we demand the answer be imminent, we demand ease be imminent, we want to see it now. Now. Now. Now it's natural to want to see things happen. But now or else, I'm gonna stop making your art.

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I'm going to stop believing I'm going to have a crisis. Now as a believer. That's not even a question for me. Because the one who can answer in one second can answer in a million years.

00:28:46--> 00:29:11

As he sees fits, why would I take my limited understanding and try to impose it on him? I'm good. I'm going to work for justice. I'm going to work for my prayers to be answered. But I'm not going to impose my understanding on Aleem al Hakim does make sense the All Knowing the whys Why would I try to impose my understand my understanding on him in the hereafter

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usage is your Tabby shut did Nasya

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Allah brings forth a person who lived the worst possible life that you can imagine

00:29:24--> 00:29:26

the worst life

00:29:27--> 00:29:34

I want you to put in your mind right now a person who you know that struggled more than anyone else that you've known. Think about that person right?

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The person amongst the believing men and women who had the worst life

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you're the muscle for now. Amy Lamsa one dip in Jana one dip.

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This this.

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That's usage. So the whole rest of this world and the worst the rest of this world with one dip in your search in a Noreen the blessing of gen one dip

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Then he's pulled out. He just got in now, how about eight to put some thought? Have you ever seen any hardship? Have you ever seen sadness? What's hardship? What sadness? He doesn't even know what it is anymore?

00:30:14--> 00:30:21

I've never seen any sad. I don't know what I don't know what, what's what's being spoken about here? No, put me back in there, right?

00:30:22--> 00:30:33

I don't, I've never seen sadness in my existence. The one dip in Yusor was greater than the entire existence of Ursula in this world. That's in the most extreme case.

00:30:34--> 00:30:43

Allah did not however limited just like when Eliza justice was in Chicago, as he doesn't know. If you are grateful, I will increase you not just in Jenna.

00:30:44--> 00:30:54

Not just in faith, not just in perspective, not just in the thing that you are grateful with in for in the expanded sense don't limit Allah subhanaw taala as definition,

00:30:55--> 00:31:29

not as you then know, come I will increase you. But no matter so you saw in the matters you slept with hardship comes ease with every difficulty comes ease with every difficulty comes ease. And I'll say one more thing here. You know, when it comes to do app when it comes to supplication? The Sahaba did not used to focus on the answer to the drought. Remember to hop out of the allotted time and who said I don't concern myself with the answer to the drought. I simply concern myself with the ability to make the drought because Allah would not let me make the drought unless he was going to answer.

00:31:30--> 00:31:54

I will learn all the time and he said I'm not afraid of being deprived from the job. I'm not afraid of being deprived from the answer I'm afraid of being deprived from the ability to ask. That's what concerns me Mata Allah Allah Tanaka Tala platinum, I know you read on your tick. So I'm gonna apply Allah said when Allah lets you move your lips, because he wants to give you something. He wants to give you something. So if Allah let your tongue move, he's gonna give you something. Right?

00:31:55--> 00:32:02

I want you to think about this very, very carefully. The reward of being able to make the drought itself

00:32:03--> 00:32:17

the reward of being able to make the drought itself, some of the scholars mentioned in the matter of SEO, so no matter SEO Swan, they said, the user of Allah actually giving you patience, patience is actually a blessing from Allah to thank him for.

00:32:19--> 00:32:26

It's actually a great gift from Allah subhanaw taala the ability to have patience, you meet people, I just came back from Bosnia.

00:32:28--> 00:32:50

The way that I mean just the resilience that you see in someone I posted about this one, this one woman's Pamela, a widow Serb Anita lost all that she did. And she has this contentment, this Rila in her face. Incredible to where she advocates for the widows of Serbia needs us. He's someone that's working her life towards it and she's so

00:32:51--> 00:32:52

just tranquil.

00:32:54--> 00:33:03

I'm not minimizing her pain. I'm sure she has nights where she can't sleep. I'm sure she has nightmares. I'm sure that she has memories. I'm sure she has trauma. But the way that woman says hamdulillah

00:33:05--> 00:33:20

sitting in the place sitting in Serbia Anita by the way, where it all happens. The way she says it hamdulillah and drinks her cup of tea I'm like, if that's not a miracle from Allah, I don't know what it is. That's a That's a miracle. What I'm witnessing right now is a miraculous human beings. This is a miracle. It's a lesson for me right?

00:33:21--> 00:33:23

And you think about what the prophets lie some said.

00:33:25--> 00:33:43

He said in a for slavery, Allah ma chakra Hiren Kathira that one that impatience with that which you dislike is all types of good, all types of good. And another narration, he says wema or TIA, I had an alpha who will how you run what Oh, settlement.

00:33:44--> 00:33:50

No one is given any blessing that is better and more expensive than patients.

00:33:51--> 00:34:27

That covers more if you develop resilience, if you develop patience, what that does for you, the character, the faith, the ability to persevere, which by the way has benefits in your world, your worldly matters as well as your matters in the hereafter what that does for you, is absolutely incredible. That's a blessing from Allah subhanho wa in and of itself. So Allah does not just give you the reward of patience that you should thank him for. Allah gives you the blessing of patience itself, which you should thank him for. It's just like 100 it up. If you if you died with your last words being in hamdulillah

00:34:28--> 00:34:35

and all you were saying at hamdulillah for was the ability to say Alhamdulillah you'll still die in debt, because you're wanting to have the luxury

00:34:37--> 00:35:00

hamdulillah for being able to sell him the Rila Sobor II thank Allah for the patience itself not just the reward of patients that you seek. So there is no greater blessing that's given to a person then patients on my RT I had an avant who hate on Oh, so I'm going to solve it and then in my office, I bid on edit on the laser. Allah rewards the patients without measure the reward for patients on the Day of Judgment.

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

is greater than the reward of anything else that you've done. So both the blessing that Allah gives you as well as the reward he gives you for that blessing. Our forms of use are forms of ease, that we should thank him for into matters to us not in a matter of suicide May Allah subhanaw taala grant us the ability to be patient and the referral reward of our patients and may Allah subhanaw taala grant us the best of this life and the next and we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala as one of the setup did Allah in Quinta, but after I hadn't met anybody can If Allah if you have delivered one of your servants don't attend be Bella in a station with you through trial for the live Neha mafia allow me

00:35:40--> 00:36:07

to reach that same station with Afia while being spared. We ask Allah subhanaw taala for Olafur will Afia for dunya will ask you to log in and look and have fun while Afia for dunya will ask Allah min silicon Alpha winner if you don't yell at us you don't allow him in silicon alpha with Afia dunya would ask you to Allah we ask you for forgiveness and for safety in this life and in the next alumna Amin