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Well as seminary administrators it's not natural human hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen one Illa Avani meanwhile, Akeeba to limit suffering Allah wa salatu salam abiotic and articolo silica Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on any wasafi seldom at the Sleeman kathira. So hamdulillah Brahmin as I as I said, over this set of helicopters in sha Allah Tala, this set of a few, you really get to understand how Islam came to Medina as a whole. And so far we have covered last full episode of season one was, of course most orbital, the low tide on Musavat, or the low tide and who Anhu being paired off with the first amongst the unsought who was that man, I want these names to be so

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automatic to you that you could rehearse this throughout Ramadan, the way that you rehearse or recite Surah of the Quran. So who's the man from Medina first person?

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Please don't do this to me.

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We just talked about him a couple of weeks ago

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as eidolons Urara, the first Muslim from Medina is as had been redrado all the Allahu taala. And who comes to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam leads the bay and gives his allegiance to the Prophet slice and then brings back the Ansara to become the unsorted that we know them. Then Musab and Assad are in a place together. And as they are starting to teach these people Islam,

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there's a man that comes to the gathering,

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angry, upset, and si tells Musab if this man becomes Muslim, a lot of people are going to become Muslim. So make sure that you you get this one right, who was that man who said and then filleted Well, the last time we spoke about so this is all coming from this garden, right Assad Musa, and who say the man who laid comes now the person who sent to say that

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was the man that we are talking about today in sha Allah Tala. And from just the pure virtue perspective, the virtues of this man are truly unique in that the things that the prophets lysozyme said about this man in terms of his miracles, He did not say about any other companion, you know, when you talk about the firsts in terms of the first achievement or the first person to do this or that there are many of those but there are very few people who have these virtues that are unique to them and the Prophet slice of them did not mention them for anyone else and that is the man that we're talking about tonight. Sad even more add all the Allahu Tada and so I want you to understand

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something in sha Allah Tada again from the build out from Assad Ivins Radha Assad demons or Allah was from what tribe?

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Anyone remember there's Oh son has lunch.

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Okay, so he's from the bigger one. Which one was the bigger one? Cousins is the bigger one. So Assad is from has Raj sadly been more ad is from else the other tribe? But he is the maternal cousin of us Ottomans. Waratah Okay, so I've been while is actually his cousin through the mother of Sri Aurobindo, Radha. So there is a maternal link there. And these are two men that are looking to end what has happened after the bath wars after so many people have passed away in Charlotte, I just wanna remind the kids not in front of the camera gelatin. So remember that it was these young men that wanted to end it. All right. So you have sadly more eyes and you have asylums Zolotow. Now,

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sir, sense will say didn't relate to this gathering with Salomon Zolotow. Because he says, Listen, if I show up there, it's going to be a scene. It's going to be fitna because we're cousins. And this is going to be Oh, some cousins thing. So he said, Why don't you go there. See what Mossad and Assad are doing, and put an end to this nonsense, right? We'll say the day it goes was a sad day it comes back to sad, sad, my dad looks at him and says Wallah, he's coming back to us with a face different than the one that he left with something happened to him. He's been transformed. Now, this is where we enter into the picture this man sad, the more I go the low tide animals. So sad moron, as we

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said, is from the O 's tribe from the O 's tribe. And he is the son of a man by the name of Norman sysadmin. More admin in a month. So more admin or man, who was of course, one of the leaders of the tribe, died prior to this incident. So he is someone that has perished in the battles that took place before remember, this is the case of all of these unsought. On the mother's side, he's the son of a woman by the name of Camp capture binter author, and she was from one of the Jewish cleanse BenHadad of the husband's tribe. Okay, so his mother was from Missouri Raj, and this is again where you start to see the relationships taking place. Now he is married to a woman by

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The name of Hynde Vinci Mac, and this was the widow actually of his older brother, who was named Oates, who passed away. And they had two sons, Imran Abdullah, his son, and remember he said as Ottomans Urata his lineage did not continue. As for Seidman more, and he had a son who had nine sons. So the lineage of sidewind actually is quite vast. And there are many people that trace their lineage back tribes later on that trace their lineage back to this man started to be more, or the Allahu taala. And so he's related to us, Ottomans, Radha, he is related to acetaminophen late, and when he converts to Islam, as we'll see his mother, his siblings, his wife, his children, they all

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convert to Islam as well. So you go back to this incidence right now, sorry, this considered the senior amongst them. And remember, being the senior amongst them, doesn't mean you're that old. How old? Do you think he was?

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About 31 years old. Okay, he would have been about 31. And he's considered their elder, okay, senior

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known for his presence, and really looked towards to bring peace to youth. After all that had happened sad was a wise man. He was a person that immediately commanded respect in a gathering and this is a description of Saturn while the Allahu Taala and in that regard that once I didn't when I walked into a gathering, he was a Sayed, you knew you knew that he was a leader amongst the people. He had a presence to him around the Allahu Tada, animal. So remember, he was the one that sent was late to go check on the gathering and stop this. Will say it comes back. And here's what to say. Later, does this say come back to him and say, you know, I think you should listen to what Melissa

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has to say. I think you should go and listen as well. No, actually, I'll say that late. He comes back to me. He says our cuts amerit Did you hear? He said no. What are you talking about? He said, Did you hear so? No. What are you talking about? And he said there are these people from better Hadith and they want to do such and such to your cousin as Ottomans. Radha so remember, he sent Sade to check on the gathering and to put an end to what s admins will audit unless I were doing because he didn't want to make it a thing by him going himself who say now is playing on his attachment to his cousin and he's not telling him exactly what's happening but he's making it seem like some like

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someone has apprehended his cousin like something bad is happening to us it means a lot. So what aside even more as do sadly more ad goes rushing towards that place to now save a Solomon's Rada. He gets there and what does he find? He finds us Ottomans burrata with Muslim. Well, the low tide I know when they're still teaching the people Islam. Musab who just you know, you know just earlier that day will say those coming with his sword or his spear to take care of him and angry and as Edmund Zolotow said that man is coming. This is a Sayed from his people. If you if you do well with him, then a lot of people are going to become Muslim. Now you've got Simon was walking towards

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Mossad angry as well wanting to do harm to him. And as I was like this man is even higher up. Right? So know how you're going to approach this man be patient and serve them and more add just makes the assumption that Mossad is part of this plot against Assad. He comes into the gathering angry. What is going on Masako? The Allahu taala? And who says to him, nothing is wrong. Why don't you have a seat and just listen to what we have to say. And if you don't like what I have to say, then I'll be out of here. But at the same time, just give it a chance. So I had to be more honest, sees that Assad is okay. And Musab has won him over already. He puts his weapons down. He sits down. He

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listens to him. Sadly, more answers. This is beautiful. How do I become Muslim?

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So sad embraces Islam right away. Alright, so Mossad has won over in that same span of time, right? Who say and now sad moron are the Allahu taala. And so most of explains to him the process. Saddle the Alta and who goes he does Wilson. He comes back, he takes shahada, he prays to records. And then he goes back to his people Subhanallah when he comes back to his people,

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they say about him. Sad this coming back to us and His face has changed. Like what's happening we keep sending people over there. And they're coming back with their faces changed like the same look on his face that will say that, like sad is back now. And he has that same look on his face. He's come to us with a different expression, except salad is going to do a different approach. Okay, so either on the low tide and who is not going to, you know, take anyone else with him at the moment saddle the Allahu Taala and he stands up. And he says, Yeah, Benny Abdullah is what he calls out to his people. Remember, he's the leader of his tribe. Yeah, Benny is hell. So they all gather around

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him. Remember when the prophets lie some stood on

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called his people to him, just so you can see the difference between the people in Medina at that time and their readiness, right? And what did the prophets lie? Some do he called them to remember his qualities and the prophets lie some has the greatest qualities I saw the mean, right, the truthful and the honest one. So it says yeah, Benny Hill. And they say, Lubbock. We're here. He says Kaif attack the Mona Emily Fico. How do you see me amongst you? It's common in those times, by the way that a chief will want to hear his praise just because, right? But this is for a different reason. So they say so you do not have laluna We're a manual Nana peba, the best of us, the leader

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of us, the most trustworthy of us, you are the one that we look to for all of our affairs. Now, what does he do with them? After he acknowledges those nice words? sad little the Allahu Anhu says, Then listen up in a kelambakkam Allah haram, or Ijarah, co Manisa, a competitor to you know, Billa he was really he said, listen, not a single one of you speak to me ever again. Until you believe in Allah and His messenger. It's like, Well, where did this? Where did this come from? So this is his way of imparting urgency upon them, like you just mentioned your dependency upon me, as your leader. He says, I am not going to talk to any of you.

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Or come near any of you, your man or your women, until you believe in Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So they're, they're kind of shocked by the statement. It was meant to provoke something inside of them like this is urgent.

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And so they asked him, What does it mean to believe in Allah and His messenger? What are you talking about?

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And so he conveyed to him, the Islam that he learned in those few moments. There's something that Allah has put that was special in that place. And so at that time, in that moment, in that one gathering, MMA backgammon Bernier, Abdullah Shadi Rajan, one rotten, Muslim on our Muslima, every single person in that gathering became Muslim

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instantaneously. This is all happening in the same day. So it started off with Musab and a sad few, a handful of people, then we'll say who blade and now the chief of oats.

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And the chief of oats, went back to his people and his people have all embraced Islam in the same day. And there's one more person which is sad to me that rabada are the Allahu Anhu. We'll talk about next week and shot let's add, and that sort of completes all of Medina, Assad and the two sides, you get all of Medina

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just like that. So after that sad little the Allahu Taala annual Murad, he comes back. So he leads to this leads to a mass conversion in Medina saggital, the Allahu Tanaan, who is one of those who comes back to take Bayer with the profit slice and they add to the Alibaba to take the pledge of Alibaba, with the profit slice of them, and he is appointed as a noclip as well he is appointed as a chief as well. Now inside of Morocco, the Allahu Anhu. In this situation, there's an interesting incident that happens, sad, and it was common that some of the leaders of Medina of yesterday have had ties to some of the leaders in Mecca. Okay. You'll see this with the two sides so either been

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wild and sad about the next week that they had some connections with some of the very same people that were oppressing the prophets of Allah Han. He was on the side of the Murad. When he went there. He says to his trade partner and his friend who is none other than OMA, you have no have

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or may have no Caliph was his key trade partner. When Omiya used to come to Medina together about the time Saturday was the one that would be his host and one side comes to Mecca. He's hosted by may have no Hello now may have no hadith is not a very good person, right below the low tide. And that's all you have to say. Right? The Tormentor of battle the low tide and who a man who carried out all sorts of atrocities and persecution against the Muslims. But here, right Sarah is using his alliances and he says to him, listen, he says, what's the time that the Canada is empty that the Haram is empty? Because I want to go do Amara,

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right? They're still maintaining that trade partnership. Remember, these people were opportunists at the end of the day, right?

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You know, in Mecca, not the Muslims I'm talking about and so he said, Look, give me a time that I can go and do Amara in peace Omiya Who's stopping Muslims in Mecca from doing Onra? Right from worshipping Allah and persecuting them? He says, Yeah, I've got you don't worry.

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So he finds the time for him around the hood. As you can imagine, that's the time where it's pretty hot. Right? And he says to him, just come on, you can go and you can do throw off and do what you have to do.

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So sorry, though, the low tide and who comes Omiya walks out with him.

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Saddle the lowdown and who is doing toe off and Abuja comes out. And he calls out to me Yeah, that's a fun. Who is this person?

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So may have Nucala says he said one month like calm down. Abuja looks at sad. And he said, Do you think you can walk around and safety and Mecca after having given safety to our fugitive, you go and you shelter our people that have fled from us and you think you can do to walk around our academy here when you shelter these people have changed their religion, and you support them you claim to be from their supporters. And he says, Well lucky if you weren't with Apple so far, meaning Omiya he said that make sure that you never your family never sees you again.

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So I had little the low tide and he stands up and he goes up to Abuja, and he says to him, malai if you tried if you dared to try to stop me from making throw off, he said, I would stop you from something that is even more valuable to you. He said I'd cut off all of your trade caravans to a sham.

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Your trade would go nowhere. Caravans would be done.

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So they get in each other's faces. They're about to fight Omiya now has to show his loyalty to Mecca again, right so many takes the side of Abuja. It says that's out of our soul. Takada hakam, don't you dare raise your voice on unhackme They call them the father of wisdom, not the father of ignorance, but and the who say you do. Why he is the chief of the people of this valley. And then sad starts to argue with Romania. And sad says to him to Omiya his friend, he says to him, You are a fool for insisting on this way. He says for in nice America, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Yes, you know, Kati, look, you know, he said, You know, I heard Muhammad sly sometimes say

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that he's going to kill you.

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Omiya and remember these people know that the prophets lie Selim is truthful. They know he's truthful. They know that what he has is divine. So omega stops. And he says he i He said, Wait, Muhammad SAW I saw him said he's gonna kill me.

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Sad says yes. Like, wake up. You know, you persecuted him all these years. We took him in. I can't help you. I'm your trade partner. But

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the profit slice and I mentioned that your death is imminent. So what does he do? He says Allah He Mallya can even Mohammed and the Hadith.

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Mayor says If Muhammad lies on and said that he's not lying, he's telling the truth. Or maybe it goes home, says to his wife. Yeah, I'm so fun. You know, guess what sad said to me. She said what said that Mohammed sly Salam has informed them that I'm going to die that I'm going to be killed fighting against them.

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So she said, Well, don't ever leave Mecca.

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Don't go fight him. Right. It's common sense. And that's why when bedded happened, or may actually did not want to go out. He actually stayed back was trying to stay back in Mecca. And what happened Abuja and went and taunted him in front of everybody stirred him up and got him to go out and better.

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Right? We're both of them would be humiliated. Right? I'm the loving Massoud standing on the chest, Abuja at the end of that battle, below the low tide and who's standing on the chest of who may have no have just as the prophets lie some had promised. Right? But Subhanallah at that moment, he didn't because of that incident was Saturday, a lot of times he did not want to go out to bed that because he knew that the prophets lysozyme does not speak lies. And even when the prophets I some saw them coming saw the other side. He said some alliance of them that you know, there are some people amongst them that are not the same. And he says some of them were just forced to come out with their

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people. They really were hesitant. They did not want to fight this battle, but who had was the arrogant one, the one beating the drums of war, literally. Right? And he said that if there's anyone that's doubtful, hesitant, it's in that manner, and he pointed to Omiya right, knowing the prophets, I'm knowing that he was forced out Subhanallah look how arrogant these people were to insist upon their ways to insist upon their idolatry, to insist upon their persecution, knowing that the prophets lie, some does not speak a lie. So he's saying to say that he was sobered from that incident. He said, you know, Mohammed's lie some said that I'm done. Right? Then I'm actually going

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to be killed. So sad was trying to wake him up, it did not happen. Now. The other part of this is that side of morality, allow to and who plays a crucial role in bed is a crucial role embedded. Okay.

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Pamela, it's in this that you see the quality of a person. Now, who is greater asylums with auto or sadder than morality in terms of the leadership of the unsought

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actually, Assad But Assad is dead. Remember, he died right after the Hijra.

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Okay, so that's why I started there's a lot of does not live to see better he's the first janazah right and it's now so sad even more as is now the de facto senior of the unsought as a whole. Okay, it's between us and has lunch, but sadly been more idle the allotted time is

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look to as the senior most respected person amongst the unsought now that as admins Urara are the Allahu Taala and was passed away. So the way he goes embedded is going to largely determine the behavior of the unsought embedded as well. Now remember, just to give you some context here, that there was not a planned battle, right, the Muslims were trying to interrupt the caravans of the Mexicans going to a shop with stolen their stuff. And we're going in buying and selling it and a sham trading with it in a sham and Abu Sufian ambush the Muslims, but that is not in Medina, it's far away from an Medina, he ambushed the Muslims by actually reading where they were going to plot

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and then amassing this humongous army to go into take care of them. So the Muslims were not equipped for a battle here. They didn't have horses, they didn't have camels, they didn't have the weapons of war, you know, they were not ready for this. The Meccans on the other hand, were fully prepared. They're coming with a much larger army, and more camels, more horses, more weapons, to take care of them to wipe them out. So when that happens, the prophets lie, some has a choice. Prophets lie, some can do his best to flee, or the prophets lie. Some can occupy the most strategic position that exists in that in that wilderness. Right and prepare for them. So the prophets lie Selim chooses, of

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course, to occupy the wells of better because that gives them a strategic advantage to have the wells there, they could get there first before that large army from Makkah will arrive. However, the prophets lie some the shura consults with the companions that are around them. So he's sitting with the sahaba. And I want you to imagine this now, well, hygiene and onside this is your first test your first major test together, right? The prophets I said I'm says a Shido. Allah un nurse says, oh, people,

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what do you think we should do? A Shinto Allah means let's hear some opinions.

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So when the prophets I send him says that this is where I'm going to bring back this incidence, that are the Allahu Taala and who speaks and that was from the Mahajan. Right, but that is from the people of Mecca. And even Mr. Little the Allahu taala. And who says she hit 2 million macdaddy Swati much harder than Akona Sahiba who have a year minimum Mineiro deja vu he said there was this incident that time I'll never forget when Myka dad stood up when the Prophet sly son was sitting with us in bed. And I wish I would have done it like I would do anything. I trade the whole world to be the one who said what my dad was going to say.

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So he stands up and if you remember a cadet has a booming voice. Very, you know, loud, strong voice a presence. He said, Learn Apolo camelcamelcamel Musa it have Antara? Buka Katella. We're not going to say the way the people of Musa said go you and your Lord and fight. We're not kin nanocore Tito Ania meanie Killa MC Madico Albania, DECA or Khalifa we're going to be on your right and on your left and in front of you. And behind you Jada Sula, go ahead we've got you.

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So even Mr. Liu said I looked at the face of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And he said Ashoka wedge who who was several who like the prophets, like some space opened up like a big smile. Like Subhanallah to see that confidence and that that love and support but that's ultimately still coming from the Mahajan. It's the people of Mecca.

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Now after the fourth the profit size some still says a Shido evenness

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so what do you think we should do? Oh people

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and then Sarah even more as are the Allahu tan and who he gets the hint.

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He says Allah He Luca Anika to read una Yasuda Allah, it seems like you're speaking about us a messenger of Allah meaning the unsought

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and the prophets. i Some says now, I'm talking about the Unsullied. I know I've got the mahadji. Dean, we've been fighting for 13 years. Right. But it's as if you're speaking about us the unsolved why this is such an important point. The unser could have walked away from better and not fought on the side of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and there would have been no blame on them whatsoever because the bay on the allegiance that they took the to the prophets by some of the pledge that they took was that they would fight defensive battles in Medina against the enemies that are coming so technically speaking, better, could could be excluded from that they are on the profit side some

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knows that and he's not going to force them and say Okay, forget about what we said. We're invested an hour where the outskirts of Medina we're fighting our enemies. The idea was, will defend you in Medina.

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This is not in Medina.

00:24:54--> 00:25:00

By the way the Ansara made up more than two thirds of the people that were there. So if they would have turned better

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Back. This would have been awful, right? I mean, it would have been a much smaller group of people. But look at the justice of the Prophet slice them. He doesn't force them.

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He doesn't force them. The prophets lie some is honoring the pledge that they took.

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So in Sango, the Allahu Anhu says, To Anika to read una, it seems like you're talking about us as that is dead. Sad is the one who holds Levi alongside he's the one who holds the banner of the unsought

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and he says yes, sad though the Allahu Anhu says As for us, for men, Becca was so dark neck was a hidden animal to be who will have what are the NACA Allah dica hood, ru who are who dinner with me, woman fee? Karna. He said, Well, the Allahu Taala uncle, we believed in you Oh, Rasulullah. We have, we have followed you. We have witnessed borne witness that what you have brought forth, is indeed the truth. And we've given you our pledges and our covenants on that premise, and a summary will thorough to hear and to obey and he goes a step further than what my dad says. He says family Yasuda, Allah Lima Arata nanometric, go O Messenger of Allah and do what you're going to do. We are

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with you. He says Fela de Bertha will have by the one who has sent you with the truth. He said if you were to go into this, but if you were to go into the ocean for Hope Oahu LaHood now Homeric, if you went and fought in the middle of the ocean, we would take our army and we'd go right in there with you Yata Sula, we would follow you into the water to fight these people. Manta holla Femina Roger Anwar had not a single one of us. He's speaking on behalf of the Insogna not a single one of us would leave you hanging all of us.

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Over 200 of us by the way out of an army of 313 All of us will be right there. By your side. One necro and telecabine. I do wanna Rodan in Cebu le Subaru will help sudo can felucca and nothing. You know we are not look we are not trying to get out of meeting the one who has opposed you Yata Sula in any way. We are happy, and we are patient in war but we are vicious in battle.

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Meaning you'll see the answer we are strategic. But once we get into the trenches, yada Allah we're going to be fighting with you. You're going to see a side of us that you have not seen we will fight and we will fight strong will and Allah Uriah Kameena Mata Kuraby here in UK

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and it may be that Allah is going to show you something a messenger of ALLAH from us meaning the answer. That is going to be the coolness of your eyes, that's going to bring joy to your eyes. facilitar Bina Allah Baraka Tila, go ahead, a messenger of Allah with the blessing of Allah. And take us wherever you want to take us. The prophets lie Selim had so much joy in his face. Like this is my group of people. These are my companions in the Mahajan, and the unsought that moment from Sarajevo the Allahu Taala

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is why he earned the nickname so de Ansara.

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He is the Sadiq the truthful, one of the unsung hero of the Allahu Taala was the Siddique of the OMA. Right He is the truthful, one of the men, of course, he's from the misogyny, but the truthfulness of Saturday alone in the most defining early moment of Islam,

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to express that level of confidence, and then to make that an identity of the ensemble.

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And this is basically equivalent to the role that Assad played. In the br Remember, with the br There's like a hesitation here, not a hesitation of, you know, we're not sure but like who's going to be the first one to do this. An SI is the one who gives the confidence on behalf of the unsought and pushes them all forward to go and take that pledge with the profits liason now that Assad has died. It's sad and sad is the one who stands up on that day. And because of the stand of sad little delta and who, you saw the entire attitude of the unsought that we are going to be there with you jasola We're not turning back from this. So Subhanallah that is the quality when you read about

00:29:19--> 00:29:57

these people and better. Right, and they are the veterans of Assam. Right, they are the veterans of Islam, the best of us are the best, or the people of better. And this was maintained throughout the history of Islam. Right, as long as anyone from the veterans a bed that was alive. They were noted amongst the people. They were noted in the gathering. This is why this was the quality of these people to the point that Djibouti and it is Saddam said what Yasuda? How do you view the veterans a better amongst you? And the prophets like some said the best people amongst us are the veterans of bed that in Djibouti it Islam says amongst the melodica we celebrate the veterans of the angels that

00:29:57--> 00:30:00

fought on the day of bed that are considered the best of

00:30:00--> 00:30:30

The Metallica, they're considered the best of the angels. This is the quality of those people. And they were lined up behind people like Syed Murad or the Allahu taala. And in a hurt sad all the time and also decal inside the truth one of the unsolved once again. He rises up and he's one of those who does not leave the sight of the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam he's one of those that sticks with the prophesy son like we mentioned that was saved throughout the entire battle

00:30:32--> 00:30:39

and suffers multiple wounds on his on his behalf saddle the law actually is the one who narrated if you remember in the story of Muslim

00:30:40--> 00:31:18

Massaro the law on who made noises to take the army away from the Prophet slice um, he attracted attention to himself he basically invited his own death in our heads when he saw that they were about to ambush the Prophet slicin them. Sadler had been Murad was the last person to see massage you know, made a lot of the a lot of Thailand who do that to strike up the dirt and to make those noises and to attract and pull the army towards him all the Allahu Tadanobu he went to the side of the prophets I saw them on that day and Saturday Allah hotel and who was amongst those by the way, who's whose brother, um, as well as his stepson, and how that they've been else remember we said sad

00:31:18--> 00:32:03

married the widow of his older brother. So the son, the stepson and had it had been else was was, was someone who was older because he was, you know, old enough to fight in that battle. He was amongst the shahada ahead, so two of them so as a brother, as well as his stepson are amongst that group of people that were martyred ahead. Now also remember the story where the unsolved, were deeply deeply grieving from the shahada, right? And so, what they used to do was the practice of Nia Nia was to grieve. I mean, literally to wail out loud, you would grieve in front of your home, you would call out the name or you know, you would show your anguish at the death of the person that you

00:32:03--> 00:32:09

lost and at that time, they had not yet been made haram. And if you remember,

00:32:10--> 00:32:16

who was the profit slice and the most sad about after, after hurt, Hamza rhodiola, Tana,

00:32:18--> 00:32:34

sad was the one who saw the prophets lie, some come out. And he saw the unsought their families in the streets of Medina, all crying over their dead ones. And the prophets I saw them put his head down and he said, Where are the bulaki? Where are those who cry over Hamza?

00:32:36--> 00:32:56

Sad was the one who noticed that and who heard that and said, I'm talking the unsought are such different people Subhan Allah you, you have to love them for Allah. It's riba so you have to go into Ramadan with this, honestly, right side was the one who gathered the Ensenada in front of the house of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they all started to cry over Hamza.

00:32:58--> 00:33:39

Right to show the Prophet slice on your pain is our pain. Yes, Lola. We're in pain over our loved ones. But we know what Hamza meant to you, we too are going to come and we're going to cry by your side. And after that Nia was made forbidden. And the scholars say that's one of the honors of Hemsedal the Lord taught me that he was the last person in Islam that it was permitted for that the people would would would lament him in this fashion and weep loudly at his death. So he's played a pivotal role now in the hijra, and opening up the doors in Medina, he's played a pivotal role in better he has played a pivotal role. And, and his most pivotal role is actually in as up it's

00:33:39--> 00:33:55

actually in next battle and the last battle that he would be a part of now remember, in zap now this is after all of the armies have gathered to wipe out the Muslims. Okay, they've come from all over to wipe out the Muslims and of course, they built the trench, the hunt duck.

00:33:56--> 00:34:06

Now, what makes matters worse, of course, far worse is that they realized as they built the trench that they were also betrayed from the inside.

00:34:08--> 00:34:13

So they not only had to worry about from the enemies from without, they had to worry about the enemies from within

00:34:14--> 00:34:55

the prophets, my son comes to know that mineral Karela is plotting against him. So Allah Hardy, who was Saddam and actively coordinating with the outside to attack from this side while they attack from the outside of the trench. This is a catastrophic situation, catastrophic situation. And this is what Allah subhanaw taala mentions is welcome Infotech come, woman as fellow men come with a desire to absorb what Bella till Kulu and Hannah Allah's parents I mentioned, remember when they came to from every direction and your eyes were wide and horror and your hearts were in your throat? That's how afraid you were right at the situation once you know I mean, you spent all this time

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

trying to build a protection mechanism from those on the outside.

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

And you've come to realize that you're actually going to be attacked from the inside as well. The Muslims could not afford a lapse in the trench, it would literally be the end of them, right because if the Mexicans could penetrate in any way into that trench, they were going to wipe out everybody. And so every part of the trench had to be man's. And they're running out of food and drink and they're under CJ Medina and now Ben or ADA is plotting against them. Now, this situation is particularly close to the heart of signs of morale, because Saddleman moron was the leader of hosts and hosts had and alliances with Ben Oakura.

00:35:43--> 00:36:12

So basically saddle the alarm on who is very close to Venom Kurata he knows them, they trust him. He has been part of holding all of the tribes together, holding this piece in Medina, and now saddle the low tide and who understands that bento Karela has betrayed the profit slice alum, and is seeking a way to attack the profit slice and I'm from the inside. So the profit slice of them, he calls a sat down the two sides sided more and inside the robot.

00:36:14--> 00:36:18

And the prophets like Sonam is asking for advice as to what to do the prophets I seldom

00:36:19--> 00:36:56

come you know, he says, you know, what if we were to make a deal, for example, with one of the tribes of Apple fan to actually, you know, if they break their pact with Quraysh, then we will give them a certain share of our crops in Medina, like the prophets, like someone's thinking about negotiation things and the two sides basically say to the Prophet, slice alum, yada sort of law, this is not going to work with them. And you have our support, we'll figure it out. Right, we'll figure it out. So it also law sigh some sends them the two sides to investigate the situation to sort of go back inside and Medina now and to dig deep into what is happening. So sad goes to bento

00:36:56--> 00:36:57

Kurata. And they let them in.

00:36:58--> 00:37:07

Okay, they love sad, they stand for him, they let him in, they invite him into the fortress, and saggital the law and who pretends to not know anything.

00:37:09--> 00:37:21

So when they get comfortable, they start to say to side, you know, remember the old days before these people came from Mecca, and this man came from Mecca and ruined everything between us.

00:37:22--> 00:37:26

You know, if only it could go back to those days. And in fact, we'll take it back to those days.

00:37:27--> 00:38:04

They start to make their threats very clear. And sort of, you know, in their comfort with him. They're basically confirming to him that we've got we've got something up our sleeves, but sad, like, you'll be okay, we've got your back. Right, like, you know, we love you and remember how it used to be before Islam came and corrupted all of this before it messed up all of our power structure and all this stuff like, you know, let's take it back to the old days. But they're in a way by even letting him in on that. They're kind of saying like, don't worry, you know, we'll take care of the heads, our old friends and our allies in this regard. So Sarah just plays along. He

00:38:04--> 00:38:39

doesn't say anything comes back. And he says to the profit slice of them, or he informs the profit slice on what had happened now Subhanallah that was actually prior to the moment that Ben ocurrido started to actually attack and there are a few things that happened there. The women we're in, we're actually in a fortress, right? So the women and the children were the first the most accessible people to benefit right at the moment and it showed the Altana she was with the mother of side of MRF side, the more I've comes to visit his mother.

00:38:40--> 00:38:43

And as sad is leaving,

00:38:44--> 00:39:24

he said, Oh the Allahu Taala Anna, she says Subhanallah I remember saying to his mom, I wish he were armour on his arms as well. Because I was wearing a body suit. But his arms were exposed his the, the shield that the armor that he was wearing the body armor that he was wearing was sleeveless. And Artesia was saying to the mother of side, I wish he would cover his arms as well like be a little bit more careful with everything that's taking place and Allah subhanaw taala would decreed that he would indeed be struck in the place that his armor was not covering. So I was remembering recalling those moments in the fortress, where she had said to the mother, those words now Benno kureta did

00:39:24--> 00:39:40

they try to attack the women they actually did? They actually did attack the women and children however there's one woman that rose and you can go back and listen to her biography in her Sophia Sophia have been targeted Matata the aunt of the Prophet slice alum. Does anyone know who who's who was her son?

00:39:41--> 00:40:00

As the mother of his available the Allow and Remember, even though Sophia right Sophia mintop demotic was a strong strong strong woman. Okay. And the prophets like some used to say about her in the house Sophia, right like she's something else. She is something else. And you know what? She showed it that day because

00:40:00--> 00:40:06

When Venom kureta approached, has done in the Sabbath with the low tide, and he's a poet, he's not a warrior. He was with the women and the children.

00:40:07--> 00:40:15

So when they were coming, they're like, looking at Hassan and methodic to go do something, Hassan and Musavat saying, I froze up,

00:40:16--> 00:40:28

right as bento kureta is approaching Sophia, she went behind the door, the first man that came in, she popped in with a pole. And then she picked up his body and threw it out.

00:40:30--> 00:40:34

And when they saw the man's body thrown out, they all ran away because they thought that

00:40:36--> 00:40:44

that the army was actually there in the fortress that they read their plot, and that they foiled it, and they thought there was probably going to be a bunch of warriors there. It was just a figment

00:40:46--> 00:41:03

of the Altana that averted that crisis, right. But the point is, is that, you know, bento kureta had really transgressed every single limit here, right in this treason and trying to attack the Prophet slicin from inside. And subhanAllah sorry, I didn't know the law Tada and who he was,

00:41:04--> 00:41:33

as he was, he was leaving. This is where a man by the name of even Attica even Arica threw a spear at him from a distance and it struck him in his arm. Okay, and when it struck him in his arm he says click him anyone have no idea? He said Take it from me and I am the son of Adhikari of course means sweat out of mean sweat, so sad all the Allahu Taala and who responded he says it kobika phenomena, you sweat, unhealth.

00:41:35--> 00:41:49

But that strike to his arm, obviously popped something because they said that the blood started to squirt from the upper arm or saddle the low tide and also struck something that was significant. And sourdough, the Alon, who basically started to bleed out,

00:41:51--> 00:41:55

okay, from the strike. Now, subhanAllah in that moment, he could have died.

00:41:56--> 00:42:01

But his dad was very interesting. I want you to listen to his do.

00:42:03--> 00:42:45

And this is just the, the truthfulness of the man as he's struck and as he's, you know, reasonably about to die in that moment, and the people are coming to turn to him and try to patch them up and keep his life. He looks up and he says Allahumma Allah in Quinta, Paytm and how to be operation Shia. If you have willed that there is still any battle left with Quraysh for Appletini Lucha let me live to see that battle for inner who La Palma de la and Pooja he the home in Coleman as our Sulak because the Boo Boo said, I would not love to fight a people more than them because they hurt your prophet.

00:42:46--> 00:43:04

And they expelled him from his land. And they belied Subhanallah he's saying yeah, Allah, I'm about to die but yeah, Allah if there's anything left with those people. This is his love for the prophets like Selim. Right? This is not ego that these people used to kill each other over what the names of their tribes

00:43:05--> 00:43:15

right, he's saying if there's anything left from fighting Quraysh yeah Allah let me live to see the very last battle with grace because of their hurt for the prophets of Allah Allah.

00:43:17--> 00:43:38

And Allah would will it by the way that there will be no more battles with Fordyce after this right after one duck. That was it. Should they be the fat and that's it. So Allah would will it as such. And then he says Allah Houma. We're in Quinta, God Walmart will help urbane and Alabama home and Allah if you have decreed that our war with Qureshi is over.

00:43:39--> 00:44:09

Then he says, for Jihad holy shahada, then let this be my moment of Shahada. But I mean, look at all of these conditions he's placing in his job. He says well, to Whitney had to kill Riney. MINVALUE Karela do not let me die until I see the judgment of Benny Karela with my own eyes. This was his people. And this is you know, the tribe that he had an ally ship with, that betrayed the prophets isin from inside, so from his love of the prophets, I saw him basically saying, Yeah, I want to go as a shaheed.

00:44:10--> 00:44:19

But he's, I mean, most of us we just asked for shahada and that's it right for the Sydney colon Subhanallah these people like almost all the outside, look at their level of your app.

00:44:21--> 00:44:29

Yeah, Allah let me live to see the battle with Quraysh if that's still going to take place and if it's not, then let me live to see the judgment have been kureta

00:44:31--> 00:44:42

after that sad little, the longtime man who became extremely mean he was basically immobilized from that moment, right. And they set up a tent for him in the masjid of the Prophet slice of them

00:44:44--> 00:44:47

and also lost my son. I'm used to go and visit him every single day.

00:44:48--> 00:45:00

And he would stay with him for a long time. He said the profit slice I'm used to rush to his like everyday like it was like the first thing that he wants to do slice on he finished this a lot and he'd go straight to the ton of sad little the LA Times every scene

00:45:00--> 00:45:29

day to go and visit with him to go into sit with him at all the Allahu Taala and and of course what ends up happening after hunda Jibreel it is Salam comes to the Prophet slice alum and he said that you have put down what you have put down but we the angels are still continuing. What a shout out yeah Benny Pereda and he told the prophets lie some to proceed towards benaco data towards the fortress have been greater Santiago de la and who did not live to actually fight against Ventile credo

00:45:30--> 00:45:49

of course we know that the famous story that Allah gave the Prophet sites on victory after 25 days under the banner of ideal the Allahu Anhu but essentially once the prophets I said um you know, is granted victory over them. They say to the Prophet, slice alum, they surrender and they say to the prophets, I send them but we want a judge other than you.

00:45:50--> 00:45:57

I mean, what kind of army under siege says we want someone other than you like, you know, that they throw that back at the Prophet slice on them?

00:45:58--> 00:46:25

And the prophets I saw them says that would you be happy with your Hadith side have been worth your ally side has been worth you want justice? Fine. You I mean, they committed high treason, this is the highest order of treason. There is no code of ethics anywhere in the world. Right? That would excuse what they did, and they had intentions to kill the men, women and children and to end the Muslims from inside right. But the prophet slice Allah says, Would you be happy with sad even while

00:46:26--> 00:46:51

and they said that we would be happy with her husband wife, because he's the Hadith. He is our ally. We remember Him, we trust him. He's adjustment, and we have that relationship with him. So the Prophet slice alum, when that message gets back to Saudi morale, the Allahu Taala I'm sorry for the Allahu Taala and who literally had to be carried over because of how little was left of his life.

00:46:52--> 00:46:58

And while he's being carried the hypocrites, the monastic own, are surrounding him on his structure

00:47:00--> 00:47:06

and trying to convince him right to betray the prophets lie Selim or to mess this up.

00:47:07--> 00:47:14

And Saturday, Allahu Tada and he says, This is not the time and a half Aloma Tala and that I will be that I will fear the blame a little blamer

00:47:16--> 00:47:58

This is not the time I'm going to betray my, my, my position with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So he continues forward. Sadly, Allahu taala. And who is brought forth and the prophets licenses whom will you say he can stand for your leader? This is actually where this sentence comes from, that the people should stand for their seat. So the prophets lie. Some affirms the rank of saddle, the low tide and the people stand for sad morality, low tide. Saddle, the low tide and hope is then set up and he says, are you all in agreement with me, as the arbiter as the as the judge in this regard? But no, kureta says we are pleased. He's too shy to look directly at the prophets lie some he looks

00:47:58--> 00:48:03

in the direction of the Muslims, and he says, are you all please? And they said, there was Sula sigh, Sam says yes.

00:48:05--> 00:48:10

Go ahead and pass your judgment. So Saturday, a lot of time who gave the judgment that the men would be killed?

00:48:12--> 00:48:22

Okay, which is by the way, the law of Deuteronomy the law that they would have been gone, that they would have gone by as well. And they thought that maybe the old tribal connection could get them out of this.

00:48:24--> 00:48:49

Okay. And when he said that, they started to curse him, and they started to yell at him. And the prophets, I saw them. He said that the judgment of sad match the judgment of Allah subhanaw taala that he judged righteously, that this was a situation and you can't say the prophets I'm not used to forgive his enemies. He used to do it all the time. But this situation was a different situation. Right?

00:48:50--> 00:48:54

So after that Saturday, a lot of time who is taken back to his tent

00:48:55--> 00:48:57

and within days,

00:48:58--> 00:49:09

sorry, little the Allahu Taala and who dies within days of that. So his do app was answered as he said he died a Shaheed because he died from the wounds that he suffered. And

00:49:10--> 00:49:48

sadly, a lot of times, they actually the way they described they saw the blood flowing from under the tent. And they knew that sad all the time had passed away. The Prophet slicin goes to him. And this is where you see the ultimate legacy of this man. And I elaborate it more in the episode that we have in angels too. I'm not saying that to be annoying. I'm saying that's it because I can't go into the full details of it now. But you go and you watch that episode, and we talk about the presence of the melodica how many angels were present, but the main thing is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, it has outshoot

00:49:49--> 00:49:57

multi sided models, the Throne of Allah Rockman just shook out of the death of Sargon model the law

00:49:58--> 00:50:00

how great of

00:50:00--> 00:50:46

A human being do you have to be for the Throne of Allah to shake at your death? Now, by the way, why did it shake Farah Hornby out of joy of his soul returning because Ottawa has Shahadat the souls of the shahada are in chandelier that are hanging from the ash from the throne of ohana. And so, you know, just like when sad walks in and everyone stands for they're seated, the shahada are waiting to receive sides even more of a rock none is waiting to receive the soul of Seidman Murad, there is joy in the heavens, joy in the heavens, for the reception of this man will be allowed to and who to the point that the throne of man has the throne of man shook out of joy of His return. And the prophets

00:50:46--> 00:50:53

I saw them when they performed the janazah. They said that the body of said it was as if it was floating.

00:50:54--> 00:51:05

They picked up his body and they felt no weight to it and the hypocrites What did they say? They mocked. They said that it's because he has no weight. They mocked him like he's a man of no measure.

00:51:06--> 00:51:11

Right? And the prophets lie Selim said that's because the ones that were carrying him were the minority can

00:51:12--> 00:51:17

you imagine the angels competing to carry the body of Simon Murad little deal outside on home

00:51:18--> 00:51:26

to his burial and the prophets lie some led his janazah about the Allahu Tada and the man was only Muslim for six years.

00:51:27--> 00:51:58

Five and a half six years and that's the thing Subhanallah that it is just it is simply mind blowing to think about the greatness of this man to have been Muslim for that long and to have that virtue written for you like no other person so I'd have been more ideal outside I'll give you one more incident I know that we've gone a little over time today but this is this shows you the power for members you know my favorite part of this again is always the aftermath aside bins lotta you know, people making dua for him years later, remembering the first time he established Juma here

00:51:59--> 00:52:18

the prophets lie some of standing up on the member. And the prophets lie some was wearing a very nice garment that he had received from a foreign emissary and also lost my son when someone would bring him a cloth from Abyssinia from Yemen from different places the messenger slice and would wear it so this happened to be the nicest garment that they ever saw the prophets lie somewhere.

00:52:20--> 00:52:47

So the prophets like some comes out on the day of Juma and they, the Sahaba literally started to feel on his garment and they're saying out of Sula, this is this is an incredible garment This is a beautiful cloth and also last Isom did not used to buy these types of clothes, right? When the foreign emissaries brought it the profit slice alum accepted the gift he worked. And that was a way of validating people. That was a way of validating a friendship in a relationship, right? So is the nicest thing they ever saw the prophets lie somewhere.

00:52:49--> 00:52:50

What is the prophet twice? And I'm saying

00:52:51--> 00:52:53

and this is SubhanAllah. I mean,

00:52:55--> 00:53:19

this is where you don't just freeze these people in history, but you take the concept of it. Also las licencias said, Do you think this garment is? Is is is worth anything and the prophets lie some says For Allah He I swear by Allah Lemina de rue said Phil Jenna, the handkerchief of sad in Jana accidentally metal is better than this dope.

00:53:20--> 00:53:24

The little handkerchief of sad in Jannah is better than the stuff

00:53:26--> 00:53:28

like don't get diluted by the stuff.

00:53:30--> 00:54:07

Right That man what Allah has blessed him with is so much greater than anything else that you could pursue this world prophets like some praising that reminding us that you seek status without none you seek status with the Most Merciful The way that sorry, the more I did with the Most Merciful Subhanallah he could have he could have easily taken a route like Abdullah No babe and said who would said I'm the leader if this man comes I lose all my claims to leadership right so I really wouldn't mind had a lot to lose by bringing in the prophets lie Selim. He could have reasonably been amongst those that competed for the throne of a kingdom that would be made for Abdullah No babe and

00:54:07--> 00:54:11

said that he would want to fight he could have made that claim that I will be the king of the FM

00:54:13--> 00:54:20

and he relinquished that throne for the sake of Allah. And who did he become the man for whom the Throne of Allah shuck?

00:54:21--> 00:55:00

If that's not a lesson, I don't know it is. will ask you not to hate on Africa and the Hereafter is better and everlasting. Although the Allahu Taala on Saturday May Allah have mercy and be pleased with Saturday allow time to elevate him elevate his rank May Allah subhana wa Tada allow us to have a fate where we are amongst the righteous souls. And amongst those who are in chandelier is hanging from the Throne of Allah and amongst those whose handkerchiefs and Jenna whose clothes in general are their adornment that they seek May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to be amongst these companions amongst the righteous among

00:55:00--> 00:55:31

The prophets or Hassanal ecography occur and what a wonderful companionship that would be Allah I mean Charlottetown next week we'll talk about side Avada and then you get the whole picture of Medina. So you go into Ramadan inshallah Tada with a full picture of what brought Islam to Medina if you know these men so again most of the women are made aside of Endura who say them late, sadly more out and then one more side Ivanova for these five people. Islam completely engulfs the city of the prophets of Allah. He was