Q and A – Can a Husband put condition on his wife before he divorces her

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The customer is upset because the agent told her that she will divorce her if she doesn't get married to someone who she doesn't know. The agent suggests that the customer can wait until she gets married to try and marry the other person. The customer asks the agent what she can do and the agent advises her to wait until she gets married to try and marry the other person.

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As Andreas has given us, because now he said to her, okay, I can divorce you I will divorce you provided that you don't get married to that person

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as long as he suspected something mashallah

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she will say to him okay no problem. I promise you that I will not marry him. Then he will divorce her once that is over, she will go and marry the other person. What can he do?

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Forget about valid or invalid what can he do? If he does like this?

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He will

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I wish if I did not divorce you

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