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Do you know that Muslims believe in the same God as Christians and Jews? Yeah, it's true. But it's important to know that Muslims believe in one God who does not have a child or a partner.

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I'm sure you've heard of the name Allah.

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This is a majestic Arabic word that means God. Thus God in Islam is one and only one and there's nothing like him, and everything other than Him is from his creation. God has complete sovereignty over the universe and everything in existence. He is the sole creator, and the controller of everything, and no one deserves to be worshipped, except Him alone, as he Glory be to Him is not in need of intercessors or intermediaries in order to be worshipped. Throughout human history. God has sent prophets to teach and give people the correct understanding of the concept of God, and to call them to worship Him alone. The last of the prophets sent by God is the Prophet Muhammad, peace be

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upon him. He is the one who taught us that among the attributes of God is that He is the Most Compassionate, the most affectionate, the most forgiving, and the most just God is just and therefore all those who commit acts of evil and harm others should receive their share of punishment, just as the good and the pious should receive the grace and mercy of God. Another one of God Almighty is attributes is that he is manifest above everything that exists. No one can imagine or comprehend what God looks like. No one has ever seen God and for the believers, one of the greatest rewards in the afterlife will be the ability to see Him in heaven. Allah glory, be to Him,

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knows, sees and hears everything, and nothing escapes his knowledge, and He alone knows what's going to happen in the future. In short, we believe that all of God's attributes are perfect, and nothing of his creation has attributes similar to him in any way God, Glory to him is free from every defect and deficiency, such as the need for sleep, rest or food. God is in full control of every minut matter that happens in this amazingly grand universe.