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How the alignment Shakeology muscular man Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala COVID Mursaleen Syedna Mohammed Ali he also remain my beloved brothers and sisters today Malik Muhammad

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen always we will begin with the praise and thanks so Alana shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah we will witness and testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala we send our love greetings salutations to beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious, his pure family, his companions and all those who follow the Sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst them. I mean, I mean when hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. We continue where we left off last week, and as we said, the beginning of the new academic term, every house is in the mode of getting the kids ready for school. The

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matric results also came out there are many parents that were many students and learners are happy, excited about a future many that maybe didn't do so well contemplating what next in their life. And we say that while many time we focus on the beginning of the academic year, and is very important, because we are in amount of learning, we are amount of knowledge, we are an ummah of Accra, we always take this moment as a point in time to remind our learners about the importance of education that it is in fact, we don't say the time before Islam was the time pre the Quran or pre pre Islam we say it's the time of Januvia the time before knowledge. Because we are synonymous this deen is

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synonymous with knowledge, and the importance of knowledge and how knowledge transforms a person from being from Jaya Jaya Hill, JL we are going to jail is someone who lacks basic knowledge that he should have. And I said, last week, while we spoke about the importance of learning to our learners, we sometimes forget ourselves that many of us have the High School of the University, maybe we've never really studied. Again, we've never opened a book, we've never joined a class, and even worse, so in terms of madrasa. Some of us were to ask when you sit in an Islamic lecture, other than a gym, or maybe they'll say the last time I sat in a class was slumps as well, when I was in primary

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school, and that is not acceptable. Subhan Allah, before we get back to this topic about has the time not come that we have now adults who are parents as the time had come for us to take our Islamic learning forward. And seriously, just a comment on last week, someone messaged to say, it appears that when we talk we only measure success to be the one who goes to university. What about the person who's a tradesman? What about a person who works with his hands and surely, of course, success is not measured in degrees. It's not measured in terms of what institution you study, how to not doubt that for you, the person who has acquired the knowledge and has succeeded and done well in

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the exams and they are admitted to an institute of higher education. It is a great honor an achievement while hamdulillah and we should not forget that we were the originators of universities, the concept of a university started with, with within the Muslim ummah, the first university in the world was started by Fatima theory and Lady in Morocco, where we say we bring scholars together, and we study and we learn for the sake of studying and learning where we progress knowledge many times for most of us, and this is the problem, when we tell our kids to study and work hard, why we only do so to get a good job. Let's be honest, we tell our kids you need to work hard why if you don't,

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you're going to end up struggling in the future financially. There's a higher purpose to learning a purpose about pushing forward human civilization, learning things and discovering new,

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new boundaries of our knowledge and acquiring that which Allah subhanaw taala has left out in the universe. Now as sadly from the Muslim ummah perspective, we have lost this, this concept, we learn only for the sake of getting a job. And that is why you don't find Muslim countries coming up with new technology. Muslim countries sending people to space Muslim countries providing vaccines for diseases, because all we want to do is learn so that we can get a comfortable job, a big office one day and hamdullah that is success. So success is not measured in terms of your profession, or your degrees or your bank account. what success is measured. Allah says in the Quran, Minami Allah Saleh

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and whoever does good deeds lives a good life means that carrying a wound, whether you're male or female, well who am woman and they are believer, you work righteously with the man for lucky and now Hayato Eva knows I will give you a good life. I will give you a happy life you will have Baraka in your life. When I was young, no matter whom they asked me my career, and in the in the era, Allah says I will give you a reward better than the best things that you have done. And another ayah Allah says, when it comes to success from an Xuxa and Inara, whoever Allah has saved from Janam Whoa, whoa, Declan, Jana, and you're entered into Jana, for quite a fuss then you have succeeded in life

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for your success. This is what we should teach our kids

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The ultimate objective, the end of the road is have I been saved from jahannam. And we know that one of the greatest way of saving yourself from Janam, one of the greatest prediction from Jana is knowledge is knowledge. Knowledge is the path to Jannah learning is the path to success. That is why Allah subhanaw taala promises in the Quran. So to all of those students who haven't, for those of us who have succeeded in studying and learning to our learners, study hard learn odd for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala for a higher purpose than holidays and new cars, and a high paying job that is all fine and good and Hamdulillah you can want those things. But more than that, learn and study to

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change the world for the better. And for those who haven't gotten in the formal Institute, the world is broad and vast, and there's a place for everyone. And everyone Subhanallah has something to contribute. But coming back to us said I don't want to focus on our learners. I don't want to focus on meticulous Oh, it's important to note soprano, I have to mention this Alhamdulillah, our Muslim schools did very, very well. So if you looked at the top 10 schools performing schools in the country, four of the top 10 are what we call Islamic Muslim schools. That is very good. Because many parents and I'm sure many of you who have kids, you always struggle with the idea. I want to give my

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kids the best of the dunya I want them to have a good profession one day Alhamdulillah and loving the dunya comfortably, but not at the expense of the akhira and vice versa. I don't want my kids to have the deen and hamdulillah they're practicing and pious, they know the Islam, but they can't even earn a salary because they don't have a formal education Alhamdulillah through a lot of effort, our parents or grandparents setting up Islamic schools we have shown that our Muslim schools can compete on par with any other school and do well and Excel, we have a luxury in that we don't have to eat none of us here has to sacrifice our deen while dunya you can get both Rapana attina for dunya.

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Hacer una you can get the best of the dunya and the base of the earth era. If you want to if you want to. It's available to everyone. You can be an alum in terms of Islamic learning, and you can be an island in terms of dunya learning, you can have your career, your profession, and you can also Excel within the Islamic sciences. We have that luxury now. And it's only for the one who really wants it will get it so Hamdulillah we give credit to our Muslim schools for the good that they're doing. And it is always a good feeling to see in the top 10 students, boys and girls that are ever from from our community, and we make dua that those kids will grow up to be the future leadership of

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Athena uma Amin, but getting back to us as adults.

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When we speak to when I speak to people, my family members my cousin's may be my colleagues at work. And look, we all have jobs. I'm an accountant. I have deadlines. I only have two weeks leave for the years Pinilla, Lumsden. I also have, you know, kids, and have to work according to their deadlines. I also have a wife who needs to be taken out now. And then we try at least once a week Al Hamdulillah. And to fit in your own to fit something on the plate. This just seems impossible. Job wants and you must give 110% At work, you must be 110% to be a parent, you need to be the most attentive husband or wife and the states. You know, requirements. Just to make Salah on time is a

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challenge for many people. That's the reality. Salah becomes something that we fit in between meetings. That is where we are. So you say how can I sign up to do a course a class I will the dream is always the I want to study I want to learn but it's always the but and we tell this lie to ourselves in sha Allah one day, I will get the when I'm ready, I will get there. And it's never going to be the right time. If you don't start now. And so this message is about being a seeker of knowledge. And that is why whenever you hear the verbs with regards to knowledge, the seeker of knowledge, the it implies some kind of effort, it implies some kind of sacrifice, and it is how

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Allah had made it that you're going to work for it. And the best example we're going to speak about is a story, which we all know the story of Nabi Musa, but just to remind ourselves, why do we seek knowledge? Why do we sacrifice because you're gonna have to trade off something, you have to give up some you know, hour or two

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of your leisure time out to a family time of your job or whatever it is some hour of your sleep you need to give up. Why? What is the trade off because Allah says to you, whoever walks this path of knowledge, it is the path Allah will make easy to attain Jana, you will insha Allah good Jana. If you walk this path of learning that is the destination of signing up for a class panela signing up for a new setting in to learn Quran to learn a health class Islamic Studies. Doris, Allah says the destination of this is Jana. Now we don't know if giving charity or Salah will lead to Jana, it's up to Allah. But he says here the path of learning

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will lead to Jannah and then Allah says in this beautiful Hadith and resources with Allah wills good for you. If Allah really loves you and he wants goodness for you, He gives you the understanding of Islam the understanding of the deen gives you knowledge of the deen Fidel, he favors you. Now that understanding you don't wake up one day as a Masha Allah, Allah gave me understanding. He gives you the Tofik the patience, the determination, to study to become someone who understands the deen so if Allah really wants you to be, loves you and favors you, you will make it that you feel the need to sign up for an Islamic Studies class now,

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and Subhan Allah if you don't sign up, then it means that Allah hasn't given you that Tofik something just to think about as the Allama explain this, this this hadith. Now, we all have excuses. And Allah had made it such that learning will never be easy. We said this many, many times he will not give knowledge away for free. Unfortunately, I don't know if we'll ever get there but probably not. We'll never get a USB you put it in that hamdulillah you've memorized the Quran? No, I was not going to do that. You must work for it. And so to look at the best example and as the one I must say, to show you if we you and I need to humble ourselves and tire ourselves and exhaust

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ourselves for learning, then don't feel so bad because even the best of the best had to do that. The story of Nabi Musa we know that Nabi Musa alayhis salam is the most mentioned personality in the Quran after Allah himself. No one's name appears more in the Quran after Allah the NABI Musa al salaam, we know Nabi Musa has the honor that even Mohamed Salah Salem and Nabil Ibrahim didn't get in it. Allah spoke to Nabi Musa directly whenever you spoke to Allah, Allah responded to him Subhan Allah, no, nobody had that besides an OB Musa. Allah had given him the honor that he defeated. We know he was the he got the torah he defeated around that he opened up by the Grace of Allah so the

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honor and the list that Nabi Musa gets its unparalleled. In fact, as a baby, Allah says that we poured over Musa our love, we showered him with our love. You don't even find this about the other Gambia in the Quran. Allah says My love was poured over Musa Salam. Now Nabi Musa, we know his status and his place, you cannot rival him. And then he's teaching and preaching to his community, the bunnies are ill, and they had this habit of asking stupid questions. When he says slaughter a cow, what color cow how big the cow? This is how the bunnies are, ill will always ask him questions. And so one person of his community asked him, no funny question of no benefit to him. Share have a

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very important question. Very, very important. Okay, what is this question? It's so urgent. I want to know who's the who's the most learned person in the dunya who is the biggest island in the world who's the biggest ship in the world. And I may not be Musa is looking at this guy probably like Allah speaks to me directly. Allah gave me the Torah directly da Me, obviously, I am the most learned person in the world. And Allah did not approve of that statement. And Allah said to not be Musa In fact, the is someone that has more knowledge than you.

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point to note, yeah, sometimes we feel due to how far we reached in life and the qualifications that we have in life and the status that we have, we've made it went up, not knowing that there are people always above you in Surah Yusuf Allah says, Remember that above every alum is is someone more learned than you and above him, ultimately, if there is one person right on top, read Allah subhanaw taala the All Knowing that always even Musa Saddam was not right to say this. And so when Nabi Musa heard that there is someone who learned in me, he immediately said to Allah, Ya Allah let me go and find this man, I need to find this man and be a student of him. Now the Gambia they don't get the

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sabbaticals from the noble work they don't get two weeks leave from the imam or jump and say Look, guys, just don't do shake I'm gonna be back in fact Nabi Musa tried that he went away for 40 days to make it tick off with Allah. When he came back. He's people worship the idol. So he knows I can't leave these people to their own devices. I have to be with Him day in and day night day in and day out. And so he said to Allah, and he made dua, to Allah please let me leave let me give me leave from the barista eel, because I need to learn.

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There could be no excuse that aibs Levy's people but yet for knowledge Allah subhanaw taala gave Nabi Musa permission, you can go and search for for this man called Elisa Salam.

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Now we know maybe Musa said to Allah How would I find this man you know it's in the Hadith This is explained more Where will I find him? What does he look like? Allah says you just walk along the coast, so is along an ocean wherever you walk around along the bank. Eventually you will find a sign will be shown to you and you will find this man Allah is not making it easy for Nabi Musa, you're going to walk and walk and walk until you find Him. And this was a long journey. This was very long with Nabi Musa is walking searching for someone to teach him Now in Surah Kahf, which we all read on Fridays we the beginning of the Jews, let me Musa his wife called Musa Nabi Musa Sicily fighter to

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his his servant law Abraham Avila Camacho MALBA cranial omdia hookah but now Nabi Musa is frustrated and with him is a it's a boy he's a servant. Now we You shall not be allowed to speak about him. Maybe you should of course. Her

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Nabi Musa is going to check are you going you're going on at this and I'm going to learn this a man out there that's more learned than me. So now you shall who Nabi Musa is his mentor? So he says yeah Allah there's someone out there that knows more than my share. Can I please go with you? Can I please go with you? Obviously this was a private thing and so he said in exchange I will go with you and I'll carry the bags. That's how excited now be usual as a boy 1012 years old, I'll go I'll carry the bag so we know he's carrying the goods and every Musa is walking and then walking for such a long time that Allah begins Nabi Musa saying. He says to never USIA. I will not stop this journey

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searching for the place where I miss meet this man. Even if I miss take me years to get the I'm not gonna give up this journey. So he's been walking for a long time could be weeks could be months walking, looking to find this man. And so in spite of his frustration, I'm not going to stop until I find this person. And then Allah says, but when they reach that spot where they were supposed to meet Satan, the head nappy headed for them. By my by email, they found the spot of the way the ocean would split. Nasir Jota, Houma Bahasa below Bukhari Sarada. Now what is mentioned here, so they arrived at the spot that they were supposed to meet the visitor. Okay, let me hit it wasn't there

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yet. At a certain point to notes sometimes the student is ready. Sometimes you come to class, sometimes you've made the effort the teacher isn't the sudden excuse to leave and quit your job you are in need of that man. It's like I go to the doctor. And those are the doctors and yeah, well then I'm going to cancel this appointment. You need him more than he needs you. So now he Musa gets to the spot. And he doesn't know this is where he's supposed to meet siderite Salaam. And they so they they listed on that spot Allah cause that they fled they slipped and while Nabi Musa was sleeping. Navi USIA was keeping the lunch or food and fish the slip was something and the snow came alive and

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he jumped into the ocean and swam away now we Musa is sleeping now we you Shah is looking at this weird thing I'm going to tell him to be Musa I want to wake him up. And so whenever you Musa woke up they continued to work on this was now the sign. Now you saw the sign that the Musa didn't get to see it but he forgot to tell he didn't tell him he Musa was so when they passed the splits called the Fatah who now they worked on for another long time. They worked on for a long time. Nabi Musa says to never USIA Tina for the analysis, give me my lunch. I'm now so tired of walking bring me that snack. I'm angry now. Luckily Latina in suffering I had an ASA look at the look at the

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frustration of Musa he says brings us our lunch. I have certainly been exhausted by this journey. I am now so fed up of walking and searching for this man. Bring me this look. Maybe you should realize I forgot to tell you so this is Carla who says to him, he even sit you know be Musa. Do you remember when we were resting on that rock premium when we're sleeping them? That is when I forgot the fish jumped out and I forgot to tell you. Now this is an excuse. All young students make it look like nobody uses Walmart and Sanyo Illa shaitana And of course it was shaytans fault that I forgot Shaytards fault that I didn't remember that if you put that in the exam, if you're gonna get any

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points for that. But he says to not be Musa I forgot to tell you and Shaytards made me forget. And then he says and you know what? It took a very weird path. It swam in a way in the water. It looked very weird that the Musa says Carla, daddy Kumar couldn't and that is what we were looking for all along. That was the sign for that data 30 him Kasasa and so step by step, they walked back to that spot. Again, what is the purpose? What is why we listen to the story interesting. But why is Allah causing Nabi Musa to go all the way they get exhausted and tired? He misses the sign when he goes further on, I must make a U turn. Why? Because Allah wants to see are you going to give up? Are you

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going to say, Okay, I've had enough. I need to go back to my people. Now. Let's as you want the knowledge, it's there, but you're not going to get it cheaper. I'm gonna, I'm gonna exhaust you for that knowledge. I'm going to really really take it out of you to see if you're worthy of that knowledge, even Nabi Musa.

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What about us? panela What about us? We want to earn that knowledge that gets us to Jana. You got to make time for it. So they go step by step all the way back for whatever the abdomen a Bagna and so then Allah says so they found a slave of one of my slaves. Now we think how amazing muster befinner be, if he's more than at the NABI Musa Yet Allah describes him he is just one slave of many, many slaves in the sight of Allah. We gave him Rama, we gave him mercy mean Indira or alumna Mila Dona Alma, and we taught him a very special knowledge. This man has a very, very special knowledge. And so we know from the Hadith that whenever you Musa said to this man, you saw him sitting there on the

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rock, he said As salam o alaikum. Fidel said walaikum salam but how do you know this greeting Who are you

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see, that wasn't informed by Allah that you're going to meet Nabi Musa, Allah plan it's such and so he said that the Moon said I am Musa. And he the associate Musa from bernisa Eel that Musa the Musa that beat frown that Musa let's say Musa so why have you come all the way? Yeah,

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corrida who Musa Musa said to him a tabby Oka Can I please, please share a look at his humility? Can I follow you and to eliminate me Madelinetosh so that you can teach me something of the knowledge that you have been taught to look at the humility of Nabi Musa,

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the man who Allah speaks to directly with me, please follow you so that I can learn. Call in Atlanta city, Emma sobre Nabi he then says, you don't have the patience for this. I don't want to add the IMA please applying for the admission. And Abu Musa said in the Philippines, no, I reject your application. You don't have the patience for this. Okay, if it doesn't fit all MLM to hit me homerun? How can you have patients with something which is beyond your realm of capability also point to note here, there are levels. You can't take a person at the bottom level and put them in a certain level, they don't have the patience and capacity, you must learn at your own level. And

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sometimes, you know, very sadly, you might be 40 5060 You might have a PhD Alhamdulillah. But when it comes to Islamic knowledge, you are kindergarten, and you need to humble yourself and go down and learn at that level. It's very difficult. It's very difficult with someone that is highly qualified in the dunya sciences to sort of dumb himself down and learn this Learn the deen from scratch. But that is what you need to do. That's what you need to do because you've neglected it all the years. And so

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Nabi Musa says Cara said uni insha Allah subhanho wa salatu. Amaryllis is in sha Allah, I promise you, I'm going to be patient, and I will not disobey any command. You can tell me whatever you want, no matter how much homework what time you want, I will sign up for this course. I will give it 110% And I'll follow you. And so eventually, he concedes called color for me in 2020. But okay, I agree. You can follow me on one condition that is underneath and shaking the auditor like I mean, who they are. You cannot ask me anything, no questions, until I give you permission to clarify something which I've done. Now against Pamela, what a strict teacher. And I Hamdulillah we teach a few

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courses. And we almost told when you teach course can be too long now 1015 minutes max, half of it must be a story entertaining. And you must clarify everything when he's done with the class. He must know the ins and outs of the subject. And you must make sure that it's easy and inspiring. Subhan Allah, every question was answered. Look at how Nabi Musa is treated, you can follow me you don't ask me any questions. This is the real this is really how knowledge is transferred. You are in need like you are in need of a vaccine of a cure. The one who is a Jack Jack has been the one who needs to learn from Eileen that's the relationship. So then we know the story and we won't go into the

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depths we know the story fantastica the two of them live now. Interesting point here. How many were the at that point in time? How many people were the three that became that Nabi Musa, who now these two shame, who came all the way carried the fish all that to meet this method. And he said, You are definitely not allowed in this class. This is a high level class, I agreed. You must stay here and wait Subhanallah and that's the sad you know, it's very difficult, but that's how it is. And eventually we know this boy will grow up to be the next Nabhi so part of your journey, as unfulfilling as it might be, might be just to carry the fish to class. That's your job, just go to

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class, sit then the effort of doing that. Allah still puts the baraka whenever you show me he's going to become than me one day, that effort is not going to go to waste. Allah will give you Baraka, even if you join the class, you sat there for a few weeks. And you see I didn't learn too much the effort of it. Allah will put Baraka in your future but Nila Now we don't want to be Musa Salam within the boat with Haider. And while they were on the boat, Nabi Musa is looking at this man this guy is supposed to teach me and when the people will gave us a lift, he vandalize the boat he breaks the boats panela what kind of hobbies this breaking things and then he says how can you do

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this? Nabi hidden city did not tell you don't ask me a question. Mark. I forgot I forgot. I generally forgot I'm so used to telling people not not to do so I forgot. They may exit the boat. And they see two boys are playing. It's fine the boys playing and they'd be fitted walks up to one of these young boys maybe four or five years old breaks his neck. And now maybe Musa says How could you do this? He didn't forget. But as an obese This is serious. You kill the child How could this be possible? And nobody hidden says to him I'm

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not saying to you. Don't ask me anything. key that is also frustrated with me Musa now you can see the tension between them. So that the Musa says okay, fine, I promise you if I ask you another question, then we can you don't have to teach me anymore. And so they continue on they tired they're exhausted they go to a town. Now this is one man who knows Allah speaks to directly Nabi Musa most mentioned in the Quran. Another man who is more learner than Nabi Musa, they come to the town, they don't have a piece of bread, a sip of water, a point in the pocket, and they are basically asking the people of the tongue give

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Have something. And these people are so mean to them. Not only don't they give them anything that basically takes them out to the town table on their way out. There's a wall that's about to collapse. And Phaedra says stop, and he starts fixing this wall. Now the moose is tired, frustrated, angry, confused. Out of his frustration, he matters. He says, they have at least taken a slot for this job that you're doing. And that's when he gives it to him. That's it. There wasn't even a question. He just was frustrated with his teacher. And so he said, That's it. Now we have saved this is the point we separate. And then he explained to him, I broke the boat, because he's a king was

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going to hijack that boat, but because it was damaged, he's not going to take it and it's not going to harm the people. So they gave us a lift and Allah speed the boat and save, save them and they built that is the baraka, Allah gave them as for the boy, Allah says, then to be hidden system that we Musa, this boy has parents who are very pious, but this boy is going to grow up to become an evil person, horrible person, his parents are even going to be harmed by him. So Allah told me to kill him, so that they and then Allah would have replaced that boy with another son. But from the perspective of the parents, I want you to think of it this, the parents are pious people worshipping

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Allah. They let the sun go out one day, and he gets murdered. No one knows who the murderer is. Finally, can you imagine what those parents must have felt like? But it was out of the lessons that Allah had done because Allah number one saved this boy, he's going to Jannah Allah cause those parents in the pain in the Saito, they remained on the Eman and then Allah also blessed him after that with other children. Sometimes not every calamity we see is, as we some say, why is Allah doing this to me, it is actually because of your good deeds, that calamity came. Because it brings something better than we know that off the wall, under the wall was a teacher that belonged to two

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orphans, that the parents were pious, when they grew up, they will mean to extract the treasure. And so now have you heard of a system or user and this was huge, because you didn't have the patience to be with this. Now we are going to separate the purpose of the story is about how difficult it is to learn. But how important it is and it requires patience, you will be frustrated, you will be get hungry, you will feel like you want to quit, but at the end of it and that's why the responses in the Hadith, if only Nabi Musa had little bit more patience, how good it would be.

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We end up in sha Allah mentioning to all those of you who are very keen to study some ideas and how you can study for those of you want to study informally mean just whenever I have a chance, I'm gonna log on to a lecture. Inshallah we started the course yet, but I know only one class, unfortunately. And it's going to be Islam from scratch. So if you want to start where do I begin, this class is going to be for you three on Thursday evenings off plus six talk plus seven, we're going to do it online, and you log into it, our teams zoom, whatever it is, and the audio will go up. So we're going to start from the beginning at pitched at an adult level, Islam from scratch, no

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registration fees, nothing like that. No attendance, no exams, but just to make the commitment. We also said that on Muslim Central, you'll find all the lectures that you can one on the that's informal, if you want to do something more structured part time, and there's a diploma course on Furqan. I teach with that fact Institute Mondays, Mondays and Wednesdays you can learn Arabic fictive seed and Hadith sign up you can either attend online or you can attend live, it's an attorney, but there's a good diploma very, very good. At the end of two years, you will have a very you will be an informed layperson within Islam. But if you want to go even a step further and get a

00:28:18--> 00:28:46

degree in Islamic Studies, another institution I'm part of is this the international online university iou.edu The Gam you can study a degree Islamic studies education, psychology, whatever it is, for under 3000 Rand a semester. It's cheaper than your kids school fees, but you can get it online. Very, very easy. So no excuses sign up the vanilla ask Allah sponsor go on to Sofia masala Sedna, Muhammad, Islam the serene alhamdulilah behind me