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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The loss of family members and the devastating consequences of recent events have caused family members to feel helpless and fearful. The speakers emphasize the importance of adapting to the new "starization" and the need for expertise in every domain to ensure a healthy and healthy life. The speakers also discuss the importance of providing medical supplies and finding the right people to help with their health and education. The need for everyone to be organized and the importance of their philosophy in helping people is emphasized.
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Kenan Institute hummed it up. You know, we have been for the last few months, delving into a ton of perspective covering really every element of this genocide. We've been talking about it from a spiritual perspective, we've been talking about it from a political perspective. And you know, where Islamic perspective is and where it's authentic practices. And we've all been witnessing the human catastrophe

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Subhanallah the amount of relatives that have been lost.

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You know, personally, a few people from from my extended family. I'm not sure if put that money man was pants, I make it easy for him from New Jersey, has lost over 40 members of his family and counting. And he can barely share a few sentences without without breaking down and loss content make it easy for him and running around here at the mass convention.

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You know, we were looking at a beautiful young girl genome, may Allah have mercy. I've heard that I've memorized the 13 years old, which is harder.

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There's a lot of stories there a lot of people that are stopping each other at the mass convention, talking about their personal loss. And we've been kind of grounding ourselves back and the dean of allies of general what we should be doing. That's how I came across these two brothers

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during the convention, and was very moved both by the pain as well as what they're they're trying to do.

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To my immediate left is Dr. Musa Nasir, who was from us. And Dr. Climate sauna,

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Dr. Musab and Dr. Kawit are working on missions medical missions in the USA. Dr. Mustapha is one of the most

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notable orthopedic surgeons in the world. He has been to us multiple times correct? The doctor says yes, I mean, it is a once once I said this is the last question. The last question. You've just said something the CEO Mashallah. So Dr.

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Muslim, and Dr. Chi that have been leading missions. Dr. hided star is one of the most noted orthopedic surgeons in the world that have that added up has been set as a once as done multiple surgeries. They're complicated surgeries there. And both of you have been looking for an opportunity to go back and Charlottetown are really trying to galvanize and shoulders making this possible. But their brothers and sisters, Dr. Wilson, who was from does how many family members have you lost?

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But 7272 72 members of this heaven 72 members, most fat cells pile up when you think about,

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you know, just the numbers. That's a staggering amount of people.

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Can you kind of tell us a little bit about what this means. First of all, we lost pounds out of them all the show done and lost hundreds out and allowed them to be waiting for you. I think eight eighths of an examiner and Eliza allow them to intercede for the rest of your family. And all of you insurance agenda together, we can bite on him. So we're very we're very sorry for the pain that you feel. If you can tell us a little bit about those suddenly, two members of your family just sort of high level. This panel I was I was at the InVEST con in Houston two to three days ago, when I got the news from Gaza that

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for members of my relatives have found I'm being monitored.

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And subhanAllah we Palestinians are programmed to receive these numbers. So for us, you know, tolerable compared to the numbers that we see and we have every day. And then as the time progressed, when I woke up in the morning, the second day, I saw that one of my relatives has this posted on mind that 272 members of our family the NASA family have been allotted a man does he

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refuse you can't do anything Gaza, that was really shocking. Those are you know,

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family members or relatives that I have, you know, I ate with left with drank coffee with

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and it's it's very difficult to comprehend the scale of the tragedy.

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You know, Subhan Allah, these are lives these are people that you have met you have talked to, they had hopes, aspirations, and in fact many of them were children. So ask Allah Subhana Allah have mercy on them, ask Allah to accept them Estrada in Jannah and give patients to those who have left the hospital many of you deal with our first woman. How are you there's anything about funding found neither of us were there all or not hamdulillah my my immediate family members brothers sisters are still alive, but they're all have basically left. They're from from the northwest from baicheng. So the loss of a family I would say it's probably 500 Plus much elicited typical Palestinian family. So

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when we say family, you know, it means you know, cousins

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and his brothers, sisters, relatives, their children, grandchildren and so on. Right. So we have the Nasr family Navy consists of

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100 families. All of them were scattered around in a zone. And I was born and raised in bed handling the Nautilus

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which has been really decimated. It's been flattened

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by my immediate family members, brothers, sisters, their, their wives, children and even grandchildren. Most of them are in the south right now in refer to my sisters actually, with their families are taking shelter at the UN schools.

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And your sisters, my old sister, too. So my immediate immediate family members, siblings, we're talking about maybe 200 Plus, all of them have been displaced, their homes have been destroyed. I've been burned effectively.

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At and they are staying in un shelters at the worst inhumane conditions. One thing where

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when you talk to them

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Have you noticed a shift? No. And I talk to people on those notice the last few bits of there's almost a shift and atoned.

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There's a lot there's a lot more desperation. I think now with the starvation with the shelling all sides nowhere safe areas. I mean, not there. There ever really was. That seems like there's a ground incursion that's being prepared, but off the side as well. Correct. What are you hearing from your family goes there you're hearing change in tone.

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So Allah we Palestinians are veterans, elephants. Despite the challenges, despite the the pain, what kind of programs had a lot to receive this, these kinds of news, and deal with the atrocities that we have been living in experiencing for the past 75 years, the blockaded cell phone data has been for the past, what 17 plus years. So

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I don't see a shift in being hopeful. I think we feel helpless. They feel helpless. But they are not Pope's I think they feel that big difference between must have effects absolutely helpless. Simple. Absolutely. And I can tell you without being from based on on where my my family members or their homes have been destroyed.

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They insist on coming back as soon as there's a ceasefire. Well, now we're contemplating of staying, you know, it rough or it can unis even a single day after the ceasefire. They want to go back to the north. And there, they know, they will put the tent on the top of the rubble of their homes. And they will stay there says

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hi Alolan on further

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apps are off the chart by those who have the trade on or those who haven't shown them. And Lindsey said, hello. I love that that's really been something that even when I hear I mean, I've been to multiple refugee camps, I've been to different places. I'm sure both of you have given

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the way that people who have just had what, however many tons of bombs that have been dropped on it. And I've been through this and I've lost their ultimate loss, their family are still saying I don't know, we're coming back with like apps. So so as soon as this is over, we're coming back.

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You know, Benjamin Netanyahu said he wanted to thin out the population. He's been very open about the full ethnic cleansing project that he has in mind. But there was an element of psychological warfare here. Not very clearly, but we're not supposed to come back but at some point you break them down to where they don't want to come back. And even the few relatives I've spoken to, but are asking to get safe passage to need to. And the immediate bombard I mean, in their minds us like he says, Go back rebuild. Even if we have to rebuild from scratch, even if there's nothing on the ground. Even if we're walking through craters, and through the trauma of the dead bodies of our

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relatives, they're still going to rebuild.

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There are people who have lost pets as clearly chosen Footloose.

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No profits, otherwise, none. They're loved. He speaks. You know, he talked about these people in such an underwhelming way.

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I'm Robbie Tolman, you know, it's a category of Assam that often gets left out, right. We don't really talk about them too much, but they're the ones holding the Ford refusing to let this evil project colonial project of Zionism take full room. I am not let

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Are you proud of your relatives for Absolutely, absolutely. All of it. No exception, I believe. I mean, their spirit is is unbeatable.

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Which is really how I was seen and spirit forever. And

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subhanAllah you know, just just watching and seeing their story that resilience makes you proud of who you are.

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Um, and we asked the last pilot to to give them patience to give them strength and ease their stress.

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That's how a lot of the last we'll see that would help I was listening to a son talking about here's the caravan for wide at the annual summit a couple of the listening to somebody talking about the last conversation and he said that his dad

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you know, told them, please make sure you for your first talk this before you know he woke up in the daytime, these guys are barely surviving.

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You know, he was a pretty happy guy. Michelle not like many of the Palestinians are still fighting with a smile map.

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And obviously was unfortunately Sharp and Left to lead off to Delphi and max out some other show. He was listening to a sunset that just like, roll off the tip of his tongue and go, you know, bass that you said to me was you know, late for leaking. I choose to keep keep keep keep up with your prayers, keep up with yourself, make sure you pray good prayers on set on a wall and don't keep that.

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How do we make sense of this phenomenon like that? They're telling us how to be better?

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How do we make sense of that? Like how to explain that so anomalous? doesn't get it?

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What makes them that way? You've grown in the US, I grew up what's what's in the water? What's in the what is it a sauce, what is the secret sauce

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SubhanAllah. It's, once you live the experience, it becomes natural. So for us, you know, experiencing what we're experiencing on a daily basis becomes

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it becomes the norm. So people learn how to adapt as things get more difficult. And so for an outsider, it looks like unbearable. For them, it's still unbearable, that they managed to lift up, right. But this is something that's really unique about the Palestinians, which in fact, if you compare it to the other side, to the Israeli side, they don't have that facilities. We for the past 70 years have seen atrocities, massacres, blood destruction.

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So it became part of our DNA.

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You know,

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there is

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some sort of a genetic component of the Palestinian gene that says,

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I have to be persistent, I have to be resistant to the fact that I'm living in in this horrible condition.

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You know, people refer to Gaza to Lessa most of the time as the

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pope in a prison. And I really don't like that term. For a simple fact that people go to prison because have done something wrong. Palestinians have done it to one. And I like to refer to it as a concentration camp. People are being suffocated in this small area, being slaughtered on a daily basis.

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For many years, you know, the war that happened after October 7 is one thing. But the blockade of more than 17 years in Gaza,

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is also in domain

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and should have ended long time ago and should not have been endorsed by the only country in the world has our own Mr. Tom

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Webster club and we'll come to you who shall not.

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So you are originally Palestinian as well use

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your family displaced in 1948 work on the blackmail? Because the tailcoat 76, Panama up there. This is the Protestant experience. Everyone's got a story of either being moved out, walk hated, or are stuck somewhere. I mean, it's everyone's got that story. It's a panel a lot. So

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your family was uprooted.

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You were born and raised outside of Palestine?

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What made you connect to your Palestinian identity to the Palestinian cause? And then eventually, obviously, to the mission that you have known? This is a very powerful question. I think every Palestinian has a different answer. But there's a lot that overlaps in that in diagram. For me, it was a family that has no recalls the way of life it wasn't how it started. It wasn't a land that had no people it was a land that had people with amazing hearts. Amen. And faith were prevailed. It was safe to leave whatever it gives you had oxide because anybody carried that faith in their hearts. It was the most productive as you know, countries in the world unto itself,

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agriculture and many exports. And the recall this life that's amazing where the cars trail and building airports, but sadly, this was taken away from them at the point of a gun extricated from their homes, and they thought it would be able to return so they spent years and years

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multiple areas hoping that door will open again for their house. That's no members of our family took the key hoping that we will be able to come back and open the door.

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Obviously, that didn't happen at some of these numbers part of Yaffa.

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Yeah, fat is now a big growing area. But they never forgot that lifestyle and they cling on to it and was passed on to the next generation. So my grandparents, who raised partially part of mine and well with my parents, uncles and aunts, would have created a life for me where I haven't, I got to learn about how they lived and how happy they were. And quite frankly, even though we had I think at some point, they had 50 people living in a one bedroom.

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They still recall that life and they were able to manage through that difficulties of struggling to get back on their feet. And that realization came that this is untenable, we have to move to another country to carry on are there situations that that keep me that come right away, where we can open up the door and let a chihuahua portable come

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up if I can determine if I can head to the answer that Dr. Muslim added. Although that was my first visit, or this is my second visit, that was a I was amazed by the amount of people. As a physician, we've seen over 100,000 patients, watching a patient undergo surgery under complete anesthesia and reading the Quran.

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At the same time was unbelievable. I mean, I see it in my throat cracks up we had a we have a very strong, highly skilled, multi specialty surgical team. And 40% of it is non Muslim. It's multi denominational, which is amazing because they they believe in this important cause. And they joined us. And it was a doctor from Portugal who came to us at the end of the mission probably was four feet tall, but she was an orthopedic surgeon and a record for us and you can be with and she said Dr. Salah, I know you're busy. I didn't get a chance to talk to you during these best five to 10 days on days. I think we were there. And then she said and Dr. Watson was there she said you know I

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want to tell you a bit around the world. But um maybe with a white heart I never been more so much with people like this. And I want to come back and count on and and she actually worked in recruited reporters and it sounds makes him so there's a notable difference. Alec though you're operating on the people there. Unbelievable. How many people do you think you have operator on the on like? I would say it probably operated including my training probably over 20,000 surgeries. I've seen over 1000 patients that come on the fields and says are different.

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I'm so grateful. We thought we're going there. Dr. Omar, we're doing them a favor of bringing these expertise world renowned surgeons and nurses and doctors. And my wife said it best. They're doing a favor to us. We left completely different despite having had the ability to do.

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Masha Allah blessed with Allah to have traveled the world and done mission work all over the world. As it was unique, it really changed us and I speak with you with my hair standing up as a seasoned physician with a lot of gray hair. He everybody about him came back with

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completely different vision about the future and why it is so central core 14 in the world. It is infected the man to feed the Quran. In fact, tonight Dr. Kasab invited me to his house. And as we did marriage, one of the senior viewers of the messenger came to us and he said we guys get going, we'd love to have you here join us and see what's going on. He said we have seven

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seven boys that just finished memorizing the Quran. It's being this last month in this month. And the amazing thing was that the scholars people don't know how many scholars were in it was that that we came to realize that we're so deep in their knowledge, their perspectives on this that sadly may not be there today when we lost a lot of physicians that were our colleagues that became our friends there are families that

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you know we train there are no longer there something died as they press a lot. Yeah. Host

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that's the situation what you're hearing all the loud are known.

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So it's tough. When we started playing the mission on the success that we had was that really having knowledge on the ground? Thanks a doctor, my son being from there, but the the organization is impressively well founded the Ministry of Health has done a good job of doing things. However, he was at the brink of failure at that point in August when we were there just exactly eight weeks before the war broke out.

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We have to take everything everyday would get we have regular meetings before that Dr. Romer went down with the ministry. And it's like, Well, either way, you need to bring this we can't, we don't have we can't afford this, we can't do that. So it was constantly being updated, because they tried to keep up with the surgeries. We tried it in church, certainly complicated, but the basic link reasonably didn't have that expertise because they can afford these surgeries. So a joint replacement for us, which is a standard procedure that we have in Canada, states around the world, it's a given to restore life and function, because that integrity and dignity of a person not being

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dependent on somebody is so important. But when you give them that when God bless, when they will take care of themselves and take care of their grandkids, it changes their life, what we couldn't have that expertise developed to the level that they needed to. But as a result of that, they were had waiting lists of at least 10 years, a lot more people are in wheelchairs. So that piton was already at the precipice of failure. But to have this will come in, and basically annihilate the infrastructure, which is really significant. And the fact that hospitals now are functioning at 20% capacity, what they had, because the buildings have been decimated, the need is even more great to

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combine that with lack of water, lack of food, lack of shelter, and safety. And now you've created out basically a very difficult situation where life is untenable. And this is what we fear.

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And it's we are in contact with them that our colleagues were in contact with the people on the ground that were part of the World Health Organization panel for maintaining and updating us and there was too because they have no way of security of the safety of the physicians, our team, secure the supplies if we sent them the gift there, nor the ability to be able to conduct the surgeries because they're telling us there's 20% operators, and we do the surgeries when most of them like

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I hate to even asked the question, but I'll ask the question anyway. Because I think it's important for us to

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to fully understand Kingston.

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I mean, when you see a child having an operation without an STD or even under like,

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when just

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I don't even know what you call them means.

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Can you explain that to solve our internal pain or pain that a child will feel the pain that a person would feel about anesthesia, having those types children's one word comes to mind, it's unexplainable. It is most valuable, though what should go through that suffering? Norbit, K peg, any of every note that we continue to get pictures from was because of their connections with the, with the physicians, where not only is it unsafe, it's

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obviously the pain is dramatic and beyond human capability to survive these 12 excruciating surgeries but to do it as well with malaria, where they're on the floor, where you know, the bacterial count is extremely high. And because of that the complication rates even though it's done well, but because of the surroundings with no antibiotics, no one seems you know, proper care for the wounds.

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I have videos of physicians walking through the hospital shore to find sutures to close wounds that had been infected, they can't find they're blocked.

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And we know that as we look for our next mission, it's going to be a completely different nation. These people are going to have significant complications we have to deal with when you're doing surgery in our hospital with a floor has been exposed to all kinds of bacteria. In fact, the records of the research that's out there right now in Ukraine, the resistant rates where bacteria are learning how to fight our antibiotics has gone up by 300% and worse on the hormones. Furthermore, you have 24,000 Bombs are being dropped with toxic toxic chemicals from Kenya to person to live, which we easily have been proven to be cancer forming disease significant argue with disease

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formation, well, kinds of very complicated pathologic diseases that require significant resources are been well documented. These each of these barns contain leases. And as they build up these things going, so are they going to grow these slots? Are they going to grow their vegetables, their food, this is going to be there for years, and this is conversation in the medical world that we're dealing with is you can't just go for two weeks and this is need significant time and investment to dress this.

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It's out it's very challenging Victoria

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What's sort of your call right now to Muslim doctors or doctors of conscience? World Health Organization with like, what's the activism side of this? What is it that you all are trying to do? What can we do with that fund the Advocacy Fund sort of call to actions at that moment World Health Organization's doctors, mostly unions, what should we be doing? Thank you for this question. This is a very important question. I'd like to ask pardon in turn that we're just a call aspects and doctor myself if I can. The medical side, clearly, we need expertise in every domain. Although we were initially testing the waters with orthopedics. Now we haven't gone to every orthopedic I've already

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searched for apologies, every surgical specialty needs to be prepared in any way he can to come can help. For example, thoracic surgeons, abdominal surgeries, vascular surgeons, plastic surgeons, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons are probably the dominant 80% of these injuries. And right now, we know that there's 55,000 casualties that are critically injured, which means that more than likely doesn't mean just 55,000 operations, not trauma, more than likely require at least to operations to possibly up to 10. So now you're looking at hundreds of 1000s of servers that need to be done. And the presence can't be just come in and do two weeks it has to be the president mindset

00:26:23 --> 00:26:48

is that if I join and contribute to this really impactful and powerful need right now, and my expertise, it needs to be long term, number one. Number two, the connection that physicians have with medical supplies is critical. No one has the access to resources to purchase these supplies, whether it's surgical implants, for example, that will be needed for these fractures

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are amazingly expensive, and contain alloys that we need to do to reconstruct this. Third, we need to teach the physicians that are there to continue to extend our expertise. And we've shown that this works. We're actually taught taught surgeons to do surgeries they haven't done before, but then a few days.

00:27:09 --> 00:27:30

So mostly, I suppose certainly the critical from the medical side. Obviously, it's a big, big lift. And this is where I turned to my brother Dr. Mossad to help and this was this is not this is beyond where it will go. We know that what we have to do we have the processes, we have the methodologies, it needs to have multiple organizations tie heads together, see where this we're gonna get this out.

00:27:32 --> 00:27:38

Yeah, absolutely. What Dr. palette said this, this is beyond flesh. This is beyond the single organization and

00:27:40 --> 00:27:43

what we've been doing lately, lately, since the you know, the,

00:27:44 --> 00:27:58

the big beginning of the war is really to try to try to rally our community together to help us achieve our goals. In fact, we're promising as an organization 5000 surgeries initially to treat 5000 basically basically patients.

00:28:00 --> 00:28:13

And as Dr. Seiler said, we should refer to it as surgeries because each patient could potentially require three, four even five surgeons petition. So when we talk about 55,000 thesis that means 200,000 surgeries, right?

00:28:14 --> 00:28:25

This is beyond us, as an organization has seen or this is a we see this as a collective effort, not just the community in the US, but really around the world how and we make this happen.

00:28:27 --> 00:28:50

So access is another question. We've been trying very hard to send medical supplies to girls. I know there have been other supplies that went in but medical supplies I can tell you it's really the bare minimum and the reason is because effectively we're sending metal to does right screws, implants. plates is from insects that require

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approval from all the stakeholders and both the Egyptians the Jordanians, Israelis and the Palestinians have so it's not easy. It's different than sending let's say food or blankets or tents, those you can purchase them locally and bring them in. For us we have to procure those, we have to raise funds for them and we have to make sure that they are fruit from the other side. We have hamdulillah we've raised the money to send up to 1040 foot containers to be assigned two of them actually ready to ship but we'd be fighting effectively kind of the system, how to bring those supplies to Gaza. And so I you know I call upon anyone who is has the right connections, you know

00:29:35 --> 00:29:48

can help us bring these medical they already definitely array packed in pallets, or 15 on pallets ready to ship to gals have the most urgently needed makes life scale. So that's one number two is axis. We have

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more than 90 150 soldiers in our team ready to be deployed to Gaza at any time from top talent top expertise. We need to find a way to bring them

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As soon as we have a ceasefire we didn't want to sit near you right now because it's touristy to gin dangerous communications we have with with people on the ground this is it's a very difficult environment for soldiers to save from the US or Europe to come pick us at this point. So we want to go in and we want to help we have the expertise

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and again, think about the cost of 200,000 surgeries and I really hope this is an appeal that we should not forget does after the war when we should have a ceasefire let's not abandon the Gaza business continue to help them show them foods you Charles so I'll remind you all shots are so Masha Allah, Dr. Solomon Dukkha there with organization called feather Sykes epic concetto books are pleased to support them. And the many wonderful organizations as I said software organizations that we need, we need the aid organizations that are catered food and drink and there we get the medical organizations. We need the press organizations, we need to be organized. We need we need we need

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everybody all hands on deck and part of what determines your sincerity to the causes that you don't abandon that when everybody else abandons it. So like Dr. Massaro said, when it comes to cars, and Charlotte's adult we hope that there will be a ceasefire soon and that we will Shafir will facilitate Charlotte's addict think we cannot move on when the bombs stopped dropping jealous Oh, we should keep keep focus keep together for us and for fellow state because this is obviously about Northern Nevada, this is about Palestine. This is a this is a government regime that is seeking the final land of Palestine and Charlottes out of this is the beginning of its full liberation within

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ITAR. So we need everyone involved in Charlaine. I'm going to just ask you just, you know, quickly as we conclude on in US Pelican help a notice was Masaba been omitted from the religions, you know, so named after some of the heroes it's not how the

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Zapple I'll fade on first and foremost. From from, from me, to you, and from Edward Lauren Villa were joking, it was it comes out of comfort, you understand how the families that have washed up and present and

00:32:09 --> 00:32:20

and protect those that are still there. From from further on, on, Martha, I mean, just your quick message to the old man, what do you tell people now like, about about Visionnaire? Like, what do you say to people? I mean,

00:32:21 --> 00:32:26

look, we feel, I mean, helpless at times. What do you say?

00:32:27 --> 00:32:37

I say A versus B claim that says we have the data to keep up with this are our good despite all the pain, the suffering, everything you see on TV, honestly,

00:32:38 --> 00:32:42

that's as good. And as teaching the world.

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How to Be

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What the man meets has really means the trust and the fall. And the faith that we need it as a moment as a is really the glue that brings us the people consciousness to it's the water, it's the gravity, it's forced and reduce that all met together. And this is that's at the same time. Despite all this pain. It's an Amana that the last kind of data would ask all of us about us body philosophy, they would ask us about that people because what have we done for the people that was especially those who live a comfortable life like life like us, here in America and in the Western world? What have you done for us and I know when you hear this oftentimes we think about money

00:33:31 --> 00:34:13

donations, but our philosophy in this organization in favor scientific is really the best asset that we have in the western world is really our blinds our expertise. And we're calling for your help as as experts in whatever field you can help us with today. Before you're sending money and diversity needs expertise. I can tell you you can you can give us millions and millions of dollars but if I don't have the right surgeon to do the surgery in VESA, that million dollar of them $200 million mean? Absolutely not. So I call upon those with expertise to come and volunteer with us for this in the medical or otherwise to rebuild us. And Allah subhanaw taala will ask this but it was

00:34:15 --> 00:34:59

in a short post I love call speaking to mono by a colleague spoilered and behind and when it comes to the history of our amazing home up the Palestine is the pulse of the OMA. It is a vital sign where we are think back to salaam, the where circumstances shut off. At that point, there was fragmentation amongst us the Ummah was weaker and being weaker, led to significant issues, including losing opponents. But it took the unification and the honorable China believes strongly in my heart that there's a purpose behind this that we don't know its power without or what he has intended through this, but I see so much good

00:35:00 --> 00:35:46

Coming on the doctor when I see people convert to Islam, I see people realizing the difficulties and challenges are moved by these amazing people as a reflection of the Palestinian heart, Muslim mind, the hand that reaches out to help my mother is amazing. And I do believe that there's ricochet effects from this that we cannot appreciate today, but only Allah knows. But I know that the support and the unification of the Ummah is much stronger today than it was before on October 6. So there's a lot I don't know, but I believe there's a lot of good things this week just because everything comes good from shallow knows how loud we are. It's interesting because growing up I used to wonder

00:35:46 --> 00:35:50

why like my my father who was so on lands on education

00:35:56 --> 00:36:07

chemistry professor used to drive me crazy why? Why do we have to get all educated to do this stuff? And it was like, Oh, we got to take it back. I'll probably call it I call back. So obviously that's translated to

00:36:09 --> 00:36:17

the rest of us. So isn't only you think about even the young people your education, use it to help your martial arts on alerts that you can get back to your Mancell Zachman law phenom.

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Thank you for

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everyone for tuning in. So I can see that light you

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