Omar Suleiman – What if I dream about them? – For Those Left Behind #09

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various dreams and scenarios, including the Prophet's garden sprinkler dream, the people who lost loved ones, and the students. They emphasize the importance of affirmations and praying to stay true to oneself, as dreaming of death is a sign of healing. The speakers also emphasize the need for finding one's way to achieve dreams and pay off debts to avoid negative consequences.
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Some of the most vivid dreams that people will see in their lives are usually of their loved ones that have passed away. And sometimes those dreams have really deep meanings to a point that they scare the person that saw them. How do we come to terms with this? Are we actually seeing the dead when we dream

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and I was thinking about you know, which dream to narrate. And I remembered this incident with to fate of phenomena dosi on the lawn, there are numerous dreams, but I want to start with this one for a reason to fate of anomala dosi was of course famous in his interaction with the Prophet slice alum, he brought the tribe of dos to Islam, to accept Islam with the Prophet slice lm and he made his law. He migrated to Medina. And when he migrated to Medina, he had a man with him from his tribe. And when this man made the hits, Rob left everything behind, made the Hitler widow fail with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam to Medina, the climate of Medina got to him he became ill. And as he

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suffered his illness, he cut his fingers. And when he cut his fingers,

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the blood would flow from his hands, and eventually he passed away. Now, this is a very interesting situation. So fate says, I saw him in a dream and he was in a good state, meaning, you know, he looked to be from the people have an agenda, but his fingers were still cut off or he was he had his hands wrapped, and it was clear that his fingers were were still cut off. So he said, I asked him, I said, what has a lot done with you? And he said, Allah subhana wa tada pardon me, because of my history with the Prophet slicin because of my migration with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam but as for my fingers, Allah subhana wa tada said to me, I will not restore what you yourself ruined, I

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will not restore what you yourself ruined. And what did the prophets I send them due to faith says that the Prophet slicin raised his hands to the sky, and he says Allahumma wilier de for her Allahumma Walia de for Allah and for his hands, forgive him, Allah, and for his hands forgive him. There are numerous dreams that get narrated. And we find not just from the prophets lie some of the companions but throughout history of students seeing their teachers. And one of my favorite ones is also if not a lot of time, and I want to actually before we talk about it's not only a lot and his dream of the Prophet, slice Allah, keep in mind that it's modeled a lot of time on who feared the

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grave moreso than most of the companions. I don't know if any other companion was narrated to have feared the grave more than Earth model the law on what was said about Earth not that he used to cry at the grave, in ways that he would weep in his beard would become wet, but he wouldn't cry that way at the mentions of agenda would not have paradise in Hellfire the way that other companions did. And they asked him on Earth, not only alone was that this is the first station of the stations of the hereafter. So if this is good, everything else will be good. And if this is bad, then everything else will be bad. Now fast forward to when earth model the low tide, it was actually about to die,

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he was under siege and he goes to sleep while he is fasting. And he sees in his dream, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and abubaker and Allah, may Allah be pleased with them and the prophets lie some of them is comforting or if not all the allowance Allah and her through the trials that he is going through. And he tells her if mom will be allowed to Allah and who, in that game of thrones end, go back for you will break your fast with me, your if thought is going to be with the profit slice alone. And with our bucket, and with online, or if mom will the law of Thailand who wakes up laughing, he wakes up so happy and laughing. And he says, The sun will not set tonight in our

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element added alpha, except that I am amongst the people of the hereafter and he grabs his most half. And he reads until he is assassinated. And indeed, you know, has a flaw with the Prophet slice lm and double Beckett, and almost as he saw in that dream. And again, there are so many different narrations. If you read my daughter's alakina Luma Dean, these books where you see, you know, students that see their teachers and the teacher shows up and the teacher is in a state of genda. And the student asked the teacher, you know, how is it that you reached that place? He says that a lot did not accept anything from me except for two guys that I prayed at nights. And that is a no

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see how to the student and advice to the student to continue forward. And to pray those two guys, how do we come to terms with this? Are we actually seeing the dead? When we dream? Are we seeing them? Are we seeing a representation of them? How do we come to terms with this? Well, first and foremost establish the understanding of the dream in general, that bedrooms are from the shape on and we are to seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala from the

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And not to entertain them. So if you see a dream that displeases, you say I was going to say thought on a gene, seek refuge in Allah and don't seek the interpretation of that dream. When it comes to good dreams when it comes to a seeing our deceased once Of course, some people might be having, you know, just had enough just regurgitated thoughts. But the possibility of actually seeing a person that has passed away is established by the scholars of Islam. Rahim Allah tala, he describes it as the following. He says that the soul moves freely at the time of sleep. You know when when Allah subhanho wa Taala compares sleep to Mote It is a minor death. Every time you go to sleep, you are

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saying this Mikela home and water in your name, Oh Allah, I die and I'm given life you wake up in the morning Alhamdulillah Allah The ohana, but I don't, I'm not gonna write All praises be to the one who gave us life after he took our souls after death. So every night you're going to sleep, there is death, your soul travels, it moves freely during sleep, and it meets with the souls of others. And so if you have a lot to add us us says that while you are asleep, it may be that your soul would meet the soul of your loved one. Remember, we're not limited by the dimensions of this dunya at the time of sleep, and so a person might see a dead person. And the dead may give them

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they'll see how it might give them advice. The dead might comfort them, right to let them know that I'm okay that everything is good and Hamdulillah, they might see their dead loved ones in a place of an agenda or where you know, something really good happening with them. And the soul will comfort the soul of the living to say that I'm okay. And I'm the latter. But I mean, it might be that the debt asks the one who is alive to go and pay off a debt, maybe they weren't aware of it. Remember, we talked about the first thing that you do for those that have passed away. So you know, go to this person and pay off a debt, or go seek forgiveness from this person because I heard that person's

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palla someone in my own family, you know, passed away and had.

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And this was years ago, and

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passing away and hedge is a form of Shahada. But when he passed away his children all saw the same dream at night, they saw a dream of him and I'm talking about numerous children saw a dream of him asking them to go seek forgiveness from a very particular person, they all woke up and they all saw the same dream of him asking them to go seek forgiveness from a particular person, they did so they went to that person. And then they saw a dream of him and agenda, as if to say Subhanallah I mean, hurting people and having those things can prevent even a righteous person, the person who dies the most ideal of death from reaching their desired place with a loss of handouts. So sometimes you

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might see a dream and your deceased one is telling you go pay off that debt, go seek forgiveness from that person because I hurt that person.

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These are all things that we find narrated over and over and over again, sometimes they might remind you of the hereafter. Sometimes you just seeing them reminds you of the hereafter. And that is also something that is there. What can happen obviously is that a person who you see tells you to do something that is wrong or gives you revelation or you know, changes a ruling of Islam, none of that is allowed. And none of that could be except from the shape on and remember that the Prophet slice Allah mentioned that one of the blessings of seeing the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in a dream is that whoever sees the Prophet seisen has definitely seen him because the shape on cannot take the

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form of the prophets license or imitate the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now, what I want to say here though, to caution a little bit here is that sometimes the counter effect of this is that if I don't see my deceased loved one in a dream, then I start to think something is wrong with me. Then I start to think that you know that are they are they upset with me? Or have they gone somewhere that I don't want them to go? Or you know is a loss of habitat an angry with me and that is also not a way to judge your righteousness, okay, because some of the most beloved people to Allah and those that love the prophets, I send the most never saw the Prophet slice them in a dream.

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That doesn't mean that they're not upon the sinner. That doesn't mean that they don't love the profit slice of them. That means that Allah Subhana hoods Allah gives that blessing to someone who doesn't give it to others. And there is a hikma there's a wisdom for that. So yes, your soul may meet the soul of your deceased loved ones and you may long for that and that's okay. But don't judge your righteousness or wickedness except by the standards that Allah subhana wa tada have set that transcend your death and the death of anyone else.

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