Omar Suleiman – When Your True Colors Show

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of "frustration," which is the ability to avoid boundaries and the loss of one's position. They also touch on the use of "fr himself" to avoid boundaries and avoid the loss of one's position. The importance of marriage and accountability in relationships is emphasized, along with the use of words like "anger," "has been a lie," and "has nothing to do with me" as words that cause people to feel sorry. The speakers emphasize the importance of forgiveness and avoiding retaliation in the fight against evil behavior.
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Brothers and sisters I began this whole drama with three, three calls to tequila to be mindful of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And one of the things that we say is, or see come when FC we talk about Allah. Because our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us that what you tell other people to do you tell yourself first, and so as the hudley as the speaker invites you to tuck while the speaker also should invite his or herself to tuck what as well. And when I speak about in this hope, in terms of taqwa everything that we speak about, is framed in the mindfulness of Allah subhanho wa Taala in some capacity in some regard, and every single person in this Juma and every person who is

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listening has something to benefit from tequila, whether they are in a state of power, or they're being persecuted. When you are a vondom. When you are a wrongdoer, there is a way to remind yourself with the touch of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And when you are the one who is being wronged, there's a call to tuck why because tuck was the mindfulness of a loss of hundreds out of particularly one that stops you from wrong game stops you from transgressing in your position is a constant in your life. It is a constant in your relationship with Allah quotevalet como si Um, can I put you out of the norm and probably Camila Allah contact upon fasting is to make you more mindful of Allah so that

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first and foremost you don't transgress with his blessings upon his boundaries. That's the first function of taqwa between you and Allah subhana wa Tada. And then taqwa shows up between you and the people as well. Every single time the prophets lie some of them sets up a new relationship, whether that is in the capacity of the marriage or otherwise it begins Bismillah. It begins in the name of Allah and with the invocation of it, tuck Allah, be mindful of Allah subhana wa Tada. It is the most important constant. Now, just like in our dealings with Allah, our faith often shows in adversity, our true sense of faith shows in adversity as it pertains to Allah, our true sense of character, as

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it pertains to people also shows in adversity. And in Islam, Deen and hope, religion and character are entirely intertwined. And so as it pertains to our relationship with Allah, and as it pertains to our relationship with people, our faith and character really showed themselves for good or for bad in hardship.

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And some have a lot when you look at the breakdown of relationships, both in the family sense and in the community sense both in the business sense and the personal sense. You start to see that the principles that we claim throughout our lives suddenly dissipate and our sense of revenge, our sense of anger, our sense of you know, of wanting to claim as much as we can in this world and to get as much as we can in this world, then everything goes out the window. What am I talking about here, when the Prophet slicin mentions the signs of a hypocrite?

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One Hadith mentions three, one Hadeeth mentions for one, he says when he speaks he lies when he makes a promise, he breaks the promise, what he told me in a hon and when he is interested, then he will violate that trust, speaks lies breaks a promise, and at the same time, that person cannot be trusted with any type of Amana and another Hadith, the prophet slice on an added what Eva ha sama, fragile, and when that person argues they transgress, now, this is probably the most misunderstood aspect of this Hadeeth as it pertains to all of this. Why, because furore, when you hear that, how do you think of a person yelling? Right? They get into an argument, and they raise their voices. But

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that's not always what food is. In fact, food is often silence. foodora is transgression and transgression in the scales of Allah subhanho wa Taala in the capacity of a dispute. And so for example, it is for your to ignore your brother for three days, or your sister for three days. It's for joy. It's silence. You're not saying anything, but that is what the hostile messages that they boycott each other or they boycott one another over their arguments. That is a sense of fidelity. It's not loud, but it is deadly. And it falls into that heavy. That's why some of them out by the way. They mentioned that the reason why the prophets lie some mentions the fourth one in one

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narration, and not in the other is because lying when speaking is for George.

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Breaking A promise is for George his transgression, breaking a trust, violating a trust is for George and so either house on a fragile

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is actually simply the thread between all three of these things that when dispute arises or something happens, fragile, they exit out of the boundaries of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And food is the opposite of taqwa. Allah says Allah Maha foodora. What taqwa for Jew is to transgress. taqwa is to restrict, restrain yourself from the disobedience of Allah or violate the boundaries of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So, Foo Foo means alhaja Antara Tila. It means to exit out of the obedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala cross the boundaries that were set by God in any relationship, including the relationship between you and him. And virgin is someone who steps out of bounds with their Lord, in

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their faith, founded in their personal dealings as someone who crosses the boundaries in disputes, and that is a deficiency in character, and faith and character are one and SubhanAllah. When we start to frame everything as a tequila deficiency, or a need for tequila, then we have to start thinking about everything that we do before we get to the problems. taqwa necessitate necessitates that you are always observing the sight of God upon you whether other people are watching you or not, that you are observing God's standard, whether other people are holding you to that standard or not that you are accountable whether there are other people in your life that are capable of

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enforcing accountability on you or not. You have Taqwa.

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Okay, so talk one marriage means what? I will observe the boundaries of marriage, whether my spouse can see me or not, whether I think that my phone is going to be seen or my email is going to be seen or not, whether there's a camera or not.

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Whether there is an in law presence or not. Whether there is a power dynamic or not. I'm always first and foremost putting Allah subhanho wa Taala first and how I deal with my spouse. It took a lot of insight to

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be mindful of Allah with your spouse's fear Allah in regards to your spouse's. Sometimes people operate in sin under the cover of secrecy.

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And so when there is violence that takes place, physical or verbal abuse, from husband to wife or wife to husbands, and there is no one else that's aware of it fonzo a person continues to transgress because they have secrecy. And so that's a problem. That's a tough one deficiency. infidelity is a tough one deficiency. When someone starts to engage and hold on communications, and spotlight as we said a few months ago, you know, with all the deaths that's been taking place in the community, if your phone is handed over to your spouse, are you afraid or not? Tough Allah, Allah reads your communications. Allah is aware of them putting Allah subhanaw taala first, and then comes What? When

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the bad things happen? Follow up happens. Divorce happens. And so Pamela look at the verses over and over and over again. embedding taqwa in divorce. Yeah, you and a B either. caloptima Nisa for toliko 131. Well, actually, what tequila how to become the first thing the profit slice lm is commanded. That when you carry out a divorce, make sure that you initiate it at the right time. There's a sooner so when you initiate a divorce and make sure you observe them properly and fear Allah what's up Allah Allah McComb, you both have the same Lord that you will be accountable to.

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And you will never see the sin no less applied than in divorce. It's so sad in our communities. It is so sad. All of a sudden the religious and the secular it all goes out the window Watson I'm gonna cite the text as it can benefit me. But what sooner what observance of Alon has messengers of Allah who I knew he was Sunday? And how does it start off with after that that's what rejuvenate them in beauty hoonah Raja Illa Tina be fair hatin will be you know, don't kick them out of their houses, your spouse is out of their houses, nor leave your house there in the period to be observed. Unless there's a fear of your safety, that it does there for a reason. I can't tell you how many times

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we're facing issues in our community times in our community, where right away, the follow up is entered. And then forget about the two people that practice Islam to people that pray and a husband tells his wife don't come home. A wife disappears, the husband disappears. There is no Don't you dare kick the other person out of their rightful home, nor leave your place. There is a process to be established here and to be observed here unless there is a fear of safety or there is shamelessness phakisa, a major transgression that has taken place, what tin can do the law. That's the boundary of a law that's been set on you. You don't get to reason your way out of it. tilka do

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the loved one then you have to do that.

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Allah, Allah nafsa and whoever crosses transgresses the boundary of Allah, you've wronged yourself. You might have hurt the other person Subhana Allah, the types of Nevada May Allah protect us from wrongdoing or being wronged in these ways in these divorces

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kicking people out of their homes, changing locks, not coming. I mean it's unbelievable what takes place like when is there in that to be observed? And Allah is saying what you cross the boundary of Allah you have wronged yourself not to do it through the camera and you don't know what Allah is going to pave as a result of you observing what he has put as a process for you. But again, it tequila later on Allah subhanaw taala mentions in the forgiveness and after a divorce has to take place where people then start to write its lawyer up and get as much as you can. What does Allah subhanaw taala say? Well Antara fu acabo de taqwa you know what be a person that forgives be a

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person that overlooks be a person that says I understand we can make an arrangement try your try your best to be that person that is understanding and forgiving. Don't weaponize one time for a properly taqwa be a person who's forgiving who's overlooking who's pardoning, who's reasonable, who's gracious, graceful. A credible attacker that's closer to taqwa. When I turn someone Filipina calm, don't forget the good times that you had amongst yourselves in the lobby my town, I don't want to see it, Allah sees you.

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What does that speaking about, as important to the Rahim Allah said, that when two people get a divorce, and then they slander one another, and they, they, they try to hinder the past marriage for the other person afterwards? So put out nasty things in the community. Right, start making suggestions and hence why so that you can make that person miserable because you feel like they've made you miserable. Where's the tough part in the in the lobby, you might attack them, I don't want to see it. Allah sees you to take more than your hack is for George to take more than you're right this footjoy sometimes people you know, find themselves in a favorable situation, outside of the

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boundaries of Allah, His Messenger slice on them and they take more than what's allotted to them. That is for jewelry. It's not screaming and cursing and yelling, but that is for sure. That is to do with Allah that is being crossed. Using your children as pawns in a divorce taqwa problem. taqwa problem Subhana Allah in the vengeance of all of this in the situation, where a husband and wife pit their children against one another manipulate, where's your fear of Allah, that's going to come back to bite you. It'll bite you with your children bite you with yourself it tequila. Your children are not pawns. Your children need help. Right they need they need they need that compassion that care

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that love they need understanding. But a person is just trying to do what as much as I can get out of this for door take as much as I can hurt as much as I can wield as much as I can execute as much as I can of pain on the other person. And then that feeds into our business relationships, feeds into our money. How many families have been destroyed

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over plots of land and their home dinar and dollar panela an extra plot of land an extra dyrham an extra dinar and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Men are taught on a ship Bron Minato the whole mantle waka hula who iya who Yeoman piano team and salary or aldine mesilla afia profits licensed whoever takes just this much an extra piece of land that doesn't belong to them. Allah subhanaw taala will wrap seven Earth's on their neck that they carry on the Day of Judgment that's your burden.

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That extra dollar that you take in disputes, that extra land that you take in disputes, that extra share of business that you take in dispute. Be careful because if you're taking more than what belongs to you, you will see it on the day of judgment and it won't be pretty. Be careful when in town for a couple of taqwa. And if you can be on the safe side and be on the cautious side. That's closer to taqwa. So, you know what this part is disputed. I'll give up the part that's disputed because I don't want to see it on the day of judgment on my neck.

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As $1 or a piece of land or a percentage that I stole. I'm going to observe tequila because I fear Allah subhana wa Tada. I'll take the short end of the stick for the greater reward. I'll do that. I'm not going to engage in this but people fight and claw to get more More, more more. There's no tuckpointing where's the fear of Allah subhana wa Tada. And as I said, Dear brothers and sisters, in conclusion, even in retaliation,

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even in retaliation, there's taqwa.

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This is how we are calibrated. If you don't like it, you have a problem with the Quran. This is how we're calibrated even when we are Muslim when we are wronged. We don't have the right to become wrongdoers as a result of that to harm because we've been harmed. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam says it must step ban those that curse one another

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People get into an argument a fight mafada final Daddy, the the person who started it the person who said the initial curse is the one who bears the sin, man. Yeah, I told him as long as long as the one who is wrong does not increase in retaliation does not transgress in retaliation. The wrongdoing is on the one who initiated as long as you don't respond in that way. Listen to this headache I'm afraid Allah The Allah tada analysers Bala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in nermeen Akbar Al Qaeda it is to fall in love if you're out of the allegedly and Muslim be right we have that one of the greatest sins in the sight of Allah is that a person attacks the reputation of their brother

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or sister in Islam without right.

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One of the greatest kabbah up there with Xena and Riba and everything the prophets I said there's no greater river or there is the Riba interest in usury in the reputation the way you speak of the reputation of your brother or sister. So the prophets like Samson is one of the most grievious ways then the Prophet sly said I'm sorry, wamena al Qaeda, a sub britanny b sub and you know what else is a major sin to respond to one curse with two curses? Yes, there's taco and retaliation to to not transgress in retaliation as Allah subhanaw taala says, well, in our competent for our people within the mat, roketsan v. He was in sabato malachite on the submarine. And so if you take your

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retaliation, we are religion that sets up the scales of justice and then promotes the virtue of forgiveness, we don't see a contradiction between justice and forgiveness. So you have the right take back your rights, but only take back to the extent that you deserve to the extent that is due to you. And you know what, even then, what are in sabato, if at that point, you're graceful, forgiving patients, the whole height on the slavery, Allah will be the one who will reward you on the Day of Judgment. Your brothers and sisters when you are wronged. When you are wronged, do not do anything to compromise the help of Allah on your side. Do not do anything to make the angels flee

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from you, and to let Allah lift his help and support from you by taking matters into your own hands and becoming vengeful, and trying to hurt the person in ways that are permitted and prohibited just to get your payback. Allah does not let things go to waste. You get the short end of the stick in this life then we have a systematic problem where we have to try to stop but you will get the appropriate reward on the Day of Judgment. I ended with the same from full day all the time

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for laid up in a yard or him a whole lot either. He said either attacker Roger and yesco la Corolla if someone comes to you complaining about another person * Yeah, here for I'm home for in Accra, Bali taqwa then say to him Oh my brother. Pardon overlooked forgive. That's closer to the taqwa of Allah subhana wa Tada. That's closer to your mindfulness of Allah subhana wa tada for incarna tamiu Colville Africa. Well I can unposted okemah Amara Nila Nila level as well. And if that person says my heart does not allow me to forgive, so I'm going to take my revenge or I'm going to retaliate. The way that Allah subhanaw taala has written down for me or allowed for me good for in

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Quinta to esino tanto sera mithila and beneath so then show Exxon under and do not transgress by going beyond what is owed to you? What inla for Jerry, Isla wF we for inaudible f we owe sorrow for inner home and artha was Lucha Allah. He said but if you think about it, and you come back, come back to the door of forgiveness. Because the door of forgiveness is more expansive. And when a person forgives and overlooks than their edge, it is with Allah subhanaw taala the reward is with Allah subhana wa tada that's an on the Day of Judgment, your edge of your payment will be with God. But on top of that, he said, Well, sir, he would if we anomaly on our philosophy, he will say people

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in Teesside, you call liberal, more. So powerful.

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He said, and the person who knows how to forgive, they sleep comfortably at night, asleep in their bed comfortably. They put their head on their pillow and they say 100 in my address with Allah, I'm not going to become the wrongdoer. As a response of the wrongdoer to me, I'll seek it from God. But the one who plots and tries to say how do I get my revenge? How do I retaliate? How do I do this? They're just turning, tossing and turning all night long in their bed, trying to plot and plan and they never have any peace in this world, nor do they have the reward in the hereafter. May Allah Subhana Allah make us the people of tuck what people have tuck wha when we are in power and people

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of tuck well when we are persecuted people of taqwa when we are dealing with Allah and the people of taqwa when we are dealing with each other a people of tequila with our families and the people of tequila with our communities. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us taqwa and all of our affairs and then spring from that taqwa. The beauty of

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axon and then grant us in response to that their son, his son, his excellence, may Allah subhanaw taala let that axon be generated for the dose and the companionship of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who was wronged more than any of us but who always excelled in virtue and hence excelled in his station. May Allah grant us that station, may Allah Subhana Allah grant us his reward, may Allah grant us his second his tranquility in this life and in the next May Allah subhanaw taala forgive us for our shortcomings. May Allah subhana wa tada not allow us to die amongst the Lada mean to die amongst the wrongdoers in the transgressors. But instead make us amongst those who are

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patients and receive his reward alum I mean according to the high level stuff a lot of money must be invested in order for Rahim

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hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah while he was so happy he Roman weather alarm I mean ultimately not what Allah Muslim you know I'm listening. Here in in from Allah miles in Kissimmee room curry Buddha Buddha Allah Allah fitted on our wire for one or two I did not love Donna balama and fuson our inlanta for Lana. Lana coonan dominello Pasadena Isla hella anta Subhana Allah in I couldn't I mean a lot I mean a llama fiddle you add in a little bit come home I came out of buena salado Robin a Hamilton as well as you know the reality and authoritarian * limit subpoena imama Allah well if one and men could be in a fee couldn't be McCann Allah Hamas well if one and men

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could be enough he could be McCann along or sort of one and we'll start off in a famous article although Nevada article while immunoblotting meanwhile originate with one and I'm beating him 30 mean about the law here I'm gonna build it with x&y eater. Cordoba Lionheart and in fascia you will one kill you will burn your document under come to the Coronavirus Carolina photo commerce crew one in erema is it Blackcomb? What are the crew Allahu Akbar Allahu

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