Suleiman Hani – Quranic Connection #08 – The Long-Term Plan

Suleiman Hani
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the importance of consistency in a man's relationship with the Quran and how it is more valued as a form of worship. It also mentions a doctor's busy work and how he memorized the Quran. The segment emphasizes the importance of setting realistic goals and surrounding oneself with resources, including books and articles.
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One time a young man asked why consistency was so important in connecting with the Quran, and if doing it on his own time was better whenever he felt like it. He was asked how much he accomplished that way and he admitted it wasn't very much. Now consistency isn't only greater for achieving your goals and focusing on your commitment to a process. It is more beloved to Allah as a form of worship. A doctor was so busy working for three years and yet he memorized the Quran due to his consistency, whereas other people burn out very quickly. Don't skip your daily goal with the Quran no matter what happens. Set a minimum goal that's realistic and strong and surround yourself with

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reminders that will help you to attain Inshallah, tada the goal that you want and surround yourself as well with resources in terms of people books and articles. And may Allah subhanaw taala keep us consistent and accept from us Allah murmee

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as salam aleikum, thank you for watching our series if you want to continue learning and benefiting and Muslim has a large collection of free ebooks and resources, you can download them at the website and forward slash gifts

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