When Miracles Defy Logic

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Menachem the law salatu salam ala Rasulillah and he will be here woman why Allah

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Subhan Allah tonight, which Surah did we start with?

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suited? That is Rob. And by the way before I say anything,

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we can't talk about certain slot and the blessings of an axon without paying attention to what's happening in the lochsa right now, where you have death squads that are going state sanctioned by an oppressive regime and chanting death to Arabs and continuing to oppress our brothers and sisters there So may Allah subhanaw taala liberate Al Aqsa, may Allah subhana wa Tada empower our brothers and sisters and Philistine to overcome their oppressor. Allahumma Amin. Now, here's what I want to talk about. It is very easy for us 1400 years later, when we hear the stories of these miracles that took place with our beloved prophet Sallallahu sallam, and with the prophets that came before him to

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say that had we been there, we would have believed that to right away, we would have, without any reservation accepted what has come to us through him SallAllahu wasallam. But the journey of an Israelite Raj was different. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam came back from that journey, and in the midst of all of the mockery and the vulnerable position that he was already in sallallahu alayhi wa salam says that Allah took him from Mecca to Jerusalem to the heavens and back all in one night.

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A lot of people had a hard time with that. Some of the Muslims wish that the prophets lie, some hadn't said that because it increased the mockery of the Prophet sallallahu. And he was salam and the early believers and the prophets lie Selim stood there with full confidence and certainty and narrated what had happened to him and what he saw. And we know that Abubaker Radi Allahu Taala and who believed him without reservation while the Allahu Taala and who, well who was Sadiq and he is the truthful one who believes the prophets lie so I'm always without reservation. Now the prophets I send him was tested questions right and he was able to answer all of these questions that prove that

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he did indeed go on that journey things on the way things within Jerusalem migrations and movements that were taking place he was able to describe it precisely Salah honey who was salam as he saw it on that night. But here's the thing what did I go back at all the allowed Tada? And who answer when they told Abu Bakr, Radi Allahu Tada, and what the prophets lie. Some said, I actually want to hear some hands because I see some hands because there were a few things that I will Becquerel, the law on who said so? Can anyone tell me?

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If he said it, he's telling the truth. That's one. He said something else too, by the way?

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Does anyone know?

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May Allah bless him exactly like him? A lot of people don't pay attention to the second part. I will back out all the allotted time on who said I believe him when he says that he receives revelation from the Lord of the heavens and the earth in an instance. And that's a far greater miracle than this. Why is this one causing you such disturbance? And that's what I want to talk about today. Why was that one causing you disturbance even early Muslims that believed the Quran that believed he was a messenger of Allah? Why the idea that he was taken from Mecca to Jerusalem to the heavens and back in one night? Why does that cause you disturbance, the Quran is a much greater miracle than that the

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Lord of the heavens and the earth, descends it upon him in an instance. That's what I want to talk about. And subhanAllah throughout the next few sutras, you have these miracles that defy logic, physical dimensions, how is it that a group of people slept in a cave for all of those years and then woke up? The human body doesn't do that right. Were they in a coma, we have to find a way to medically explain the possibility of us hobbled calf. Oh, yeah, George and George, I don't see them on Google Maps. How do we figure out a way to make this a metaphor? Oh, are you citing his friend without a father, a virgin birth of Jesus peace be upon him? No, wait, that doesn't make sense.

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Maybe there was something else maybe there is another meaning a dimension that we have to bring up with the philosophy and rationalize How are you Saudi? Saddam was born to just a mother because otherwise it can't make sense. Yes, Chef Zachary. It is Saddam was nine years old, asking Allah for a child. What nine years old, a nine year old man saying grant me a child. How does that make sense? I can't physically come to terms with this little coordinate and and creating putting this barrier up. None of it physically. Makes sense. It defies my logic in terms of physical

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all dimensions, and there is something very profound about what's taking place in these next few chapters. Because Musa alayhis salam splitting the Red Sea, all of them coming one after the other miracles, that if they were to happen in front of us, we would not know how to come to terms with it and perhaps we would deny them. Why is that? And Subhan Allah we find that Allah connects the inability to believe in miracles from him that defy our physical norms, to believe in the hereafter to believe in the AKA, remember the very beginning of the Quran, and livina you're gonna believe those who believe in the unseen and you know what Allah says inserted? It's not it's a very powerful

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verse. I think it's verse 45, where Allah subhanaw taala says when the prophets lie some reads the Quran to them. Jana Binaca, ouabain alladhina LA, you know, and I will ask you naughty hijab and Mistura, it's a powerful verse, when you read the Quran to them, oh Messenger of Allah, a barrier is placed between you and those that don't believe in the hereafter. It's like a hijab is between them, because they can't come to terms with the idea of the hereafter. Either mitzner Will couldn't not to Raba what Ivana, we're done, we become dirt and bones, and then in a marathon, and then we come back to life. How does that work? Because you have to make it make sense to me, right? Make it make sense

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to me make these miracles make sense to me. Okay. And the same barrier that would be in us to cause a skepticism with the miracles is the same barrier that would cause us skepticism with the akhira. And that's why Allah specified, we put a barrier between you and those who don't believe in the Iran, if they have a hard time with the hereafter, how are they going to believe that something miraculous is happening around them in real time? Of course, they can't believe it. Madame it has Saddam gives birth to a Saudi, his Saddam, these people that are scholars of the scripture, that claim to believe in God. And they see Madame it has Salam carrying, are you Saudi has Salam? Yeah,

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Mata yum. How could you do this? How could you bring this forth? Nakata, GT che and ferrea they can't see it. It doesn't make sense. You know, we can talk about some miracles that are in a realm that we already don't, you know, interact with, but, but no but but sleep and time and space and these things become very difficult for us to swallow.

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And subhanAllah at the end of the day, what does Allah subhanaw taala say, to zakat, iati his Salam who just asked Allah subhanaw taala for a child, and allow responds right away and says to a 90 year old man, whose wife was never able to give birth, not only do you have your child, here's his name, and here are his qualities, and your wife was already pregnant.

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As a CareOne Salam, rob the NIA Hakuna de William Wait, yeah, Allah, how's that going to happen? Zecharia was not questioning Allah, there's a difference between his skepticism. It's not skepticism. It's shock. For us. It could be skepticism. presentity it Sam. He's not questioning his Lord. He's like, how is this going to even happen? And what is the law response to that IQ? I said, so.

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It's going to happen because I said, so. I control time and space. I control when and how you don't worry about that part. I said, So cathodic Maria Manny has Salam says, Yeah, Allah. I'm going to have a child. I'm not even married. I've never been touched by a man. Look how she responded to Djibouti and Ani his Salam. Stay back in Quinta, Korea, fear Allah and get away from me. I'm worshiping Allah, I don't talk to men. And now I have a child, how ya allah to that ik I said, so.

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There is no such thing as easy or easier or harder, harder with Allah, it's just cadaveric Allah says and it is convey a coin B and it is. And when we are reading about these things, sometimes there's a disease in our email and in our faith to where we can believe something that's improbable, but not impossible by our standards. And Allah subhanaw taala calls us to overcome that. You know how that skepticism starts to creep in sometimes you read some fake books, some Arpita books and you say, You know what, this doesn't make sense to me. My logic is greater than what the Quran and the Sunnah say. So I'm going to come up with some modern answer, to undermine the Scripture, undermine

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the text, undermine the Quran and the Sunnah because you know, the dimensions. It all has to fit with my dimensions with my thinking.

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And Allah subhanho To Allah says, Know your place

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you're done.

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mansions have no relevance to Allah subhanaw taala has dominion, your perception has no relevance to Allah's power, know your place, and call upon the Lord who worked these miracles that seemingly defied logic.

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And understand that Allah subhana wa Tada has that same power with you, does that mean that you know you're going to see things happen in front of you that are not going to make sense Subhan Allah, what it does mean, what we all do know is that when we put bodies into the ground, and they decay, and the bodies become nothing but a few bones, eaten by this earth, that the people that were put in those graves are fully preserved, and that they in us will be raised back in our full beings, and that there is an afterlife and we believe in that hereafter. And we believe in the way that things will transpire. That is a barrier to our faith when we start trying to subject Allah and His

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Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa salam to us. You have to overcome it. We have to overcome it. Alladhina Umina believe we believe in the unseen we have no issues in our heart. When we read anything in the Quran. We believe the Prophet slice and um went to Jerusalem and heavens and came back and one day, we believe that Jesus peace be upon him that a sigh snom was born to a virgin mother, we believe that Musa alayhis, Salam staff turned into a snake and consumed all of the snakes of the Sahara, the magician's of our own we have no issues with that. It does not cause us any issue in our iman because you know what? What's more miraculous than all of that? Is this, the fact that

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we're all here talking and intelligent beings and that we live in a world of Intelligent Design?

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Shouldn't that be a creator that put that all together? And that we've we have seen we've seen babies, right come from nothing and come up and rise to be beings like us? Isn't that a miracle from Allah? subhanaw taala? Why is it logical? Because it's familiar to us, because it makes sense to us because we've already seen it happen so many times that it's no longer really that miraculous. Don't subject Allah subhanaw taala to that, and put yourself in the place of Abubaker it'll be a long time and who, who not for a moment, not for a moment. It's kind of like even Gibreel Ali his Salam on the way back when the prophets lie, Selim was on his way back and I'll end with this because you have to

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put yourself in those situations and think what would I have done? What would I have said, how would I have reacted? Well, sola sai Salam saw what he saw. And he's telling Abubaker He's telling Djibouti Ronnie, he's Salam on the way back on the journey, says, Yeah, Gibreel no one's going to believe me to read it his salaam says you're still coca, a Saudi. You're still coca Abubaker Rojas, Sadiq, Abubakar will believe you,

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as if to say, Allah already knows. And Allah subhanaw taala will make something of this. And you will have people that maybe when they have some reservations, some hesitation, but then at the end of the day, they'll think about it and they'll say yes, he is the messenger of Allah. We've already seen so many miracles transpire from him. But by the way, watch how aboubaker response Abubaker or the Allahu Anhu did not hear from the Prophet slice of them. First. He heard the mockery first, you know, that even makes it more improbable, right? You hear what your friend is saying? You hear what he's saying? He's He's a madman. He's claiming this. He's claiming he went to Jerusalem in the

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heavens and came back and one day I'll go back to the says so.

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So what? You think that shakes me? If he said it, he's telling the truth. But how could it be? I believe the Quran comes to him. In an instance, Allah, the Lord of the heavens in the earth speaks to an instance. That's much harder to believe if you're trying to judge in the state of miracles. May Allah put our heart at ease with everything, everything, everything that Allah Subhana Allah has revealed to us through our beloved messenger, salallahu Alaihe Salam, may Allah put no reservation, no hesitation, no doubt in our heart. When we come across what Allah and His Messenger sallallahu alayhi salam have revealed, may Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to also be in that miraculous

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place. That place that though we can't see it, we believe in it of generative for the dose and the companionship of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I mean Allah subhanaw taala liberate that blessed place of inputs from those that occupied and from those that oppress and cause corruption within it Allahumma Amin does that going to a federal Santa Monica mercantile Council