When the Prophet Sent People Home from the Masajid for Taraweeh

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On the fourth night of Ramadan, the Prophet ﷺ did not show up to lead Taraweeh. Tune in as Sh. Omar Suleiman reflects on this incident and the meaning behind it.

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I want to come back into Labor Council once again everyone I would assume and I'm going to shape our teams and our economic team and I mean what I would want it to mean black people to then we're talking a lot more suddenly we're selling robotic and our decoder so the cameraman is a little while he was a lamb early, he was gonna be selling to Siemens Kafeel. So just a few reminders in Charlottetown of this Wednesday night inshallah we're going to have a very special Ramadan prep webinar, where we're going to be looking at 10 tips and Charlottetown on how to have an effective Ramadan a spiritually productive Ramadan in the nighttime that carries you across the month and

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makes this the most fruitful Ramadan ever for you but in the nighttime so we asked the most parents either to allow us to live to see the month of Ramadan and we asked Allah subhana wa tada to allow us to have an accepted Ramadan and for it to bring us closer to Him and to attain His pleasure alone I mean, so that's going to be again 815 Central 915 Eastern inshallah tada on Wednesday with the nahi tada on Thursday night will start and 3430 in sha Allah, where chef Abdullah guru and myself and a group of scholars every night we'll be looking at every juice of the Quran over 30 days with the nighttime so please do tune in on the note that you know we want to start Ramadan strong

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So now I can be here. So the title

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definitely speaks to something that a lot of people don't know about, which is that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam had set the people home for today in a very interesting Hadeeth in two narrations, in fact that we look at one of them as the headache of zaidan without authority a lot of time I'm home where they go the length of time who says that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam took a room made of date, palm tree, date palm leaves, Max in the masjid and then the prophets why Selim he prayed for a few nights in the masjid in Ramadan until the people started to gather behind him in the mustard. So this is basically total we and so on the fourth night, the people did not

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hear the voice of the prophet SAW the love or use them leading the prayer and they thought that he had slept so to give you some context, the Prophet slicin them was praying in the masjid in the nights of Ramadan total we have prayer today he has a later name to describe cleome in Ramadan, the night prayer and Ramadan. And as the companions were finding out they were quickly gathering behind him on a nightly basis to a point that another narration says the doors of the masjid were bursting open and that the message was completely full. So this isn't just the 21st century phenomenon, the message become fuller in Ramadan, even with the Sahaba of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and as they

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were gathering behind the Prophet slicin of the first night, then the second night and the third night and word was quickly spreading that the Prophet slicin them was leading pm in the masjid and Ramadan. On the fourth night, the Prophet slicin um, did not come out and the people did not hear his voice in recitation. So some of them went by his door, they waited by the door of the Prophet sly, some for some time. And then they started to, you know, make a humming sound or to make some sort of sound hoping that it would cause the prophets license to come out. Then the prophets, I seldom said that you continued doing what I saw you doing until I was afraid that this prayer might

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become enjoined upon you it might become mandatory for you and if it were enjoined upon you, you would not be able to continue performing it. Therefore, people perform your prayers at your homes for the best prayer of a person is what is performed at his home except for the October except for the mandatory prayers. So this idea of the Prophet sly setup is telling the people to pray their total prayers at home and it was in his lifetime and in fact, the Prophet slicin I'm only led the companions in prayer for three nights now why is it still a sin? for us because the prophets lie some established it as a sin to pray in the masjid and the prophets lysozyme said Temasek will be

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sending a tea to hold on to my son and the son of the holy fatwa Sabine at the end of the

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rightly guided caliphs and Amato, the love of Tata and who gathered the people. As they were praying in smaller congregations. In the Ramadan nights, he gathered the people once again, behind a single Imam, to revive what the prophet slicin has started, because the fear that it would become throttled was no longer there. So the prophets license fear was that it would become obligatory on the people to perform it as such, if they continue to do it on a regular basis, and they were no longer able to distinguish it. So that was the wisdom of the prophets lysozyme and obviously, divinely guided to ensure that it was still looked at as a sooner it was looked at as a voluntary prayer, and not a

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mandatory prayer. Now, there are all sorts of discussions to come at this from come out of this room 50 perspective, one of them from the sense of jurisprudence, is it then better to pray at home? Even one subtle way has taken place in the masjid? Is it better to pray at home? Or is it better to pray with the congregation in total, we so that's a difference of opinion that the scholars maintained about whether it was better to pray in Tel Aviv in the masjid the pm in the Muslim Ramadan or to pray pm at home. But I want to speak to how important this is to us right now. Understanding this particular hobby for us right now. And these narrations for us right now. The profits by selling

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them feared that people would turn telawi in the masjid into an obligatory act, if it continued as such. Now, for us, obviously, that fear is not there. We know it's a sin, that it's a beautiful sin, and it's established by the Sahaba. So it shouldn't be revived. It should always be in the massage. And while they feed off on the individual of whether they should go join those prayers in the masjid. It's our practice and the practice of the son of them forever that tidal wave remains in the muscles and the people can join and in the massager they're alive in the nights of Ramadan. But how do we actually take some benefit from this for ourselves? Number one, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam was concerned about people making it a foul. But there's also something else that we should not we should not make our E by that our acts of worship, dependent upon those institutions as they exist. Now when I say those institutions, the massages are there, and we need the massages. But our salon should not only be in the massage, it's on the profits license that keep a share of your salon, for your homes, a share of your prayers for your homes, don't turn them into graveyards, prayer in the masjid still has to be done, the honor of the most of them is still there. But you have to be able to carry that prayer outside of the masjid, you've got to be able to bring some of

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it home, you've got to be able to pray for them at home, you've got to be able to have some sort of established practice at home. And the prophets license insisted upon that, though he loved it, his slotless allowed his prayer in the masjid in the night and in the day. But the prophet sly son wanted to set an example and wanted people to understand that they needed to learn how to pray at home, they needed to assign a prayer for themselves at home, this little blonde in particular, while while there are you know, some fatawa that are coming out about praying total, we have behind the screen, which by the way, I mean, I personally, you know, my scholars and my teachers and, and I'm

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ashamed to even see myself when I say my scholars and my teachers and the Musharraf and the established councils that we have, you know, the vast majority. And when I say the vast majority, I mean, the vast majority would not approve of such a thing. And I would caution and in particular to say that when we're in a temporary time of need, we should not do things that could alter our trajectory permanently. Okay, so this is a temporary pandemic button. And anytime we pray that we never have to have to hold on again, where we where we can't have our total we had our massages and things of that sort. And it would be a problem for us to do something now where people start praying

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to other women behind screens going forward. So even if it's enough enough, it's a voluntary prayer. And obviously there is some flexibility that's afforded to voluntary prayers that's not afforded to Juma prayers and mandatory prayers. Still, we should not alter the trajectory permanently because of how we're feeling right now temporarily. That's number one. Number two, we can still take the wisdom and the benefit and say yeah, Allah if we are able to establish the an at home consistently for 30 days. How amazing would it be if that pm after normal button continues in our homes, even if it's just two hours a night, how amazing of a transformation in our own lives and our spiritual lives if

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we're able to take that total week, which is just beyond the normal blonde and let it transfer over and BPM for the rest of the year but the 90 Tada where we always pray just too close to dark eyes, even every single

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When I did the 90 Tyler and we maintain that connection. So this is a gift from a loss of Hannah Montana. And if the Prophet sallallahu wasallam saw that there was wisdom and benefit and sending the people home for a different reason that at that time that there was a there was a risk that it would become a fuddled for the people then certainly for us for us we can see the wisdom of Allah subhanaw taala redirecting us so that we can pray to Allah we had our homes and we can learn the the beautiful practice of praying in the night at home and in the night out a lot. So gel will not just give us the reward of this special Ramadan but the reward of the deeds that continue and inshallah

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tada tada we in Ramadan in 2021 in the lifetime of next year should Allah give us life would be so much more fulfilling so much better it would have such a deep connection for us inshallah tada we're going to be longing for that next Hold on You know when you talk about the Sahaba that that Mr. Ramadan for six months after long for it for six months before we're going to be longing for that next to hold on to the night out and maybe like the Sahaba six months in advance but underlying Thailand though certainly the condition of our hearts will never be like the condition of their hearts. So the essential message is that we need to learn to be independent of place and time with

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our ibadah

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to the extent that we continue to perform to them even when we don't have that time and that place okay and that's why every year when the scholars say that the sign of successful double bond is the continuation of deeds after what then of piano lead what then of the night prayer in the 19 Tyler if we're able to continue with after and certainly if the companions were able to maintain that deep connection with a lot as an adult and continue you just know some how to learn Do you really think that when bubble bucket and on earth not in IE we're no longer able to pray total we send the message to the Prophet slicin Um Do you really think that they weren't praying to Allah we had home

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that Ramadan? Of course they were right of course they were. So while we miss our total we had our massages and we look forward to that and established as a center in the massage and in the communal sense. at an individual level. There is so much wisdom so much benefit to us gaining the love and the pleasure of frankly I'ma live at home didn't rely entirely on these nights of Ramadan. So May Allah subhanaw taala enable us to pray Our prayers at home with the same quality and with the same love and with the same longing for him that we would had we had those massages And may Allah Subhana which Allah connect us to him and just as we feel connected to the houses of Allah subhana wa tada

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May Allah make us of people that connect to a lot in our own houses as well. May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to taste the sweetness of beyond this fold on title weaken this song along in our homes and gain the habit of pm that will outlive this normal blonde and let it be a habit that we stick with the name Tyler until the moment of our death And may Allah subhanaw taala raise us as people have raised us as people of prayer a lot to me. So inshallah time just to remind you all again, the link we have we're going to be just talking about this for the next few nights. We count on your support as a community obviously. First a lot has done and then the community's generosity

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individual lives. So does that come along fate and I'll see you all tomorrow and shall at the same time we'll set out where it can learn to live.