Omar Suleiman – How Ali (ra) Spent 4 Dirhams in Search of Allah’s Mercy

Omar Suleiman
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh once again, I would ask me that a Shakeology has now been handed in I mean, we don't want to mean well I prefer to have been with terpene last Sunday with cinnamon barichara avocado silica Mohammed in Salalah. While he was alone

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he was lucky he was so them to see him in the cathedral. So firstly, I want to start off with the bad news. The bad news is that this is the last likely reflection that we're going to have. The good news is that it's because of Ramadan is around the corner but the nine times so I want to thank everyone hamdulillah that's been tuning in on a regular basis and inshallah tada we'll see how we continue these after Ramadan.

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But at the same time, as I had mentioned the previous night's inshallah Tada, tomorrow night, we're going to be having a normal blonde prep webinar where we'll cover 10 essential tips and shot let's add on how to make this the best hold on ever been in China. So please tune in tomorrow, same time, inshallah Tada, webinar, dot yaqeen, and sha Allah and it'll be a great panel but the night tada we've prepared 10 tips that we've actually discussed together and shut lots on and then we'll talk about them. And hopefully it'll be very practical with all the other beneficial content that's coming out from your pain and otherwise, right now about how to make this the best Ramadan.

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And then Thursday night, inshallah tada at 10pm. Eastern

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every night starting Thursday night, whether Ramadan is announced by moon signing for Friday or not, we're gonna start the poll and 3430 program in Charlottetown. Associate Hello, do myself and another guest every night and Chatelet Santa of Ramadan for 30 nights will cover all 30 just all 30 chapters of the NBN in detail. So I'm looking forward to still spending those nights with you in sha Allah. And we'll probably still have some evening reflections in the last 10 nights maybe a midnight reflection as well in Charlottetown, but we'll try to keep in touch. Of course the angel series will also be debuting in sha Allah to Allah for the first day of Ramadan and we'll be releasing everyday

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inshallah 30 episodes that Not to mention the different content that will be coming out through your games platform. So just a little fade in to all of you for tuning in over this last month or so. And for continuing to tune in Charlottetown tomorrow for the Ramadan prep webinar. Then Thursday as we start to go into 3430 bit at a time. If you notice there's a link which I'll mention at the end as well for those that are coming in in this status for you to put a donation in shot let's add that will be charged and on Friday evening. Friday evening. We'll cover the first of all gone both ways. So those that start Friday and the day and those that start Friday night tada we inshallah tada so

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if you go ahead and put your pledge in there, you won't be charged until Ramadan inshallah tada so that'll give you a boost in Ramadan inshallah tada which subaqua one of the blessed ways to start Ramadan inshallah to Adam. So with that being said, it connects to this topic today. And this is a beautiful story about ideal, the Allahu Tada, I'm home. And it's more than charity. It's more than a story about Sobotka, it's really a story about how a person is in pursuit of a loss of mercy. Now, you might remember another thing from it, it'll be a lot more than who we spoke about a few nights ago where I needed a lot of time and it was said a lot has hidden two things within today. And one

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of those two things was that Allah has hidden His pleasure within his good deeds, so you don't know which one of them encompasses the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala so you have to do as much as you can and count on the laws mercy to accept one of those be the night Allah at least with your sincerity inshallah. And so and so you do your best to go and look for the mercy of Allah subhana wa to add this is a narration from it but Ibis will be a lot of time I'm home that I need all the allow. I'm had four dead humps now for dead homes means he wasn't that rich, he only had that he could make use of. So he took those four dead homes. He gave one did home in the night. And then the

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next day he gave the second home. And then he gave a did hum someone secretly, and then he gave a little hum alania publicly to motivate others. So the prophets lie some of them, told him or asked him what caused him to diversify his Ford that hums Why did he give one in the night, one in the day and then one secretly, and then one publicly, right? And he said he also a lot I'm searching for Allah's mercy in these different places. And so this is, according to this narration moving on bustled de la adho. When Allah Subhana Allah to Allah revealed alladhina Yun, Fiona and one of whom

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the lady would know how someone Wallonia that those who spent of their wealth in the night and in the day, someone Wallonia in private and in public and

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And Alice covers these four things, and a loss of anti assess for the home modular home. And that will be him with a hold on it him with me. I said, Oh, and so they have their reward with their Lord, and there shall be no fear upon them, nor shall they grieve. So according to this narration, imbecile, the law and who this was a response to the action of ideal the law. Now, what's the lesson that we can take from this, and I'm going to go quick, because my, clearly my internet is in and out. Number one,

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what we can take from this is the is the idea that you don't have to have a lot of money to give charity and a lot of people are going to feel the pinch of Ramadan, because they're dealing with some financial difficulty in this era right now. It's not about quantity with Allah subhanaw taala it's about quality. And so it couldn't be the simple deed that gets you into Jenna. So that's the first thing. Number two, if you see people that are looking for these different ways to to show themselves not to the people, but to Allah subhanaw taala the nature of what added all the love and who did is so beautiful, because it speaks to that idea of trying to distinguish yourself and trying

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to plant your seeds and all of the forms of good, diversifying your portfolio of hassanal to your portfolio of good deeds with Allah subhanaw taala with the two consistent ingredients of sincerity and being in accordance with the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So the fact that I did all the long time who was planting the seeds in four different places, to see which one of these four homes would unlock that mercy of the loss of Hamilton as a result, all of them, all of them were included. And when you read that idea, and it's inserted a bucket on right, leaning on the corner, and one of them below you in the heart symbol on Wallonia it gives you the idea of a rich

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person, a wealthy person that's spending their money on all these different fundraisers and things of that sort. But it was a man who just had four dead humps, but he spent them wisely and beautifully pursuing the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's something that's important for us to take into consideration, as well. It's not about the quantity, it's about the quality of the deed, and more importantly, the quality of your heart when you're doing that deed for the sake of the loss of Hannah Montana, trying to seek a loss of hundreds as mercy. And so this Ramadan, in particular, by the way, you're most likely not going to be praying in a Masjid where you'll have

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fundraisers and people saying, raise your hands and you know, people looking around and saying how many people are going to raise their hands, you're not going to have the typical motivations that might be there externally to push you over the edge, so that you could give here or give there. But I want you to think strategically about your supplicant and plant your seeds of charity, but in the nighttime in different places, seeking Alas, pleasure. Sometimes you might do something as a public fundraiser, that include others and say I donated to this cause you donate to this cause as well. And I hope that your game Institute will be one of those causes, but in the nighttime, sometimes it

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might be secretly might be for the same cause but you only make some of the public to encourage others and then you make some of it private. Sometimes you encourage your family sometimes, sometimes you don't even tell sometimes you don't even tell your family that you've given for the sake of a loss of habitat. So diversify your portfolio of good May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to live to see this Ramadan and accept this animal Dawn from us, again in Chatelet to Allah please make sure that you go ahead and put in your donation that would be charged on Friday night inshallah. So whether you're starting Ramadan, on Friday night, ie Saturday morning or Thursday, night and Friday

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being your first day of fasting, this is a way to springboard in the first of what I'm about and shall let's add, and Zach mylol Hayden, I'll see you all tomorrow for the webinar inshallah and hopefully my Wi Fi won't be acting up inshallah, up close equals to that one day Come on, I have to live with

Sh. Omar Suleiman describes a narration where Ali (ra) spent four dirhams in charity to search for Allah’s mercy, as well as the lessons we can take about planting seeds in all forms of good.

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