5 Tips for an Amazing Quarantined Ramadan

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Let's talk about being quarantined this year for a normal bond.

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Okay, To start off with, there's a few things that we need to understand. And frankly, to come to terms with, we have to accept that this bond is going to be different. But you know what? That's okay. Yes, we're facing certain challenges this animal bond that we did not face in previous years. But like all challenges, this challenge comes with its own unique blessings. Sometimes it's just a matter of taking the time to figure out and to realize and to contemplate what those unique blessings are. And because of those unique blessings, this little bond can actually be your best home Oban ever. So I want you to first of all, make that intention. Make the intention, save

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yourself, this will be my best Ramadan, ever. Now that we have that intention, I have five tips for you to help you make this your best one ever insha Allah to Allah, number one, have a game plan. What do I mean by that? Well, what I mean is, make a plan for yourself. Make a schedule for yourself. I mean, literally write down how you plan on spending your days and nights during a normal been instead of going into Montana without a plan and saying, you know what, I'll figure it out when the time comes. Make a plan set goals for yourself. But mind you make those goals, realistic goals? What is realistic, is actually relative to you, you need to ask yourself, realistically, what can I

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accomplish? What can I do during this month I'm gonna move on. And I would also say take it 10 days at a time. So set a plan a schedule for your first 10 days after the first 10 days, you can evaluate yourself and see how you're doing and set another goal another plan for the next 10 days. And then finally, for the last 10 blessed days of animal bond as well. Number two, make this animal bond about connecting with others. I know that sounds strange, because we are isolated, we are disconnected. But in actuality, if we think about it, we're not that disconnected. And I haven't done a lot many of us we have the means to connect with others, even if we're not physically present

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with them, the internet and social media has made this possible for us. So add to your plan, how you're going to connect with other people during this animal bond. An example of that would be Hey, I'm going to call my friends every morning to wake them up for survival. Or I'm going to have an online meeting with four or five of my friends 20 to 30 minutes before if thought we're going to get together we're going to talk about how our day went. And we're going to remind each other to make in that bus at time. It's just about being creative this year, and figuring out how we're going to connect with others and part of our mo bond experience. Yes, it is about being and connecting with

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other people. Number three, since we're talking about the internet, we have to say use the internet to help other people. As you may know, what I'm about is not just about ourselves, it's about helping those who are in need as well. So take a few moments to really think about how you can contribute to the world how you can help those who are needy, this phenomenon, even though you may not be able to leave your house, maybe it's an online campaign that you want to start maybe there's a charity organization that you can assist online. Once again, we have to be creative about this and really take the time to consider how we're going to get the best out of this animal Vaughn. Number

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four other people need help, but you need help as well. So lean on those who are with you who may be in your house, whether it's your spouse, or your children or your siblings, whoever's there, you need to sit down with them and talk to them about how we're going to need help this animal Vaughn, there's so much that may be going on in someone's household that you may need to say to your spouse, hey, listen, this time, this time, there's an hour that I need for myself, I need you to take care of the kids, I need you to handle everything else I need you to give me my privacy to maybe connect with my Lord, to read the Koran to pray to make them out whatever it is that you choose, and

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likewise tell your spouse this time this time I got you this is your private time you take time for yourself and I'll take care of everything else but it's important to sit down and have that conversation before Ramadan starts. How are you going to find time for yourself. Number five, make your own schedule what we may be used to from previous years of times that we were awake and times that we are sleeping and times that we are resting well that's going to be different this year. And there's a blessing in that since we're home we can set our own schedule we may not be reliant upon our work hours or our school hours and once again you're gonna need the help of your family with

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this but take advantage of the time that works best for you. You may be a night person and you may need to stay up during the night and sleep more during the day. But that also means you can take advantage of the last third of the night if you're up at night. We know that the last third of the night is a blessed time the prophets that I sent him told us in the Hadith mentioned inside Buhari and Sahih Muslim that Allah subhana wa tada comes down to the lowest heaven during the last turn of the night and says Manya de Rooney Ji Bella who calls upon me who is making dua Allah to me so that I may answer their men Yes, ellone for clear who asked me so that I may give them that. What's the

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ask Mr. Rooney for Avira who seeks my forgiveness so that I may forgive them. So this may be the year that you could possibly stay up the whole night or half of the night or at least the third of the night because you're making your own schedule. Once again, it's about taking advantage of those unique blessings that come with these trials and these challenges. So those are five tips that I have for you to make this your best promo bond ever but I also want to hear from you What tips do you have for me and for everyone else, please leave them in the comments below so that we can all benefit and share with each other insha Allah to Allah. Until next time, I sit on one a comb, what

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I'm going to lie what what I can do