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The importance of finding someone passionate about a small thing is crucial to increasing one's love for a love for a person. Islam's "byproduct" is discussed as a way to respond to rejection calls and allow others to achieve their dreams. It is crucial to address "byproducts" and not overestimate the potential of one's success in pursuing a career, as it is used as a means of achieving a career.

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Smilla was salatu salam ala Rahmatullah Alameen wa now heavy when I'm humbled and sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salim Murad Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh brothers and sisters, this is session number 10

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for this Ramadan reminders, and in this session be the light Allah will be discussing an important matter which I think everyone should be waiting for.

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I am sure 100% Most of us if not all of us, you have been looking for something from

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the creation of Allah subhanaw taala and you have been rejected from time to time, you have been disappointed from time to time from sometimes from people who you never thought to be disappointed.

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So the solution to all of these disappointment that you are receiving from others who happen to be the creation of Allah subhanaw taala is to go back to somebody who has and somebody who is looking for you to ask, smart Allah and that is nobody who's like this except ALLAH, he has everything. And his his pleasure, and his treasure and his blessings and His bounties. And whatever last mortal he has, you know, has no end, you know, it has no end, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has said,

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if the first human being,

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and the last human being any, from the first human being, until the last human being, are going to stay in one place, I can add to this address of the prophets, Allah. So

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let's see the angels, the first angels created well as martela. And the last, and you're also created by Allah. And from the first to the last, and the last and the first gene, you know, from the first gene to the last year, from the first animal to the last animal from the first fish in the sea animals to the last one from the first insects, all the creation of Allah subhanaw taala if they are to stand in one place, and ask Allah subhanaw taala there need Allah azza wa jal will give them Bennett all of them and we will never reduce the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala who will never reduce the risk of Allah subhanaw taala you know, Prophets Allah sama said, if there is anything,

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you know, that can be any

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seen as a decrease in the risk of Alaska hotel. And just because he granted all of us we need it, just like when you go to an ocean or a sea, and then you bring a needle, you put it inside, you bring it out to see that little tiny drop of water that is picked up by the needle. So it's like the sees the placement of Allah subhanaw taala and the risk, Allah subhanaw taala has, and that which he gave all of us is just like that drop of water. If you were to say that there is there is a decrease in that which he has, it is just going to be like this.

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So as such, if a Muslim remembers this, he'll be questioning himself. What is he waiting for? Why do you waste your time with others who you receive nothing in most instances as accept rejection, and sometimes they will cause you to be depressed? Disappointment from others. I'm not saying asking people you know, looking for a need from people is haram. Islamically No, it is not.

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But the best of all is to place your need to the one who has and who is always looking for you to ask and who is loving you and increase in his love upon you when you ask him.

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That's Allah subhanaw taala that is an ayah in the Quran, which is the focus of my reminder today. Allah is my hotel I said way that Celica everybody I need for a new career with you without a doubt either Dan. You call somebody he run away. You switch off his phone, he got his house he told his children he's not around. But Allah smart Allah told the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam if my slaves ask you about Me, tell them in your career.

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The Companions of the prophets Allah Allah Salah are reported to have said to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam Karim Rabona fauna G and Baden following it Our Lord is very close Allah smart AC very close to us so that we can have manager manager means had it

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I mean when he talks to you then raise up your voice or he's too far from us and as such we have to raise above a voice when we call upon Him. Allah sponsor told them way way their sign okay buddy, and if any Parimal with you without a diary that Allison she will it will usually be a lot longer. A lot smarter says whenever somebody asks you about me tell him I'm very close to Hala Hala or color comedy Rooney as teachable and he said

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is tell them to ask me I will definitely answer their invocation. As long as they're not going beyond limit and they are not doing the wrong thing the prophets Allah, Allah asked him not to do it when they invoke Allah subhanaw taala but even light Allah do find a last point in responding to their calls. He says in the Caribbean OG without the die that

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the one who call upon Me I definitely accept and I answer his call for the SDG really well human will be law numbers should last Martin said Let them look for my acceptance. And my reply, you know, Allah's Mercy let them believe in me, you know, while you are making dua, you should have strong faith and trust and Eman and yeah again, that the even a light Allah Yoda will be granted, let alone issues so that they will be guided. So this is an act of worship that last month the loves of my dear brothers sisters, as Omar used to say that I don't worry about the acceptance. I worry so much about being granted the Tofik to ask Allah subhanaw taala so dear brothers, sisters, if Allah has

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more to grant you the Tofik to ask Allah subhanaw taala be able to light Allah you will be counted as those people who succeed in this life. Allah doesn't disappoint his people. Allah doesn't disappoint his creation, those people who go back to him that is no disappointment. The last one or to Allah will not embarrass them the prophets Allah Islam I said Allah feel shy of one of you when he raises up his hand, asking Allah smarter for something, Allah will not let you bring your hand down without granting you one of the followings. Either Allah give you an eat well last month and will delay to the better time for you then what you're looking for, or Allah smarter will replace it

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with forgiveness of your sin who Allah smarter will replace it with Remover of the calamity you know from your life or Allah smarter will replace it with Jana. There is no failure in the DUA when you are making it as long as you do it according to the Sunnah of the Prophet Allah Salam. So let's participate in this to have is the month of the Torah. There is an opportunity granted to all of us stretch your hand raise up your hand to Allah subhanaw taala at night, make sure that you ask the last one or the other all you need even light Allah you will be granted you need Baraka law FICO Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh