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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The segment discusses a man named Sub admit Hospitality who faced persecution for faith and refused to turn back on his heels. The Prophet sallahu alayhi wa sallam's actions led to the loss of Islam of all Muslims. The Prophet salllius attempted to seduce him and force him to drink alcohol and eat pork and wine, but he refused. Later, a woman named Pamela describes a woman who tried to seduce him but eventually broke into a cell and killed him. She describes the woman as an "empires" who wants to take advantage of men and leave their religion.
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So now manrico monochromator libre katsa dear brothers and sisters, welcome back to the first short batch that we're doing in sha Allah tada at the end where we are covering some of those companions that embraced Islam very early on. But we only have a few details about their lives so that we can revive their memory in the lightoller. Now, as I said last time, this is actually one of my favorite incidents, not because the incident that he is famous for takes place in early Islam, but Subhana Allah because it is one of those turning points in Islamic history that shows you just what the prophet sallallahu wasallam was able to generate in these young men and women around him that faced

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all sorts of persecution for their faith and refused to turn back on their heels. So we find today Abdullah bin her dafa, a semi well the Allahu taala, and who he is the brother of honies all the time, I know who we spoke about last time. And as we mentioned, of the loving her that I was too young to partake in the battles alongside the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, he was brought to embrace Islam by his older brother than taken on the migration with his older brother, whoa, nice. And so everything that he's that he does, is inevitably undoubtedly part of the credit of honeys as well. But he didn't get a chance to show that devotion to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam until later on

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in life as he grew a bit older. And so with Abdullah and her dafa, not having the ability to fight and better, despite, again, being someone who had already made the hits. Because he wasn't old enough or to fight or hurt, we find that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam used him for a very specific incident. And the two types of incidents or the two incidents that he is most famous for, both involve his stance in the face of a tyrant and this is what I want to weave together and shot lots on it in this short episode, that when the Prophet slice and I'm says the greatest jihad, the greatest striving in the path of Allah is kitimat to hop endosulfan and Jada to speak a word of

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truth in the face of a tyrant. This is the man that spoke a word of truth in the face of the two greatest tyrants of his day, the tyrants of the Persians, and the tyrants of the Romans, in the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. He was the person who the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam ordered to take the letter to kiss the law of Persia, calling him to it's not. And when the Prophet slicin appoints you to take a letter to kiss Allah, calling him to Islam, and also, you know, this letter is a letter that has major consequences politically for him as well. Right. So sending him to the most arrogant tyrants of the day and kisara is dangerous for Abdullah, there is a chance that

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Abdullah might even be killed in this mission. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told him, I want you to take the letter and deliver it to him by hand, your order is to take this letter, and to stand in front of kisara and to deliver it to him by hand. Now who narrates this incident, as she felt bent Abdullah and either we will be allowed to Anna and her so a blogger, her data or the data and who he goes to kisara completely unfazed, and he goes up to him. And, you know, kiss Allah has a messenger to receive the letter from Abdullah. He says, No, my Prophet sallallahu Sallam commanded me to deliver the letter to the hand of kiss, and also he insisted that he will hand the letter

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directly to kiss. One kiss, ah, reads the letter from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, saying to him, from Mohammed, the Messenger of Allah to kiss law, the great one of Persia. And he says to him, a slim test slim, become Muslim, accept this, now you will find Salaam and you would have the the reward of the belief of all of your people. And if you refuse, then you would have the disbelief, the punishments, you would bear the burden of the disbelief of all of your people. Now, kisara did not like the letter. So he tore the letter up in front of the love and her dafa He threatened him and he threatened the profits on the lahardee was on him and of course, would also go on to even try

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to plot the assassination of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So one of the loving her daffodil, the alonside got back to the profits of the lions and told him what happened. He was not fazed, he did not lose his composure. In the face of that tyrants. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said mess up Allah homolka May Allah tear up His kingdom, the way he tore up that letter and somehow Allah from there it was, you know, coup after coup, assassination after assassination, sisters, assassinating brothers, children, assassinating parents, and the Persian Empire went through complete internal disarray, and that was from the death of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And this

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The stance that we found from the lobby of the hotel and home in the face of kissa. So I wanted to give that incident as a pretext for the incident he is really famous for, which is actually with the Byzantines, okay with the Romans, when he was sent out in the battles against the Byzantines, and this was in a time of omerta photography a lot Hannah and Her her niece are the Allah and his father in law. And he arrives at the Byzantines he was captured. And when this group of Muslims was captured, hold aka her Oculus says that I want you to bring to me a captive amongst them, who is considered a leader amongst them most noble, and is considered senior to the rest of them. So they

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said, I'd love for dafa is your mat. So they went and they brought up the love and dafa from his cell, and he stood him in front of him. And he said to him, listen to NASA, he said to him, renounce your religion become Christian. He says, we'll shout you, McAfee Mulkey, I will give you half of my kingdom. So he's testing his faith, first and foremost, before he even persecute him, because he sees that there is a mind game to be played here. And there is a way to break the Muslims in a different way, as hundreds of them are being held captive. So he says, I will let you free and give you half of my empire, so long as you renounce Islam, your religion and embrace our religion of

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Christianity. So Abdullah responded to him. And he said, Well, llahi, if you gave me everything that you had, forget about half of your empire, you give me your whole empire, the entire Roman Empire, and you give me everything that the Arabs possess, as well give me your empire and give me the Empire of the Arabs. I will not renounce my religion of Islam, even for the blink of an eye. Hello, look at that strength, right? You're standing in front of the leader of his people, the leader of a brutal Empire, and absolutely no fear. So heraclius says, Let me try something else with him then.

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So he says, put him back in his jail cell. And then he says, I want you to send him the most beautiful woman to seduce him in his cell. Let's see if we can break him that way. Okay, so he refused the Empire, half of the Empire to leave his religion of Islam, which would have had serious implications in the morale of the Muslims, right, those that were captive, and those that would hear about what happens on the lagna or that follow the alongside on him. So he said, Send him the most beautiful woman in his cell, and let her seduce him. So I'd love her dafa is in his cell, and they push this woman to seduce him in his cell. And he turned away from her with whatever direction she

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came at him from. So she came to his right, he turned to his left. And if she came to his left, he turned to his right. He wouldn't even look at her completely unmoved, and she tried all sorts of things to seduce him, but somehow Allah, He maintained his faith, even in that regard. So he fought the different temptations that were being given to him. And this woman came out after completely giving up and she said, I've never seen anything like this man. It's like he's made of stone. It's like he's a statue or something. He's completely unmoved by anything that I did to seduce him like he, he didn't flinch. So Pamela with that type of temptation. So the admiration is growing. And

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heraclius, even though he's trying to break him, he says, You know what, then starve him. And don't give him any water for three days. Let's see what happens to him then. So let's start with him and dehydrate him for three days. So he left them in a cell, no food, no drink for three days. And then at the end of the three days, look at the next tactic torture tactic. He says, Take him some pork in some wine. Let's see if he eats pork and he drinks wine. Now, from an Islamic perspective, he actually could do that, right? I mean, he has the excuse to consume alcohol at that point. And he has the excuse to eat that pork. But this is not about filth here in terms of halal and haram and

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not all right, and what's necessity. And no, this is a different type of game that is being played here. So he refuses as well. And heraclius He says, doesn't it? Doesn't your religion allow you to consume this in hardship? He said, Yes, but I didn't want to give you the pleasure of a companion of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam, eating and drinking pork and alcohol and wine, so that you could mock the religion of the messenger Salallahu it he was Southern. So he refused the temptation of Empire, he refused the temptation of seduction, he refused the temptation of eating and drinking, even when he was starving, and it would have been hard for him to do so. So he says,

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You know what, put them in the position of crucifixion. So put them in the position of crucifixion. So they hang him up to be crucified. And then he says, bring forth the warriors and throw

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spears and shoot arrows out him all around his face all around his body parts so that he feels the pressure in every direction. So spalla Just imagine, he strung up and they're shooting the arrows, and they're throwing the spears at him. And they're just missing every part of his body, including his head. And he doesn't flinch. Who is this man? What are you made of, you know, somehow this is a man that became Muslim as a child with the Prophet slice Allah. And there was a different type of of Eman and yaqeen that was cultivated inside of him faith and certainty that was cultivated inside of him, so he doesn't flinch. And Heraclitus says, bring him down. So because he didn't do anything at

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that point, he makes him an offer again, he says to him, listen, can also leave your religion, embrace mine, I will give you half of my empire, and I will marry you to my daughter. He says, No, absolutely not. There's nothing that would cause me to leave my religion. So then I'd love to follow the law and who narrates something actually very painful. And it shows you the mindset of these tyrants. He said that he then ordered for a container of boiling oil, hot boiling oil to be brought in front of him. And then he called for another one of the Muslim prisoners. And he took that Muslim prisoner and he had him thrown into the container of boiling oil right in front of our beloved

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numbered alpha. And he said that as soon as that man was thrown in, he started to shout frantically. And it was only a matter of seconds Subhanallah that his flesh was burnt off of his body, and his bones rose to the top. I mean, that is another level of torture and cruelty. And that is something that could truly break a person, right? Even a person who is seemingly unbreakable to see that happening in front of your eyes with that brutality. And to know that what's being said to you is that your next if you don't comply, somehow Allah what a test. So after that happens heraclius then says pick him up and throw him in the container as well. As I'd love for dafa is picked up and he's

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about to be thrown into it, he starts to cry. So what is he thinking? He's thinking that I finally got him, I broke him, okay? He's about to cry. Clearly, he's afraid now that what's going to happen to him is what happened to his companion. So he says, bring them down, bring them back to me. So as he is brought back to him, he says to him, that, you know, once again, except half of my empire, renounced your religion. He said, No. He said, Well, why did you cry? I mean, aren't. Aren't you afraid of what I'm going to do, too? He said, No, that's not why I was crying. He said, Then why were you crying? He says, spend lots of money to enter Li mia turnoffs He said, I wish I had 100

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souls total, our hack at aphylla. And each one of those 100 souls would be sacrificed for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala I wasn't crying because I was afraid. I was crying because I knew this was the end. This was Shahada. This was that martyrdom that we had seen so many of our companions go through, and I had wished that I could give everything for Allah subhanho wa Taala 100 times over says hello, what is this man? Had he been Minho? He was so shocked by him. So he's, he's come to this realization that I tried to break him in every way and he's refusing to be broken. Right? So what does he say? He says, you know, I've got to do something now to salvage my own tactics in front

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of my people, right? So he says tabula, he says, kiss my forehead, and you can go free. All you have to do now is kiss my forehead and you can go free. Abdullah said, I don't want to kiss your head and I don't want you to kiss my head.

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Even that's not happening. He said to him, if you kiss my forehead, I'll let 60 of you go. So he's negotiating now, how many prisoners will be released in return for him, just doing this kissing his forehead to affirm his superiority after refusing to be broken by his tactics? So he says to him, he said know what he Jameer and Muslim mean. He said, If you want me to kiss your head, you don't just read 60 capitals, you free all of the Muslims. I'll kiss your forehead if you free all of the Muslims. He said fine. The Jimmy and listen to me, all 300 of them can go free if you kiss my head. So Abdullah finally went up to him and he kissed his forehead, and then he took those Sahaba and

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those tambourine back to Medina. And when they got to Medina, liquid on raha Pablo the Allahu taala and who did our model the longtime, who went up to Abdullah and he kissed him on the forehead as he had kissed the, the, the Emperor's forehead, and then he ordered all of the Muslims to also go up to Abdullah and to kiss his forehead, all the Allahu taala at home because Subhan Allah He did not do that. He did not hold back the the saving of the Muslims because of his ego. This was all for Allah subhanho wa Taala

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So, honor and humbling yourself as for Allah subhana wa tada and that was something that's demonstrated by Abdullah and that was something that was demonstrated by Omar Abdullah Abner who alpha hollow the alongside and who continued to strive in the path of Allah subhana wa tada until the field after a very phenomenal the longtown and where he would die in Egypt in the year 33 after his a lot of the Allahu tada and also another one Assad on a balloon. The first who we did not really get to see shine, though he embraced Islam very early on. We didn't get to see shine until the feed off of Allah will the alongside it while I'm home ultramarine does that sound a little

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faded and I'll see you all next time in sha Allah with Santa Monica. Welcome to LA heat

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