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The speakers discuss the importance of gratitude and patience in life, as well as the negative impact of negative behavior and family lives. They stress the need for behavior patterns to prevent future similar experiences and emphasize the importance of gratitude and self- relief in achieving goals. The speakers also touch on the historical context of Islam and the profit of dams, as well as the success of Islam and the importance of sharing news to get people to feel better about their circumstances.

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Minister of the world

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time furthermore the Nola,

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Bushido or shadow law ignore law the Buddha said

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whatever your free will you need to know how you know you would be at the hill higher wahoo are adequately Satan Kadir why shadow under Mohammed Abu basura wasafi who was

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at the Manitoba lovably started

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with cancer film, whatever

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they want to hide Kalahari highlight de la Halle Berry Of course, asleep wider. He was here woman a senator Nettie de la Medina Minho. minella Nina Hammond Juan middle slot he had also been happy with also the sub. I mean, I mean we'll see come when I see the top of La house or john walk on Amazon I will have one pilot yada yada you are Latina woman who wants to party he went

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to Muslim on what Allah Subhana Yeah, you had nasty tempura Bakula de hakomi nevsun wahida masala COVID has Elijah seminoma. Raja and Cassie wrong Vanessa, what's up la ready to certain when he was in a lot of Canada a cobra fever. Yeah, you and Edina an otaku Lahore guru Colin said either use the

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silicones and overcome when you play a lot, however suitable for this as if it was an elderly man's mother. We begin by praising the last panel it's either by bearing witness that none has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we ask Allah subhana wa tada to send his peace and blessings upon His messenger Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. We bear witness that he was sent as a guide to mankind, that his sooner is the way to live that he is the best of all creation. And we asked the last panel to send his peace and blessings upon his companions and his family. And those that follow until the Day of Judgment we asked the loss of hundreds Allah to make us amongst

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them alone. I mean, your brothers and sisters, a Lost Planet. Allah says something very interesting. In the end, he highlights the behavior of men, the behavior of men when it comes to the changes that take place in his life. And usually when we talk about the concepts of gratitude, we talked about the concepts of patience when we talk about those types of things. We mentioned them in regards to major things. So for example, we talked about the concept of having gratitude. You know, whenever something big happens to you, when a Lost Planet Allah gives you a huge opening a new job or some some amount of loss or some gift, or you know, a new wife or a new husband and since situation of

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the sisters, whatever it is the last time it gives you something big, so then you will be reminded, stayed hamdulillah thank Allah subhana wa tada be grateful to Allah subhana wa Tada. Right. But as far as the small everyday things in life, we don't really talk about it much. So we don't talk about the concept of gratitude or we don't implement gratitude in our lives for the ability to come to the masjid although that is huge for the ability to talk for the ability to walk, you know, for having enough food to feed you tonight. Rather than looking at a major salary in the province licenses. My name is Colleen. Rajesh could be Cathy and whoever does not thank Allah Subhana Allah for the small

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things will not be able to thank Allah subhanaw taala for the major things. Likewise, when we talk about patience, the only time you'll hear about patience is when you lose your job is whenever someone dies in your family, right, something really major happens in your life that we started to remind each other, have Southern Be patient say that when they laid on your own, and the problem is, is that that's like telling someone who has never lifted weights to pick up 500 pounds at one time, all of a sudden, your entire life, your everyday life reflects no form of patience whatsoever. But then all of a sudden, when something bad happens, you think you're going to be able to pull yourself

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together and have patience. So implementing these two things in our lives, in the daily aspects of our lives. For the smaller things in life truly requires a certain type of attitude. It requires a behavior pattern. Now last credit data tells us about how people generally think and operate. Well I live in Santa Clara, Abu Bakr, Rama, who wanna

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be a trauma. As for the human being and men in San Juan assume he answered his

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In the last comments Allah mentions the name inside here, this forgetful creation. Whenever Allah subhanaw taala tests him, mother tend to act rather when I'm a Lost Planet, Allah gives him bounty and gives him honor. Right? This is all we search for in life, we look for reputation we look for well, so at the end of the day, this is what usually people are toiling after reputation. Well, so last contact says this person when he's tested, mother teller

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for a Chroma Wynonna. And it's very interesting here the word uses the fact that a lot of data from the very start tells us that this is a test. Your wealth is a test, your honor is a test, your reputation is a test. Everything that's been given to you have good is a test. And in fact, it's even more severe of a test. Because I bought him a whole lot of stuff. I live in de la COVID-19 upswell. And I said, he loves la live, you will have to be tested with good things is much worse than being tested with bad things. Because when you're being tested with good things, you don't realize that you're being tested, you're completely oblivious to the fact that this is a test, the

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nine that you have as a test, the blessing you have is a test the money that you have as a test. It's all a test from a loss of habits either. And if you're not grateful for what a loss of habitat is giving you you're failing that test, even if the name has not been taken away from you yet. Because you know what that's like that's like you're you're you're somehow like you think of a person who's walking in, he's about to fall into a trap. The more you build his expectations, the harder the fall will be, the harder the fall will be. So you should actually feel sorry for that person who has but does not think because very very very soon, whether it's here or whether it's in

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the hereafter something is going to hit him and he's going to lose it all and he won't know how to deal with it. So it was it says either remember Tara boo Khurana when I'm a bow and everything is good. When he's got his money when he's got his wealth when he has his honor when he has everything the way that he wants to have it. Fail. foodora be a common he says My Lord has been generous to me. He's not seeing it as a form of gratitude. He's saying it as a form of boastfulness as a form of ghosting, you know a lie. I remember once speaking to a brother who sold alcohol so cover and we went to him and we tried to advise him to come to the buzzer. And he said, he said me, he said,

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Look, the Lord loves me. So much Allah I own this house. I own this many cars. Allah gave me kids, my wife never had a miscarriage. We have eight kids, Michelle law, they're all living wealthy. My Lord loves me. Somehow he says it as a form of boastfulness. My Lord loves me. Adama, what am I in another tele, who? Allah prioritizes the same individual now that I'm the same person, that God Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala just restrains a little bit as well Allah restrains. Now further, the meaning of the word father is to restrain to restrict one of the reasons why later to call it is called Laila to call them as the scholars at Mountain crusade on people who lost us,

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because of the amount of angels that are roaming on the night of a garden, there is no space for them. It's kind of like because of the amount of angels of melodica daring to leap out the everything a sun or whatnot becomes very, very restrictive. So LastPass does not say I put this person in poverty. God Allah, Allah, here's

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his mouth was restraint. Was it was it was restricted, it was blessed than before. fail, ooh, Rob be 100. He blames Allah,

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the same person. He looks and he says, My Lord is humiliating me. Why is God doing this to me? Why is God doing that, to me, the same person that's selling alcohol, the same person that's living his life and how I'm the same person that's dealing and remember, the same person that's not being grateful, he now looks to a lot he never once said, Why me? In the sense why me for the good things that Allah gave me. Why did Allah choose me out of all people to give me this name? We all know that we all have our roots in different countries. Most of us have our roots in different countries and the turmoil that's in those countries Why me Why did the loss of identity I choose to why the last

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anti choose me to live in this blessing? To be able to live and safety? Why me? We don't say that. But when things started happening wrong, that all of a sudden, why is God doing this to me?

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You automatically blame Allah subhana wa Tada. Now when things are good, it's okay. Everything's fine. Yeah, even in the two people in sort of the cast of Allah, Allah mentions the man with the two guardians who's being advised and things of that sort. He says, You know, I think

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I don't think any of this is going away, we're now starting to climb and I don't think the hour is coming close Anyway, you know, I think I'm still a young guy, I still have all these things, everything is going fine when I get to eat out of it, and even if I go back to Allah, then I'll probably find better than what I have here. He took the sign of good in his life, despite the gratitude, as a sign that God was pleased with him. And that's a very dangerous thing to do. Very dangerous thing to do. Because sometime when sometimes what you have been given is a punishment for you. What a while, most of us do not be fascinated, don't be fascinated by their wealth and by their

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children. Allah subhanaw taala you need a lot when you are given we have lost hundreds, Allah wants to punish them with that. Can you imagine that same person who would say my Lord loves me, because things are going well, who can afford to live the good life and spoil his child and things of that sort. And then his child at the age of 18, walks up to his father and says, shut up, Dad, I don't want to hear anything you have to say.

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And he pushes him out of the way. And he says, You know what? You don't own me, I'm a grown man. Now I'm an adult, that's either. That's punishments. Well, maybe that's punishment, or a person who did not raise his daughter with the concept of enrichment and modesty and a job. And then after all, you've given her at the age of 1920, she goes, and she runs off, and she,

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you know, leaves you for some guy or something of that sort. That's a punishment for you. That's how that Subhanallah you know, a loss of habitat is punishing them. And if you really think about it, the most miserable people on the face of the earth are the rich and the famous, the richest ones and the most famous ones. Think about power law, you watch all of the, you know, you see all of these different TV shows and things of that sort where you see these characters, and you know that at the end of the day, they're going to get a paycheck. You know, they had that that show about Raymond's and things of that sort. And I think he was making $7 million per episode. Wow. You know, after

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every episode, they go home with their big fat check. But at the same time, these are the same people that are most likely to commit suicide or be found in a bathtub in some hotel rooms, the same people alive, they have wealth, they have fame, they sold their souls for the thing their entire lives, they sold their souls for it. But now you know that they'll go crazy, they'll start to use hard drug after hard drug after hard drug. And then after that somehow to lie. You know, I remember there was once an interview with one of one one of these celebrities. They said the only thing I want in life is to be able to go out with my daughter and get an ice cream cone without anyone in my

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face. So how you got into this field, you killed yourself for this field. And now the only thing I want is to be able to go with my daughter and get an ice cream cone and not be bothered.

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What happens here it was that it was punishment. And the last pattern was out of mentions to us into

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that or into subsequent sodas It's amazing. And one I Allah subhana wa tada says felon Natsume looky loo, Ruby whenever

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whenever they forgot what they were reminded of they turned their backs they were reminded time after time after time, and they kept on turning their backs now what do you think I was going to do is a loss of habitat is going to send a tornado to his house is a loss of anatomical and to turn the ground on him as a loss what is the loss pentatonic going to do to him?

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But now of why that could be saying we opened for them the doors of everything. This is what you want takings. You think this is what's gonna make you happy. You think this is purpose? Take it's here's your salary. here's here's the wealth. Here's the status. here's the here's the house that you want it you want it to buy your house on river, so God, you got your front squat, here's your house, go ahead, take it all was pantallas punishing you with that

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had to either 30 who will be not able to until they became pleased with what they have.

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we take we snatch them all of a sudden, either and nobody soon so they are in a state of utter despair. Allah they thought they had it all everything was open to that. But it was a punishment. It was a drunk. You know some how are they? You know, one of the worst things about a drug is with every single drug you're not satisfied you want the next drug until you kill yourself because you've run out of drugs dunia is a drunk because the profits licenses though or if you have no idea why didn't that the son of Adam is given a value of gold

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You imagine someone gives you a value of gold? What would he do that double v. Tania, he's gonna want another one. And if he's given two, he's gonna want three. He never gets satisfied. He never gets satisfied, it's a punishment. Now loss of hundreds items with divider. He says something very similar, but not in the form of punishment a loss and penalty.

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And had the people of the city believed and had done what

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led him Bala katomina, so that you will have

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the same words, just one word is added, we would have opened for them the blessings, the bottlecap of the heavens and the earth, it would have all been opened for them as a form of reward, that is a form of punishment. Now, last kind of thought is not just talking about Angular was talking about dunia here too.

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And that's when we really started to understand what it means to an engineer has nothing. Yes, we all want to be happy dunya and an astronaut. Let's face it, let's not fool ourselves and say that we are all Mashallah so hard. We all you know, it's funny, I always love it whenever people say we all live in America for that we must love. All of us are here for that one.

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let's not kid ourselves. We're here to have better lives. That's why our parents came here for a second generation. And that's why many of us came here. If you're first generation not to do that. Well, very few people, maybe I don't want to wrong anyone. Some people did, but the vast majority of Muslims in America has come for a better life and that's okay. That's okay.

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But here's the thing. How are you going to pursue that? dunya and what do you want from this dunya you want comfort, you can have comfort? The Prophet sallallahu wasallam also made you add to that effect. In fact, more specific than not going to add enough to jr has not the best we have a loss of alarmism from his wallet. And if he daddy

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grant me expense in my home.

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Now was the profit that we know who the province is. You think that the profits of the largest slum could not just announce to the companions one day you know these herds rot are getting very, very, very small. These apartments are very small. Even when I mix the Jews in Korea Malaysia have to tap the likes of Isola Viola to move her legs. My house is very small. There's actually one of the narrations it's a hustle narration power someone actually measured the house of the Prophet Sly Stone and I think it was nine yards by for

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talking about square footage. Now Subhanallah you think the prophets lysozyme could not have come out and said I want a bigger house.

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Okay, then why did he do that? If he's saying to us as I will certainly be done he was he asking for a lot to set down an iron ore and to command him to move into a into a kingdom or to increase the magically increases house what was the profit slice that I'm asking for was 70 feet down to grant me a feeling of expansion in my home. to not feel suffocated by the dunya.

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Because let's face it dunya is suffocating. It's restricting. It drives you insane. No matter what you have, you're never satisfied. No matter how much Allah gives you. You're still craving more it's a drug. And that's why last chronotype says that this is all you have one man at a logline victory for him. He said one

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literally Blanca literally, you know when they say the walls are closing on you, the walls are closing on you. And also in the famous Hadith or the famous incident where debris of no animal the allowable Time went to a rooster. And he said in my lap definitely no creature at a valid, valid, valid or invalid. A bad loss of having data sent us to take people from the server to the worst of other slaves with the slavery of other slaves to the slavery of the Lord of all slaves. What's the next thing he said, woman leave could dunya intercepted

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from the constriction of this dunya to the vastness of the afra Subhana Allah, from the vastness of the article. When you have purpose, when you have Baraka and what Allah has given you, blessing, a loss of cannabinoids, Allah makes it easier to take a loss of data allows you to start seeing the good in everything a loss of habitat and makes you an optimistic person, a loss of habitat without a right through happiness, even in quote unquote miserable situation. And I'll give you an example.

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Sometimes we don't realize the blessing of what we already have, because we don't say why me when good comes to us. We only say why me when bad things happen. And the

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Test of an image of sugar to test the blessing of sugar sometimes, bro say I want to know is the lead testing me? are you grateful for what you have? Then inshallah Tada, this is a good thing. This is a reward from Allah subhanaw taala. Just keep on being grateful. But you know how to lie, I want you to just imagine this incidence, envision this for a moment. Let's say that you just had the worst day of your life.

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You had, you know, a bad day at work. You had a fight with your wife on the phone.

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And then you got in the car, you had to go pick up your child from school, and you're just miserable. You're having a terribly bad day.

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Let's say that your child on the way out. When he put his books back in the trunk, he slammed the trunk so hard that he hurt the car, he slept, he scratched the car. What are you going to say to your child, you're going to yell and scream. Right? If you like your car a little bit too much. If you're obsessed, because we have a tendency in America to personify things. If you have a special name for your car, a pet name for your car, you'll come back and you'll say Are you okay? So your car will yell at your son. You'll want to beat your son. I hope none of you will beat your son for that. But somehow a lot it's it'll just make your day more miserable. Now, let's say that your son

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came to the car and come to LA he was a good boy put his books back in the backseat. He stuck in the car but you're just having a bad day.

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And then your car flipped over and you had an accident.

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And you managed to escape your car.

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And as you're escaping your car, you realize that your son is still in the car.

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Do you care about your car at all at that point? Are you thinking to yourself? Oh no, the hubcap the rims that got scratched? Are you thinking of that? No. I just want my son. You see, a lot gave you you just weren't realizing it.

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Gave us we just were not realizing and it became a test. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant us this beautiful quality of a sugar and thankfulness and gratitude We ask Allah to forgive us for our heedlessness

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa Illa Allah

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subhanho wa salatu wa sallam. abetik carnality katsushika Mohammed in sobre la partie was to them while he was talking to you or send them to Steven Cofield the brothers and sisters It is for this reason that a loss of Hannah what's Allah says well that counsel that has he done at home and if you are grateful, I will increase you that as he then there was an encounter in nada Bella study. If you turn away, then know that my punishment is severe. This is such a magnificent idea. Because what is the loss of data tell us right off the bat. Allah subhanaw taala says it's not necessarily increase that will make you increase in gratitude. But if you increase in gratitude, Allah subhanaw taala

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will increase you and everything else. You might be given the whole world, but you still won't be grateful. But if you have the quality of gratitude, you will naturally feel increase in everything and a lot of left it open that as Eden. Allah subhanaw taala did not say I will increase you in money, I'll increase you in this room. No, he loves to open that as he doesn't nickel. And if you read the toughest he is the you know the interpretations of this ayah they're so beautiful. Some of the scholars says that means honor, some of the scholars said that means your wealth means property. Some of the scholars said that means your status and aka at the end of the day one thing we can come

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to a conclusion it means all of those things that as he does

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just be grateful. And you will feel the increase in everything. Whether in Council in our lobby the study the last anti did not say and if you're ungrateful that why do I give a cup I'm going to punish you. Or

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nickel? No, Allah Subhana Allah says in the city, this is the mercy of a must have to

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know that my punishment is severe. Not that I'm going to punish you know that my punishment is severe. And once he leaves the door open, always in subtle ways and leave. He leaves the way open for you. You know, even in certain gurus, Allah subhanaw taala

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he talks about those who killed the people of the ditch, through millennia to bow through millennia to forever madaba God and then they don't repent. Allah subhana wa tada leaves open the door even for criminals and the mom hustle and bustle him a whole lot. He says Subhana Allah azza wa jal, they killed the oldest

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At the most Beloved of Allah Subhana Allah Jolla room he doesn't tell me what to do then Allah Chinatown's calling them to generosity and and benevolence, Allah is calling them to good a lot always leaves the door open.

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And that in and of itself is something that we need to be grateful for. But again that incident, dear brothers that that hypothetical incident that I that I just mentioned to you driving, you know, on the way back from school,

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many of you may remember the tornadoes that hit Joplin, Missouri. Joplin, Missouri, very recently, about a year ago, was destroyed by tornadoes. And I remember how to LA cnn was interviewing all these different people. And obviously the the job of the newscasters to evoke emotion is to he tries to get the most newsworthy news, basically the thing that's going to attract people, so even if it's complete nonsense, they're going to try to get what's going to what's going to catch the attention of the viewer. So what did they do? They'll go stand with these people in front of their destroyed homes. And they'll say, How do you feel about what's happened to you? I mean, you asked someone the

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same day or a day after they just lost everything that they had. How do you feel? Or what do you want to say you're obviously trying to get them to cry? You're trying to get them to fall apart. And then once they start falling apart, the camera will zoom in on your face. So your tears, they're not interested in what's really wrong with you. It's just trying to get the most newsworthy news. So how do you feel and I remember supine a lot.

00:26:32--> 00:26:46

Because sometimes we can truly learn lessons from those who don't have Islam, but sometimes have impulses based on Filppula. Sometimes they act upon their fifth way, even though they're not Muslims. There is one woman who was holding her two year old baby.

00:26:47--> 00:26:48

And she said,

00:26:50--> 00:26:52

Today is the happiest day of my life.

00:26:54--> 00:26:59

Why is that? You know, she said, because when the tornado hit,

00:27:00--> 00:27:08

my daughter started to fly away. And I grabbed her by the arms, and I held her, and I thought I was going to lose her.

00:27:09--> 00:27:53

And when it was all said and done, she was still in my arms and she was still alive. So I never appreciated her for the blessing of her until this day. It's Pamela non Muslim. Doesn't say la ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul Allah, but has an impulse on the throne. Just think about what Allah has given you and stay at home did he laugh for what Allah has given you, because no matter what you say, no matter how bad your day is, you know, sometimes the panela we will lose our tempers because our cell phones fell into fell into some water broke. 200 years ago, the king of the world, or the greatest King in the world, wouldn't even have had a cell phone. It's a power law and we'll lose our

00:27:53--> 00:28:15

minds for that we'll start we'll start to get upset, we'll start to yell, we'll start to scream, we'll start to go into a bit of loss of power data has given us enough to be thankful for enough to say the last word and shift remarkables heart in from Egypt, he said something very beautiful once. He said if Allah subhana wa Tada, you know, allows you to save hamdulillah

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that's enough to thank you for because there's actually a hadith where that would it is Saddam Hussein to our last panel, it's Allah, that, you know, I can't, I can't, I even feel like I need to thank you say 100 laughter the ability to say and hamdulillah thanking Allah for the ability to say to say thank you, basically. So he said, if a loss of hundreds out of them allows you to have a loss, it allows you to die, saying Alhamdulillah let's say that you leave this world saying that 100 a lot, you still owe Allah Al Hamdulillah. For the one that you said before you died.

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Allah still gave you a, you're still in depth, even if you've paid off a loss of hundreds out of everything, and it's impossible to do. So. Hypothetically speaking, you said that hamdulillah for every blessing in your life, the hundreds of processes or 1000s that take place in your body for you and I to function right now. Even those of you who are sleeping in the hundreds of functions going on in your body to stay at home did not work. If Allah allows you to die, sing and have a laugh, then you still die in debt because you have to save the laughter the ability to dicing and have the data. That's gratitude. That's when you start to think when you start to analyze and then you feel

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blessed. You realize your situation, and you have self worth. And a last kind of tie that elevates you thereby in this dunya on the afternoon we ask Allah Subhana Allah, to grant us patience and gratitude in all situations of our lives. We ask Allah subhana wa tada not to make the blessings that come upon us a means of punishment, but rather than means of blessing. And we asked the last panel, it's added that when hardship comes to us, it is not a manifestation of his punishment, but rather it's a manifestation of his reward and his means of elevating us and we

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ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us amongst those who look for every opportunity to draw close to him a lump of meat or not what it was mean or not

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in the mirror, but even when he was that was a lot more fun than our wife why now What else do I open up while I'm not into Santa? We're in La

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Casa de la Mecca fu and to him to LA for five one a la led Robert McNamara bonus the law we're gonna have a dynamic now with reality now.

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Which I'm not in with subpoena him along with FEMA, FEMA, Saudi Arabia, Allahu Akbar FEMA, FEMA salic will have to move on and we have a long scene of this and the one that sort of was not enough to survive long enough the Pakistan alone Consortium for the Iraq loves and sort of on fishy sad long sort of Humphrey I've learned a lot he couldn't be mechanic alarm I think it'd be I do we have a lot of good lighting you know, the lighting in one region and then being inserted in rebound law in the law of

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