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AI: Summary © The concept of hellfire is not just a physical thing, but rather a habit that removes diseases and related health issues from one's body. The speakers discuss the negative qualities of people in hellfire and the importance of protecting from it, including avoiding harms and limiting love and connecting with one's abilities. The recap of the upcoming lecture on clinging to the Mercy of the God is provided.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh the brothers and sisters so no matter Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen whatever one Ilana law demean will ask people to in what supreme Allahumma salli wa sallam Mubarak radical Rasulullah Mohammed and sallallahu alayhi wa sallam while he was like me he was selling to semen cathedra the brothers and sisters, I want to welcome you to our webinar tonight, where we're going to be speaking about a topic that should give us a lot of pause and one that is necessary to really balancing out our connection to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, it's the topic of Jahannam the topic of hellfire. Obviously, we're coming off of Ramadan. And as I

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had mentioned, in Ramadan, that while we were talking about the gentleness series, I thought it would be important for us to have a description of hellfire after the gentleness series to where we can contrast some of the descriptions of agenda with some of the descriptions of Jahannam with some of the descriptions of hellfire as Allah subhanaw taala so frequently does in the Quran, And subhanAllah you know, when we had started to really frame the series, I actually thought about doing Jana and Jahannam in one, but it would have been too long. And I found that many of them did not, in fact separated out the description of Paradise from the description of hellfire to go in depth. But

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what is the purpose of this particular webinar? You know, one of the things that you will notice about this balance that we have with Allah subhanaw taala of hope and fear is that the same qualities that will save you on the Day of Judgment are the same qualities that will enter you into Jannah are the same qualities that will protect you from the fire. And so all of these different descriptions that we have of the Omen the hammer of the Day of Judgment of a Jana, of Jahannam all of them are ultimately meant to drive us back to Allah subhanho wa Taala with the things that he loves, with the qualities that he loves, that are best manifested in the character of our Prophet

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Hence you understand the logic of the last few years of Ramadan series. This is how we come close to Allah subhanaw taala and ultimately some of us are going to be motivated by different things sometimes more by hope, sometimes more by fear. Sometimes hope will drive something in us that is very unique and fear will drive something in us. That is very unique and the believer as of no claim Rahim Allah so beautifully mentioned the believer is like the body of a bird. The body is the love of Allah Subhana Allah the two wings our hope and fear. Our greatest hope is manifested in realizing that abode have an agenda bitten and dying Tada,

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may Allah allow us to enter into paradise into it for the dose of Allah, without any form of questioning, Allahu Amin, and our fear is of entering into the abode of the faithless, the abode of Allah subhanho wa Taala as punishment of Johanna mela parents out protect us from it and not let us enter it even for a moment Allahumma Amin. So I wanted to inshallah to break this down, particularly in this webinar, not of a lengthy description necessarily of every single element of hellfire. But what's important to you as a Muslim to know about hellfire? How do you connect with this concept? So this isn't a philosophical webinar, though, we're going to be connecting with certain philosophical

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points as it relates to Jehovah because obviously, it causes a lot of people questioning, but it's more about how you can have that proper spiritual drive to Allah subhanaw taala with that operating knowledge of Jahannam that operating knowledge of hellfire in the back of your mind, and bitten lucky Tyler factored into how diligently and how devotedly you worship your Lord subhanho wa Taala And subhanAllah I was looking just that sort of to nozze out how Allah subhanaw taala frames this drive in just a few words for either Jah to tama to cobra, when that great calamity comes, the day of judgment comes to us and we end up standing in front of our Lord Subhana what's Allah? You only

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answer that Carol insaan Massa. And on that day, you will be able to recall all of your striving you'll recall what you did and what you didn't do, what you put forth and what you left behind. And Allah subhana wa says, We're booted isa tilde haimo Lima Yara and then Hellfire is brought forth in sight for anyone to see. Allah says for a man and tada will Athol how to dunya for in algae Hema he'll Mattawa then at that point, the one who transgressed and preferred the life of this world then Hellfire is surely going to be his abode what a madman half I'm a coma Robbie, he wanna her Neff Sign In, however, in an agenda to hear and Mattawa but as for the one who feared that standing

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before their Lord, and restrain themselves from their lowly desires than verily their abode shall be adjourned.

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Another abode shall be Paradise. So in these few words, what do you really understand in terms of drive in terms of motivation, that if the Day of Judgment is in front of you, and if that standing before Allah subhanaw taala is in front of you, and that is ultimately curbing your desire so that they do not manifest and disobedience in this life, then the presentation of hellfire, on the Day of Judgment is not for you. But if you are a person who is deliberately ignoring the eternal life that we have the hereafter, what is far more important than this temporary time that we have here on earth, then on that day, the regrets will manifest and a person will know that they did not

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sufficiently prepare themselves. So it goes back to how you are disciplining your desires in accordance with the destination that you want. So if destination is Janna Nila he to Allah, then that means you're disciplining your desires accordingly in this dunya and if destination is hellfire, which you are ignoring, may Allah protect us, then that means that you are ultimately being led by your desires. And on the Day of Judgment, your desires will lead you only to the fire may Allah subhanaw taala protect us, Allah I mean, now I want to talk about the way Allah talks about Johanna. And it's important to note that Allah knows who he created at a young woman caught

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up, Allah knows his creation, the creator has designed us, He knows our desires, he knows what motivates us. He knows what we need to hear, he knows what we need to see. He knows what is best for us. And so he diagnoses us accordingly. And he gives us these descriptions accordingly. So Allah knows our psychology at a young woman caught up well when luckily for Hubby, and Allah subhanaw taala is ever subtle, yet ever aware. And Allah azza wa jal created us with fear as a great motivator. Now for some people, that motivation of fear is going to be stronger than hope. And I actually do mentioned this Panel A few years ago, some of you may have even seen the lecture online.

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I was at a conference in Baltimore and I said, How many of you are more motivated by the mention of hellfire to discipline yourself into come closer to Allah subhanaw taala and half of the audience raise their hands. And then I said, How many of you are more motivated by a Jana to come close to Allah subhanaw taala to discipline your desires, and the other half raise their hands, it was almost a 5050 split. Even the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were like that some people needed more or lean towards more remembrance of hellfire to get them to that place of driving in the best way towards Allah subhana wa Tada and some needed the hope in Allah subhanaw taala in

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his Jana, more than others, how are they familiar man? Well, the Allahu Taala and who he says about himself, that people used to ask the Prophet slicin about the good things will come to us, aloha and Shep, and I used to ask him about the bad things so that I could avoid the bad things. And subhanAllah what is her they follow the Allahu Anhu famous for He's famous for being the secret keeper of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam and someone who is safe from hypocrisy, because Hellfire has a particular way of remedying hypocrisy in particular Subhan Allah so as he was getting close to Allah subhanaw taala and asking about these difficult things from Allah subhanaw taala he

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was coming close to Allah azza wa jal in a way that allowed him to avoid the evil qualities that many other people might have felt immune from, because their companions of the Prophet slice and and perhaps it might not have been as daunting to them, but to the likes of her, they follow the Allahu taala. And this was important for him to continue to strive towards a lot, all of the companions and all of the writers had a share of this, and a share of that, but ultimately what's going to move you and motivate you, that is going to be dependent upon the personality and also in particular stages of your life. Perhaps it will be important for you to lean more into the mention of hellfire versus

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the mention of paradise. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us and the Allies was gonna grant us paradise Allah Amin also a hope for Raja hope and fear. They relate to both destinations. There is the hope that you'll enter into Jana and there's the hope that you will be protected from the fire and that's her son oven and Allah subhanaw taala that's having a good assumption a good expectation of Allah, there is the fear of entering into the fire. And there is the fear of missing out on the reward of paradise May Allah subhanaw taala protect this Allah I mean, so both allow for Raja hope and fear have a manifestation with both of these destinations. And Allah subhanho wa Taala in his

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wisdom did not just create hellfire and tell us about it and use it to motivate us to where we need to go. But Allah azza wa jal speaks about its specific punishments, why so that we can avoid the specific deeds that gain those specific punishments and again, to further distance ourselves from those punishment.

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instead Allah subhanaw taala mentions and you'll find that in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal rarely will talk about one destination without the other. So he speaks about Jana and he speaks about Johanna. And while Jana is mentioned more in the Quran than Johanna and this is from the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. Still, it's important for us to read both of them together. And may Allah subhanaw taala grant us that which is pleasing to Him, Allah, I mean, some of the scholars mentioned and I'll start to get into Inshallah, tied to the specific description some of the scholars also mentioned, that of the wisdoms of an imam has an embassy Rahim Allah, one of the great scholars of

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the past one of the great tambourine, and if not, the greatest scholar of the tambourine was that he was able to take verses in the Quran that relate to disbelief and hypocrisy, and to make them intimate to the believers themselves. Because a lot of times you might be reading the Quran, and the Quran usually speaks about Jahannam specifically as a warning to blatant disbelievers. And so a person could feel disconnected from those verses. But we have to be able to find a connection to those verses as well. Even if we're not already sure we're not you know, those people that are causing harm to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and to the prophets of old. It's important

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for us to also find a way to be intimate with those verses, and to be motivated by those verses. So Imam Hassan bossy Rahim Allah was someone that was able to teach that test Kiya, and it's important for us to connect in the same way. Now the extreme on the other hand, is what I'd love no matter what the allow Tyler and Huma mentioned that the Hawaii bridge the people of fitna, who killed many Muslims and may tech fear blatant tech fear on multiple Muslims called Muslims disbelievers was that they took verses about the disbelievers and then they applied them to the believers. So Subhanallah what's their description? The Prophet slicin described them as the dogs of hellfire. These were

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people that took verses about the kuffar and they planted them on the Muslims. So there's a difference between you yourself, reading these verses, and most of the verses about Hellfire are really threatening towards those who are rejecting the prophets of Allah, and finding a connection to the qualities to the deeds that are being mentioned. And making sure that you avoid that destination, but not going and applying those verses to other believers. And then using that as a way of casting them out of the fraternity of believers in this life. There is also wisdom that we find that Allah subhanaw taala addresses the believers in particular, to fear the Fire of Hell and

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soar to Tahiti. So it's very interesting because Allah subhanaw taala says, Yeah, you Halina Cafaro la tactilely rodeo in an Auto Zone. Mr. Quinton tamarin. Oh, you who disbelieve? You know, there is no even there isn't even a need here in this particular sequence to mention Hellfire to them, that you will have no respite on that day that you will find what you have prepared for that day. And it will come to you exactly as Allah subhanaw taala told you, it would come to you but then Allah says to the believers, yeah, you will, Adina Avenue. Oh and Fusa como Alikum na en Makoto, her NASA will hijab Oh you who believe Save yourselves and your families from a fire who's feel is men and stones

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la harmala Kitsune Lila, Algon she.la Arizona Allah humma amerihome way of Allah and MA maroon over that fire are appointed angels that are Stern, that are harsh. They don't flinch when they're given the commands of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah they do exactly as they have been told. So Allah azza wa jal mentions to the believers in particular to remember the Fire whose fuel as men and stones and to protect ourselves to protect our families from it and that's out of Allah's love for us that he tells us about it as well. So this is a very unique idea because it's specific to the believers to avoid the fire and to protect themselves and to protect them family, their families from the fire,

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and immediately afterwards Allah subhanaw taala then gives us the call to Toba. Yeah, you had ADINA, almond or tubal it Allah He tow button norsu Oh, you who believe turn back to Allah subhanaw taala was sincere repentance and it may be that Allah Subhana Allah will forgive your sins Asada bukem And you Kefir or uncom say article, while you're the hero come Jannette integrity mentality and how Allah may forgive you for your sins and then enter you into a paradise beneath which rivers flow and Subhanallah this is a this is such a beautiful portion here because a person might read the verse before and they could feel a great sense of apprehension and fear. But Allah subhanaw taala saying,

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Turn back to Allah subhanaw taala sincerely, it may be that Allah azza wa jal will forgive your sins as a result of that. And if Allah forgives your sins, you're the healer come Jannetty in terms of human tactile and how Allah subhanaw taala will enter you into a paradise beneath which rivers flow yo Mala yo Zilla who nebbia will Adina almond Oba the day

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A that Allah will not humiliate the Prophet and the believers that are with the Prophet of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah no room Yes I've been at him will be Emani him. The light of those believers that Allah has dressed them with is all around them is emanating from them and lighting their path forward. You'll notice here that Allah Subhana Allah Allah says he will not disgrace the Prophet and the believers. And another part of the Quran where we make dua. For protection from hellfire. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from hellfire because we say in neckerman to defeat him now for zeta, Oh Allah, those that you've entered into the fire, you have humiliated You've disgraced. And

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here Allah Subhana Allah is assuring the believers that he will not disgrace them when they turn back to him. subhanho wa Taala you'll also notice that in the Quran, you know, and if you go back to the Genesis series, when we talked about do ask to ask for Jana, there aren't too many Ayat are verses that are specific from the believers of asking Allah for Jana, in that particular language. But you'll notice that when the believers are contemplating on the heavens and the earth, they come to the realization of the existence of that which is greater than them, and a sense of urgency occurs within them. And so they start to ask Allah Subhana Allah for forgiveness, and they start to

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ask Allah for protection from the fire. So you'll find more verses from the believers asking Allah subhanaw taala immediately after being in a state of to the Buddha and to *wit in a state of contemplation and introspection, then you will find them asking specifically for Paradise because if a person is protected from the fire, they will certainly enter into paradise May Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst those people Allah whom I mean. Now what are some of the wisdoms that the scholar has mentioned specifically of remembering hellfire, specifically remembering hellfire? Number one, some of the scholars speak about it in the sense of overcoming an addiction. Sometimes

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there are sins, that a person is having a very, very difficult time getting over. And as you're trying to get over that sin, this might be the remembrance of the fire, that's able to finally put a barrier between you and us. And that's probably you'll notice that many people as they're addicted to worldly vices, that it's finally you know, a point where someone is able to impress upon them, the consequences of their decisions, the consequences of their vices, that they're able to finally forsake those vices and they need in that process, hope that should they forsake their vices, they will indeed find virtue once again. So in the akhira sense, in the hereafter sense as well. Many

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times people cannot forsake an addiction to sin, until they truly connect to the idea of consequence in the Hereafter. And they're finally able to come back to Allah subhana wa Tada. away from it. So this is the first one overcoming addiction. Number two, the scholars mentioned that before you commit a sin, before you commit a sin. You need more fear. After you commit a sin, you need more hope. What do I mean by that? You know, before you commit a sin, if a person at that point is thinking about Allah's forgiveness and thinking about Allah's mercy and thinking about, you know, well Allah is an affordable Rahim anyway, I'm going to be fine, he's merciful, He's forgiving, then

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they're not going to find the necessary drive perhaps, to not commit that sin in the moment. Then after they commit the sin. If a person starts to think I'm doomed, I'm going to hellfire. And they think about the consequences of that sin and they're not going to find the drive to repent from that sin. So basically, the shaytaan will come to you, before you commit a sin with too much hope. And then he'll come to you after you commit a sin with too much fear. What do I mean by that before you commit a sin shape on will be the one to tell you Look, Allah is gonna forgive you anyway. What are you worried about? After you commit the sin? Shaitan will tell you how do you think Allah would ever

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forgive you? So before you commit a sin, at that point, you need that remembrance of the Hellfire to stop you to go back into thinking what this is going to end up really bad for me if I go forth with this. And as you hold yourself back, and in sha Allah to not commit that sin, then you've achieved the goal of it. Now let's say that before you commit the sin, you try to think about hellfire, but you get weak and as human beings, we get weak sometimes, after you commit the sin, you need to remember Allah's mercy. You need to remember Allah's forgiveness. You need to remember Allah's redemption for the believers, and you connect back to Allah subhanho data. So the mention of

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hellfire, the connection to hellfire and punishment is specifically useful before you commit that sin before you commit that infraction, to remind you of that consequence, and to protect yourself from that hypocrisy, if all of the other measures that you have made for yourself internally and externally fail you in those

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Moments may last pounds, I protect this alarm I mean, number three, the gravity of what I am doing. Sometimes knowing the gravity of something

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allows us to stay away from it. Because we may otherwise be little, especially if certain sins are normalized, right? If certain sins are normalized, so if everybody else around us is doing it, then we might not feel that sense of trepidation with that particular sin. But when Allah subhanaw taala speaks about it, and Allah azza wa jal speaks about it with the gravity that he speaks about it. So let's take for example, the sin of backbiting and giving it a visual of eating the dead flesh of your brother, then it allows you to feel a greater sense of trepidation from it by knowing the gravity of those sins Subhanallah, you won't find a sin like Ribba like usury, in the Quran, that is

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spoken about with the way that it is spoken about, I mean, with the details, with the description, with the level of danger, that it is accompanied by you don't find other sins like about like usury. And if you think about of all of the major sins, what is the most normalized major sin is definitely about its usury, right? Because it's all within, you know, the banks, and it's all within the digits that you're using. And you don't think too much about it when you do it. And everybody's engaged in it. Right. So it's important for us to know the gravity of those sins. And sometimes the visual of punishment, the visual of the fire connected to that sin allows us to understand that gravity number

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four, the qualities that I may be breeding, the negative qualities that I may be breeding, if I don't do what is necessary to remedy them from now, every single mention of Benny sloth II, every single mention of, you know, the people of the mood, the people of who the people saw, all of the negative mentions in the Quran, are there so that you could avoid the same pitfalls and mistakes that they fail to avoid. There is a connection there. And so when a person looks at the qualities of people that are mentioned in connection with the hellfire, then perhaps the urgency of the Hellfire. And the fact that those qualities may have some proportion, in their being at this moment, will

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allow them to finally forsake those qualities and to have a heightened awareness towards those qualities because many people breed the qualities of hypocrisy, breed the qualities of the people of hellfire, and then it becomes too late they overtake their hearts, and a person loses first and foremost their recognition before they regret the recognition even of those qualities. So it's important for us to look to those qualities as Allah subhanaw taala gives them to us. The last thing is, as I said, Hellfire removes hypocrisy. Hellfire removes hypocrisy. You think of Omar bin al Khattab Radi Allahu Anhu and his fear of hypocrisy all model the Allahu Tada and who, when he saw a

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worldly fire and he put his his hand close to an ESA Can you can you bear it Obama. He was doing that to protect himself from the qualities of hypocrisy, and even Mr. Little the low tide and who he served not I mean, and he fell in love with one or half Oh, elopement, that no one feels safe from hypocrisy except for a total hypocrite. And no one fears it except for a believer. And so to fear Hellfire is to remove hypocrisy, and that's the particular function that it has. And in sha Allah to Allah, I pray that through this, this contemplation of hellfire that we're going to engage in over the next hour and it certainly should not be the only contemplation that you have of hellfire, that

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you find the Knights have that ability to to really remove the qualities of hypocrisy. We'll also note that the deeds that are a protection from the fire are also the deeds that are entrance into the into agenda into paradise. Sometimes it's even with the very specific deeds. So when the Prophet slicin and mentioned and the authentic hadith and Sunnah and NSLP, that whoever prays for before the hold on for after the hood, Allah subhanaw taala, I would protect them from the fire and enter them into paradise. The same qualities, as we said, that protect you on the Day of Judgment and from the Hellfire are the same qualities that enter you into Jannah. Ultimately, what this gives you is a

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roadmap to the best version of yourself. And when you think about the physical complexities that you have, there's the element of consumption. And there's the element of exercise. The element of consumption means that you purge the diseases you purge the negative things that you're putting into your body. In this case, when it comes to your soul. You purge the sins that you are consuming that you are putting into your soul, and sometimes knowing the sin count, and I often tell people Subhan Allah I think I mentioned this even in the last night reflections. Imagine if every sin just like just like some foods have a calorie count. Imagine if every sin had a sin count to it, right that if

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You engage in this particular sin, you're going to have 2000 Say out that are going to be placed on your scale and do judgment. And this is going to increase your likelihood of entering into hellfire by this percentage. How much more diligent would we be right? Because you know that when you eat food and you don't know the calorie count, you can delude yourself a bit. But when you're aware of what the calorie count is, or if there's something harmful or toxic or poisonous that's coming into it, you'll avoid it. So when it comes to sins, consumption, is knowing the degree of hellfire and punishment that comes with that particular sin. Exercise is exercising the virtues right which

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really speaks to that exercising of axon to pursue what ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has promised for the believers, so there's purging the diseases, and there is exercising the virtues, purging the diseases largely deals with hellfire, exercising the virtues largely deals with Paradise, and SubhanAllah. As we learned in the general series, Paradise is delta dot paradise is degree upon degree upon degree upon degree and you want to aim for the highest degree. And so there are certain qualities that are befitting of those higher degrees and certain deeds, and you want to learn those qualities and then manifest them as much as you can. Hellfire has done a cat degrees of loneliness.

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And the scholars mentioned those degrees in two ways, degrees in terms of the layers of disbelief and so, the one who, you know, who worships the idols is lower than the one who worships one God but fails to meet the full qualifications of tau hate, the one who believes in ISA and Musa is higher than the one who only believes in Musa and the one who believes in Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and precise and Musa Islam is higher than the one who just believes in Sid Simon who sorry, Sam and so on, so forth. So some of them described it in terms of the layers of belief. Some of them described it in terms of the layers of qualities and sinfulness that a person purges themselves down the ranks

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of hellfire. May Allah Subhana Allah protect us, even from the highest level of hellfire and the most, you know, the place where you find the least of punishment. May Allah azza wa jal excuse us from it all Allahumma Amin. So let's look through some of these qualities in Shaolin. Before I get to the description of hellfire itself, I wanted to get through the qualities that Allah describes the people of hellfire, and the specific deeds actually wanted to categorize the types of deeds that we find that are befitting to the people of hellfire, and then inshallah Tada. We can compare them to a lot of what we learned in the Jana series. First and foremost you have sort of these

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overarching evil qualities that Allah subhanaw taala mentions about the people of hellfire, obviously, you know, the most frequent one is Allah caffeine, those who reject Faith, the disbelievers, but then you will find some of these other qualities so for example, last fantasise ha la in LA Paulina, the shadow map, that this is for a Tallinn, those who transgress the limits, this will be an evil final return for them. And Elijah says lit Paulina Alba. So he frequently uses this word of Tallinn and a Tallinn are those who transgress the boundaries that are set by Allah subhanaw taala. Allah azza wa jal has certain boundaries that he has placed and if a person fails to respect

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and honor those boundaries, then they are naturally going to find themselves in a place of infraction. And they're naturally going to find themselves in a place where they're going to harm themselves at the end of the day. So Allah mentions of Pauline, Allah azza wa jal also mentions frequently a volley mean those who oppress the oppressed themselves and they oppress others and we'll find that both of those categories fall under this umbrella of being from a vile Amin, those who are transgressors, those who are oppressors, rather, as opposed to uclouvain which are transgressors. So while I mean, our oppressors of Tallinn are transgressors, and then you have

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hypocrisy. May Allah protect us from hypocrisy and all of its manifestations Allahumma Amin, where Allah Subhana Allah says in Manasa Pina Fidel kill us ferryman Anna, may Allah protect us, Allah says that rarely, the hypocrites are in the lowest part of hellfire as hell I want to sit with this for a little bit because we said Hellfire particularly as a dike is a way to to defeat hypocrisy, the mention of hellfire and the pondering upon hellfire. You know, the prophet slice I mentioned qualities of hypocrisy. And he mentioned that if a person speaks they lie, if a person makes a promise, they break their promise. And if a person is taken into confidence, then they violate that

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trust either Tomita Han and in one narration. The prophets lie some said we the HA some of her job when that person gets into a dispute. they transgress all bounds in dispute of the Lord no matter the Allahu anha he said about

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that hadith he said, Therefore, if a person has one of these four qualities, they're 25%, hypocrite. And if a person has 50%, then they're half hypocrite. And if a person has 75% or three fourths, then that's what their share of hypocrisy is. And if a person has all of these traits, then it's monastic heartless, a complete hypocrite. On the other hand, if a person speaks and tells the truth, and if a person makes promises, and they keep their promises, and if a person when they are taken into confidence or entrusted honors that trust and if a person when they get into an argument or a dispute, maintains the boundaries of ethical argument and dispute, then that person is a Sadiq,

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completely a person of truthfulness, which is the highest level and Paradise after the prophets, or that is their portion of truthfulness that they have. So hypocrisy is a package. And obviously the worst hypocrites are those who were posing as believers, right. And this is what this is talking about the lowest level people that were lying about even being Muslims in the first place, but I want to make sure I don't have 25% or 50% or 75%, because that ultimately is going to lead to my descent into the fire. So hypocrisy is a barometer by which a person finds themselves descending into a delicate into the lower levels of the Hellfire, and they are in the dark as well. They are in

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the lowest place of the fire may last pantile Protect us Allah Allah I mean, Allah azza wa jal also mentions frequently the quality of arrogance. With the people of hellfire Elisa, fie Johanna must one living with a cavity. Isn't hellfire, a fitting abode? For those who are arrogant? And subhanAllah will even find that when they're thrown into the fire? May Allah Azza not make us amongst them? The first thing that is said about them Odorheiu abueva Johanna mahadi The Nephi have a bit semeth Well, Moto Cameryn that this is a place for the arrogance. This is a place for the prideful. And the scholars mentioned that every inhabitant of the Hellfire has some quality of

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arrogance to some extent, either arrogance with the truth, so the truth came to them and they rejected the truth or arrogance with their treatment of other people. But at some level, every single person who enters into the fire has some extent some quality of arrogance. And so humility increases us to Allah Subhana Allah what does the prophets lie some teach us that mantle Allah, whoever lowers themselves for Allah, Allah, Allah azza wa jal raises that person, the more that you lower yourself for Allah, the more Allah elevates you and raises you and we talked about those high places and paradise for the person that holds themselves back a person that has humility with ALLAH

00:32:50--> 00:33:30

SubhanA humility when they stand before Allah, humility when the truth comes to them. Okay? When the lies are just as LM yet neither Latina Ave and Tasha Kulu Bhoomi decree law a woman as the dominant hack, isn't it time for those who believe to humble their hearts to the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala and what He has revealed of the truth, and then the high layers and paradise the high degrees and paradise for those who left off positions of power and arrogance for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. So everyone who's in hellfire has some quality of arrogance, just as everyone who's in Paradise has some level of humility, even if that was just humility with the truth

00:33:30--> 00:34:12

that came through our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or through the prophets of old to their nations calling them to Allah subhanho wa sallam, and that's why you'll find that Imam Muslim Rahim Allah. He has a chapter in his law here called Bab and now yet Hulu has a job. Rune will January at Hulu, her elbow after the chapter that Hellfire will be entered by the arrogance and Paradise will be entered by the weak. That is, of course, something that we learned in the Genesis series as well. But the fire complaints so ALLAH SubhanA answers, why is it that only the arrogance and the proud enter into me? And Jana says Why does it seem that only the weak and the downtrodden enter into me?

00:34:13--> 00:34:52

Because most of the people who are not from the weak in the downtrodden will be diluted by the blessings that Allah Subhana Allah has given them on this earth and possibly made arrogant by those blessings and find themselves in a place where they are ripped of all blessings in the hereafter May Allah protect this Allama I mean, so this is the general quality of the people of Hellfire is arrogance and the general quality of the people of Paradise is one of humility. So you have those qualities, so sort of overarching qualities of the people of hellfire, then you have the specific deeds and the specific doings and I wanted to categorize them in a way that we can take something

00:34:52--> 00:34:55

instructive from them in sha Allah Allah.

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

Allah is just sometimes speaks about the specifics of belief

00:35:00--> 00:35:44

that are denied or that are lacking. So Allah Subhana Allah says, for example, Belle caribou bissa were uttered an early man can never be Sati Sati era that rather they have denied the hour, they denied the Day of Judgment and we have prepared a blazing fire for those who deny the final hour. Now Subhanallah obviously cool photos. Cofer, right disbelief is disbelief. But here Allah is speaking about a particular elements of disbelief and in other places Allah will mention covetable Russa that they denied the messengers they denied the prophets, what can we take from this when we come across these types of ayat where a punishment is threatened for a particular lack of belief or

00:35:44--> 00:36:21

a lack of belief in a specific area? We can take from it is that if I find myself in the can of L Eman and the articles of faith and again what have we been doing at your pain? We've been going through Allah loves we went through we go through the Quran, right belief and Allah belief in the messages we've gone through the belief in the messengers by looking at our prophets lie Selim, we've gone through the belief and the angels and nilotica we've gone through the belief and the Day of Judgment, we're going through the hereafter. If I find myself lacking in a particular area of belief, then that's where I need to exert myself to strengthen that so that I don't have an opening

00:36:21--> 00:36:36

that the Shavon can exploit, and can lead me to the abode of hellfire. So obviously there's belief as a whole and disbelief as a whole. And then there are the specifics here that Allah Subhana Allah speaks about when it comes to disbelief. And here Allah azza wa jal, for example, mentions caribou.

00:36:37--> 00:36:40

Beside that they denied the final hour.

00:36:41--> 00:37:21

In other parts, you'll find that Allah Subhana Allah speaks about specific deeds, the specific legislated deeds now, obviously, if a person doesn't believe them, they're not going to do but at the same time, they're responsible for the deeds just as they are responsible for the belief according to many of the scholars, so when Elijah says, for example, that they will be asked masala calm fee circle, that what led you into the hellfire, and they respond and they say, lamb neck luminal muscle lean. We were not from those who used to pray when I'm Naku not or Mr. Miskin and we were not amongst those who used to feed the poor, what could not not hold longer and harder lean and

00:37:21--> 00:38:02

we used to be amongst those that would mark with those who mocked we used to be amongst the vein talkers, when they would speak in vain. What couldn't nanocavity will be on the dean and we used to deny the Day of Judgment had tonally opinion until Yaqeen until certainty had come to us. So here if a person finds himself lacking in prayer, or lacking in how they honor or they're supposed to honor the poor, when they come across the poor, or whether they speak in vain. Frequently they find themselves in conversations and in settings where nothing of benefit is being discussed than a person is to look at those specific deeds and say if that's what the people of hellfire gonna say,

00:38:03--> 00:38:42

got them there, then I want to make sure that I am not amongst them. Another category that Allah spans are frequently mentioned, of deeds and doings of the people of hellfire are people that followed bad leaders and bad friends. If you remember the episode a sloppy BUSA head in general is not that a friend drags you either to paradise or to the fire? How many verses do we have of the people of hellfire expressing regret? Yeah, late Anna Anton Allah will turn over soon. We wish we would have followed Allah we wish we would have followed the messenger. We wish we would have not followed you to their bad friends to their bad role models. So those of us to take them away from

00:38:42--> 00:39:26

Allah subhanaw taala. So you have a lot of sheep mentality type people in hellfire that speak in regrets and Allah azza wa jal quotes their words to us why? So that we don't fall into their footsteps of following bad friends following bad leaders and people that will take us away from Allah and from the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam and lead us to that abode of the fire may Allah azza wa jal grant us righteous company instead in this life and in the next Allama I mean, so that's a frequent quotation, right, the specific, you know, Regrets of the people of fire of being led by bad company or bad leadership. Then you have some of the categories as they relate to

00:39:26--> 00:39:59

religious infractions regarding the rights of Allah, His Messenger, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and then infractions or transgressions that involve the Hulk, the creation of Allah subhanaw taala. And so for example, you'll come across the severe threats towards those who imitate the creation of Allah subhanaw taala. The image makers those who use to sculpt are those that that portray things with the intention of competing with the creation of Allah subhanaw taala. So especially the idol makers first and foremost, and are told on the Day of Judgment, to breathe life to that which

00:40:00--> 00:40:37

These supposedly created you have those that lie about the Prophet salallahu Salam, or that particularly misquote the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and calibre and Nima. Tamika the one who lies about me intentionally let them choose their place and hellfire May Allah Subhana Allah protect this ultimate. I mean, you'll find that even when it comes to the Amana of self, what a person has suicide, for example, you know, the very specific punishment that is mentioned that a person who kills themselves will be killing themselves with the same instrument and the fire over and over again that that is the right of Allah subhanaw taala that Allah azza wa jal gave you this Amana of

00:40:37--> 00:41:19

your body do not take prematurely what Allah subhanaw taala has given you the blessing of your life, that is something that we find in the in the literature in the eye hats in the Hadith, of warnings from us from from taking our own lives that Amana from Allah subhanaw taala May Allah azza wa jal help anyone who's struggling with those thoughts even and allow you to, to find inshallah to have the help that's necessary to reach out so that a person doesn't do that that person doesn't find themselves in that transgression with Allah subhanaw taala. So that's one layer here, then you have the layer of oppression and transgressing the rights of others. So more severe is murder. And a

00:41:19--> 00:41:58

savanna 30 Rahim Allah said, you don't want to meet Allah on the Day of Judgment, having to answer for the rights of anyone other than the rights of Allah upon you, meaning what? You know, if he said on the day of judgment was just between you and Allah, then you have a better chance of surviving because people might not be so forgiving and so merciful in regards to their rights. So when it comes to murder, when you actually mean and more to me than for does that who Johanna Mohammed in a fee, Eliza says the one who kills a believer intentionally, and they will find that they're designed that their their punishment is hellfire. For all of eternity, you'll find the specific verses and

00:41:58--> 00:42:06

ayat that speak about false testimony that speak about false judgment that speak about oppression. The hadith where the prophets lie, some of them

00:42:07--> 00:42:23

says avoid the seven sins. That will certainly condemn a person to hellfire and they said he also Allah, what are they? And he said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to associate anything and worship with Allah subhanaw taala to practice sorcery

00:42:24--> 00:43:06

to kill anyone who Allah subhanaw taala has sanctified their life, except in the case of justice, to consume at riba to consume the wealth of an orphan, to run away from the battlefield and to slander the reputation of an innocent believing woman. So these are the seven destructive sins that the prophets lie some mentions here, and he specifically commits them or connects them to hellfire. Eliza John mentioned stealing, right? Yeah, you had an ominous lotta Kulu and while a convener Kumble belted, Oh you who believe do not consume your property amongst yourselves in vain and Allah subhanaw taala mentions at the end of this long verse of the different types of transgression here,

00:43:07--> 00:43:43

where people kill and harm one another, to consume wealth to steal what Allah subhanaw taala has not given to them Allah Azza Delta says for so phenol Slee he Nowra that barely we will allow that person to arrive at Hellfire what Kena that he got a lot. Yes era and that is easy for your Lord, do not transgress the rights of others in regards to their wealth. And sometimes you think of stealing is just you know, picking up a gun and taking money from somebody but stealing could be in the capacity of a business partnership. It could be stealing someone's land, it's taking someone's right, that Allah Subhana Allah Allah has not given to you and Allah azza wa jal warns you of that

00:43:43--> 00:44:29

and he specifically connects that to hellfire, and especially the next category, especially stealing from the most vulnerable people exploitation. So Allah azza wa jal says in Alladhina, coluna and wider utama lumen in knanaya Cadorna feeble Tony him Nowra that barely those who consumed the property of orphans unjustly it's like they are consuming fire in their bellies, and they will be driven to assayed they will be driven to a blazing fire may Allah Subhana Allah protect us. Allah azza wa jal mentions backbiting waiting on Nikolay, who has written numerous wote every scandal monger every back biter and Eliza and mentions particularly hellfire and the prophets lie some said

00:44:29--> 00:44:59

to my little deal outside and hope that nothing causes more people to fall into the fire than Hassli that Lisa and that which they store in their tongues, and so a person has to think to themselves if most people will be in hellfire because of their expressions. What does that mean for my social media use? What does that mean, for the way that I talk? What does that mean for the way that I communicate? If most people in hellfire are in hellfire because of the things that they used to state the things that are stored in their tongue or in their fingers?

00:45:00--> 00:45:41

May Allah protect us. The Prophet slice I mentioned to us torture and torture of any hulk of Allah and creation of Allah subhanaw taala. So he tells us salAllahu alayhi wa sallam about a woman who is in hellfire because She tortured a cat. And this is the same prophet it has. Salatu was Salam who told us about a woman who was an adulterous but she gave water to a thirsty dog and sent and so she is in Jannah. Hence she is in Janice Pamela so the woman who tortured a cat is in hellfire. The woman who was an adulterous but gave water to a thirsty dog is in paradise, so you can start to see the contrast. One narration Subhanallah you'll find how severely Allah and the messenger sallallaahu

00:45:41--> 00:46:21

Salam spoke about harm things that we might not even think too much about. The Prophet slice I mentioned those who cut down the trees that shade the people. Now, this isn't a prohibition on cutting down trees altogether. But if a person does something to the pathway to the roadway, that would harm those who used to otherwise fine shade. And there is a malicious intent that's implied here, that they would be entered into hellfire on their heads just as they cause the sun to hit their heads unjustly. This is from the same prophet Sallallahu Sallam who said that I saw someone strolling in Paradise because he removed a harmful branch from the road, email tools and other and

00:46:21--> 00:47:04

ability to remove something harmful from the road. So Subhanallah it really helps you think about some of the things that you might not even really consider in your day to day life and how they're connected to a person's desire for agenda, and their desire to avoid Hellfire at all costs, then you have a category of those who use the means of paradise for the sake of this dunya and hence they enter into hellfire. So that's why you'll find that the divine wrath to the moon after opinions of the hypocrites is strongest because they use the keys of Jannah for material dunya we purposes for things of this world. And so the prophets ice I mentioned to us that do not seek knowledge in order

00:47:04--> 00:47:43

to argue with the retina to argue with the knowledgeable or to shame, a sofa to shame the ignorant or the LCD for a day who would do enough to turn the faces of people towards you to show off and he said whoever does that it's kind of a law not Allah will enter that person into hellfire. Moleskines protect us Allah I mean, so you have knowledge, where the prophets lie. Some said whoever takes a path of knowledge, Allah subhanaw taala will facilitate their path to paradise. But then on the other hand, you have a person who seeks knowledge so that they can argue with the scholars or they can shame the ignorant or that they can get attention and show off and that instead becomes a means

00:47:43--> 00:48:26

by which they pave their path to hellfire may last prints out protect this Allahumma mean. So let's get to the description of hellfire, beyond the qualities and you know what we can take from it and Subhanallah you'll find a contrast to everything that we spoken about in regards to an agenda. And the very first thing is this idea of the eternity of hellfire, the eternity of hellfire. The question of is Hellfire eternal, and how some people might struggle with the idea of the eternity of hellfire. And you'll find Subhanallah that, you know, you can you can find some writings and you can find some some quotes and some writings that are not from the mainstream. And that in some, you

00:48:26--> 00:49:07

know, according to many scholars, you can violate the consensus of aroma, about the question of the eternity of fire. And it's true that some scholars did a very small group of scholars. Namely, you find this attributed to Ibn Taymiyyah Rahimullah in the middle column, Rahim Allah spoke about the question of the eternity of the fire. And they spoke about it from the perspective of Allah subhanaw taala is mercy where Eliza just says that his Lama has overcome has surpassed his anger. Some of them spoke about it from the capacity of his sleep Autorama his attribute of mercy is sleep out that Tia, it's his it's his permanent attributes. It's unconditional. It is at all times Allah subhanaw.

00:49:07--> 00:49:52

Taala is a rock man. He is the Most Merciful and His mercy is constant. Whereas Sefa to develop the attribute of anger is one that is conditional. It's provoked. It's sleep fair Lea, it is a you know, something that Allah subhanaw taala shows anger as a result of the deeds or the doings of other people. So they'll talk about it from that perspective. They'll talk about it from some of the verses where Elijah says for example, WTF he globba that those who are into in hellfire will be in Hellfire for long periods of time. So there are you know, these writings that you can come across that, you know, suggest that maybe Hellfire is not eternal but paradise is eternal. However

00:49:52--> 00:50:00

Subhanallah it's important for you just from a functional perspective, from a personal perspective, not to bank on something that

00:50:00--> 00:50:06

might not even be an acceptable opinion in the first place. And what I mean by that is let's think about the personal implications here.

00:50:07--> 00:50:44

If it is, you know, to comfort yourself about the existence of fire and say, Well yeah, if we go to the Hellfire then it won't be except for some time anyway. Or if people go to hellfire they only go for some time. Then you take away the fear of hellfire and you risk becoming like those that Allah Subhana Allah says, we'll call you Lanta masala, narrow, Illa, Yom and Matthew that that those who say that even if we enter into the fire, we will only enter for a few days. So you can bear within yourself a complacency and say, well, that means you know, if we go to the fire, it's not going to be forever anyway. And when you listen to the descriptions of the fire, you don't want to be there

00:50:44--> 00:51:27

for a minute. SubhanAllah. So that's the first thing. The second thing is and this is really from a philosophical perspective, to condition your faith in Allah is unmatched justice or mercy on a fringe opinion is dangerous. Instead, put your philosophy and your doubts to rest. by immersing yourself in the names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala not an either the Most Merciful the Most adjust and put your faith to work by longing for the reward of Al Karim Allah will have and fearing the punishment of Eliza Jabari long for the award of the most generous long for the grace of the Most Gracious and fear of the punishment of the Almighty Subhana. What's out of the Compeller if

00:51:27--> 00:52:08

you actually connect yourself to the names and attributes of Allah subhanaw taala, then you will be you know, connecting yourself to that which is stable, and to that which puts all doubts to rest in Allah He to Allah, because ultimately you don't even need to bother yourself with some of these philosophical questions that really are based upon your own limited conceptions of the world and existence and mercy and justice. And instead you find yourself connected to Allah subhanaw taala and you you know that Allah azza wa jal will not put in hellfire, except those who deserve to be in hellfire because he is most just, and for however long they deserve to be there. And that's

00:52:08--> 00:52:49

something that if Allah is trying to decrease eternity for a person, it's justified because he is more just than I am. And if Allah Subhana Allah decrees it for a short amount of time, it's justified. And a person might find someone in paradise as we spoke about their enemies and they would say, how is it that you got to paradise? That's a loss pantiles mercy and we should not, you know, push ourselves into a domain that we do not belong and you'll find Subhanallah some of the verses that even speak to this when Allah subhanaw taala says still not a national Alamo, Bill Medina. Hola behalf. So the that Verily, We are the most knowledgeable of those who deserve to burn

00:52:49--> 00:53:35

in the fire so Allah azza wa jal knows who our alum he knows who deserves to be and hellfire and everyone that enters into the Hellfire enters by Allah's justice, and everyone that enters into Allah's paradise enters by His mercy. So we bank on that and we don't bother ourselves with how long Hellfire is how long we would we would be there or anyone would be there we ask Allah Subhana Allah to protect us from being there, even for a moment love me. And I'll also say here, you know, do not be little Schick and the infraction of Schick and we actually have a paper by doctors of hate, that you can find on our website about why shidduch is considered to be as gravely evil as it is. Do not

00:53:35--> 00:54:13

consider yourself more merciful and just than the one who created mercy and justice in the first place. Do not burden yourself with the final decree on anyone else but instead your obligation to do that with to them. Don't worry about Allah's final decree on a person Allah azza wa jal will do that you're not burdened, you're not tasked with having to pass a final decree on an individual. Instead, wear yourself with the obligation to do their work. And do not become complacent with your own belief to where you don't consider the possibility of being subjected to divine wrath. And this is where we find from the self that they had the greatest fear of Allah and the and the punishment, but

00:54:13--> 00:54:52

their love of Allah and their good opinion of Allah were never compromised and their strive towards a loss of hundreds on his reward was never hijacked by despair and so they maintain Hurston and London alas pants Anna, and they did not bother themselves with some of the philosophical questions that we might bother ourselves with that take us away from the spiritual drive that we know is present within us and that we have the potential to really refine to take us to the destination that we all hope to be in in the nighttime Eliza that also says about Jana does that and then Robbie can artha and he said that this is a compensation from your Lord alpha and Hisa. There is an element of

00:54:52--> 00:54:59

gift that exists with every single person's entrance into gender because no one actually gets what they deserve.

00:55:00--> 00:55:40

In Jana, they get more. But when Allah talks about hellfire, he says does that and we found that this is an exact compensation and exact punishment for the person. We also have an article by Sheikh Mohammed nationality, which I greatly recommend. He also gave a lecture about it that you can find on our website called the infinitely merciful. And the question of hellfire, and he went through Allah must be more merciful than all since he is the one who endowed his creation with the aptitude for mercy in the first place. A mother's mercy is but a fraction of Allah's universal mercy, which every human being enjoys in this life, Allah has reserved an even greater mercy for the believers in

00:55:40--> 00:56:22

the afterlife. And though the Mercy of Allah is without limits, Allah is not limited by His mercy. And he goes on to speak about how Allah is sending His messengers and scriptures to mankind, and inspiring people to recognize and embody guidance is the greatest mercy of all, and punishment in the Hellfire in and of itself contains multiple layers of mercies panela of the wisdoms and mercy of Jahannam by the way, the mercy of Jahannam is that the scholars mentioned that it allows for justice on a plane that cannot be achieved in this dunya there are some tyrants oppressors that will not be taken care of, or be dealt with in this life. Well, my account audible can ESEA and your Lord does

00:56:22--> 00:57:01

not forget. And so those tyrants, those oppressors for example, this is one mercy, right that exists of it will be dealt with there. And the fact that Allah Subhana Allah feels for the oppressed to the extent that every single call is heard by the oppressed is a powerful reflection of Allah's mercy, even the death of a person who's a disbeliever. If they call upon Allah subhanaw taala. Sincerely, Allah azza wa jal responds to the call of the oppressed. And if you are, if that's the case of the disbeliever what then of a person who is overly of Allah Subhana Allah may Allah make us amongst them? Who Allah azza wa jal says I'm an ad delivery oven to who will help that whoever takes our

00:57:01--> 00:57:39

leave of mine, a friend of mine as an enemy than I will wage war on behalf of that person, against their oppressor. May Allah Subhana Allah make us from His Olia Allah I mean, so the Hellfire has an element of retribution. It has an element of reformation. And as for ourselves, the question that we ask ourselves, and I heard this once Panhellenic really resonated with me. You know, instead of saying, why would a merciful God choose for you hellfire? Ask yourself why would you choose Hellfire over a merciful God? Brahim it said that when he was speaking to his father, and he was calling him to Allah Subhana Allah. He says, Yeah, booty in the hospital and EMS Okay, either bone mineral Rama,

00:57:39--> 00:58:24

that's occasionally shaytani Walia. Oh, my dear father, I'm afraid that you will be struck with a punishment from a Russian man from the Most Merciful. Why did he use the name of Obama and some of the scholars say of the wisdoms of that of the benefits of that is that you know, you have done so much you have disobeyed to an extent that punishment is even coming to you from Aladdin. Right from someone. Allah subhana has added who's mercy is unlimited, unconditional, unprecedented, and SubhanAllah. Here you are either. Mina Rana, may Allah protect us, and instead allow us to enter into the Rama, Rama Rama of paradise Allah humma Amin. Now what's the description of hellfire and

00:58:24--> 00:58:52

its people and comparisons agenda. So we spoke about the size of the people when they enter into paradise and that we enter into it as large beings and with a perfect age and a perfect size and a perfect height and a perfect manifestation my Eliza doesn't make us amongst them Alana, I mean, the people that enter into hellfire are also large in size, but not for the sake of pleasure, but instead the blue color

00:58:53--> 00:59:33

so that they may sufficiently taste the punishment of hellfire. So the prophets lie some tells us in one narration that the tooth of a person in Hellfire is like the size of hurt if that's just his tooth, what then of his body. In one narration he sets a lie so them that walking between the shoulders of a person of Hellfire is a journey of three days and in one NARRATION The Prophet slice I'm described as the thickness of their skin panela so Hellfire grinds them as an acclaimed Rahim Allah said, the way that a mill would grind them and they have larger bodies. The Dukkha adapts so they could taste the full punishment. And Allah says yeomen accordingly. Johanna mahal Intel

00:59:33--> 00:59:59

activity Kulu Helman visit Allah Azza says the day we will say to jahannam Are you full and hellfire will say, Oh Allah is there more so it grind its inhabitants Subhanallah and the inhabitants are made larger so that they can taste it's punishment sufficiently. The prophets I mentioned to us in the hadith of Sahih Muslim that Hellfire will be brought on the Day of Judgment with 70,000 ropes and each of those ropes

01:00:00--> 01:00:42

Each of those handles will have 70,000 Angels and every ummah will be brought to its knees Jatha as Hellfire comes out, and it sees and it roars Eliza does says either or atonement Mecanim buried semi Rula tell you that was a fear that when Hellfire sees them from a fireplace so Hellfire actually sees its prey it knows who's going to enter into it in this regard, then they hear for it to let you learn what the Fiera they hear it's raging they hear it's roaring their loss patter protect us a llama I mean, and this is the person that ethical how to dunya that preferred the life of this world and they're they're there on the day of judgment and they're on their knees and they see Hellfire

01:00:42--> 01:01:24

roaring, and they did not properly prepare themselves for that day. May Allah subhanaw taala not make us amongst them a llama I mean, then you have a delta cat as we mentioned, Hellfire has degrees and levels of loneliness just as Paradise has degrees. Some of the scholars mentioned that perhaps Jahannam el Jehane health Ana unhealthier that some of these words that are used to describe the degrees of hellfire could actually be referring to Delta cats could be referring to degrees of hellfire in the same way that Paradise has and fit a dose and loc law and some of these higher places that we refer to and Allah knows best but there are certainly Delta cat Hellfire has seven

01:01:24--> 01:02:08

gates and as we mentioned Subhan Allah this is one of the ways that the scholars say the Mercy of Allah has exceeded his wrath because Paradise has eight gates. Hellfire has seven gates law sub right to a web as Allah tells us in the Quran, and when they are entered into the fire, instead of being told salaam salaam aleikum wa salatu salam peace beyond to you for the patients that you showed libitum fed Hello Khalid in that you are purified now. Instead they are told Odorheiu Akwaaba Johanna Maha Divina if you have a bit semeth Well Mater Cabergoline that enter into this abode forever. This is the abode of the proud and the arrogant male lizer does not make us amongst them

01:02:08--> 01:02:52

Allah man I mean, Allah says Allah mentions 19, gatekeepers of the fire ID to SATA Asha. And this was a fitna for the people of Mecca. Because some of them started to do the math. They said, Well, if it's 19, maybe we can take them out, maybe we can wield an army that is greater than those 19. But Allah subhanaw taala is, you know, amongst them, Allah Azza is the most wise and the last Panatela gives us this as his wisdom, when he mentions the number of 19. And the chief of Hellfire is named Malik, and Malik will appear to the people of hellfire to be, you know, terrifying. As a panela. There's a question here are angels actually created terrifying? Are they created an ugly

01:02:52--> 01:03:34

form? And the answer to that, and Allah knows best is no, they're created beautifully. But they're made to appear that way to the people of the fire. They're made to appear that way to the people of the fire in a way that's terrifying. And in a way that scares them and allows as I mentioned earlier, him not on whatsoever, that they are vaulted in the Hellfire that the gates are shut behind them. And that Hellfire starts to consume itself from within. You know, Eliza says tocado Tammy has been alive, that it almost consumes itself from its Blaze. And this means that it's almost at that point, right? So it's literally at its breaking point in terms of how it consumes itself from

01:03:34--> 01:04:16

within, because of the raging of that fire. Like when the last time it says about the Day of Judgment Academy will see that it says if I have hidden it, right, but Allah subhanaw taala knows of course when the day of judgment isn't he has decreed when the Day of Judgment will happen. So Hellfire consumes itself from within. And the fuel of Hellfire is men and stones and Allah Subhana Allah says in that one terrible dude, I mean doing Allah He hustled Jahannam that Verily you owe disbelievers and that which you worship besides Allah subhanaw taala are but fuel for the hellfire and so the idols of those people will actually be of the fuel of hellfire as well may last concept

01:04:16--> 01:04:59

protect us so the people of hellfire become its fuel as well. And Allah azza wa jal also tells us that the things that people used to see comfort in are now sources of pain was how bushy Malema was how was CheMin fee some woman were humming, or will Lin Minya como la burden while they're killing ALLAH SubhanA wa says and those on the left and who will be those on the left? Allah says fee some woman will have mean that they will be in fierce hot wind and, and boiling water and Lidl and mini moon. What this refers to is a shade of black smoke. So

01:05:00--> 01:05:43

But even when a Khadeem the shape does not actually give them any type of pleasant nature, nor does it give them any cooling off. So the idea as the scholars mentioned, Hala includes things that people avail themselves of in this world. When the heat is increased, they look for water, they look for air, and they look for shade. And this ayah is saying that the air of Hellfire is similar. It's an intensely hot wind so they suffocate even more from its air. The water is hot, I mean, the water is boiling water so it only causes the more pain on the inside. And it shade is on the moon, which is you know, just a shade of the smoke of hellfire which only causes them more distress so the

01:05:43--> 01:05:50

things that you would seek refuge in, in this life when it becomes hot, are things that actually become

01:05:51--> 01:06:27

added means of punishment and hellfire and realiza does protect us from an Allama I mean, likewise what they eat and what they drink. The food of the people of Hellfire is a lot easier, which is a thorny plant and as a comb, which is a horrible tree and what they eat actually tears up their bowels on the inside. As opposed to making them you know, have that which is pleasant is probably compare this to the people of Jana. They don't need Sade, what they have shaved that gives them beauty. They don't need to eat and drink but they do so purely out of shallow purely out of desire. The air of gender, the smell of gender that he haven't been missed, and it just continues the smell

01:06:27--> 01:06:42

to increase its increase in his beauty Hellfires the complete opposite of this and they're drink Allah Subhana Allah says right after mentioning the rivers of Paradise, he says, you know is this like the person who enters into hellfire was soo Khulna and Hanuman Takata.

01:06:44--> 01:07:25

And they're given to drink boiling water that cuts up their bowels to pieces, would you really want to be, you know, of that group of people when you could be of that group of people that have the rivers of honey and wine, and milk and sweet water? Why would you find yourself in the category instead of those who would drink from that boiling water that would that would tear up their insides to pieces that would boil their insides to pieces and Allah Azza dimensions as well as listening look, a sack which are the pus and the the flowing blood of the wounds of the people of hellfire. And he also mentioned that it is a hot oil that is poured over them at times as well. Their clothes

01:07:25--> 01:07:46

are not close of beauty, they're closer actually, that which makes them more flame flammable. They are in chains in that had natural caffeine as well. As you know, Aladdin was a law that for those who rejected we have prepared iron chains and yolks and a blazing fire. Some are dragged, some are punished in other ways. And usually you'll find that those who are punished with specific punishments

01:07:47--> 01:08:27

you know, it's something that speaks to a wrongdoing that they did in this life. So the Prophet slice I mentioned that whoever consumed someone's land, whoever steals some someone's land in this life, that lands will be heated up with the fire and it will suffocate them on the Day of Judgment, and suddenly, less prints out protect this Allama I mean, so the punishments match the doings of the people, and the punishments are the exact opposite of the rewards of agenda. Agenda, its comfort, its beauty, its shade, its nourishment, and hellfire. Those things only increase you and pain and and torment me Eliza del protect this alum I mean, and the prophets lie. Some said that the fire of

01:08:27--> 01:08:59

Johanna is hotter, the 70 times hotter than the fire that we know of this world. So he sets the lights on that fire as we know it as the as the child of Adam knows it is one seven teeth of the fire of hellfire. And they said the outer sort of law, it's enough as it is, but this is the decree of Allah subhanaw taala for those that will enter into that abode, may Allah azza wa jal protect us Allah. I mean, it's kind of like you also find that there is a wisdom here that when Allah mentions either beside a blazing fire

01:09:00--> 01:09:40

you know, there is a question that was asked the mama Shafia Rahim Allah How does Allah punish fire with fire, the jinn and the shayateen? They're made of fire. So how are they punished with fire? And you'll notice in the Quran that every time Allah talks about punishing the jinn as well, he uses the words are the same, which is a blazing fire hotter than regular fire. So Shafi Rahim Allah He hit the mat and he said, Does it hurt you but you're made of the same thing that I made up right? So Allah azza wa jal punishes the shayateen as well in the fire, but the worst punishment and hellfire your brothers and sisters, is not the burning of the fire itself. It is the disconnect from ALLAH

01:09:40--> 01:09:59

SubhanA Hutan. You see Subhanallah the scholars mentioned that just like the greatest reward in Paradise is seeing Allah Subhana Allah to Allah may Allah azza wa jal make us amongst them Allah I mean, the greatest punishment and hellfire is being completely removed from Allah subhanaw taala and that's where you find the I will call a Lavina fit Natalie has an OTG

01:10:00--> 01:10:41

Hannah Odorheiu Rebecca you have fifth and Yeoman meaning that the people who are in the fire will say to the keepers of the fire, Odell Beckham Call upon your Lord, you have fifth Anna young women either to lighten the punishment from us for just one day, it's time to look at what they're saying. Number one, they're not able to call upon Allah, they can't call upon Allah anymore. So they have to ask the angels to speak to Allah No. Whereas you have your at your leisure now, and in paradise, it's even more beautiful to call upon Allah pants out whenever you want. You can call upon Allah whenever you want now, and he hears you and in paradise, it's even sweeter that idea of connection

01:10:41--> 01:11:20

to Allah subhanaw taala. And the higher you are, the more connected you are to Allah subhanaw taala and hellfire they can't call upon Allah anymore. They also say Rob become your Lord rather than our Lord. They don't say it all better anymore. It's paralyzed. So they attribute a lot to the angels and not to themselves anymore as the Lord and a sustainer. And they say you have not you need to lighten not to end because they've given up on the punishment ending for them. They say to lighten and they say one day rather than for all of eternity one day from the punishment give us one day off so you can see layers of despair and the above if and again the greatest. The greatest reward in

01:11:20--> 01:12:04

Paradise is seeing a lot and speaking to him while you're looking at him. The greatest punishment and hellfire has been completely disconnected from a loss parents I'm Eliza. Protect this from that Allama I mean, so what do you hear in hellfire the speakers and hellfire first and foremost it's the angels that say to you they didn't you hear the message? Could lemme okay if you have Oh, John Siloam has an LM yet to come near. Every single time they are entered into the fire. They are told, didn't you get the message that it come to you? We see anyone who's in hellfire, as we said deserves to be there. So didn't you get the message? Didn't you understand? And they say lo Cananda Samara l

01:12:04--> 01:12:45

nap kill. If we would have listened and we would have properly comprehended Makena feels herbicide we wouldn't have found ourselves in the situation. So it's the angels first and foremost thing. Didn't you get the message? Then it's bliss karma fee him hopefully, at least stands amongst them as a speaker. May Allah azza wa jal never allow us to hear the speech and the fire alarm. I mean, well, Karla shaytaan, who lemme call the lamp in Allah Hawa, the Komodo hack. Well, I have to confess I have to come. Why am I can I dare come in Solon. Ill and they're out to confess the job to Lee salad ceremony, while Lumo and full circle where IBLEES stands up. And he says that Allah gave you a

01:12:45--> 01:13:19

promise and I gave you a promise. And my promise was false. And his promise was true. And I never had authority over you, except that I called you and you responded to me. So don't blame me. blame yourselves. I can't help you today. Nor can you helped me today. And this is the abode that we have been guaranteed as a result of our actions. So the angels say didn't you get the message IBLEES says blame yourselves. And the friends all blame each other. Those that lead one another to the fire blame each other on the day of judgment as they enter into the fire may last chronotype protect this alum. I mean,

01:13:21--> 01:13:27

the brothers and sisters as we come to sort of the end of this what I wanted to talk about is well, how do you save yourself from the fire?

01:13:28--> 01:14:11

Number one, is that Iman, is belief. And that's where you find hope in the Hadith of the prophets. licensors whoever says that either Allah whoever says hola hola, hola. And they are sincere with it. How am Allahu Allah, Allah will forbid them from the fire. May Allah Subhana Allah forbid us from the fire Allah I mean, so number one is belief number two is to love Allah. love Allah. Learn about Him and love Him. Because the Prophet is licensed and authentic hadith from NSL, the Allah Tada and who will lie Allah will never throw someone who loves him and whom he loves into the fire. Ebola love Allah. So learn about him and love him. Subhana who was at number three is your app. And Lavina

01:14:11--> 01:15:00

Kudo, Nara bene in Finland Illumina working at Adobe now. And so it's early and round those who say our Lord we have indeed believed so forgive us and forgive our sins and save us from the agony of the fire and Allah's prints and also says that they say, well, banana Holika have a belt Lita Subhanak AFLP Nerida Banagher Robina in a cannon to defeat in Nowra for Claudia, zeta one or ilani mean I mean Ansara Robina in Anna's and Erina muda dia Yuna Deedle Imani and ameobi Robbie confirm Anna, Rob Donna folfiri. Learners Rubina will capture and say, Tina, what if and I'm abroad. Rob Burnett, Tina, our Atlanta Rusu Lika wala to Xena yo Mel Kiana in Mikayla to free for me as well.

01:15:00--> 01:15:42

Last winter I says to us that the believers will say Our Lord, You have not created all of this for nothing. I Lord give us salvation from the torment of the Fire. Our Lord, anyone who you admit into the fire sure that you have humiliated that person and never will the wrongdoers find any helpers our Lord we have heard the call of the one calling us to faith, saying Believe in your Lord and we believed our Lord so forgive us our sins and remove our our transgressions and allow our souls to be placed amongst the company of the righteous Yeah, Allah Our Lord grant us which you promised us through your messengers, and save us from the shame on the day of judgment. And rarely you do not

01:15:42--> 01:15:58

betray your promise. Make your prophets lie. Some said no one asked the love for Paradise three times except that paradise says Oh ALLAH enter him into Jana. And no one asked Allah for protection from hellfire three times, except that Hellfire itself says oh Allah save him from me.

01:15:59--> 01:16:41

That's number two. Number three, use your faculties for Allah. The prophets lie Selim said that the eye that sheds tears will never be touched by the fire. He said another Hadith salAllahu alayhi salam that the feet that get dusty for the sake of Allah will not be touched by the fire. He sets a licen that fasting prevents a person from the fire places years of a journey between us in the fire use your body use what Allah has given you use your faculties for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala Allah and Allah will not allow those faculties to then be touched by the fire. their brothers and sisters I want to end with a saying from military Mahima Allah He said that the Hellfire was created

01:16:42--> 01:17:24

to give fear to the believers and to purify the sinners and the criminals. It serves as a means of purification from the filth which the soul contracted in this world had it purified itself through genuine Toba through genuine repentance for good deeds which erased sins and through calamities which atone for sins, it would not have needed to be purified there. And he said Allah subhanaw taala has no desire to punish his slaves without reason. As Allah azza wa jal said, MA Yes, that Allah who the either become in Shackleton mentum what can Allah Who Shakira on Idema? What reason? Or what would your Lord want with your punishment? If you're grateful, and you believe, and your

01:17:24--> 01:17:57

Lord is Ever appreciative? And knowing I have had a lobby i that we come in, check out have someone in mind? Why would Allah want to punish you? Why would allow me to subject you to this? If you're amongst those who are grateful if you're amongst those who believe if you're amongst those who try to work righteousness if you're amongst those who don't attain perfection, but spend your life and the pursuit of perfection, and the most perfect reward of generative videos from your Lord. Why would Allah azza wa jal want to punish you. But it's important for us to your brothers and sisters, and I'll tell you this lecture is a lecture that you need to listen to, and you're about to commit a

01:17:57--> 01:18:36

sin in particular, or you're having a hard time getting past the sin because maybe you're not feeling the gravity of it. It's important for us to your brothers and sisters to connect to these concepts, so that we do not become complacent. So strive for an agenda, and do your best to stay away from this abode of the fire. You are created, bitten and I decided to go home to agenda Allah subhanaw taala gave you all the tools for you to attain Jana. So cling to those tools, but Allahu Taala depend on his mercy and keep on striving. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to enter us into paradise without any form of questioning and any form of punishment. And we ask Allah to protect us

01:18:36--> 01:19:06

from the fire and to not let us touch it for even a moment alone. I mean, does that go a little tight on your brothers and sisters please forgive me for any mistakes on my own. I hope that in the nighttime that, that this allows you to find another means by which you connect to Allah subhanaw taala and do not despair because Shavon would want nothing more than for you to despair. Instead cling to the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala and avoid the punishment of those who don't take heat radiculopathy como Santa Monica Murata La Jolla.