Haifaa Younis – Jannah Gems #36 – Make Allah the Focus of your Life

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of " Clarksonian" and how it relates to the " Clarksonian identity" that children have. They explain that " Clarksonian" is the only one that is linked to a person and that children are a legacy. The speaker also discusses the importance of " Clarksonian" in achieving success in school and working for a family.
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We have this locus of control meaning we there are certain things that we give undivided attention to. And you know sometimes it can be our children and you give everything to your children. Sometimes it could be you know, for the younger crowd it could be school putting so much effort into school making sure that you're getting good grades you want to go to pre med you know, medical school, whatever.

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But the fact of the matter is the for the most of them the locus of control is a relationship with Allah

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that is the only one that you can give give give and not lose

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when when you give to your children unconditionally and you have nothing for yourself when they leave

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you know, if you did a good you know, you did good by them, but then what do you have, you have people who sit there, they don't know who they are, they haven't done anything for themselves. I feel like I you know, I haven't left handed that my kids are a legacy, but I don't have a legacy for myself. And they feel empty. Same with school, or even like some kind of identity, you know, if you're an athlete and you get injured, that's it, if you gave everything into the sports and that's your identity, your identity is going to crash same with school safer, you know, for whatever reason, it doesn't work out the way you want. Same with work saying work, which I really love this

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and this is absolutely our Islamic concept is your focus. And your goal is to work on your relationship with Allah through what he gave you. So if you are a mother of four or five in focus is to please Allah through that to please your Take care of yourself so you can worship Allah. So focus on your relationship with Allah hamdulillah beautiful

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analogy like to give is if this is you, you know, and, you know, Allah is above you, and the other things that are important, it's not like they don't exist, but they go around you, this is the fixed one, everything else, you know, goes around that that relationship like you like you said, and so, you know, going back to the whole concept that we are here to worship Allah, you know, that is our primary focus on the Day of Judgment we go back alone. So knowing that the other things are important of course, we have a mandate that we have to you know, fulfill, but that is the relationship with a law is the is the first

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