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The conversation covers various topics related to Islam, including the age of humans and the potential for artificial intelligence in a chatbot, the age of humans and the importance of knowing one's own age to avoid epilepsy, and the age of humans and the use of words and phrases during the COVID-19 pandemic. The conversation also touches on the age of humans and the cultural significance of Islam, with one woman encouraged to change and being encouraged to believe in Islam. Magicians are seen as a potential profit, but there is confusion surrounding the use of words and phrases during the pandemic.

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So one day, just like every other thing IBLEES May Allah's curse be upon him IBLEES has like a gathering a meeting in which he tells all his soldiers and all the people that he has working under him to go do their thing the next day, right to go destroy people. And everybody comes at the end with some reports correct every IBLEES every shaytaan comes with a report just like how Adam is the father of humanity it believes is the quote unquote father of the jinn, right? Of the jinn. Now before I proceed any anybody has questions about Jin specifically because all know what generic

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right now That troublemaker in the message No, not that Guinea. No, no, not that one. Right, that's another type of gin. Right?

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So gin are made out of what? Fire? Right and some say one of the irons is like a smokeless fire. Gin do they eat or not? They eat?

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What? Okay, give me an example of one of the food.

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Bones. How was that?

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Also Allah is Allah Allahu Allah He was telling me says when you throw the bones let's say after that chicken breast that you ate or the chicken wings specifically, especially if you miskeen get a bone in wings. I don't know what you're doing this bonus but anyhow, we'll proceed inshallah will not discuss the date right now. Right and then you throw in the bone is the sunnah to say? Bismillah right. And then when you say Bismillah as you start to throw that bone Allah rocks that bone with what with meat? I don't see it and you will not see it. But this meat will be in the food for the Muslims in Fantastic. Anything else about Jim they can give us any piece of information give me one

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piece of information about Jim

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Go ahead.

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Some of them are Muslim and some of them are not or they're Christian gin

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or their juice gin. What do you think?

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Yes, right. Because I Allah says to the staff, and also inserted Jin how they used to believe in Trinity

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and then they no longer believe in it. So there's a hood and there's Christians What else did they get married?

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Oh, yes thing. And you gotta have anybody got a wedding invite

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zimny sonza

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Allah says an order let me admit when the interim couple of Ramallah Jan so there's no meat actually there is a meat so Jin can have a relationship right they have made a spouse did have children.

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Oh, as a test you don't know. Whether yet who Allah says do you take the devil and his offspring? Fantastic. Did he go to the bathroom? Oh come on man.

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They do. Whoever gives me the evidence I'll give you $20

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You think you know what again? What's What what are you thinking tell me

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excellent May Allah bless in your in your mother's a good day. So Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam says when you enter the washroom enter with your left foot can say Bismillah then Allahumma inni over the weekend and hopefully we'll have as I seek Your protection from you know what this hadith proves to you. There are male and female Jinn because homebirth is the male Jin cada is the female Jinn fantastic but what's the evidence that chiffon and the jinn they actually use the bathroom

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$20 Try

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it again.

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Because they still always in the washroom okay

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that's actually a good good logical good

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run off I don't live

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it love it. Have your What did you say? Do you know what you said proves God's existence.

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Recording. So what he said since they eat they have to use the bathroom.

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Now Allah subhana wa Tada when he speaks about a sub near Madame Jesus and Madame he says can I get a colony of Tom and listen Lachlan, they used to eat so what are they say about this is some of them since they ate that mean they had to use the bathroom? Meaning God would never eat need to use the bathroom How can you say their god

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sounds very nice. Any last proof that they use the bathroom?

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Okay, last one.

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Are you guessed that your heart will take your ISA and

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people first? Yes.

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You got it right. Okay, okay. Matthew round of applause $20 Make sure you come by Alas, it's a gift. So what did you say? Rasul? Allah Allah yo Sam sense of Allah Allah wa sallam.

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He said that when? So basically a group of people came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to Dr rasool Allah, this man. He missed Fudger he missed what? I think he missed treasure. And he slept in so with the private say about the guy who slept in in this treasure, he says Dhaka Rajon Bella che apology or DNA

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This is a man whom the devil urinated in his ear.

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So if you intentionally ignore Fajr it realize that this becomes a toilet it's quite disgusting. So the province of Assam says that the devil literally in a way that is the devil way he urinates in that ear May Allah forgive us terrible I mean did they die?

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Yes Could lumen Allah fan everybody will die fantastic. Do they live with human beings?

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Are they here?

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All right.

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Allah says cool NaVi tominaga Jaime I want to add them ate from the tree Eileen Salem and there was a bliss and also Allah says all of you just go down right onto Earth who was created first generations? It's clearly it's right I mean clearly Jen sorry. Allah says well Jen Hala canal human

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capital fantastic Allah so we create the jinn from before before the human beings minetest Simone from a smokeless fire with the jinn who are made out of fire be punished with fire is that possible? How can we be in pain if they're made out of fire when they go to fire?

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How a guy is made out of fire he goes to fire How can he get in pain

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oh fantastic fantastic like we human beings were made out of dust or mud clean right hand that endless noon right? And then eventually that form changed to a flesh that you have today but in essence we are mud so perhaps the devil's essence or fire but with time maybe things have perhaps have changed fantastic good. Now you have skin I have skin right? If I punch you in the face to get hurt by skin to skin.

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Similarly the Devils on trial never do that. I know I forgive us, right? The Jinn they're made out of fire but when thrown into the Hellfire they feel the fire there's quite painful. May Allah grant us all jendela bill I mean, do they have long lifespans or short lifespans? Some of them live very long.

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Who give me an example? How do you know the agenda very long. A bliss is alive till now.

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If Lee bliss is alive until now. So if you go on Google and you say the oldest human beings bone How old is that? Everybody knows how old was the oldest human being bone that was found? Oh, this are you really doing this intellectual? Yes, I am. Human being bone.

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And the world? Yes. Give me a number

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200,000 Okay, it says NPR. Okay, so almost one bones found in Ethiopia. Human remains for decades. Their precise age has been debated. But a new study argues they're around 233,000 years old. So that's how old minimum minimum he is. Right? The minimum now

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in our chat DBT and AI systems are does this today. Please don't tell me yes or no. Now the way AI works and even people that do not know I think it's very, very, very important that you know, this whole new system, chat GBT AI Jasper, etc. The way it works is that there's so many different brains that are put into one head. So imagine the mind of a doctor, the mind of an engineer, the mind of a physician, the mind of a businessman, the mind of this and the mind of a founder, the mind of a child, all of that in one human being. Can you imagine? How intelligent is that? That's quite scary. Imagine you put in that 10 brains you put in 1 million brains. Imagine you put 10 million brings and

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you ask a question and all of that is put together is is quite scary. So that's how far this technology can go. May Allah protect us? Yep. And may Allah allow us to use it in a good way. Now why am I sharing this oblique experience is scary. He gets more educated by the second

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the way he knows you sometimes better than you know your own self. You know how many times you go on social media like bro, these people was like Devil's, right? You go on social media just to find something, you go on a timeline and go somewhere else. You go on YouTube, just to search one key word, one Surah Surah Telegin. I want to hear it by Chef.

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Chefs are all the same. You genuinely that's your intention. But somehow YouTube is such a genius. You have to admit such a genius that the recommendations, they do it in a way that you do not go to the video that you want. It's scary. And that's why bliss does. So may Allah protect us from epilepsy? I mean, and he lives for quite a long, long time. Now let's go here. Exactly. We know we have a very good background about gentlemen, there's a lot more to speak about. So one day, bliss is having a gathering everybody go do your thing. All of a sudden one of the tasks that he sends people to do is what I'm gonna explain because it might throw some people off but bear with me. Okay. One

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of the things that Shayateen do is actually they go up all the way to the sky to hear what the angels have to say. What do you mean? Allah subhanho wa Taala there's two types of unknown or two types of ailments. There is not luck and there has never been okay take it easy Ramadan. Okay. The Mote luck is on

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No one knowledge the only Allah knows unknown knowledge the only Allah knows fair enough the other type of knowledge is something only Allah knows and he shared that with some people so give me an example of something only Allah knows unknown only they've just been fantastic they'll give me something ALLAH knows and some of his creation no but not all of us definitely not a single human being.

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What is it? Other okay that's that's a good that's a good point. Good

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Masha Allah, Allah is pretty nice. She said some angels perhaps me know who is going to happen who's going to hell? That's right sir. That is correct the angel of death when he comes, he knows where that person goes. So the Angel of Death knows Allah knows but not all angels perhaps know and you and I don't know Correct? Fantastic. Go ahead.

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What does it entail calf right, the people that were stuck in the cave, the youth and so on, so that's fantastic. Now when it comes to Allah subhanaw taala and the knowledge that is completely unknown except to Allah versus the knowledge that is slightly shared. This is the part we're talking about the one that is slightly what shared the one the only Allah knows they can't even get close to that Allah so allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentions how the jinn they went all the way up to the sky to try to hear something and they found it fully secured. What there were angels, There are guards. The star is like a what is it called? Shooting Stars, trying to hit them so they ran away

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and they went to a bliss. Bliss. We don't know what happened. This never happened before we every time we go we're able to go see what the angel is saying. Today I will grab the soul of someone. So today I will go and take that person to for example, this location in terms of taking the soul of the person so yes, the gene may hear the person that today they will die in a car accident and this is the color of the car and we'll talk a little bit about that inshallah. But this time when they went to the sky to hear it was completely what blocked. So now I believe may Allah subhana protects us from him yet. I mean, he was so frustrated he was so angry. Then he said to them, the Hubble

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Marathi we go all over earth he told the jinn go every spot on earth why? Because there's something Amana gentle has happened for this to take place that the sky is locked, something serious must have happened. So the jinn went literally across the whole globe to know what changed. So people went for example, Brazil, people went to maybe to America, people went to Alaska, people went to North Pole, and a few of the gin went were to Mecca. And when they went to Mecca, brothers and sisters, they saw a man standing in prayer what Salah was it Fajr and where was he praying? So Krakow super, super SuperCab is like a shopping center. So the gin they came they saw a man praying and that man who was

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it was Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So when they were passing by and they start to hear what's happening, is it unsuitable once? I know we're going to do our tour thing and see what's going on but the whole the whole list let's see what's happening. So the Prophet is reading and reading and reading how much did they stay

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for 2858 How long do they stay?

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How long does

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how long they stay wandering around to record

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the whole entire citation they couldn't How would you know when you're so busy? And you're like rushing to go to your job and there's a car accident every is like staring like what happened? May Allah protect us when you're so much in a rush to see what happened to the car. You I don't have time for this. Right I need to go to my job and to have a thought that's like the peak right? I'm not stopping at no yellow light. So the gin as intense as it was a bliss told us our boss, go find out what has changed on earth because the heavens are locked up for them to go instruction. In past this is something unbelievable, you agree? You're going to be late to the bar so you have to give a

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proper reason why you're late. So Allah subhanho wa Taala after this, Allah tells the prophets of Allah, what is it and what happened? And now we started the surah. And that's when the surah was revealed. Fair enough. Allah says good oh, here la Allah says, Oh Prophet, tell the people what has been revealed to you. So right off the bat, there's a chapter called sorcerer Gen 72. This means the story of the jinn is full of benefit to us human beings Correct. For the fact that Allah told the prophets Allah, Allah, tell the world tell everybody what has happened with the jinn who here a layup and now is stem and a foreign minute gin. So now Allah is telling Paramahansa tell the world

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that there was a group of Jennifer is a small group, not a large group, a small group of gin. They were trying to hear the Quran what was the Word and now as I told you, Sunday's will go a little bit in depth in the Quran was the Word and now semi out wala is thermal stem. So when he says a stammer is an additional letter than Semia, so Semia is terminal. So stem sounds longer, right

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Sounds heavier. So they did not just hear they paid attention. So when Allah says in the Quran What did Allah saying? Were either quarry Al Quran when the Quran is recited then when Allah say for smell for STEMI Oh, so when the Quran is recited, pay close attention. That is why you we are very much discouraged to play the Quran while we are talking to others, you know, helping someone else like why you're doing that. Listen to the Quran. No, I just like to play it. I'm not sure if that's the right way to go about things because Allah says the Quran is recited have someone to actually pay attention. If the Quran is being recited to a child in the house to review the Quran and you are

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working, you're busy, that's fine, but playing the Quran and no one is listening to it. It's a bit concerning. Yeah, green, right, so short as much respect as we possibly can. Can you play the Quran when you're going to sleep?

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Can you Yes, you can make you to fall asleep eventually that's fine. But you put the Quran for some people they prefer that they put the Quran they listened they listened and eventually asleep and the Quran continues to play that is fine because you played it trying to listen to it. May Allah grant us all Jana Mirabell alanine. Now you have to appreciate something very powerful about the surah. When it comes to the matters that were revealed, I want you to look at two things. When was it revealed was the first one when was it revealed? And what's the second question? Where is it placed in the Quran? You see the difference? Because the Quran was not put together in a chronological

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order correct. So the first idea that was ever revealed is a crock. But UCLA is in the last juice of the Quran. So clearly the Quran is not put in order in the order that it was revealed. Because of ekra was the first idea it would be a traditional Abeka it comes before Fatiha. Correct. So now there's two miracles here the fact that when was it revealed when it comes to surgeon anybody knows when what when was this revealed? What do some scholars say when was it revealed?

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What it was it revealed?

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Usually guys answers I think he has a little bit nervous because it's about gin. And if I get the wrong answer, I don't want him to ask me off right.

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So I'll be honest with you, okay, I did a topic of gin

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three times before, not a very frequent topic, but almost every time something goes wrong.

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Okay, am I going to attribute it to the gin Allah Dinah alum. So something happened to you today? What happened to me today was something I've never in my life experienced. And I'll keep it in the meantime with myself and my family right it's unbelievable but stubborn do not allow these things that happened and you associated with the gin Oh, my gin canceled my flight. No, didn't didn't cancel your flight. Alright, there's another 320 people that had canceled their flight as well right? So may Allah make it easy for all of us. So when we're sort of gin revealed

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Take a guess.

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After what

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fantastic Okay, so what also Elisa Allahu alayhi wa sallam this was being revealed some scholars have settled as a dispute kill off. Some scholars have said that the surah Telegin was revealed after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam called people of Mecca to Islam, and most of them have rejected when everyone ignored the prophets of Allah and everyone was hating the prophets of Allah. Everyone called them you're a magician. You're crazy. You're insane and it was almost on the edge of being hopeless. This was revealed fair enough so early on around Mecca time in Makkah time. All right now ready? So this is when it was revealed where is it in the Quran?

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What's the surah before a gin?

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Sort of No. And what's after gin was a mill okay, it's gonna get too technical but bear with me bear with me before gin chapter 71 Nuts 7271 was sort of new tell me something interesting about profit new hands down.

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Something cool about his dad or something can be related to school I try

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sent me Allah bless him. You can see him in Jannah fantastic. So no Hara is Salam is one of the top five prophets Allah has ever sent. Check this out. He gave Dawa. That was not his lifespan. His his resume of preaching was 950 years. How many people believe that barely anyone? Oh my goodness. barely anyone believed. But then after the surah? No, you go to Surah Al il Jin and when was it revealed when everybody disbelieved? So Allah is telling Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam don't think your call to Allah will ever be gone to waste?

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No did call for 950 years, but he's inspiring you and I here in Dearborn, New Palestine. I'm yes or no. Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam Be inspired you your focus should be on me putting the effort. Don't be too obsessed about the goal in terms of what results because if you're too focused on the results, guess what happened? You will

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was focused on the effort. Remember that when you're so focused on the result, you start to lose focus on the effort. So the results is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala. I focused on the effort. So for example, very light today, for example, I wasn't sure if I'll make it because of a flight flight got canceled. And then I was on standby. So I'm on standby. And Allah is my witness. May Allah grant you all day and I pray so much for you guys, whenever I prepare a talk for Dearborn, specifically, because many times new content or something refreshing, right? So I said, I want to stand by there's a chance I will make it, there's a chance I will not make it. It was a lot bigger,

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that will not make it. But I told myself, Jim, no, put the effort don't focus. Well, I make it on the airplane. Because let's say I did not prepare. And I said maybe I'll make it maybe I'll not I'm focusing on making it focusing on making it and I ended up making it then I will not be ready.

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And I'll not be ready. So let me focus on being ready as much as I possibly can if I ended up making hamdulillah if not Alhamdulillah you see what had just happened there. Right? So may Allah grant us wisdom. Yeah, but I mean, so here, Allah says, Kulu Haley, I know stemmer in a forum in Elgin, when they heard the Quran were they like, wow, we're like, oh, I don't know the language. What are you saying? Are you in US America Quran? adjuvants, je Wow, Habib a bliss is waiting for you. Don't forget that. I want you always to keep us in mind. Iblees is waiting for the report. Because other gyms have already went back to a bliss. Many other gyms groups that, please Everything's under

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control. People are corrupted, kids are taking drugs, people are smoking, there's no modesty everything is is on point everything is fine. Nothing to worry about. So now he's waiting on that group. Like where are these people? Where are these Jin? May Allah protect us out of beta alanine? So these genes that are in the Santa Ana, Quran, Isaiah, but why is it so powerful when the jinn say wow, this is not poetry? This is not magic. Remember how they say this poetry the kurush they say it's magic, right? They say Oh, is sorcery care when? When they say wow, this is unbelievable. Does this add value to you? Why?

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Because they're knowledgeable, because they know all about magic. You don't deal with on the genie about magic. They know about magic they know about sorcery. They know about all the weird stuff and poetry all that stuff. They know very, very well. That's the thing. Right? So when they hear this, and they say wow, it's something to add value to it. But I would ask you ask you a question. As everyone who was impressed by the Quran ends up believing in it.

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So can you be impressed so much by something that is good, and you're like, Wow, this is incredible. They just never do it? Yes. Do you have an example of the people of Quraysh that were so impressed by the Quran? And they never believed? You have an example? What do you have?

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And we will lead them in Miguel Asante. May Allah bless you, Ali, well, he didn't move here. This is very important note to note, is when even Madeira was known to be the grandest or the greatest and the number one poet of all of Mecca. Number one, no one competes with eligibility the mudra Do you know who was the son, Harlan Harlan. Well, it was a son. So I wouldn't know here he was so powerful and poetry and language so much so that Abuja and Abu Lahab, and the enemies they went to him, they said, We want you to say something to the public, against the Quran. Because if you don't say something focus with me if I really does not say something against the Quran, that people will start

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to think the Quran is really that powerful. It's quite miracle. They're waiting for everybody to make a statement. Because what He has not spoken yet. So when we say What do you mean to say what do you want to say this thing is amazing. I can't say something bad about it isn't just just go just go check it out when you come up with something. So I'll leave you here he goes all the way to the prophet and the prophet is praying Allahu Akbar and he reads Quran

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so it is listening. And his face starts to change like the jinn. Wow. Now the kuffaar cannot hear what's being recited the ones who sent and when it Go Go check it out and make up a judgment. But they're seeing actually its facial expressions changing

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right right fire which I'm gonna get rid of whatever you guys say right? So now Abu Jamal is so nervous like the baton that we sent him to go get bring the statement the guys impacted by the Quran. So then they collected money, a Lolita Marina comes back

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and says we need to do something this this all this money is for you, man. All this money is all yours. What is that for? Is it just a token of appreciation? What do you mean? Yeah, just to say thank you so much for what you're planning to say about the Quran. Because we saw your facial expressions changing and we were quite nervous. He says what are you meant to say? He said there's nothing on earth more beautiful than it alone. He said I know all about poetry. I know all types of rhythm all types of types of speech. This is nothing equivalent to it. What do you want me to say? What do you want to make up? They said to say something then they threatened that when it yeah when

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it if you do not say something against the Quran, you will lose your status in Christ.

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So his love for the dunya love for the status made him sell his soul and his life and the afterlife. So he said, I'll think of something we think of something eventually Allah revealed Surah Al Surah Al, with death sword and with death. So then what did you could not say anything about the words, you know, he said something very powerful. He said what Muhammad Azam is saying is so good is so perfect to the extent that it cannot be improved. And that was one of the biggest things for him. Because I can say a speech right now. And your brother just like Allah, I think that line that you said it could have been said in a better way you agree? Shame on you? Right?

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Right. That line could have been set in a better way. But I'm like, Yeah, you know what, no one is perfect. But he is such an expert. He could not edit a line and make it a little bit better. There was no word that he said the Prophet SAW said he said, You know what? I think there's one more power it couldn't that's how difficult that's why what was his conclusion?

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Sir, he's a magician. There's nothing else I can say. This is magic. So he says I'm gonna say from now on ready guys? Everything Yeah, we need whatever you say. We're gonna follow okay. This is the plan. We will say about the speech of Muhammad and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam is that his speech is magic. The type of magic that separates families. It's very slick. Why did he say that?

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Yeah, because the because whenever the prophet speaks about Islam, there are a few people that accept Islam in their own family that are non Muslims that hate Islam. So the families end up being separated. So you use that point for his advantage and you call them a magician. So now the people or the jinn when they heard the Quran, what was their conclusion? This Quran what yeah de la rushed this Quran guide to that which is right. This Quran protects people from falling into fitna and falsehood. So when they say this, I want you to keep in mind, they are students of who,

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whose are teaching a bliss and you will see what will happen a complete revolt in kala time, they will change these people, they were devils, they were spies, they came to ruin destroy people and look at them. They came here at the Quran. They say this is amazing, this thing guides. So therefore they realized whatever they were learning was wrong. Subhanallah then when they realize this is the truth, and all the teachings that they have the cultural practices like some of us, right? Some of us may have the cultural practice, you thought it was part of the religion. And you've been doing it for about a nice 10 years. And then you realize this was wrong. How do you feel?

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Right? Some people know what they do actually double down, like, oh, well, there's difference of opinion. There's no difference of opinion. I'll tell you what, I'll confess one why there was so I was taught when I was young, by some people that were not allowed to talk when eating like obviously not what I'm doing. Right now, obviously, after I swallow I thought I was taught not thought I was actually taught that it's not appropriate to speak on that on a dining table. It's a and then when I start to speak, that person may say or other people that taught me this, if you keep speaking you have a stomach issue, and you won't be able to digest your food. True story. It went all the way to

00:28:08--> 00:28:08

high school.

00:28:10--> 00:28:46

It's pretty bad. And I used to give Dawa like brother in stop talking. Um, that seriously? Brothers Jamar knows he's from Windsor. He knows May Allah forgive us and he wasn't who corrected me? So he's like, so it's like magic. He keeps saying like, Don't talk when you eat. I'm like bro and this is the Sunnah is that you just eat and after that you speak as much as you want. He's like do you know that it's the sunnah to speak? Oboe is he is he's like He has evidence he gives me evidence authentic that's okay to speak and their speeches also as alimonies evening I just want to go have intelligent conversations and in my mind all these years so that's why I'm getting electricity make

00:28:46--> 00:29:23

up all the silence that I had right Subhanallah so now these Jen they all these years, it has been corruption, but they never realized and he will tell you what happened. So then they said, Yeah, the lrsd Okay, so now they know what's amazing. They know what's the truth. People know. It's amazing. They know it's the truth, but they still disbelieve correct like when will they believe these people will Allahu Akbar and right then and there a shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa just had one No, Muhammad Rasul Allah, they came as enemies as spies to destroy humanity. Within few minutes, they came to be the best of the believers, fam. And now that we bear witness, there's no deity worthy of

00:29:23--> 00:29:37

worship but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger, when a new sheriff carabiner Honda and we will never put anyone next to Allah subhanho wa taala. May our greatest strengths say I mean, so absolutely remarkable. This immediate change, who does it remind you of?

00:29:38--> 00:29:43

They heard the truth there is a next year immediately they change to does that remind you of the Quran? God

00:29:45--> 00:29:59

sent me Allah grant agenda. I sent the magician's of Pharaoh, the magicians of Pharaoh they came to destroy not just talk destroy Musa right and Harun. So then when Musa presented

00:30:00--> 00:30:39

The Miracle how many miracles did Musa have? 342 How many? Two Two main miracles right multiple but two main miracles to present to Pharaoh was the first one. The stick right? The stick he throws it turns into a snake was another miracle. His hand he was a dark skin wonderful man. But when he puts his hand under his arm like that takes it off it becomes like a glowing flashlight. Unbelievable when he puts it it's not something that was sickness or a disease No, he puts it back it goes back normal It was an unbelievable so for him when he saw the stick he saw this he said I have to match that so he went and sent a note across all of Egypt I don't want any average magician I want an all

00:30:39--> 00:30:56

star team you know that the all star NBA the best of this that the best shooting guard the best point guard give me the best magicians ever in the whole country so now all star team was formulated some estimated to be 70,000 Magicians it's quite scary so then they go to for our a pharaoh so

00:30:57--> 00:31:19

if we were Holly Boone if we beat him up you know we win the competition so what do you have for us will give us money money yeah my skin I will not just give you money or magicians I'll give you money and what status I'll make you have people that are in the board right I'll give you an ability to vote quote unquote vote right? For sure. So then they're so arrogant How arrogant were the magicians give me one incident and what their arrogance.

00:31:21--> 00:31:21

One incident

00:31:23--> 00:31:26

so they come to Musa then what happens well

00:31:32--> 00:31:34

exactly. So they say Musa you want to start with we start

00:31:37--> 00:32:16

with a confidence. Right? It doesn't matter Musa you start we start it's the same result. That's what I don't want to complain because excuses are for losers. Musa Diwali didn't say that. That's just the attitude. Right. So then balco samosa says no, you throw it first. So they throw it and everybody was like wow, the sticks you hire Lou is not real turning to snake No, it's fake. It's an illusion. Somehow there's so specialists they worked with the Jen Jen and the devils right? So you hired even moose Ali Salam was a little bit seeing the sticks almost as snakes and for almost like yep, that's what I'm talking about whom My goodness because if Musa won this battle, it would have

00:32:16--> 00:32:42

been pretty bad. Right and he's like so happy for our and everything. So then Musa throws that one stick, and that one stick turns into a real massive snake real and swallows all the sticks and all the ropes he bagged on well see you're right, and swallows everything. Now everybody's waiting on the magicians. What will they do? Like is it really also illusion is what was most like a pretty good match magician. What did the people of the magic duo.

00:32:44--> 00:33:06

They saw this. And they said this is what basically I remember this is incredible. And they believed were her Russo, Jada, and they prostrated and they said La ilaha illallah the worst of creation magicians on Earth. Within moments of seeing the truth, they changed the 180 degrees. Pharaoh comes up How dare you? Did I even give you permission to believe? They said love.

00:33:07--> 00:33:48

You give me permission. You don't give me permission. I don't care. He does. I will cut you and shop you into pieces and hang you until the posts they said dunya is limited Asada is ours inshallah do faculty Amantha call do whatever you want. This is how to dunya and he did cut them into pieces. Now the question to you and I is how many times have we heard Java? How many times have we heard great things, things about us of attitude that we need to change? How was your behavior? Was it like the jinn that believed? Was it like the magicians? Or was it like a leader Molina? May Allah forgive us? How many lectures do you have in your playlist? How many YouTube videos you have downloaded? How

00:33:48--> 00:34:10

many lectures are in your playlist? How many Muslim central podcasts you have downloaded? How much have you changed? How much have you changed? May Allah make it easy for you? And I see, I mean, this is a question we have to be very honest with our own selves, whether initially can be Rabina Aha, and then they said we will never ever associate anyone with ALLAH Subhana Allah to Allah. Now I want to go all the way back to item number one, why? Because there's a reason for it.

00:34:11--> 00:34:21

Allah said to Muhammad, tell the people what has been revealed to you about the jinn, right? Correct. Now you tell me Why did Allah reveal this to us? Why?

00:34:23--> 00:34:28

Why is the prophet want to tell this to the Sahaba for us to come to you for the Prophet even know about it? Why?

00:34:31--> 00:34:32

So God

00:34:36--> 00:35:00

fantastic, may Allah bless you so to believe that you can change no matter how bad your situation may be? You can be the worst person in this whole venue the worst, you will literally with no exaggeration. By the end of the session you can be the best in this whole venue. Like when you saw limited forgive me for that you can be the best person ever on this entire country on Earth. But believe that change is in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala and that will be putting

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

effort may Allah bless you, you know why, what, why? What's another reason? Allah wants the prophet to know there's Jinn that believed, because the human beings disbelieved, and some say this was after all thought when all people rejected him. So Allah was the prophet to be happy. Okay, what do I take from this? If you hear someone succeeding and it doesn't make you happy your Eman may not be as strong as it should be. Because this news brought comfort to the Prophet SAW Salem this news made the Sahaba so happy to hear Masha Allah she started praying they're happy or he started to pray they're happy, masha Allah she started practice to practice her faith and she's wearing for example,

00:35:41--> 00:35:57

modest clothing. She is respecting her parents she stabbed start backbiting she's doing great in school, she found a righteous husband. They're happy. So the Prophet says tell the world because it makes the Prophet happy when he's so down. Do you become happy when you see people succeeding on your timeline?

00:35:59--> 00:36:17

When you see people posting a picture, they just got married or graduate. How do you feel? So may Allah forgive me? I'll start with myself and forgive us all if we don't feel happy for others. Because this is quite scary, because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says Wallahi you will not believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.

00:36:18--> 00:36:29

Len Tolman had said to him well enough sick Yeah, Allah make it easy for us. And if you really want you to love your brothers, you really want to love your sisters. You really want to love one another for Allah sake. What's one of the tips he gave us?

00:36:31--> 00:36:40

I don't have that love. Okay, I need to grow that love brother. I don't know it's not easy. I can't listen to a lecture like love the guy next to me that I don't even know his name. But he just say I don't even know his name.

00:36:42--> 00:36:47

So one of the ways to strengthen the bonds is to exchange them.

00:36:48--> 00:37:00

The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says you will not enter Jannah until you believe and you will not believe until you will love one another you we have to love one another Can you imagine for you to go to jail? You gotta love me.

00:37:02--> 00:37:36

For me to go to jail I gotta love all of you. Right? He said he loves pinata Allah. So then the Prophet says you will not believe until you love one another. Then he says should I tell you something? If you do, you will love one another. Yes, please have to sell Marina come spread greetings. So please, please please as you were going to have a short break Inshallah, as you walk outside, you see someone in the masjid someone in the store, say salam, salam, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says one of the most stingy human beings and let the yep Halbert Salam, one of the stingiest living beings are the ones who are stingy towards spreading Salaam and

00:37:36--> 00:38:16

greetings. Don't be stingy. It's very simple. Then they said one no to Allah. Just do Rabina Mata Sahib attend Walla Walla. So now they're coming to all this conclusion. They said, Allah, we believe in Him our Lord exalted is His Majesty, he has neither taken a mate or offspring lover one second, what's going on? The jinn are telling you how the devils think the jinn are telling us what they're being taught. So they said first of all, remember when they said that, this is Russia, this is guidance that means they were taught misguidance remember how they said this is incredible that means what they had was not as incredible magic and sorcery you know how they said we believe in

00:38:16--> 00:38:58

Allah we will not associate that means they were taught Association. And now they said God never had a child that means they have been taking classes and he will see that shortly inshallah. So that focus here it believes this whole time the devil is the biggest Satan had the Iblees his focus was on al Qaeda. His focus was on the core values of the religion, not really the branches much his entire thing is I want to shake your Islamic identity. So here one of them was some other elements said these gin were actually Christian, because they said Allah does not have a spouse, nor does he have a child. May Allah protect us from Schick all types of kettlebell Alameen one no Attallah Jack

00:38:58--> 00:39:46

Rabina Mata Sahib. Now what made them say that all what they said is in the next day, well, no, Kenya Kulu Sufi Hoonah and Allah He shot Papa. Now in that Allah is like this look is this is a story of repentance. The Gin was so corrupted. And they said and that the foolish of us meaning who, who is a Sufi, who is the foolish, who is the loser, a bliss before them coming here who was a bliss to them. The genius the leader, right, the respected elite, a ruler of all virgin, and once they knew the truth, they realized he's not a superstar. He is miserable, living being a human but living being Sophie, and that's what will happen to you and I when the people that we look up to the

00:39:46--> 00:40:00

corrupted people, Oh, they're so great. I want to be just like them. I want to do this just like her et cetera. You have all these role models. When you will learn the revelation of the Quran. You realize many of them were actually what super hot but you will know

00:40:00--> 00:40:11

never realize someone is wicked or foolish until you see the light first. You want to compare ATB May Allah grant is Jan Ella Bella Alameen wa now Kenya Kuru is the Fionna Allah Allah what shut Otto the shuttle I mean who knows

00:40:13--> 00:40:14

with a shot Otto I mean

00:40:18--> 00:40:19

think think think a long

00:40:21--> 00:40:30

shot or take a shot at it. Okay, tell me something that sounds like Chautauqua SATA carry extra SATA right for the 11 which is spice, right?

00:40:33--> 00:40:34

What about this

00:40:36--> 00:41:19

shoe to the ball sharper? Okay, well what in the world does this have to do with shutter open? It's actually very similar shutter timing something very far away. And when you shoot these try to shoot very far away from you. So what they're saying is that the selfie that loser who was their leader back in the day, that loser was speaking about Allah, things that are so bad and so far away from the truth not even like this quite haram. No, they were like IBLEES was giving classes on shidduch on kufr, changing identities, changing the fitrah innate nature Allah created you as a man, Allah created you as a woman, he goes to the core he wants to change that you think he's busy with the

00:41:19--> 00:42:01

branches? Yes, a little bit. But let's go with the core first and he'll put all his investments in that then I will go from there to make you feel for example, that you know what, let let us go and associate with these people and let's bend our faith for them. Oh, it's fine. Love is love coffee is coffee tea is tea and whatever in the world, they say right, may Allah grant us Genesee. I mean, and then sometimes though, I'm using one of many other examples. They pick symbols that are so loving to adults or kids, kids, the symbols of corruption many times is most appealing to children. And when your child wants to buy a backpack with that symbol or that color or that shape on it, you will tell

00:42:01--> 00:42:31

them no but it's halal but like I don't know what to tell you. And you're struggling. May Allah make it easy for us to mean. So here Allah Allah He shall Tata. So just like how the devil focused on the core values and Acadia and Leila Allah, Allah, you and I, when we start talking about Allah focus on al Qaeda. When we talk about Islam, you focus on the core. Remember a while ago, I mentioned, if you have like a booth, and a guy doesn't believe anything in Islam, and then asks you about, for example, anything about Islam about filthy aspects? I don't know him anything.

00:42:33--> 00:43:10

Hey, all right. Okay. Everybody said, Hey, Joe. Fantastic. Very good. Right. So then the guy says, Well, why why is a woman obligated to wear hijab? And the guy is not. And the brothers are cornered, is thinking, what should I say? Why is a woman okay, we can repeat your question why you heard the question, but you just want to, like, why is a woman obligated to wear hijab? And the guy is not? Well, because then you start getting nervous and you start making stuff up. Right? And the way Allah created the woman's here, what the way Allah created the woman's here, it cannot withstand the sun. Now, how long ago was 11 law? Right and remember this image it was long time ago. 100. And now it's

00:43:10--> 00:43:11

pretty much expired. Remember that lollipop?

00:43:13--> 00:43:37

Yeah, the lollipop that is unwrapped, filled with flies. And the rock lollipop that is wrapped, uh, no flies around it. He's like, if you uncover then all the disgusting flies I eat guys, may Allah forgive us. Right? We are no flies, guys, for the sake of this example, right, and these flies will come at you. But if you were to see the lollipop that would have the guy says, I want the lollipop that is unwrapped. I'd like to fly's

00:43:38--> 00:44:00

Wallahi when I used to say this long time ago, I said it in a way that they could does that. But now I will not be surprised someone actually does say that. Because now Chautauqua che Pons che Pon because he's so far away from the truth. He tries to make people be their own judges completely absolutely of what's right and what's wrong.

00:44:01--> 00:44:12

They he does not want you to have anyone that puts boundaries for you. Right? He loves that he loves it when you say I say whatever I want to say or you are

00:44:13--> 00:44:49

whatever you want to say yeah, free country. Take this and take that and this one that you president just to feel cool, right? even know what you're doing. She loves it. I don't want anyone to tell me what I'm doing. I'm 18 years old. How are you? Ah, yes, my students. Allah is celebrating. We're smiling. I know best Wallah. It's painful. Right? Go? Is your mom to speak? Does your mom know how old you are? Right? As your mom? Does your dad know you're not a kid anymore. Tell them who you are yellow forgive us. Subhanallah and then they take off anything about right and wrong. They don't want anyone to tell you what's right and wrong. Satan wants you to say whatever is right and wrong

00:44:49--> 00:45:00

is for you, as he thought teaches you and I that your right and wrong may not match other people's right and wrong. There's some truth to that, but not absolutely. There's a YouTube video

00:45:00--> 00:45:15

I watched and it's spreading across colleges and campuses, educational systems institutions that don't let anyone tell you what's right and what's wrong. Don't. So they got two young men. And the guy's a guy he believes in God believes in international constitution. And

00:45:17--> 00:45:43

an organized religions are a set of rules. Yeah. And then, so he tells the guy, do you believe there's anything any boundaries, like tells you what's right and what's wrong? He's like, No, I determine what's right. I determine what's wrong. So I'm watching the video. I'm like, This guy is Trey Janya. Whatever this move on. So the guy says, Okay, let me ask you a question. You tell me if it's right, or it's wrong. Ready? Ready. If you see a guy on campus, sees a little kid and he kicks them and he punches him. Is that right or wrong? He's like,

00:45:44--> 00:45:45

Well, it's not up to me to say,

00:45:47--> 00:46:21

I'm like, wow, the student in college, this guy will eventually lead maybe some departments. This guy may become a manager at a company. And he's saying, well, it's not up to me to say what's right and what's wrong, because I don't dictate how people think that's what Sherpa did. Don't let your parents tell you what to wear. Don't let your parents tell you what to listen to you you're your own. Have your own identity. Well, yeah, there's truth to that. But within limitation, which we'll cover how to do it with alcohol due to Allah Allah limitation. Look, I'm walking for the free they are not DC like, I'm DC, like, my legs are like this. No, I have a stage. I can walk here. I can go

00:46:21--> 00:46:39

here. Hamdulillah, Allah gave us so much room, and we wanted to make it bigger. Why do you want it to be bigger, when you will never need to go bigger. You don't need to go bigger. Allah gave you much more than what you need. And he's just talking, talking. So then the guy says, are you serious? You don't think the guy punching that little kid is wrong? Well,

00:46:41--> 00:46:47

it's not up to me to say that. He's like, Okay, what would you do? If you saw that? I would stop him. It's like, why would you stop him?

00:46:48--> 00:46:51

That's it. I don't know. Why would you stop it? Because it's fitrah.

00:46:53--> 00:47:31

Because it's trying to shut down the innate nature that Allah has put in every one system. When you see an adult punching a little kid, every single human being human being with a heart will try to do everything they can, that this two year old does not get punched by a face by a 50 year old or four year old yes or no. But they want to shut up or destroy that filter. So you can tell now the jinn are not just repenting, they're recalling the system the devil instilled in them all these decades and centuries and millenniums. So they're so angry that how they're taught this and now they're recalling it and now they're gonna do some fixing inshallah. So then after that, what do they say?

00:47:32--> 00:48:07

Now? You may wonder like how did you guys fall for the devil like Yujin she should have been smarter than that right? Look what they say. They said Do I know of and then Atlanta cool and insole Jin know Allah who is caregiver. So the jinn are explaining how they fall for this, like how they fall about Chautauqua stuff. And like, you know, God has a child like how do they fall for it? He said, Because I never thought the jinn are saying the ones who believed we never imagined that people and human beings human beings and the jinn would ever lie about God. Like it never crossed our mind. Like someone would go as far as like, you know what God said? This is hard on this haram when it's

00:48:07--> 00:48:15

not halal. It's not haram, like they never comprehended there will be a physician that gives a prescription and the patient doesn't need it.

00:48:17--> 00:48:19

They never calibrate like you're willing to kill someone over money.

00:48:21--> 00:49:01

Why not? Why not? There's no way they never imagined there's an engineer that is by law, you can go up to 10 storey building, and that civil engineer will do something and you know, bend the rules and go 11 floor and put everyone at risk. They never imagined the gene this gene never thought this is possible, let alone speaking bad about Allah subhanaw taala. So agentive basically this gene if they ask you a question, if I for example, take a nose spray, does it break my fast or not? And you say anyone this rumor I say yes. They will not think that you're saying it without knowledge? Because it doesn't make sense. Like why would he say something about God that is not true. So may Allah protect

00:49:01--> 00:49:07

us? And may Allah make us of that category? Because when we speak you realize who's listening.

00:49:08--> 00:49:13

I will have just five or 700 people here i There's probably Jin and Allah knows best. Don't freak out.

00:49:14--> 00:49:18

Okay, so now when you speak, you have to be very careful.

00:49:19--> 00:49:28

Like bro, one second. Yes, you're gonna stress me out brother. What do you mean? Like I'm not a gene? I'm not scared about Jinba like I have to actually be conscious of you know, other creation. Yes.

00:49:31--> 00:49:32

Even angels, yes.

00:49:34--> 00:49:35

Give me an example.

00:49:36--> 00:49:40

Give me an example that you should watch your actions because there are angels. Like

00:49:41--> 00:49:51

she was here. Right being like, Oh, your dad is here. Oh, yeah. Boy, the teacher the principal's walking. But can you can I ever tell you both are angels.

00:49:52--> 00:49:52

Give me one.

00:49:58--> 00:49:59

Fantastic Marsh automatic

00:50:00--> 00:50:11

Allah, Allah says in the Quran Kalam and Kategorien The angels are honorable angels they write and they know what you're doing so whatever you're saying and you're doing of good and bad is being recorded so there are angels I hope you're very busy today but

00:50:12--> 00:50:14

right now Allah forgive us I mean

00:50:15--> 00:50:20

So what's another thing okay that's something that is good and bad tell me something very explicit.

00:50:21--> 00:50:23

Like Be careful

00:50:27--> 00:50:28

I did this thing Okay.

00:50:29--> 00:50:32

Going to the masjid with a bad breath, garlic smell raw garlic,

00:50:34--> 00:50:41

raw garlic and raw onions. So because this is the mean hole melodica the angels get hurt by that

00:50:43--> 00:51:20

right so when someone for example is it haram is a question that can is it haram to walk around the house or nourish no one in the house without much clothing? No, Allah is watching respect to Allah subhanaw taala right so is it haram it's not haram and halal point go to a different standard, because maybe we'll like is the hetero haram Habib is not the halal and haram question and many times it's not haram it is what standard Do you have? Correct that for example yesterday a sister asked about makeup are getting controversial relax. Okay relax. Its makeup halal or haram? It's not black and white. Is it black and white?

00:51:21--> 00:51:52

Are the brothers are like no, like deke. Okay around them? Alexandra Genesee I mean right I'm just joking yeah like granted all gender I mean, I'm learning you bring us that smile May Allah grant you full smile see I mean right it's not black there are standards you know there's like a shades of black shades of white shades of this so a certain point getting red flag is getting pretty no wow there's too many okay you're killed right and I'm sure amongst us among us as brothers right for a tight shirt. Is it okay for a brother for example to have a super tight shirt? Right well depends on the body right

00:51:54--> 00:52:28

well depends on you look like with it right we Allah forgive us all our brothers in trouble in the summer, anyhow. But the point being here is please please please don't like irritate your teachers irritate your siblings and or parents or your younger like is it halal or haram? Have you must not have a heart because it is haram? Yes. Khaled. Khaled, Khaled and all of this can be haram. So don't there's a spectrum to it. So may Allah grant us a high standard See, I mean, same thing with for instance, we spoke about hijab and the makeup on someone, even with hijab, is it haram if I wear this or is it is this tight? Well, the looser it is, right? The more non transparent it is, the more

00:52:28--> 00:52:45

it's not something that grabs everyone's attention. It is the better. Simple right? So try to have a high standard why you want to live life on the edge. Let's look around I like to live life on the edge and live on the edge Danny? Why just give give give some room Allah says what are the caribou

00:52:47--> 00:53:18

Zina Allah said Don't come close to Zina. Allah says Don't come close to them. So a guy says if I if I talk to a girl Michelle if in a private setting just her haram well I'm the restaurant people are watching me Yeah, okay, their standards to it. What is it that you're speaking? What is it that you're saying? Why am I emphasizing this? So people don't fall for these things? I never thought this was halal. I never knew this was haram May Allah forgive us airtable alameen try to aim higher and I'll end with this Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saw a companion and inshallah this hadith by the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salaam will clarify everything inshallah. Inshallah to an

00:53:18--> 00:53:34

extent based on what we're seeing. A man was telling the other guy do not have that much higher modesty like bro, let's take it easy, you're too too high and higher. The difference in height and shyness and modesty are two different things. One thing to clarify for the Hadith,

00:53:35--> 00:53:38

the Prophet of Allah Allah yo Sam says, I'll hire all laity, Allah.

00:53:40--> 00:53:59

This this hadith, you have to memorize it, oh, you know your name. I'll hire Allah, Allah. Because number one more time, higher modesty brings nothing but good. One more time. Modesty brings nothing but good. Why do I want all of us to learn this? Because this will be your thermometer of what something is good modesty or bad? Because not every modesty is good, by the way.

00:54:00--> 00:54:10

Right? So let's, let's illustrate this reading. So let's say there's a lady coming and she extends her hand, she want to shake my hand. So then I say what was the head?

00:54:11--> 00:54:12

Right? I had higher.

00:54:14--> 00:54:40

I didn't want to embarrass her. So I shook her hand. Now I won't go into the ruling of it's halal or drop the halal completely is a haram or mcru. Because there's a difference of opinion among scholars is haram. You're deserving of punishment. And other scholars say if you don't do it, Allah will reward you. If you don't do it, Allah will. And if you don't do it, Allah may not punish you, but you should avoid as much as you possibly can. So I won't go into the depth of that. But if the guy says I have higher modesty, I will not shake her hands. Is that higher?

00:54:42--> 00:54:50

Let's go back to the thermometer. That modesty brings nothing but good. So him shaking hands is that good. So that's not higher than

00:54:51--> 00:54:59

one more time. A sister wants to ask a question, but she's like, I have higher modesty. I don't want to ask a question about this matter about what

00:55:00--> 00:55:39

are so on. Okay? Is this a good hire or bad? Why did you say that? Because the Hadith modesty brings nothing but good. You're not seeking knowledge of something that you have to know by default every Muslim and Muslim have to know you did not ask, then that's not a good modesty. Fair enough. So I'll highlight in the buffet now let's go back to the story. So the prophets of Allah Hi Sam saw someone telling another person yeah a little who will hire to lower down your standard of modest and higher so when the Prophet saw that he says that I don't know you don't give advice regarding the reducing the standard don't if the sister wants to wear example the you know the clothing of Salah you see

00:55:39--> 00:55:46

and the masala the two piece she's comfortable walking like this. She's happy. Don't tell her to change.

00:55:48--> 00:56:18

It's a high standard don't learn to change simple like the way she will look up and Charlie can advise if it's like red flower and orange and green and it's rigged and there's a circle that's a different story. But she wants to maintain that standard not I don't have a higher standard. I'm not saying you and I have a lower standard no May Allah grant you all agenda. See I mean that she has that love letter. Keep up that level. Fair enough. A guy does not want to use a public washroom he wants to go home. You can just use the bathroom. Oh man. I can wait five minutes. I don't want I'm gonna be very honest with you. I don't want someone see my pants all the way to the floor. I'm not

00:56:18--> 00:56:50

comfortable. Let the guy go home it it's normal. It's not something about his manhood guys. Right? Because higher brings nothing but good now if he's gonna get harmed with his body because it's an hour drive, and may he might have a disease or a sickness because of that holding of the urine, etc. That's a different story. May Allah grant us wisdom say I mean? So the jinn here are so disturbed like why do people say this is highlighted Sarama we could not believe that. Now there's another thing that was already now that will just explain how they reach that level of deviance. Now the jinn went to a next level of corruption right. So they will tell you what added to the fuel of

00:56:50--> 00:56:52

corruption Guess who added it?

00:56:53--> 00:57:23

Who added fuel to their corruption that join us? Why now who can reject me an NC Yahoo do not be rejecting me the Gini further ado hombre haka. What does this mean? Allah says in the Quran, this has a lot of interpretations to it. One of them is some human beings used to seek help and who in the jinn seek refuge in the jinn. And then when they sought refuge in the gin the gin caused the more harm the jinn caused them what more harm let me do an example

00:57:24--> 00:57:25

the Djinn

00:57:26--> 00:57:38

okay the example that the books have to say a group of people traveling in the desert I want to think desert at night quite scary, right? Nighttime, no lights, no flashlight, nothing like that very darkness a limited fire and they're walking to hear something

00:57:39--> 00:58:13

something instead of them saying I would be lynched rajim Bismillah Bismillah AR Europe helplessly Allah help us know what did they say? The jinn are telling us that what made us more and more corrupted, because you guys relied on us. Because you guys sought our assistance were corrupted. You want a corrupters help, they will corrupt you. So then when the people then said, Oh, would the leader of this valley of the gin, oh, leader of the valley of the gin, if you can hear me, please don't do these noises and it was not doing there was a rock that fell. Now when? Who hears this?

00:58:15--> 00:58:15

The Gin?

00:58:17--> 00:58:18

They're scared.

00:58:19--> 00:58:31

You don't believe in God. Oh, and they actually do make noises. Now with a gin noise. So now they're even more terrified. Jen, please. Now what happened to the instant human beings, for sure there's a gin.

00:58:32--> 00:58:52

You just You just saw what happened? Jen was not they're not involved, everything was just fine. But when they gave authority to the level that you can give and take Harm and benefit, the didn't loves that. So then they got in volved. So then they said, Jen, please stop. Then they stop. What happens to the human being after that thinking?

00:58:54--> 00:59:34

Yeah, now they feel controlled by the jinn in the white sense. Any time something like that happens in the house in the car, anything Gibney who helped me in the valley stuff this engine wins. Then next time, why no one no camera have an anthem. And in the gin said one of the things one of the biggest reasons why we're corrupting others. And we are all about corruption. Because he said just like humans thought and lainnya bass Allahu ohada. We never really thought about resurrection, meaning accountability. Many elements is something so powerful, beautiful Mila granddam gender these are Alana. They said there's a clear relationship here. The less you think of death, the less you

00:59:34--> 01:00:00

think of the Day of Judgment, the more wrong things you will do. It's a linear relationship. The more your claim is not in your mind, which means no accountability, the more corruption that you will do, may Allah remind us more and more of your pain and death say I mean, see it now is clicks when you learn the Quran and the Hadith is a beautiful, beautiful picture correct. Now, you know when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did he say a theorem in decree had him in law that he says continue

01:00:00--> 01:00:40

newest thing to remember the destroyer of pledgers, which is a node that Allahu Akbar. So yes, think about why because know that you will be held accountable. Look what Allah says, are at a levy you can label the demons go step by step. Do you see the one who disbelieved in the Day of Recompense that they have accountability. they disbelieve in Yokoyama look to what they do to the creation. For that he can lead the door only a team he takes and shoes away the orphans as if their cattle and animal May Allah forgive us. What's the next time whether you have to allow time in miskeen? I don't want nothing to support no poor people, no orphans? No my second get out of this way. Not just get

01:00:40--> 01:00:47

out of the way do not help them. They themselves go and rob the poor, because there's no accountability.

01:00:48--> 01:01:15

But then we learn from a yellow myth colada, rotten Haven Euro. But we learn an atom weight of good that you do, Allah will hold you accountable. We'll learn an atom wait of corruption, Allah will hold you accountable. May Allah protect us out of beta alanine. And now, since we're speaking about the unknown, let's tell you exactly what happened. What do you mean? Let's tell you exactly why we're here next to calve Mo. That's where the prophet was reading. Remember the Salah, but do we know what the Prophet was reading?

01:01:16--> 01:01:31

sort of meant possibly, possibly. So reading and trying to get the idea that the Prophet read there's no authentic narration I came across but I want to learn something from that already. Think with me, the prophet is in Mecca, Medina.

01:01:32--> 01:02:04

Makkah, are there a lot of Muslims or a nun? A lot of a lot of Muslims or non Muslims, non Muslims. So he's in Mecca, there's a lot of non Muslims. And we said throughout this talk, we emphasize an important lesson when I give Dawa, I want to focus on the foundations, right? So remember these three things. Okay, now, what is he doing? He's standing Allahu Akbar. He's praying in public or private, public, or called mall, and he's reading out loud. We don't know what the prophet read. But he's such a genius that he read verses that anyone that would listen to that one like God knows the core of Islam.

01:02:06--> 01:02:08

Subhan Allah is how smart he is, at least.

01:02:09--> 01:02:45

I will read verses because I'm surrounded by people. That's why there's an elite level of hotbar and elite level of whatever sometimes, is when the Imam is able to read verses that are related to his hotbar May Allah make us reach that level? That's an intelligent Imam. I speak about dua, then Allahu Akbar, they mentioned the dua of you that you are offering US intelligence Don't be like that brother please. Well, that brother in the wedding beautiful voice match automatic Allah or mashallah give us this example. And then the chef says go read something and we seek blessings inshallah you the Quran, this is you know, they're about to get married. So the guy comes, I will be learning she

01:02:45--> 01:02:48

thought regime with Quran he talks about verses about divorce law, how

01:02:50--> 01:03:13

you're happy with her getting married, right? Getting married. Subhanallah So, Quran I know it's Quran. I know it's Quran, but is it wise to read that passage? Right? I want to scare the brother. Have you hit her father's already scaring him Hello Z. Don't worry about it. Right. So Pamela Milligan is all Genesee. I mean, may Allah bless all of our families. So they thought that no one would be resurrected. Not just that.

01:03:15--> 01:03:26

Well, I know that Mesna Semak this so this is why we're here. Ready? This is why we're here. We were going to reach the heaven for news. Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

01:03:27--> 01:04:11

He says Now this verse will be the same concept. Alright, well under law Mr. Summer we went all the way to the heavens to hear some updates some news for what to dinner how we found it surrounded secured by soldiers and what shooting stars so there's angel standing, no surgeon can come close. If they dare to come near what happens the shooting star will come and destroy them. Okay, one canonical domain hamaca the summer you know what we used to go up there because we used to sit and take notes of all the things the angels may say. Remember the beginning of the talk while we said about the unknown and unseen Remember, no. Write as much luck and write needs to be some things that

01:04:11--> 01:04:57

are unknown to certain people that human beings so yes, it is possible. Also allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he had a discussion with Aisha ready for this? I shall Radi Allahu Ana. She narrates a powerful Hadith. She said the Rasul Allah. There are times where the Chohan the sorcerers of fortune teller are future tellers. They say things What do you what's your take? He says lace will be shade. These Kohan the ones that asking questions what will happen to me tomorrow? They're nothing don't take their word for it. So she said an authentic hadith. Yasser Allah, the inner home you had dethroned at a higher end. Bichette yaku haka your Salah was some of them. They say something, but

01:04:57--> 01:04:59

it's true like it happens. Look what the

01:05:00--> 01:05:35

prophets are ready to tell Kenema terminal Huck. Yeah, powerful halogen Neo. That one word that the Jin said that was actually true was a truthful word that they took when they went to the heavens but pay attention for your Kuru Ha, he only when he conquered the GA then that journey that Jen will go to the when he was there when he is referring to the profit center, the human being, the human being that sold his soul to the devil, the one that was no worshipping shaytaan and disrespecting Allah subhanaw taala you know some of the things that they have to do. One of the things our teachers teach us, for them to go to that level, may Allah protect and celebrate Allah mean is that they have

01:05:35--> 01:06:15

to throw the Quran into the toilet, they have to urinate so the gin does not satisfy with some words, sometimes he wants filth, show me what you will do to it. And he spits out it does something like wrong May Allah forgive us out of beta alanine. So the Prophet sallallahu listen says via Laietana via axotomy at Akiva, these Chohan sorcerers, when they hear that one truth from the gin which they actually heard, for example, so when sol will die today in a car accident, and it will be at such and such Street, this piece of information, they will hear it, they tell it to that cabin, or that sorcerer, that sorcerer will find the individual who perhaps had the accident or a family

01:06:15--> 01:06:56

member and say, You know what, you will have an accident if you go this way, and not just that and your mother will lose this and your dad will be sick so they add what the lies. So now if they ended up going and having a car accident, those around that man or woman that heard what the sorcerer said, they will now rely on the sorcerer, they're hooked. That's why Rasul allah sallallahu wasallam. He says Men atta are rough and whoever goes to any one of them. Okay, brother, I'm not gonna believe in I'm just walking on campus. I see a guy I'm a palm reader. I just want to see what it is like, right? I've been you know, I've been trying to get married. It's amazing. Tell me the

01:06:56--> 01:07:18

name. Right? You tried to go there as well or not believe in the prophets of Allah. Allah was him said if you go to one of them, Allah will not accept your Salah for 14 days. You go to a website to that says fortune telling this is my situation and what do you think will happen to me 40 days Allah will not accept your Salah. And the ultimate said you still have to pray.

01:07:19--> 01:07:20

And the scary part.

01:07:21--> 01:07:42

If you go in and you get impacted in a way that you actually believe, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam says man atika Heenan careful Robbie Manu Zilla, Allah Muhammad, then you're a Kaffir you're out just for listening and believing in what the client has to say. This is how serious the situation is. But rest assured, this is not as common hamdulillah anymore. Why?

01:07:43--> 01:08:23

Because the Prophet SLM has come. And in the jinn when they saw all the soldiers on the sky, that's why they roamed the earth. Remember the beginning of the session? Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sitting with the Sahaba authentic hadith, and they saw a shooting star. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam asked the meta Quran if you had, what do you say about the shooting star, they said worried that they wouldn't matter. To us back in the day they have ignorance. When we see a shooting star, this indicates to us the unknowable it prestigious man died, or a great human being was born either or So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said to them, a shooting star will

01:08:23--> 01:08:33

never take place because of a death or a life of a person. What just happened was a jinn that tried to go all the way up to get some news and that shooting star struck him.

01:08:34--> 01:08:45

Somehow this was now the prophet is out there the Sahaba en de la Animesh man Quran has been revealed, may Allah protect the cerebral Alameen. And you know, who typically uses the jinn and the magician's and so on, who usually uses them

01:08:47--> 01:09:26

will not go into conspiracy theory, but I'll back it up a little bit a little bit, and I'll jump in. Okay. The rich people, you thought the poor people, the ones who really utilize magicians, sorceress Kohan are the elite, the big, big, big shots, they will get 100 things wrong, they'll get one thing, right and you'll go everything. And then when the they listen to the SIR had the magician who told them a don't take this flight, don't take it this flight because it will be delayed or whatever the case is. And he takes the flight and it gets delayed. He loves the game and morning. And the opposite is true. Oh, take this flight. This one will not be delayed. He gets on the flight it gets

01:09:26--> 01:09:36

delayed. That mission tells him well he didn't really listen to my instructions properly. Subhanallah do we have evidence that the elite use magicians to corrupt the masses?

01:09:38--> 01:09:44

Because this speech cannot be from my own intellect. Unless I know an elite at the origin.

01:09:45--> 01:09:46

But you have evidence.

01:09:48--> 01:09:59

Oh, who's the frown? Smart man? Pharaoh who did he use to corrupt the masses to enslave Bani Israel magicians. So I don't want to go into cartoons and movies and so on and so forth.

01:10:00--> 01:10:02

fourth, but don't tell me they're not involved.

01:10:03--> 01:10:08

There's no Mount Rushmore for is a fifth one he believes he just can't see him.

01:10:09--> 01:10:13

Right? They have an impact. Give me another one.

01:10:14--> 01:10:19

Another one so much so that clearly clear the Hadith says he needs him

01:10:21--> 01:10:24

$20 Now Oh, right.

01:10:27--> 01:10:28

Ready? Okay, Mr. Miller

01:10:34--> 01:10:40

you got it. I'm gonna get bankrupt by the end of this lecture. So for you guys to answer that 2011

01:10:42--> 01:10:43

I see these like moluccana That's 40

01:10:46--> 01:11:27

No, no reimbursement for that. Yeah. So what happened the very long authentic hadith. Certainly borouge Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said there was a king of the past, who used to have a Sahar magician who basically corrupts the people. So when that magician felt that he will soon die, he told the king get me a young bright man. See what has happened? While I'm getting goosebumps are saying give me the young people. I don't know all people give me a young sharp human being. So I can teach him my magic so why so the kingdom can continue to flourish? May Allah protect us the Albula lemme Allah protect us.

01:11:29--> 01:12:06

So then they said Tamiya stemmy L and whoever tries to listen now Yejide who she happened What rassada Now Allah's there's what the shooting star as we're coming to an end brothers and sisters when they saw the lot blockage in the heavens there wasn't they weren't sure what's happening. They saw the blockage so he said well I'm not sure what's happening is this a God wants to destroy everybody colors you know that when you lock the doors this is over shut down the world is coming to shut down or am Arada being robbed boom what Russia or Allah wants to guide the people or send them some sort of guidance. So either punishment or some what Prophets some elements said the next part

01:12:07--> 01:12:28

is regarding after revelation now the heard the revelation when meaning aside Hoonah women doing the dialect cannot Elia Kidada so I want to confuse you some say this may happen after the revelation when they heard the Quran some said no they're telling you history before we heard the Quran there were some few righteous people so let me test you but no money this time.

01:12:29--> 01:12:36

Were there people who were righteous Muslims before Prophet Muhammad Salim received revelation raise your hand?

01:12:37--> 01:12:39

What was there okay go ahead all the way there

01:12:41--> 01:12:45

excellent May Allah bless you fantastic Mashallah. What accompany no fun is there another person

01:12:47--> 01:12:48

is there another person

01:12:49--> 01:12:49

go ahead

01:12:52--> 01:13:28

and that is date, but I'm not sure if it's his uncle. That's pretty cool. If it says Uncle that address Yes, his name is Eva now I'm gonna have no fine. I'm not sure his uncle, may Allah bless you. How are you? Fantastic. Couldn't not Allah Kidada he said we were all types of people who were some of us were Jewish. Some of us were Christian. Some of us were Buddhist, couldn't Natella Kedah know what's the last straw that make him accept Islam? We heard the Quran everything but what was it the Hollis there was that was their point. This was their point of changing this I was a novena, Allah Norges Allah fell out of the way Allah know. Now we truly know now that now is the translation

01:13:28--> 01:14:13

will change. We truly know that we cannot frustrate Allah on earth, nor can we escape from him. This is can be so sad, in what sense reflecting the situation of many of us. What they said the jinn we did so much corruption, we reach the point that we know we Allah is angry at us. Right and we cannot run away from Allah has escaped from Allah's punishment, we're doomed. So their level of hopelessness was that last straw that made them when they heard the Quran they accepted. So I do realize sometimes when someone's very hopeless is dying, alas, not dying of actual physical death, but so spiritual, you're kind of losing hope in them. Sometimes that's the closest that we'll ever

01:14:13--> 01:14:53

be to get hope. Sometimes that's the closest they'll ever be to Allah. And I'm sure many of you, you get very close to Allah when things are tough, right? When things are very tough, you just just you broke your break down. Yeah, let make it easy for us. I mean, that's what's unfortunate. And I pray to Allah to make you and I like the following ready? May Allah make us break down to him when things are easy? Because sometimes Allah loves us not Allah loves us all the time. I love love the believers. But don't let Allah because it's in the Quran sometimes Allah Yes, he makes you go through no vehicle home menial either been at dinner, mainly at dinner.

01:14:54--> 01:14:59

A couple why Lalo you have to do let me translate. Allah says some people I make them

01:15:00--> 01:15:02

tastes pain, but there's minor

01:15:03--> 01:15:41

so that they don't see that major punishment why? Why did that pain why you got sick? Why the accident? Why that divorce? Why that loss of life? Why that loss of wealth why so that pain can make you wake up Subhanallah something when you want to wake up somebody you have to shake him right? So that's the shade that we take me Allah forgive us out of Allah mean. So he won Nevada and then your exam offered well then you're just a horrible we're done. We destroyed so many people. We corrupted so many people then we're in a mess me and the luda and they now when we heard the Guidance, we believed in it and look to what they said, family member of the fella four bucks and they realized

01:15:41--> 01:15:52

one opinion is this when they believed they realized whoever believes in their Lord will have no fear of being denied a reward or wrong. Who are they thinking of?

01:15:53--> 01:16:17

A bliss, a bliss What will he do to you when you believe that you're supposed to come back and it was a report. But they say you know what? If we believe in Allah, Allah has fear the fearing of Allah. No goes beyond the fear of anyone else. And that's how you're able to overcome fear. You cannot delete your brothers and sisters, I think many times you cannot delete fear. The only way to overcome your fear is to fear something greater

01:16:18--> 01:16:59

is to fear something greater and if you're able to and then when you fear that which is greater then that little fear may not be as fearful as sha Allah. So when we tell someone about Islam, there's multiple ways right? So we'll say La Ilaha in Allah nothing it's a mesh. It's about you deny then you affirm you deny any God besides Allah so in the someone talks about the religion one of the ways of Dawa is to actually make it clear that their faith their principles is weak because the fortress they're in like I'm comfortable with my faith Islamic is pretty cute Sure, whatever right? But they're very comfortable with their ideology. So if you keep talking about Islam it's not working

01:16:59--> 01:17:34

one of the ways but you have to know your stuff you actually destroy their fortress you take it brick by brick down because easily destroy destroy destroy by the way, every religion besides Islam can easily be deconstructed correct, easily be taken down. So when you take them down, they get nervous What do I go do like okay, come to this cute thing that you mentioned. Right come to Islam may Allah Greta beauty inside and outside say I'm gonna be Alamy Robinette. If dunya Hassan of Allah has been not the way this was felling falling from him. May Allah make the fortress of the believers strong history Muslim, the fortress of the believers. As we come to the end, brothers and sisters

01:17:35--> 01:17:46

for the European there'll be a couple bucks and without a haka. He says after this Islam that came to us and we accepted ensuited off just what Allah said about the jinn. Did they go back as Muslims?

01:17:47--> 01:17:49

Did they go back as meaning?

01:17:50--> 01:18:30

Did they go back as Marcin? Allah did not say Muslim in or meaning or Marcion Allah said something completely different but instead of Allah said they went back to the jinn as Warner's they went back as callers to Allah dot the few if they learned, they felt responsible, whatever I attended the session, the stock this What about this book I read, they felt the obligation to convey what they learned Allahu Akbar Mandarin so they went and they warn the people when they warn the people what happened to I mean, some people accepted Islam hamdulillah and some of them were middle class attune. Thurman Islam for the ones who became Muslim for like, hello, Rashida. This is beautiful,

01:18:30--> 01:19:01

beautiful part. Everything is nice obviously. But Allah says for those who submitted it is they who have attained right guidance to Hello, Rashida, the word to Harry sounds familiar. Not to be too hard. Yes. I will table a fantastic the Hello Qiblah. You have to put effort to determine the Tribulus. Some scholars they say if you did not put the effort to determine the tabler and you prayed in a very wrong direction after Salah you realize you're very off. You have to repeat your Salah.

01:19:02--> 01:19:37

So what's the condition? The Hadley what's the How did you put the effort to determine the tabla. Here Allah says to Hello, Rashida. So the ones who end up accepting Islam were the ones who were trying hard to become better people. So don't think you will change just like that. You have to what the hell it you have to work hard. You have to try to learn you have to go back Smilla and go ahead and read don't just give up. Don't just give up. I remember one brother. He used to read the Quran out loud. May Allah grant him jamnalal beta alanine and one of the jobs that we had read Quran out loud and all of a sudden, you know, we tried to correct him and he stopped reading Quran

01:19:38--> 01:19:45

is an older brother, uncle teleca then he took himself out of the email list and everything because we corrected the way he read the Quran.

01:19:47--> 01:19:48

I felt guilty because I was on we did it.

01:19:49--> 01:20:00

Right but this is this is the Dean like I was I tried to be very kind and so on, but I think I should have done a better job honestly, because I corrected him maybe frequently or so. But Subhanallah another person I

01:20:00--> 01:20:28

Another person, we tried to correct him Subhanallah same discipline, an engineering field, and he's a tough manager. He messaged me on I am like the direct messaging on work. Then he said, Brother man, when are you available? Please Please just give me two times during the week This was before COVID to teach me how to the Quran. The difference? One guy you advise them take me out of the email list? Are you that type of person? Every time I come here, they stare at me. Okay, so can you become the better one?

01:20:29--> 01:21:03

You become? Well all the people that pray are corrupted. Okay, you pray and you become the one that's not corrupted. That people don't do that sometimes right? Right or wrong. Oh, all of them are messed up. Okay, you become the Muslim was not messed up. Why you shouldn't go far away from the Dean. So this guy was asked to be taken off the email list and the other guy said give me twice and when I felt like an Amana so we went lunchtime twice a week reading the Quran, Ma sha Allah Tabata, como fluency is right now. And Allah gave him something he didn't over me and he has a beautiful voice. So when he was able to fix his citation, it went to a whole other level. So please don't be

01:21:03--> 01:21:44

deemed and demotivated. That's what the jinn said. The ones who accepted Islam are the ones who are trying to become better people they never gave up to have it on Russia, and this one will cause a tune as for those that are deviant for Kendall Jenner, however, they are the ones who are the fuel of hell. May Allah make us the fuel of health, because hell is not fueled obviously, by gasoline or electricity. The fuel of Hell is us human beings. How is that? Go and foster como Alikum? Naraku? Ha, the field of Hell is what? Human beings and rocks. So sometimes if someone asks you, how can people made from fire the jinn be burned by the fire? The answer is not just they will feel the pain

01:21:44--> 01:21:58

from the hellfire, they will be the fuel of hellfire. May Allah forgive us a little bit alameen and ALCHEMIST Hirakata. Right. This is like a sort of quest is done on oppression. When you take the right away, what was the right that they took away?

01:21:59--> 01:22:37

What was the right that they took away? The right of Allah to be worshipped. They took that away and they associated others with Allah subhanaw taala. This was the story. This was the surah of Elgin and how everything developed to conclude in the two minutes they have left to five o'clock Inshallah, please focus on the effort. You convey the message, you will never know who is hearing you. You will never know who changes will lie. I'm not exaggerating. If I say this, there might be one person, you might not be my target audience or my avatar that I'm focusing on. When I put the content I have some people in mind I'm trying to address. It might be a young man, or a young woman

01:22:37--> 01:23:16

that they're the ones who change yes or no. And they may be the ones that end up becoming the best Muslim teachers in the entire state of Michigan. Correct. You might be sitting here right now, some of you in sha Allah, there's no one there's not one or two Inshallah, you will be the best Quran reciter I have to give that and focus on me delivering not me necessarily changing people, I cannot change people, but I can do my best to deliver it. And there'll be a sister that will come one day and be responsible to sponsor 1000 orphans. It's possible and you don't know your line, your sentence, how much it impacts people. I'm not sure I shared this with you before. But one of the

01:23:16--> 01:23:54

things that really struck me into giving Dawa it was a Class A one weekend seminar. I will not mention the class because I didn't like it at all. It was an Islamic class. All right. But the Sheikh Said one line Wallahi this is this one line, I remember. And there's another line that he mentioned about the way the life is right now. He said I believe the ones that have the following two qualities have such a big advantage in conveying the message of Islam. There is simple like bro, this impacted you. It may not impact you But it struck my heart. All it pierced my heart. He said they are the ones who know how to be an English. That's all isn't

01:23:56--> 01:24:30

some, like I know that I've already had not heard of English. That's all what he said. And this, I just felt like you know, there's an Amana. So I really hope when you heard the gin, you now have an Amana. I want to do something I want to make the profit. I said I'm proud. I want to go I like your soul. Yes, there's nothing wrong to have the intention to make the profit proud, by the way, because he says, so what will go dude, right? And will you marry the one who likes to have children? Right? He said that? No, I think he's the one who wants to have a family the ones who have children love marry that person why'd you obey he become the ocassion I become so now I can be proud on the Day of

01:24:30--> 01:24:59

Judgment of how many followers I have. Imagine we all go see. And then also law says says all of us in Makkah, there was hardly any Sahaba Jean became Muslim. And we told the prophet 2023 All those people Yasser Allah in your skill of good deeds, every one of yours when you go, who are you? I was born in America, and actually believed in you. How beautiful is that? So you never know how far your word reaches, but you got to believe and Allah sends you signals to every one of you

01:25:00--> 01:25:33

When I have on this Friday on Friday an old lady in Raleigh, North Carolina hola by just came to my mind rellenos this Friday I was getting a hold of a wonderful message mashallah an old lady of the whole bunch. She's looking for me. Then she comes to the office. She's brother imagine I want to tell you something old lady from a subcontinent. She said many years ago, you have a video on YouTube about the DUA that you say after fajr Subhanallah behind the the whole theory that it was an interruption medical imaging and she said since I heard that for the past seven eight years have always been seen as do I every single day.

01:25:34--> 01:25:40

Lo Acaba and then now I teach a class on Sunday about gene and how they learn the message and the Prophet never saw them.

01:25:41--> 01:26:08

So you send that message and someone may maybe not endurable, really impacted maybe the one who is wanting to watch this video. They're the ones who Allah want them to change. May Allah make us better best people. May Allah make us people that can command good forbid evil, believe in Allah. And may Allah make us guide to others. And may Allah not make us May Allah not make us May Allah not make us a bridge over hell, which people walk over. Then the bridge falls and the rubble Alameen wa Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh