What Nuh A.S Promised His People

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The concept of no honey is discussed, including its use as a plea and its history. The prophecy of a woman named Subhanababa and a man named Lucan is also discussed, warning against leaving anyone behind. The importance of forgiveness and a bounty on one's success is emphasized, along with the importance of remembering that the " Here's after" is a priority and that the modelica of the here after is a blessing. Sutherland's work in London is also discussed, with a focus on the importance of forgiveness and a bounty on one's success to achieve promises of the Lord.

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So, in today's football,

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we covered this concept of not making your love of Allah subhanaw taala conditional upon the blessings that he gives to you even though the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said to us the recognition of the blessings that he gives to you, as a means of getting close to him and as a means of developing and growing your love of him. As Pamela, when you look at the story of no honey, his Salaam, you have a very interesting Sora and plea, an actual story that is recorded very uniquely, know how to his Salaam is the first messenger of Allah. We know that from the Prophet slice, headache when the messenger signs up mentions the people on the Day of Judgment, going to know how

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to his Salaam asking him for intercession and they say you are the first of our soul the first messenger of Allah. Meaning no honey, his salon was the first one to come with a legislation and as an ambassador, the law tada and Homer narrates normally sometimes people were the first people on earth to commit ship. They were the first people to attribute Gods beside Allah subhanho wa Taala. So no honey Salaam is unique in the sense that he has to deal with the first manifestation of *. And what was it that they took these righteous men? Yeah, who are

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these people that were known that the last pants are names in the plan as righteous people, they turn them into Gods, they made idols out of them after their death, and they started to worship them. besides Allah subhana wa Tada. So these were actual monotheists that were turned into symbols of polytheism after their death, which happens, right? It happens to scholars at times it happens to people that even were prophets right reciting Salaam classic example in that regard. So a lot of records the story of know how to histogram and I'm going to connect it to the hook been a minute, but just some backgrounds, know how to his saddam gives data to his people for 950 years. 950 years,

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you imagine 950 years of data, how many converts only a little more than 80. That means if you took 950 years and divided them by 80 converts, you imagine entire decades would pass. were no headaches and I would not have a single person accept his message. On top of that, he wasn't just rejected in regards to his message. He was humiliated. He was mocked by his people. They called him disgusting, they would dust their phones around him. You know, like get away from us. You smell that we're sick of you. We don't want to hear you. they mocked him and mocked him and mocked him. And so right no has very interesting and that it's a plea it's a very emotional plea Subhanallah it starts with no

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honey his Salaam saying Yeah, Allah, I've tried everything with these people. And no honey Salaam is making his case to Allah, as to why his dura is going to end the way that it's going to at

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Yale Law for 950 years, I've been calling on you to guide these people. I've been calling on you to forgive these people. I've been calling on you to spare these people. And the end of the surah is really, really, really

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alarming. I know, the prophet prays against his people, he says destroy each and every single one of them. Because if you leave them on this earth, then their offspring will be just as corrupt as them will be tainted by what they have introduced an innovated into this earth. Don't leave us Don't spare a single one of these people. Right? Only spare the believers, but take away this batch of people that have introduced into the earth what was never introduced to it before. But before he gets there, what does he do? He builds this case says yeah, Allah, here's how this down was started. Here's how I started with them. I called upon them. I said to them, Listen, I'm coming to you for

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you. I'm here for your sake. I've been sent to you by Allah subhana wa Tada. And I'm just telling you that if you believe the author, Lacan in the Novi come, he will forgive you, when you are clear comida as a Muslim, so he first promises his people what goodness in the dunya are goodness in the Hereafter, goodness in this life or goodness in the hereafter and the next, the next this is what I want you to pay attention to. He starts off with what the call of a profit should be. The call of a profit is not that believe in me and the richness of this world will come to you. When the profit slice I'm starting on suffer. The profit slice did not stand on suffer and promised the people of

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Mecca Listen, if you believe in me, I'm going to turn Mecca into a world class city. For the rest of the history of this world. Mecca will be the center

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of the world people will come from all over. pilgrims will come to it. They'll make the law around this Kava, your names will be immortalized in this world because people will say well the Allahu I'm home. May God be pleased with you every time they mentioned your name. I'm going to promise you everything you imagine if I woulda knew what avec is what the alongside and who wouldn't be spoken about, like in 2021. And if if Oppo Jehan, in five or in 610, could see what the legacy of apobec are, the lower anyone has become. In 2021. Abuja would say, sign me up, I'll take that I'll be mentioned in you know, by billions of people for the rest of the existence of the world, I'll be

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honored and people will pray for me and people will write books about me I like that. prophets lie, some didn't call it call it that. He started off with what belief in Allah, and I am promising you something of the hereafter. Why? Because again, that is the core of the message. The core of the message is that this is a message that orient you towards an era orient you towards the Hereafter, right? It's the opposite of the prosperity doctrine, when a preacher with his private jets stands up and says, believe, and one day you'll have what I have.

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Right? And of course, you'll have what I have by putting money into this into this bucket. And one day, right and if you're not getting it, that means that God doesn't like you like he likes me. Right? That's the prosperity doctrine. Right? It's the opposite. The Prophet started off with believe in God and when you meet him in the Hereafter, what he has prepared for you will be good. Now here's the interesting thing.

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You then watch how there's this gap plays out of know how to use know how to use and I'm says all that earns me was ridicule. All that earned me was mockery, and no honey his Salaam says that when he in the course of pleading with his people, why did they reject him? Because they wanted the power of this world. Right now, some how long the prophets lie some was was speaking to the different tribes. There was one tribe very interesting tribe that said to the Prophet slicin, when he was trying to find someone to host him, they said, okay, the chief of that tribe said, Look, I see in this man, some characteristics

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of a leader.

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something great is gonna happen with him. He just has that the profit slice on him had an aura to him. That something greatness is gonna come about, I don't necessarily believe in his message, but something's gonna come about. So he said, Listen, we believe in you as a tribe. We'll risk our alliances. But when God gives you victory, you have to sign off that entire victory to us. We inherit whatever kingdom comes to, we inherit all of your military success, we inherit everything of this world that comes to you as a result of profit slice and I'm set out to do the law you read to him and allow people to subpoena I can't make you that promise. It belongs to Allah. It gives it to

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whom He wills and victory belongs to the God conscious. When the unsought came from Medina. They said to the Prophet, slice and wait, what are we going to get in return?

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We're going to be attacked from all sides battles. I mean, the most powerful empires in the world they're going to try to wipe us off the face of the earth because we've taken you in what are we getting returned the profit slice I'm did not say Medina is going to be something else. I promise you Medina will be this city of lights city of Baraka, City of blessing. No, he said, gentlemen, you'll get Gemma. And they said Robbie held there. Okay, we'll take that. That's a good deal. We'll get Jenna. Now no hiding is saddam as he's pleading with his people and his people are rejecting him in the name of what we don't want to lose everything that we have in this world. He says flew to

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stuff you run back home in Abu Canada Farah, you're still a Somali committed.

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William did convey a modern web money, wire gyla congenital wire janela caminhada na akula Tom junella. He will color in the course of reasoning with his people. He says to them,

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if you believe and if you seek forgiveness of your Lord collectively,

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then the goodness of this world will come to you to the rain will fall from the skies. Your gardens will be irrigated, your crops will grow your lineage will be plentiful. Your wealth will grow collectively and individually as a people blessing is going to come to you and that is the also that is the default that when people believe and work righteousness. God blesses that nation with Baraka with blessing. Look at this oma Under Armour have an arm that is easy for him to hold on to honor where they couldn't find anyone to take the car because of the Justice and the belief and the righteousness that was established amongst that nation. So individually, people will have their

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their tests but collectively, as a nation, you will be uplifted

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By Your righteousness there's a period of tests and then there's upliftment and Baraka Mecca and Medina being two great case studies, right? Compare that to the mood and add them you know and the list goes on and on despite all of their genius okay so know how do you synopsis I came to them with that and I said to them look he'll send you that to that comes as well. And they still did what they still turned away from him. And they mocked him a new Harley snap comes back to allow once again a new how to his Salaam says,

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Robbie, my lord.

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They rejected me again. What tobacco Mendham use it home I knew what to do in the hospital and they followed those they follow these things that are just going to wreak earn them the destruction of this life in the next they're going down a path of destruction in this dunya and then the article for this life and for the hereafter. As Pamela it ends with no honey, he said, I'm basically giving up on them and saying 950 years is too much now. At this point. Yeah, Allah, take them away. At this point, take them away, and somehow a lot to show you is sincerity. And by the way, I mean, let's be real here. We give up after a day or two right? We give up after a few months when things get very

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tight, we go crazy with time we are the generation of everything being hasty and instance. Right? I mean, some how I look at the subject of know how to use it. I'm like we would have probably given up after a few months. With that type of humiliation. I have the power to make them out to a lower level answer. Yeah, Allah 200 days has passed. Get rid of them. Know Hey, Sam. 950 years have submitted with patience with them. I knew Hey, Sam, even then he's saying, Look, I'm not. This isn't like a drop because I had a really bad day. No honey, sternum was not throwing a tantrum. Like, like, like a normal human being would know, how do you stand was saying, Yeah, look, at this point,

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there's no good that's gonna come out of these people. This group of people will produce no good whatsoever. So get rid of them. And there needs to be you know, and save those who will produce offspring that will continue what was continuous before this group of people came and introduced * and all of the elements and injustices that come with that. So the brothers and sisters, how's this connect to the whole plan? How does this connect to this idea? If you focus on the hero, what are the profit slice I'm saying, if your hem is dunya, if your concern is this life is this world, this material world, you'll lose the hereafter and you'll lose this world. If you're him. If your

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concern is the hereafter you'll gain the hereafter and the world will also work itself out there will be blessing in what has been given to you. And the world will also come to you. But that can't be your focus, that can't be your priority. That's also the nature of the priority, the language the the the the equation that the prophets presented to their people that Allah establishes.

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Allah establishes blessing amongst the people in this life by Justice. Min Samia. Hey Melissa in the lobby of Pima delta to the audio encountered cafe Allah establishes adjust nation even if it's a disbelieving nation. Well yeah, the modelica Juanito encounters Muslim and Allah destroys a an oppressive nation even if it's a Muslim nation. So there are things that bring about goodness in this life but the believer focuses on the Hereafter, and then shapes their life in accordance with what they want to see in the hereafter. And in the process. Allah blesses the believers with the best of this life and the best of the hereafter. We ask Allah subhana wa artina for dunya Hassan

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Warfield, he wrote he has worked in our dub and na robina artina Jr. has an awful lot he has worked in London and artina for dunya has done what he wants he has been working on other than our alumni. Meanwhile, Sutherland was on route to kind of being hammered while early he was like a big hurry.