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Episode 4 – He is not a believer when…

There are certain actions that are so unbefitting of a believer, that belief departs from the doer of those deeds. We may have low points in faith, but we should never allow that to push us to major sins. Death doesn’t always come to us in our best moments.


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So now when I come back from Florida council everyone, welcome back to the faith revival. So there are certain sins that are called movie cards. They're called destructive and they are the major sense. And it's not that any sin cannot be forgiven by alarm, but there are certain sins that even in your lowest point you should not go to. And there are a few narrations about these major sins and particularly the impact they have on Eman. In one narration, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says in this narration of oredo of the amount of time that when a man commits Zina when a man commits adultery, then Allah subhana wa tada removes belief from him the way that a roof would

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come off of someone. So if you can imagine like a sliding roof a person is sheltered as they are sitting with their belief, but at that point, Allah subhanaw taala removes just like a sunroof, ie non from that person. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, until he stops committing that act, and he repents to Allah, and then the roof comes back. And another narration the Prophet sallallahu Sallam explained this beyond Xena he took it beyond adultery he said in this narration from Ibis is nice any any any movement that a person does not commit adultery, while they are believers while is equal Sadek and a person does not steal while he is a man while he is a

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believer, and he says, What is trouble Hummer he doesn't drink alcohol while he is a believer and he says what I up to Hany up to the moment and doesn't kill while he's killing. And he's a believer. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is saying that in the moment of those deeds, a person is devoid of faith. Eman leaves them. So economics says I asked him an ambassador a long time. So how does faith leave him? What does that mean? So he said even Ibis clasped his hands. And then he said, like this, and he said, then when he repents, it comes back. So it's a temporary departure, a person does not become a disbeliever, for committing major sins. And that's from the mercy of a loss of Hannah

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Montana, that so long as a person acknowledges their belief. Even if they're committing major sins, we don't we don't say about people that they've become disbelievers that they've left the faith. But when a person is committing those deeds, they are purposefully ignoring the loss of Hannah Montana. And instead of using the senses that God gave them to draw close to him, they're using those senses to pleasure themselves. And so they're actually worshiping their own shadow on their own desires. And if you insist upon that, or if not all the time, and who says that I swear by Allah that He man faith and Hummer and alcohol cannot coexist in a person's heart, eventually, one of them is going to

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expel the other the Prophet slicin um, says moving into a common cavity with him, that the one who who insists upon drinking alcohol becomes like the one who worships idols. And he also says why some there are certain characteristics that are just not be fitting to a believer, even in their lowest point, he said that there is no Eamonn for a person that lies or a person that cannot be trusted. A believer can do many things, he can be a coward, he can be a miser, but he can't be a liar. It's not befitting and he says my solemn that, that a believer his belief is sound, so long as he doesn't murder. So all of these produce all of these, these boundaries that are set for us, show us a very

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important point, that not all sins are equal, especially in regards to their impact on your faith. And a lot of times, we go through low moments, and when we go through low moments, we justify our sins. And the worst thing that you could do is you end up in one of those major sins, you do not want death to come to you, while you're in that state as the Prophet slicin. A mentioned devoid of belief, that would be a tragedy and how many people you know, just due to something that they're going through in life, get into some relationship or get into to, you know, go to the bar and drink themselves and then end up in a car accident or end up with something very harmful happening to

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them. As a result of these things. You don't want to meet a lot with that being your last moments. So keep that low, you know, keep that as the bare minimum, Allah understands, he knows that sometimes your faith will be low, and there are certain sins that you're going to be prone to, but do not fall into the major sins, stay away from the major sins in particular and do not insist on the minor sins. And that should be the the the bar that we set for ourselves at the you know, at the bare minimum that we don't fall into those things. May Allah protect us from ever being attracted to those things or ever falling into those things? And if we fall into them, may he allow us to repent

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immediately, and to not leave this world except that we are forgiven for those sins and not insisting on them.

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Protect our email and let us die on email. llama mean Zach malachite on inshallah I'll see you next time. So now I want to come on to library council