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Allah has given us different senses and different ways in which we perceive things, and odor has a persuasion that is stronger than our other senses. Sh. Omar Suleiman talks about the spiritual and physical implications of smell.


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The brothers and sisters, if you looked at the title of the multiple, you're probably already confused. What's your smell and then the hotel is not about the route or cologne or lack of Cologne or route that you use before coming to the Juma or the son of a smell. It's actually about this entire concept of an odor and what spiritual implications that has. Allah subhanaw taala has given us different senses has given us different ways in which we connect with the world around us and different ways in which we perceive things. And one of those strongest senses is this concept of odor, this concept of a smell, because odor has a persuasion that is stronger than appearance

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stronger than touch, Stronger Than a Feeling. It's a very strong sense that Allah subhanaw taala has given to us. And there's a physical dimension to that in the spiritual dimension, right, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam would never turn down a gift of perfume. And in our language, of course, in our common terminology, perfume usually refers to the sense of women and cologne to the sense of men, but it's actually to the composition of oil, they had very strong oils that they would use. And the prophets I seldom used to love a peep. It was well known that he would never turn down a gift of a plebe and if you wanted to make the profit slice of them happy with a gift, then your short shot was

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to give the profit slice on the gift of perfume, and the profit slice someone enjoy it. I'm gonna hop out of the old timer who is usually not associated with the luxuries of this world or the goodness of this world. He said that if I was to spend half of my money on sleep, I would not consider it a slump, I wouldn't consider it a form of extravagance. Some of the great imams like Mambo honey for him a lot. They said about Abu hanifa that you could smell when he was approaching you from miles away. And you could smell after days if he was in a gathering after he had left it from the goodness of his sleeve. So there's that elements of it and the Sahaba and the writers

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having this love, have a good sense and I assume inshallah the message is gonna smell a lot better next week after those first these first narrations because you'll take that sin inshallah Tada, seriously, but please don't overdo it because the person next to you might not like that particular smell. But it's a goodness right plead. And it falls under the the different types of traces and steps and and senses that Allah has given to us. And it's most often likened to sights, to a bustle.

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But smell does things that site does not do.

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And now we start to segue into the spiritual of this, the power of smell, is that it invokes memories in many ways. And so it's able to bring back a memory or to bring back something that is missing

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to the immediate detection of a person when they smell it. And you usually don't know it until it's been gone for some time. And the greatest example of that is the story of yaku Jacob and Yusuf Ali his Salam and Joseph in Nila edgey do we use if I can smell use of his shirt was coming and before the shirt was placed on his on his face, there's a smell, I can smell the sense of use of it his salon. after all of these years, there's something about it, something that really moved me

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there was a mother that lost her child may Allah subhanaw taala grant her gentleness and comfort and, and allow her to be reunited her entire family and generated for the dose. And she said that one thing she never did was she never washed the blanket of her deceased child because she smells it every day. It's like she has that scent, she has that memory and it was very touching because I remember the story of use of it sometimes. So smell has a very powerful effect of bringing back something from the past. The second most powerful element of smell is that it can invoke imagination.

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The way that no other sense can. And so when a person a believer is passing away and leaving this world and the angels say to the believer will actually be true and what I had what I've been lady hold the band that

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received the glad tidings of the mercy and the forgiveness and the pleasure and the good fragrance and sustenance of your Lord, a Lord that is not angry with you a Lord that is not displeased with you. And what do the angels carry they carry a coffin that is scented with the mask of Jenna, to comfort the soul as it comes out a Prophet salallahu it he was seldom said that when you are placed in your grave that Allah sense the grave with the sense of gender and he said so

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Lola Harney, he was alarmed that the Santa Ana Reha, the usual human Maserati comes in the ATM that you could smell the sense of Paradise from a journey of 500 years away. Imagine being on a journey. And your entire life is that journey and you're proceeding to a singular destination for 500 years, the prophets lie Selim said, The scent of gender is so strong, the sense of Paradise is so strong, that you could smell it from 500 years away. If you were proceeding towards it, doing nothing but proceeding towards it for 500 years, and some handle it mama No, we're talking a whole lot. He commented that the prophets lie send them often when he invoked punishments.

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He mentioned the deprivation of the smell of gender. So all of the authentic hadith the Prophet sly seldom talked about the oppressor. He said that whoever oppresses a limb meet from one of the dilemma, a Christian or a Jew, that is living under the protection of the Muslims, whoever oppresses or breaks the covenants with or kills a Christian or a Jew living in the land of the Muslims under the protection of Allah lemma, that they would not smell the sense of paradise. There are many Hadith where the Prophet slicin mentioned, the punishment that you would not smell the sense of paradise. And the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is hinting towards how incredible that smell

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is. And so imagine as you're leaving this world, and what is that smell? Because the smell of genma is unlike the smell of any other scent. So it can it can invoke an imagination or tell you about something that you otherwise would not know. Now, what's the point of smell? And why are we talking about smell, because most of the ahaadeeth, that bring up the analogy of smell, bring it up in the capacity of influence, in the capacity of the mark, that you leave on a gathering or the mark that a gathering leaves on you, the author of it, the trace of it, is in the smell. And that's where some of the more powerful implications of the sense come in. Because out of all of the things that are in

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a gathering, the smell, cannot be detected at its source. It's very hard to detect the source of a smell, right, you can detect with your sight you can detect with touch, but the source of a smell is hardest to find. And so if there is a rotten smell, it's not always possible to detect the source of that rotten smell. And if there's a good smell, it's not always possible to detect its source. And so it's an interesting,

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you know, analogy that we find here and its presence in a gathering and the way the Prophet slice and refer to its presence amongst a group of people, we also know about smell is that you often miss it when it's gone. And so you often don't know that you actually are detecting a smell until it's missing from you. before Allah gives the baby, the blessing of sights, Allah gives the baby the blessing of smell.

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And the baby when the baby cannot smell the mother than the baby starts to feel a great sense of distress. Right? So sometimes you don't know until it's gone, and then you start to miss it. And that's also one of the things that would have been Raja bohem. Allah brought up in this discussion of influence. You also have been Rajab, Rahim, Maha Lhasa beautifully, you know, fake flowers from real flowers by the smell.

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So you can create flowers, or you can make flowers and mold them and they can look beautiful as plastic. And they can look extremely beautiful. And they can look real depending on if you use a certain type of clock, but you know it from its smell, whether it's authentic, or it's not. And the believer is the same way that you know, the authenticity of the believer from the smell that emanates over time, as opposed to the appearance of that person. So how did the prophets lie? Some conceive of this and how do we actually take this into a practical consideration, or into practical consideration for ourselves? The first thing is the prophets lie some referred to smell in the way

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that we interact with the poor and ourselves and our interaction with divine revelation. And what that means for the world around us. He said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam method and what Manila de jaquar and method Raja we have for you. What?

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the example of the believer who recites the Quran and acts upon it is like a citrus fruits. We who have you It smells good. What will time we'll have one and it tastes good too. So it's not deceiving you with its smell. If you bite into it, it tastes good. If any of you are familiar with dorianne in Malaysia, the king of the fruits, it smells horrible, but if you can get past that smell and take a bite into it tastes good. To the profit slice I'm missing the smell doesn't deceive you have good. It's a good smell. And if you bite into a citrus fruit then its sweetness is

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there as well. And then he said Salalah Horton, he was selling one method and Manila de la.

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Metro Tamra Larry hella, ha, ha ha. And he said that the example of the believer who does not recite the Quran is like a date which has no fragrance but a sweet taste. What the prophet SAW some is talking about here and the recitation of the Quran is not its recitation on an individual level, but it's teaching. It's teaching, and it's lesson it's teaching either and teaching people through the recitation or acting it basically influencing with the Quran. So this believer has a man they have practice on an individual level, but they're not giving the poor and to the world around them. And so it's like a date. It has no smell. But if you bite into it, it's still sweet. At least he's not a

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hypocrites. And then he said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that the example of the hypocrites and moneth Allah Dr. Claude metha, Rihanna Lee, who help is what

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they said some of why some of the example of a hypocrite that recites the Quran, so gives to the world around but is deprived on the inside is like basil was fragrances sweet. But if you bite into it, it's bitter. So it's the opposite. In this situation, it's fragrances sweets, but if you bite into it, it's bitter. And he said solahart, and he was tell him that the example methadone went after Tila de la jolla for an hour chemical humble Li Salah Hurry, we'll talk more how more and the example of the hypocrite who does not even give the poor and recite of the Quran is like the Colosseum. It has no fragrance, and it has a bitter taste as well, it gives off no sense and it has

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a bitter taste, as well. Now notice here that the taste is omitted because no one knows the actual insight except for who except for Allah subhanho wa Taala. But the influence is restricted to the smell. What are you actually putting into the environment around you. And that should, that should be an analogy for what you bring to the environment around you and from what the environment brings to you. Because the profit slice, and I'm sad about choosing friends.

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He said about the good friend what but the good friend is like the one who actually sells perfume. And so if you're around someone who is selling perfume, then even if you don't purchase the product, it rubs off on you and you smell good when you leave that place. Right. So you smell good when you leave that person's company, if you have a righteous friend, that person's influence naturally will rub off on you, you might not be able to detect exactly how you might not even apply the things that made that righteous friend, as good as they are. We're hibel sila Hina. With Estonian home, I love the righteous No, I don't consider myself amongst them not only an anatomy of Shabbat, or maybe,

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maybe I'll just get their intercession on the Day of Judgment, maybe I'll get some of their qualities, maybe something will rub off on me have a standard of goodness from that person. So you might not have got the actual product. And the way that a no human law describes that you might not actually start to practice the good deed that made that person a righteous person. But you're the influence of that person rubbed off on you positively. And so you start to smell good, whereas the influence of a bad friend is like a blacksmith. Even if you don't purchase anything of it, you're still going to smell like smoke. And anyone that doesn't smoke but that has friends that smoke and

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that came home one day and got in trouble with their parents because their parents thought they were smoking can tell you about this. The profit slice I'm setting them up. Dini kalila, you're on the religion of your friends, if you're around people that stink.

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If you're around people that have bad manners, if you're around people that don't, that don't have standards of worship or purpose, if you're around people that waste themselves, and things that are of no benefit. Even if you commit none of those sins, you will inevitably be influenced by them. You cannot continue to hang around a dumpster and not expect to smell like garbage at some point yourself. It's not about actually picking up a piece or putting it on you. It's not about actually picking up the cigarette and smoking it. If you're around someone that acts in that their character will rub off on you. You know what the scary thing about this is? You might not even know how bad

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you stink until someone else smells you say what is that smell? You go? Oh,

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because sometimes and I've been put down below him Allah said that a bad character is like a scorpion that's on your back. Someone has to point it out to you have that characteristic. Someone has to point it out to you before it bites you, but it's there. Right? So you don't even know how bad you smell until you're around people that don't have that same stench and then they realize that you stink

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and then you say

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start to wonder, hmm. You're in a gathering where backbiting has been normalized liba

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everybody else is doing it. And then you start to hang around people that don't backbite as much and they look at you funny when you say something about someone,

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and you realize you smell that something's wrong, because you've changed the environment.

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And so it's about how you smell and the smell of the people that you interact with. And there can be a good sense of this as well because there's a societal implication to this also, I'm going to hop out of the allowance and I'm home when he saw a group of people coming from Iraq in the middle of the night.

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And the people were wondering Medina Who are these people traveling through Medina in the middle of the night nine o'clock? So he called out to them and he said, Where are you people coming from? And they said men Sajan army from a deep valley said were to you know, beta lartigue to the character.

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Amato the law and who said to the people around him he said, These people know quote, and there's someone around them. There's the sense of power and they answer with something is up with these people. So he starts asking them questions about the plan.

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Which is the best way which is the best of luck and they were they recite I could see immediately they all know I could see

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a UI on which I gives most hope in the Quran. They recite Quran about the Latina Astra who Allah and foresee him latok not human, rackmounted La Salle My servants who have transgressed against themselves do not despair of the mercy of Allah, Al Quran. What's the most decisive verse in the Quran among young men with color doubled in height on yellow women, young men of color, Donald tin, shovel and yellow, whoever does an atom's worth of evil will have good will see it, and whoever doesn't atoms worth of evil will see it. So he's asking these questions of the poor. And he's like these people have an influence on them. That's their I don't know who it is. But someone's there.

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And at the end of it, he goes, a freecommander lovingness route. Has it been Mr. Rude amongst you? They said, Yeah, he's back here.

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He knew it. He said, These people have been hanging out with an extraordinary scholar, of course, because their literacy of the poor and the way that it naturally comes out of them the way that it flows, something is up with these people, something about them. And to the point that he zoned in he said, I'm wondering if I'm loving mushrooms or the lower mo is amongst them. And they said a long time he's right back there, and all model the law and who goes to him and embraces him and sits at his feet, to absorb the poor and from living miserable all the time, who whose entire life is dictated by the poor and so the societal impact and you know what sometimes,

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sometimes in fitna,

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usually a fitna,

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a tribulation or deception is started by one or two people.

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But the stink spreads so much that you don't even know where it started in the first place. If you walk into a community that's been embroiled in fitna for many years, and you just see chaos and everybody's fighting each other. You're like, where did this start? Who is the photographer? Who is the one who who started this all who's the one that that that dropped the stink bomb in here

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and started this dissension and tribulation, but it's hard to detect the source. I don't know who did it. It's just I just see a bunch of people fighting at this point. And that's why I don't even know have you thought about the law and who said yeah, man Oh, no man, woman science and fitness dashboard, that an Imam, someone who quotes people's words to each other. Not a liar. Someone who quotes people's words to each other, sits in one gathering listens to someone being spoken about goes to another person says Hey, man, he said this about you.

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And then these people start to form cliques and groups and start to argue in fights. And he said that a person and a man this person would cause in one hour a fitna that would drag for months and months and months, forwarding an email starts with fitna that drags for months and months and months and months, and then everyone hates each other and you don't know where the source of that stink is at some point. But that's the power of one person to induce stink into a community. May Allah protect us. May Allah protect us from being people of fitna ourselves, or from the outcome of fitness a lot. I mean, because it just takes one person to start that stink, and then it covers

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everybody. You don't know where the source of it is anymore. It's just a bunch of people fighting at some point. So who is the source of this cave that has touched all of this community that made everyone come together like this or that brought some good to them? And who is the source of this evil and this ugliness that leaves a stench behind that someone else walks in and says, this smells like a dumpster this place stinks. May Allah always give Valley Ranch Islamic Center sweet smell love man. I mean, this place where did it come from? can't detect the source. And this is why the profit slice some speaks of it. In this way. It's kind of like there's a quote on the good side of

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things because

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nama shaft a little haimo law says that I wish that my knowledge would be spread to men need to be in touch a lot. I wish that everyone would benefit from my knowledge what I use currently isn't, but no one would say my name.

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I wish my knowledge would spread all over the world, but no one would say my name. I wish that the people would benefit from it, but they would not ascribe to it to me and that's why Allah subhana wa tada made him the person that he was and elevated him to the place that he was because his interest was in spreading. That goodness, not in being named the source of that goodness, he wanted to leave behind that sweet sense that covered the people that spread all over the world. But his interest was in that and there's a saying that you can be much more influential if people are not aware of your influence, you can be much more influential if people are not aware of your influence. Often the

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architects of good and the architects of evil are not known. And that makes them more effective at being architects of good or architects of evil. Sometimes you have a person, of course, the most influential men in history and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, who's both publicly and privately influential, but that the majority of that influence is generated privately not publicly, and you can be much more influential if people are not aware of your influence. Now, just like with the mother, whose child misses her once she goes away, oftentimes the good influence is not recognized. Until that's that sweet smell, the source of that sweet smell is no longer there. I'm going back to

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Southern California tomorrow to be with our brothers at the Institute of knowledge. One of the greatest Muslim Americans that ever walked in this land, Dr. Iman Sokoto him a whole lot to Allah who would not be recognizable in the years before he passed away. If he walked into this, most of them Praise the Lord. And also, but has started and built institutions

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all throughout this country and went around and built communities. But he's to go and pray the hood with the schoolchildren and Ioh k in those last few years of his death. And when he passed away some kind of love last this last year, at the banquet, we honored him. And I actually talked about this similar idea of sense. And I said this place smells like Dr. Ackerman. Sakurajima Hola. Bringing all of these people together. It smells like him somehow that that's what his that's what he did. He brought a bunch of people together for hire. And then he left the sweet smell and then he went away and then when he died, you missed that void. You missed that person because of the goodness that

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they had. And lastly dear brothers and sisters on an individual level

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on an individual level.

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Mohammed bin makanda Rahim Allah said, if my if my sins smelt, no one would sit next to me. If my say he asked if my sins had a stench, no one would sit next to me. So if you had authority to him Allah he was asked how do the angels know that a person is about to commit a good deed or a bad deed? So piano thodi Rahim Allah said that when a person is about to commit a good deed, they emit a good smell a sense of musk and so the angels naturally start to congregate around that person before the good deed even happens. But even when you're about to commit a sin that you emit a rotten stench, and so the melodica start to go away from you and feel an aversion towards you even before

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you you commit that sense of how to love

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their brothers and sisters. If you could assign a smell to yourself in your influence what you leave in a gathering of Vicodin or goodness or remember us beneficial beneficial action or speech or the opposite.

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Do you stink? Or do you smell good? Do you rub off good on people? Or do people rub off evil on you? This is why this is all here for us to consider in the Quran and the Sunnah of the prophet sly sell them and the same of the cellar, because eventually it all comes out because as you as they say, you can dress up greed but you can't stop the stench of it can dress something up only for some time, but the true influence of it, the true influence of it eventually comes out and it rears its head in good or evil. And the last thing I'll mention here from an amount of chef I get him a whole lot Tyler he talks about when the environment around you gets tough and when people are aggressive with

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you and abusive of you because usually you stink because other people stink with you when the world stinks you're more likely to stink to right. He said Rahim Allah Allah, you have to only Steffi, who be clearly cookin for Accra who and akona Allah homie Jeeva yazzie, dosa Hudson azido hilma Carew danza the whole era cultiva is about him a whole lot out of that the foolish one addresses me with words of disgrace, but I hate to respond to him in like manner. The more ignorant he proves the more patience I become. Just like the incense The more you burn it, the more its fragrance is released.

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So can Allah May Allah make us those people that the more negative the world becomes around us the more negative people become towards us the more pessimistic people around us become. The more people decline into disobedience the more that we shine and character and obedience and worship and wicked and and extend ourselves in the sight of Allah subhana wa tada in goodness Allahumma Ameen May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us amongst those that are pure on the inside and that emit good influence on the outside that that bring goodness and good smells, to our homes to our communities wherever we may be in May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us from being rotten at the core or putting a stench

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in our homes or extension our communities or influencing people in evil or being influenced in evil alumna unequivocably. Heather was talking about your recommendation was to be infested with a homophobe.