Waleed Basyouni – 20 Important Prayer Rules For Travelers

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The importance of praying before traveling and the use of praying together during trips is discussed, including the rules of Islam and the importance of praying for a blessing. It is recommended to be done while traveling, but praying with only one simple prayer and not repeating it twice is allowed. The importance of praying with others during trips and starting a pleasant job in a society is also emphasized. The segment ends with a request for assistance with praying and mentions a person named Mr. Lee Allahumma Salli.
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a lot ah hook bottle ma hook bone

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as head to Allah Isla de long law ah

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ash heard one bla bla et any low Ah

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she heard one more hum Madonna Rasul Allah wa all

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as head one more hand down Russell law Ah

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Hi y'all sola.

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How y'all Swannanoa?

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Hi Yan AlFalah

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Hi, Paula.

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A Long Walk bow. All walk battle

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Lulla ILA II know all

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Hamdulillah he was Salatu was Salam ala Mala and Aviva who Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam, ala Houma to Sleeman, kathira. Ahmedabad or praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger, my dear brothers and sisters, as the holiday season kicking in, a lot of people traveled during the holiday season. And one of the things that our religion of hamdulillah have explained to us how the rules

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should be kept and preserved, and a time of traveling or a time of residence, and also took in consideration all the legislation in Islam, the need of people, and it came to make things accessible, easy, clear for Muslims. And one of the things that I would like to speak about today in regard to prayers while we are traveling, because there's a lot of confusion I seen about this issue just few seconds a few a minute ago or so. You know, Shakima was telling me how many times that when he travels, he noticed in a from a Muslim pool any country he noticed that nobody prays like in the in the airplane until maybe they arrived in the pray everything together. And I'm not talking about

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a prayer that you can combine like the whole NASA story about like Fajr or like you leave for example in daytime and you arrive next day in the morning so there's Mughal who will be completely unfair job will be missed and yet people don't pray. And one of the reason because they don't know how or what or how this can be done. So let's go over many points as we can and this hookah so it make things clear and obviously, most of these issues there is debate between the haha but what I will be sharing with you that opinion that I do believe it is the strongest opinion based on the evidence that I

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recognize and all these opinions that I will be choosing our world stablish among the foot behind Muslimeen Lahemaa on the Lucha Tada across the Muda. Number one,

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I want you to know that traveling traveling allowed you with regard to the Salah, the following one, if you're traveling, you're allowed to shorten or the prayer and you're allowed to combine the prayers and the prayers that can be combined or lower and also and muddled and Orisha. And these are the rules also that is another one which is basically that. That's not to attend that congregation prayers, not to attend congregation prayer, you're exempt from that, according to some folk Aha, unless you are in a masjid, and the iqama has made in this case, you have to join the GEMA or the Duma in this case, if you see them, let's say somebody's traveling to stumble, you know and he goes

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into the semester to visit and domestic or in Malaysia where a lot of people go tourist massages there, then the salah is the iqama is made in this case, you have to join that German to pray with them. And the fourth thing for travelers are exempt from the regular nephila Regular extra prayers, which is related to local and

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mobile up and Asia, the for rock as before the whole entourage afterwards, or the tour Rock has after maghrib or the tour aka after Asia. These are the Sunon robotic that is the person exempt from it when they are traveling. Other Sunon are still sunnah to practice during traveling, like what like we took to pray we return to pray Aloha. And all these were documented that didn't be so solemn did while he is traveling Salah Salem entering the message, just pray to our cab before sitting down. And so the sooner you make with law and you pray to Raka, you can do that even if you are traveling. And it's not

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the recommended thing is to leave it. But when it comes to some of the law, some of the tomatoes and little Asia that are commended act as not to pray this sooner. Because that's how Nebuta Salemme did.

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And the musafir can start this Rojas the moment you put your package together, and you load it in your car, and you load it in your car, and you basically hit the road. And when we say hit the road, and I mean by that go into the airport or hit the road if you're traveling as long as you left your house and you have your stuff even you still in Houston because you need one hour to reach for example to your destination. Let's say you stop in the y and you prayed ha see I come in misafir according to the majority, according to the strongest opinion let's put it this way. It starts with you. There's only one thing here that I would prefer that you don't do which is to shorten or the

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prayer. You can pray law and also together for and for. Okay, and you can pray modern Asia together but to shorten the law and as a majority of the scholar said, Only if you reach the airport or only if you are outside the city premises as earlier on the Allahu Anhu Allah He shortened Bahasa after he left and Coover the people said we still see the the buildings on Illa nine Musa FuRON the suffer start Okay, so as long as you if you want you can join the prayer even before you leave let's say you're going to live from your home and you want to you're going to be basically in the airplane until tomorrow in this case you can pre load and also for rocker for rocker at your home then you

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get into the car and you leave as long as the whole time entered of load time is not entered yet you cannot pray okay and the vast majority of the haha allow joining between prayers the only one was a little bit strict on that or the one of you only allowed one form of joining prayers and had an alpha and in Metallica that's it other than that, no they allowed it in another way they said Jim sort of in anyway but that's first of all there is an overwhelming evidence against that opinion. From the center of the process them to cut us head to toe at until I can tell you the amount of narration that we have about shortening the prayers is over when you can reach to the level of a tot

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anyway. So here we say that you're allowed to pray this for like I forgot that you can

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Leave the what if you are a traveler? Okay, you didn't pray at home, the amount of work came in and you left and you're on the airplane right now. And you arrive let's say San Antonio,

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would you pray the whole in San Antonio to record for record since the beginning of the time is basically started while he still was still in Houston. We say you pray to archives house as long as you started you traveling, and in probably walk till lobby walk the hood. The point is, when you're going to pray, your Salah, if you're going to pray your Salah while you're traveling, it takes the ruling of traveling. Also the same thing, you can apply the same rules. If you are a traveler and you arrive to Houston after the her.

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Now you're going to pray the home an envelope. The point is when you're going to pray. I'm gonna pray in Houston while this is my home. So you pray what for Raka? You didn't say Oh, I just came from traveling. So I prayed to know it's always Where are you going to be praying, if you're going to be praying in a place and a time? What is the travel and you take the roof travel, if it's residence, you are residents. They if you are traveler, and you pray someone who's a resident, and they pray for Raka, you pray for Raka behind them. And if you are a traveler and you're leading the prayer, you pray to rockers and if you wish you can pray also for if you want if you want because

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praying for Raka are two records is still valid prayer. The difference only is which one is better for you to pray to rock our traveller for the for rock our prayers like Alicia mother, Asia, and also on bow or to shorten Yanni or you completed it. There is a debate some said you must some said you must shorten it like that now, and some said no, it's a highly recommended and some said it is rasa Wadala. The me really who accorded the time and also this person, it is permissible for you to shorten the prayer but it is not any wajib or masked or highly recommended for you to do that. They while you're out can you join the prayers while you're traveling? And you mean chef by traveling

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while I'm traveling in the process of traveling. What if I arrive? Let's say I'm going to California or to some destinations to stay there for four days? Can I join the prayers? Yes, you can join the prayers. According to the strongest opinion you can join the prayers if you want while shortening while you're shortening, if you want as well, how long it takes the strongest opinion that I believe as long as you're traveling, and in the Bissell Alanya salon for six months. He was shorting the prayer sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the book. So it had been almost two years and other began shortening the prayer and he was basically there is the strongest video that is no really limited as

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long as you're a traveler, you still take the rules of traveling somewhere and limited that and a lot of them to four days if you stay more than four days in one place. After the four days you should not shorting the prayer but I do believe that is permissible for you. Would it be better to join the prayers or to pray each prayer and it's time

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obviously if you can preach prayer on its time old better but from a person who travels a lot I can tell you when you travel you go out chef but Jenny we go shopping we going for this new we go for leisure things is still you still allowed to join the prayer even this leaders thing has value and as is appreciated in Sharia and it meant to make things easy for people doesn't have to be like an extreme or important thing. Also one of the things that for the Sunnah for suffer for para one of the sin of the process element traveling is not to leave prayer with long prayers. I will never forget once I was in the airport and somebody was leading the prayer in Istanbul airport a mashallah

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Hoonah Villa thinking that he is like you know,

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in the masjid yeah heavy Vianney and traveling the sinner for a citation is to be short in the Bissell Allah Allah in your O'Meara, Allah Antara fajr When he was leading and had a lightly electric Rajesh in federal here in Karachi love him and Paula had done how short was

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the Allah Anwar Allah and so the line he will read said base model began Allah. So in short prayers during traveling unless you are in the hotel with your family, and you're fine, that's up to you.

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When you join the two prayers, you only need one Adan and two comments for the prayers, okay. And you can join the prayers in the beginning of the time and the middle of the time out of the end of the time. And it doesn't matter you can pray Lord on acid in the time of law or the time of acid, no difference or you pray Maghrib and Isha in the time of

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motherf er the time of Asia. What the bends depends on what is more convenient to you what's easy for you.

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When you are traveling, you are allowed to try to pray while you're sitting. If you're on the airplanes, if you're on the airplane and you worry about the time will be out by the time you arrive, you pray while you are sitting and check how you didn't need to stand up. And airplanes you don't need to stand up you can pray while you are sitting. But what you need to do if and Hamdulillah you are facing the pillar and here facing the fibula is an interesting things to know while traveling very very helpful tip in me South Salem Calma Bain and mystery will never have Qibla

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if some of you remember where is Medina from Mecca Medina is what north of Makassar or South

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North of MK Sol Medina north so when you basically when you want to face the fibula you're going to be facing south when you face that Sahaba the Allah I know let's say this is the sob Sahaba some of them pray this way sold them this one is all this that way. So in a little bit south east south west South directly in who Salem they came to see also some of them pray this way it was there in the night in my Bain and machine it will never have tibula he said between East and West is Qibla

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Yanni the whole entire direction of South scribble. So for us in North America, it will be what what's between North and South is tribler

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you when you face east, if you fail if you pray north, east, south east will the middle straight to the middle. It doesn't need to be that accuracy when you're traveling in the airplane, it's hard to make that exact figure irrigation to the table and sometimes you are outside you don't have your app and you're going to just use the sun that common sense okay the sun goes down this way. So, to the west, I give it my back and a pray this way as simple as this. So, in this case, it is okay to take take that general also from the prophets of Solomon he said what is between the two the East and the West is similar in our case was between North and South will be tabular as well. So the salah will

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be correct you the things is the first step could be wrong, at least if you cannot have it. The whole prayer like that at least the first step could be wrong. You must face the Tabular.

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But whatever I'm there for I couldn't find you do your best to find out the blend after that and Hamdulillah you are excused.

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Also, a lot of people think that traveling Friday is not allowed. No it is allowed to travel on Friday, Mr. Masha and your excuse the hamdulillah if you take your reservations happened to be Friday, it is allowed and there is no any any harm or wrong or or you feel guilty for that. If you join two prayers, the car of the two prayers became one. So SubhanAllah 33 times 100 times only you say it once and you don't repeat it twice. Also, one of the important or one of the rules that people

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ask about if I'm traveling, and I know I will arrive Houston before Mahara.

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Can I join the Hora NASA?

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Before I travel? I know a lot I have here two hours before mother. Can I still join her on acid while I'm traveling? While I know I will come back to my residence area before the officer and the answer is yes, you can. And when you arrive here, do you have to pray also? No, you don't have to pray. Also because you only pray five times a day. Not more than that. When I pray, do I have to have certain intention for shortening the prayer or joining the prayer. Now intention in the heart. In the heart, there is no verbal wording to say I intend to pray to rock as only. There's nothing nothing like that near me and I'm a little pelvis naturally designed. It's the action of the hearts

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of the action of the tongue. Chef I'm traveling and I prayed. I'm with my family and with my dad with my husband with my wife. And we prayed and the Imam prayed to rock out. And I was not thinking about it. But I'm traveling.

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Do I have to have it in my head or my intention in my heart that I'm going to pray to god no. The strongest opinion no, you don't have to. Because the default rules for you is to pray to raka it's like when you pray to go home right now. You pray Juma is it are you thinking about it's gonna be too rocky? No, you don't. It's closer than default. It's still okay. Same thing with the traveler. The same thing with the traveler.

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Share has gone to Las Vegas

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Can I still do all the things that you know you guys Ross the permissions that was giving to me.

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I'm not going to ask him where you're going therefore, but I'll say make sure that you know what happened in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas. Stay in your record in the Day of Judgment. Okay, so the answer for this there is a debate some folk have said suffer all Massa Yeah, let the Hanafi Rojas some scum said anyone traveled to commit a sin. He's not allowed to sing your song.

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And some forgot said these are unrelated he still can shorten the prayer and this was part of the mercy of Sharia and I lean towards the second opinion that you can use it but don't travel for haram or don't be involved in Haram traveling. May Allah subhanaw taala make you guys happy and make your all your days filled of ease and tranquility and peace of Paloma Zomato Mustapha Allah Allah

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hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam ala Milena Viva and remember him Allah also debated over Can you join acid and Juma together

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that's a big debate between the Baja on this I lean towards no you can join Juma and

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and also together chef but I'm traveling after awesome I'm praying tomorrow and I'm leaving let's say three o'clock. In this case you pray tomorrow with the intention of the whole

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as a travel house you left your home you know going back to your home and you join it as vote so because those are on acid can be together but Juma is not the same as also unsalted an acid it is a lot but I don't feel comfortable to toward that opinion. And if you're traveling and you attend to Juma prayers, you can pray with them as Juma if you want and you can pray with the intention of the whole let's say with the intention of glory pray the whole of them then you pray tomorrow after that. Let's say you're traveling in Orlando or something like that attend to the masjid you pray Juma them with the intention of thoughts you pray two rakaat then after that you join the hustle

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with it and that will make every method agree with your Salah except those who don't believe in joining prayers at all.

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One of the things also that is important for people ask how to start a more artful job in a society, let's say pre law.

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Then you know what? Maybe it's a good idea to free ourselves to but I prayed Lord already like 20 minutes ago. Can I still pray also with it?

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The strongest opinion yes and that's the choice of Scheffer, Sabatini Rahim Allah He said yes, as long as the basically the period is not too long it's not like three hours later is that oh, let me join the prayer. Now like let's say 20 minutes 30 minutes or maybe you know, you drove to your home and you realize then you pray after that, it will be inshallah valid it will be inshallah Tada valid is there is any preference to pray in the beginning of the time of the first slot or the second slot and is a prefer vote versus also or magotteaux versus Asia? No, there is no preference into that in volunteer prayers. You only make tech ability to haram towards the end you can pray sitting and

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facing any direction after that. So with this I hope it will help you

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to navigate your way during that traveling and not to miss the salah this oldest rules and Sherry I came for one purpose for you to have no excuse to say I miss my salah

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so I hope and the Shetty I did its part and now it's yours to make sure that you pray you teach your kids to pray be proud of yourself share can a woman pray in public places they can pray but they're going to make record Institute and he she doesn't need to be in the middle of the road she can be just on the side I mean she's walking

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okay and she she go play with rides and do all those kinds of things like Alice Elia Yes some people that say any the allowed woman allowed herself to do so many things activity and come to the Salah and it just became all of a sudden the higher any prevent, you can just sit on the side and you can pray you can go to an area and any area that it is clean and handling. I mean by clean, you don't see an exacto an adjuster in it.

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Okay, obviously in traveling a lot of people also don't have access to water. So even using tissues and stuff like that it's enough to clean so you are allowed to pray. Don't delay a prayer for these things and ask if you have some questions and stuff that you always can ask him to rely on our community. Here are many Imams who will be helpful happy to help you with this

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I said Allah ano fit on and I want to come over now a tuxedo now and yeah for I know unconsciously Juana Juana comme la Medina Freeman had a to IVF human f8 la Mani cerca del to our Alina Tina for Senate Aqua house again Kuruman Zika Angela Baraka Callaghan and Mr. Lee Allahumma Salli wa Sallim wa sallam Americana Muhammad Ali he will omit his Satya from Kumala.

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I have a request for you. I'm ending a little bit early. Just for you after

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