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Omar Suleiman
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Santa Monica on one side recaptured your brothers and sisters Welcome back to the first shorts were hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. We are looking at the lives of those early Muslims who we only have a few paragraphs about, but whose lives are rich with lessons for us today and inshallah Tana as we get to this last set of companions, what I want to start to do is group them in shot let's add it to the best of my ability to where we can start to see some trends inshallah Tada. So, this next set of companions, precisely the next three men that we're going to be covering, are men who were commanders in the battlefield, but did not narrate many Hadith from the Prophet slicin them in fact,

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none at all, from these three that we're going to be covering, they were not really involved in any social life outside of being recognized as warriors, but their contributions to this religion, our significance, and that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam entrusted them with some of the most important missions in Islam as well as those amongst them who lived in a time of Russia Deen in the time of the righteous, Caleb's. So these three inshallah tada are going to be very similar in regards to their biographies, but at the same time, there are little things to pay attention to. And the first person we're talking about is a man by the name of Aruba, even has one will be Allahu

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taala. And him. And as you might be surprised by the title and how we refer to him that this is a man who is as early as the seventh Muslim, after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the seventh Muslim. Now I'm just, I want you to sit with that for a bit and shall let's on and think about what the implications of that are of the loving Masood, there'll be a lot of time and who of course, is referred to as, as one of the earliest of those Muslims, the third, or the sixth person, after the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And here you have this man who is the seventh Muslim according to a narration from him. And of course, even if he was not exactly the seventh because as

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we know, there were a few people that were becoming Muslim in the very early days, then he is certainly in the first 10 or 15, maximum of those who accepted Islam. earthborn was one of the law tada and who is the son of a man by the name of Allah has one evening Hadith. And this is a small tribe that is related to grace, but not from grace, and they are known as Ben amazzing. And so at that time, you had people that were known as heartleaf. They are people who have pledged their allegiance to a larger tribe and the profit slice I'm said, the belief of a people the one who pledges allegiance to a tribe is one of them, he's to be considered as one of them. And so his

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allegiance was to a larger tribe of Korea by the name of ben nelson and Bono. Fenn was a famous tribe, the chief of that tribe is the famous multi event ad. So he's not from Quraysh, per se, but he becomes a belief and one who pledges allegiance to beto NOFA of orange. And he's someone who is known for his physical strength for his for his beauty for his intelligence. He's described as tall Whelan, jameelah and tall, handsome, strong, a person with with with great command of speech, a person who had large eyes, a person who had much light that came from his face, so it's about all the time and who is described as having an imposing presence in that sense. And when he embraces

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Islam, he's about 10 years younger than the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So that would put him just around the age of 30 years old when he embraces Islam. We don't have much about him in regards to his early days, because as we said, this was a man who's seen it all speaks through the battlefield, and because there were no battles early on, it's battle the Allahu tada and who really doesn't have anything narrated about him early on, except that he made the two heroes to Abyssinia and he was one of the first to make the hids route to the Medina of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So he's one of those people who made three hids was in total twice to Abyssinia and wants to Medina

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as well what we know of his family life, his sisters both embraced Islam along with him. One of his sisters is named Fath heater, faff heater and fast eater well the Allahu taala and have been told how on earth would later on Mary Earth not have an iPhone will be a lot of time I know so fast eater, marries Earth man or the Allahu taala and who later on in life and so if man becomes the brother in law, where it's about his other sister is named best the best route with a scene not Assad, and I'll talk about why that distinction is important inshallah I so besla, his youngest sister also embraced Islam with him. And she would bury none other than a Hodeidah of the data and

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how much later on and so, this man then becomes the brother in law of both Earth man and a barreda. May Allah be pleased with them all. So we don't have anything married about him an adversary

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We don't have anything narrated about him. In regards to the Hittites itself, it's really when he gets to Medina that we get to see roots about all the time and who shine, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam paired him off with none other than the famous Abu Jana, or the Allahu taala. And the great warrior from the unsought. So that kind of gives you an idea of the type of person it's about was because the Prophet sly sums pairings of the Maharaja Nene and the ansata were not random. So he has a very similar type of character, build and presence like Abu Jana or the Allahu taala. I know. And then we see that he is someone that fought that fought bravely embedded, he fought bravely in earth.

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So he's a veteran of better he's a veteran of earth, He fought in hundreds he fought in all of the battles with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, and also lost my son used to appoint him to some of the special rates because of his particular expertise. And we also see that he fought in the Battle of the apostates under a bucket, so they call the Allahu taala. And so all of this that we know of him, we don't have a single incidence between him and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam narrated in that regard, except that he was someone that was known in the battlefield and he would attract a presence to him. When he was in the battlefield, we really see his most famous story in the time of

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Ahmedabad hip hop, or the Allahu taala. And which is not uncommon that, as you know, the battles raged on under almost all the Allahu taala and hot in Islam spread to many parts of the world. That's where some of these companions who did not have much of, you know, much narrated about them before you start to see some of the stories about him. So what is he most noted for Under Armour, mahalo, the alongside almost all the a lot of time and who dispatched him against the Persians in particular. And he had a battalion of anywhere from 300 to 2000 men. So it wasn't a large group of people that would fight with him. But he had an experienced group of people, mainly men from beneath

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Latif, that were very severe that that were that were very noted for their bravery in battle for their courage. And he was someone that was able to make massive gains against the Persian Empire Under Armour resposible the alongside it. And he particular particularly reaches a city by the name at that time of a hula. hula was a main point of the Persians, a strategic city that belonged to the Persians, and he asks almost all the alongside and who for permission to attack to go in. And once this falls, this is going to be a major change in the battle against the Persians all model the law of Thailand who gives him permission, and he is able to conquer and woodleigh with his small

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battalion and all model the law of Thailand who appoints him the governor of that city for six months. Now what is the city known as in history, this is the city of bussola, the city of bussola with a site so not his sister, besla bus bussola and this becomes very significant because at all would be known as the two edocs bus RA and Kufa. Right, these were the two major strongholds the two major cities of La la, and he was able to conquer one of them. And of course, much of our Islamic scholarship would come out of bustelo, much of our civilization would come out of bustelo and some of the historians they mentioned that Buster comes from busser which refers to obviously, vision and

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eyesight because they said that if you were at that place, then you had an overview of all of it or not, you could really see all the very lock from there in the sense of how strategic The location was and how central it was to everything that existed in Iraq at the time. So he is the one who Allah subhana wa tada opened bussola on his hands, and when he conquered buster, ah, honorable kebab will be a lot of time to Anheuser, he said, he ordered him to, to, to take the position of being a governor of the city, and he was the governor for six months. Now when Ruth Bo was there, and the Sahaba and the tambourine that were with him, conquered that strategic place, roots bottle, the

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longtime, who noted that many of the people around him, you know, saw all of this dunya all of these material things suddenly come into their possession. So suddenly there were big homes that were being built. Suddenly, the spoils of war were falling into the hands of these many men and earth battle the a lot of time on who was uncomfortable with all of this material wealth that was suddenly coming into the possession of the Muslims. And so it's about all the alongside, though he was the governor, he actually did not pitch or he actually did not build a home for himself, but rather he pitched a tent. So think about the scenery, right where the governor and the head commander does not

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build a home does not take one of the homes, or one of the palaces that is left behind after that battle, but instead, rich middle, the alonside and who pitches

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Attempt while others are taking homes. And this is where you find the one narration from it's about the Allahu taala. And it's in Sahih Muslim. And Kitab is about what the book of asceticism and heart softeners were how the diviner made he narrates that rich battle the Allahu tida and who stood up and he gave a hope. So you're hearing a narration about her, it's about all the time, from his hope. But as he is speaking to the people, and this is all that we have from him, it's an image as well. He says, luck Adora a Tony, Serbia Serbia attend Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that I found myself as the seventh amongst seven who had been with Allah His Messenger sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam. So that's why we say he's possibly as early as the seventh person to accept Islam because these are his words, I remember being the seventh of seven, with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And he says, Matt aramoana illawarra call hoobler he says that the only thing that we had to eat were the leaves of this, this particular wild tree. And he says until our gums were ruptured, okay, so he says, What Corey had I stuck with, that our gums actually became ruptured because of the nature of what we were eating. And some of the scholars say this is referring to the boycott of the Prophet sallallahu it he was selling them. So he's saying that look, we lived through some very hard

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times, and I was with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And that's why I can't see myself being in this position with you all. And then he goes on to saying this is not in the heat with some of the books of SIOP that I remember when sad didn't pass will be allowed to and who and myself only had one garment to share amongst ourselves. Why is that significant? Because sadly alota and who would be the main commander and the governor of Kufa, while he would be the governor of buster, the two Iraq's, whereby these two men he sinks to Pamela were in charge of the two biggest cities in Iraq right now are these two major outposts at the time that will develop into those cities. And I

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remember when there was a time when we only had one garment to share between ourselves and he said, rubella and akuna alima and enough, see so later on and Allah I seek refuge and a lot from being great in my own eyes and being small in the sight of Allah subhana wa Tada. So I seek refuge in Allah from seeing myself in such a way, where as Allah subhanaw taala would see me very small, so it looks about all the time and who was uncomfortable by the developments because he's used to being a field commander. He's used to living a very harsh life for the sake of Allah, and for the messenger, sallAllahu wasallam. And he really doesn't want to get involved in the distribution of wealth, and

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he wants to instead continue fighting. Now, here's what interestingly happens between him and Norman Rockwell, Bob will be allowed to learn hoods but did not want to be the governor of a city. He didn't want to stop being in the field and Amaro the allotted time, and who had appointed him as such, so he could not relinquish his post without permission from I'm going to help Bob it'll be a lot of time. So that next year he asks for permission to go to all model the allotted time when hatch. So he goes to meet all the allotted time when hedge and then he accompanies almost all the low tide on who to add Medina. And in Medina, he begs honorable how Pablo de la tada and who to

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relieve him from being the governor of that city. Right? And almost all the time who insists upon him and says, Look, you're not going to leave me as the singular person holding a post. None of us meaning the companions of the Prophet slice on like these positions of leadership or prestige. But this is a trust from Allah subhana wa Tada. So no, you're not going to leave me to be the only one that's holding this post. So first of all, the low tide who insists he tries to say that look, you know, but by virtue of me proceeding you are coming before you in regards to having embraced the slab on model the law tada and who says this doesn't take away from your virtue, but it's, you have

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to remain in charge. This is your post. How, how this made ertiga feel Subhana Allah is is really interesting here because we think about how people kill each other over positions of leadership today, how power corrupts people, and how the pursuit of power leads to all sorts of personal persecution and corruption. Or it's about all the longtime who was so saddened that Omar will be allowed to and who would not relieve him from that position. That when he was getting on his camel in Medina, he looks to Allah subhana wa tada and he says, Allahu Allah tala danila all I don't return me to it. Oh Allah don't return me to that post. His whole life. He was Mujahid FISA law, he

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was a field commander. He does not want to be in that position of leadership in that position of comfort. So he says, Oh Allah do not return me to it. And Allah Subhana hoods

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Allah answered his gap that it's about all the allowed to add on who who could take on massive armies was always outnumbered, dies on his way home to lock by falling off of his camel. So how long have all types of deaths that could have happened to him? A man who could control multiple animals in war and dictate, you know large armies, Allah subhanaw taala decreed that on his way home, he would fall off of this camel and he would pass away while the Allahu taala on whom Allah subhanaw taala accepts ritual the Allahu taala and who Subhanallah this man who could have been as early as the seventh man to embrace Islam that we only hear about for with a few paragraphs, but his

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contributions are of course huge when you look at the height of the goodness that came out of bussola and Allah knows best what else he accomplished as a silent soldier for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala Atomy Allah be pleased with him and May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to inherit that same level of dedication Allah I mean, inshallah Tada. Next time we will continue by speaking about another person very similar to Earth's about by the name of Habib de zachman. Oh, hi, Donna. Listen, I'm already come to LA he will cancel


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