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of the praising Allah Subhana Allah and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi, WA earlier seldom, we finished, we began the discussion about surah Quraysh, for the tribe of Quraysh, that is powerful tribe, this powerful entity that we find that was given dominance and power and respect by all of the Arabian Peninsula. Because prior to that the Father, the virtue of us herbal field of social field, as we mentioned, which increased the respect towards this tribe,

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and sort of courage shall not pander to praise these individuals who speaks about the prestige and the honor given to these individuals. The same theme continues inside sort of my own with a difference that Here begins to speak about the bad characteristics or the traits of Quraysh of the things that they're supposed to be doing, but not carrying out. And as a tribal is a powerful entity. It should be individuals who shouldn't be carrying out such practices. And this is the son of the Quran and Allah founder speaks about these great tribes and nations would it be the people of ad and samode. And Allah praises and speaks I had the fear or Allah speaks about their lofty power,

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their dominance, their control, and what they build their palaces, the buildings that they have,

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inside the mountains, making buildings in a palace inside mountains that we find Allah praises, and this is the power that's been given to them. But then their downfall that this power goes into their mind, it goes into their heart, and they begin to then oppress the subjects, the people around them to the ventures around he made that statement under a book mill Allah, they went beyond just being a powerful tyrannical ruler. He now claims to be an ILA, a deity, a god, honorable como, Allah, that you should now begin to worship me that I've gone far beyond just being a supreme Emperor or a ruler, or your own, you should now worship me, take me as a deity. And here the Quran has this

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methodology, speaking about the good things and and showing their destruction, that these great people or these great nations should have great actions, great action that set trends for other people. And this is how great people we use the word linguistically how good people they traverse upon the earth, the good tuross their heritage they leave behind for people to benefit from, but the this tribe, look how Allah kind of defames them that even small kindnesses are right a lady you can do ob Dean for daddy can lady adore only a team, that is great people. They're not even able to do small kindnesses, small things, they're not able to do them and they speak about this great, this

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great any dominance and control that is too great dominance control is taking them away from Allah Subhana Allah because become rejected, of belief in faith in Allah Subhana Allah and some of us unfortunately, that we may not be able to relate to this, but the same psyche exists amongst some of us Muslims, that will become powerful, not just powerful in terms of our wealth, but powerful in a position or authority we become tyrannical, we begin to get become people who think that we have control over other individuals. It's the same psyche that any moment of power or authority given to us you see how to really feel that we become sort of student of the Quran isn't just to marvel at

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the previous people. The sooner the Quran is to see the lessons of how these people had they became tyrannical and what was the end of these individuals in the physiological area tilal motor was c mean a line sort of aged measure 15 chapter four and these are two people a little motor was c mean is the only time inside the Quran. Allah doesn't use yet the karoun taki Luna kilo moon Taki luly derivatives and verbs are the Quran is the only time the motor was seeming and early enough to feed begin to discuss who or people have enough either Nikola Tesla motor was the mean of people who see the signs and deeply comprehend them and don't make the same mistakes were people made before. But

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unfortunately find this is a nation that we make those same mistakes, that we begin to carry out the same practices of those individuals. So the more powerful that we become, the more unfortunately shrewd that we become in the sharing of our wealth, etc. The second part of this surah our second part, this surah begins to speak about hiding our faith. Just like these people, it's a facade is a display that they display faith to people, they show people that we are people who offer a Salah, they look at us we're offering the prayer in public so by default we are we are Muslims. We are untouchable because we made this display of a Salah, but we look deep inside this surah this surah

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is basically tried to break this apart, that people try to hide behind the symbols of Allah Subhana Allah

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So that we're good individuals, but yet they don't carry out the teachings of Allah Subhana Allah, this concept that we find so one of them of a city mentioned, Islam who a man had, Mr. kamin. The problem with us is we pick certain things, certain things that I find easy inside my life, which are bearable, I'll begin to do them. So for example, I'm a rich individual, I can spend money on the poor people, but for me to wake up for slotted fudger for me to pray five times a day, that's going to be something difficult and burdensome so I push that at the back of my agenda, and I'll make myself feel good. At least I give charity at least I don't oppress somebody else. At least I don't

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do haraam Elisa don't drink alcohol Elisa don't do this Elisa don't do that. That's not what Islam is. Yeah, you Latina Manu on Hulu facil me fatawa tiberiu koto wa t shape on try your best. That's what Islam says, try your best everything. As someone who have had these, they mentioned that every time you read the Hadith, if you ask you to do something, and it's just a recommendation, at least try today once inside your life, if a muscle an elbow coupler, known, to perform will do before you go to sleep is just something recommended. person should do it. But a person we just had these they come they come across this Hadith, at least sometimes, in a month, or in a week, or on occasion,

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perform Voodoo, and then go to sleep, why? To give the right to the teachings of the Prophet and it's not to Islam, so you become an individual who shows you respect. And above that is the Quran, the way the Quran is given to him to do certain things. Let's not dissect as many of us become, is it obligatory? Is it something highly recommended? Do I have to do it the approach to kuranda everything inside the Quran? Do as much as you can fit a koala must apart from Allah, Allah as much as you can. Likewise refined will know you read to me the nurse, luxury when Nancy Kelly met as one of the movers she mentioned Allah didn't want words from from us. A lot kind of wants in the mud,

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you know, man, and a man. Allah wants from these words, actions. That's what a loved one so words are very trivial, very easy, but Allah wants that those words will be transformed into some form of action, obedience towards Allah Subhana Allah and that's the surah is the only surah inside the Quran which is called Alma own. There's no other name or the word Alma that exists inside the Quran. This surah a McCann surah seven is that we find some rhythm I go to the View a six six verses and a six names on my own. A writer or writer lady, a Dean algea team and a tech lead. These are some of the random I've collected 6686 times. But Jamal Allah mufa series a seven a yet is a makansutra some

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of them say that the first three verses are Makayla and the following three are Medina and I are on the basis because the N party surah begins to speak about for we live mousseline woe to those who offer the prayer and prayer was only legislated inside Medina. So some of the early mfrc they go to the view that the end part as soon as a Medina in Surah, but the majority of them have a serene said is a makansutra because the whole context, the SIOP and the context of speaking once again to the courage and speaking to us, because when it says and Lizzie, there's another rule inside the Quran we shouldn't approach the Quran and the Quran you have the Buddha Allah He Quran is speaking about

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them. peran is generic karate saying or a to Lady whether it's speaking about Al mohindra, or speak about other individuals or speak as the N 10 surah. Speak in general about the Quraysh about different personalities. But Allah does have mentioned their names. Allah speaks about them and speaks about their traits, because those traits can exist again inside society. So have you seen the one who rejects Dean who rejects Imam showcard? You mentioned Allah the euro dollar rockmelon, the one who rejects not just our Kerala State who rejects the rule, the governance there akam of Allah, Allah turns away from them. So this is this sort of begins by awakening or ATIA? Yeah, you're a fool

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Allah. Have you ever seen or had the Kitab Luna Have you seen? Have you seen those individually a lady you can we will begin beyond when we add an E Sir altium as inika theories are is the theory mentioned? Have you seen the one who rejects the last day? The person who rejects the last day then these are the trades. Remember, the more weaker your faith is in an era it's a golden rule, the more weak your actions will become. data for the Quran begins by mentioning this is a book Laura Murphy who does in Motoki, a Latina, you may know una bella Hebei. What is a lot begin the Quran by saying this is for those individuals who believe in the unseen that's how the Quran begins. Quran then also

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mentioned that those who established a prayer give the soccer and other characteristics but the beginning is belief in the unseen because the more you strengthen your belief inside of our Hara, the more stronger your actions become on this dunya Yes, many of us will fall short but it's the attempt

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It's a conviction inside the inside our hearts that I'm doing this for reward inside an IRA that I know there's definitely going to be a yo mushy serb a day of accountability, your mood Jessa A Day of Recompense that people will be given the Jew, right? There's going to be people on that day who are going to be shocked even who are going to be wretched is people going to be salaried people going to state the Felicity happiness. So the person reads and approach to the Quran to see the symbols inside the Quran, that my journey isn't a waste. But unfortunately people who are falling staying away from the journey of these individuals will come people who lose focus towards Allah

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Subhana Allah so as we find the inside is Surah you today will be Dean as we mentioned, who reject the last day and belief inside Allah Subhana Allah I will back register inside etc remains a weakness in the last day leads to the following actions of this person, as you see what I mentioned so daddy can levy your daughter or your team. So hey, Allah doesn't say that the person turns away from the team. Yet no, be Martin the shaded person repelled pushes them away. Look at Daniel Quran, Quran doesn't say that you just turn away from orphan. It says that a person physically pushes them away, doesn't give them any form of respect. Instead, the sooner you find a person who's your team,

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even to just brush their hair, to smile at them, it alleviates their suffering their hardship. That's what appropriation was, was a team. So he could feel that compassion that we need to read the Sierra to see because many of us we don't have empathy. We don't have feeling inside our life. We just have this black and white contextual understanding of how the Prophet Allah Islam was. He was a person of deep, emotional feeling that he felt for his people. He felt for his tribes people he felt even for his enemies. He felt for the Quran she felt for them, he called out to them when he when he initially met he said to them if if there's to be a warning that came from the Brinks of these

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mountains on warn you there is an army coming when you when you believe in that will you believe him? He said of course we will. He said I'm calling to something even greater than that. I'm calling into law like Allah to fly to come and respond to the call Have a look and become successful. And that's when

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Ebola have made that statement. That your two hands perish Ajay maternally Heather Is this why you get enough to talk to us about Allah? Is this the reason then Allah look that last 10 surah is once again Allah said the surah but yet the Abdullah bin what have mentioned him by name, destruction Are you you did speak you did insult my beloved the Prophet Muhammad insult him in this manner. So for the rest of eternity, people are going to revive and they're going to curse you. So to curse and to revive downtrodden poor individual has a repercussion. Other alita event, one tourists akuna Ellerbee Dr. Messiah tinicum will offer econ Are you not giving your sustenance, your risk, ERISA

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mala but they are a snob you are only given via the door are the supplication of the poor the week that destitute around you. And then you begin to push these individuals away. implica theories are in the Philippines Yo Mama, Daniela nadie Jana da. This is a place where people wouldn't be pushed, the other day of judgment, people will be shoved, they will be pushed into jahannam. This is the caliber that Allah uses. This is the word that they're using in this dunya in the dunya you don't shove and you push people of such nature, you take care of them. So this is a warning that this is a characteristic of such individuals. Then it continues What are your other pyramyd miskeen yo Dougie,

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Manoj Talib. They don't encourage I'll have to intervene. Hmm, subunits are interfering mentioned, they don't encourage, okay, maybe I don't have the wealth. I don't have the ability. But I shouldn't become an obstacle. If somebody wants to feed the poor people or do a good action that we that we shouldn't be that we that we stop people. And as we find this cloud around us, whenever somebody is trying to help a people or a nation that people say, Oh, why are you helping those people? We don't know where the money goes, we don't know what's going to happen. So are you talking to me every single charity, every single organization, every single person is corrupt, is that we try to say by

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default that every single charity is corrupt in how they operate. They are still Salin, there are good people out there, who give their wealth who spend their wealth who give up their time. You know, it's not just non Muslim that we may praise them we look up to them what they do inside are there many Muslims who sacrificed their wealth and their time and they give it in good causes? Just because we're not aware of it. It nikka theories or is the theory mentioned this verse is similar and how Allah kind of describes the last day in the end of sootel, surgical herbal lead to Cremona, your team, what to her, what are the hair Luna and upon miskeen what Karuna terrassa UCLA Lama, what

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a boon and manda Hoban jamaa si because he described this verse is similar to this verse, you don't encourage your feeding the poor and then the surah begins

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To conclude, by stating what what are bookable men who suffer and suffer the last day, as it is a relationship between our actions in his dunya and the last day the repercussions you don't behave with a teaching of a loss panda inside the dunya then wait for Altima, wait for the last day, What year are bukovel melaku suffer and suffer with GE or you may even be jahannam and that day when when jahannam will be dragged and brought forth in front of all of us. Therefore the person will say begin to think that if all he had done something inside my life, if I already put them to the hierarchy, if only I presented something for my life, that's real life this dunya even a life Dharma

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higher one and Astra is the ever living eternal bliss and life so the first one a dying are they facing a Yama definitely going to say that if only I presented some people my real life and that's in this life. You present something for the real life inside an IRA mm show can inside is the CD mentioned this verse is as Allah mentioned in no gala Umu Bilal, Avi, this person doesn't believe in Allah.

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The great Allah Subhan doesn't believe in the magnificent Allah subhanaw taala why this individual? Well I heard do Allah pyramyd miskeen and this person does encourage a feeding of the poor individuals. And this continuous relationship inside the Quran are people who don't feed the poor, who don't offer the Salah who don't focus on their on their Salah masala comfy Sokka columna akumina mousseline well I'm not gonna muskie miskeen Hakuna who demon hora de Hakuna Luca debu bo Medina. Look I will not describe these people. It will be sent to the mast cell aka comfy soccer was soccer men as 907 men have janome inside the Quran. Why are you here inside soccer in jahannam. Today, look

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at the response column na comida mousseline we never used to bother to pray inside our lives. Then secondly, we never used to feed the poor people. And we used to waste squander our time, waste our lives, many of the Shabaab meaning that you have to the elderly people just wasting their life, no aspirations, no goals, no achievement, wasting your life, and then we're putting down Luca DB naka de obioma Dean had aterna yaqeen we used to reject the last day until eliakim came to certainty. It doesn't mean certainty inside the Quran. eliakim be marner and moat. Now you're going to wake up. Now when you're getting six, four under the ground, then you begin to remember that If only I'd done

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this, that's why many of us are going to say May Allah forbid Rob big rune the only man who salah and FEMA turret, many was going to say so to me noon, our Lord let us come back to this dunya let me come back and do some righteous actions tender, look at the statement of Allah subhanaw

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taala in telemedicine who are called elucha. I'll tell you, Matt, that as we began with these are words, these are vain words. Allah said these are just kalama they have no weight today, you had the opportunity to transform your words into actions. Now you're trying to challenge our last round and say now give me respect. Give me the ability. Allah knows. Now your Kumar, you say, Stop. But Mr. COVID, Allah knows what's happening right now will happen in the future, this individual is not going to change. That's where some individuals, they end as we destined that they're going to remain for even destiny, those disbelieving individuals, they no matter what happens, they're not going to

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change. So they may pretend that I would have changed, or the excuses or the Quran, Allah gave me an opportunity Allah Allah gave gives all of us an opportunity. Allah give all of us in Kufa gives an opportunity. So that excuse won't fall through in their judgment that you say that God never gave me time. God never gave me opportunity. God never showed me his signs. You know, I was in a bad state or my life was like this. God gives everybody the signs and everybody opportunity to return back to him. subhanaw taala. And if you find him I'm sure he decided to proceed. He mentioned look at the believers. The believers are the opposite. That when they're given the opportunity, will you remove

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the tama Hopi miskeen and when your team and we'll see ra in a minute mo can leverage Hila lannoo, resuming come Jessa and washoku era. So the believer when a given opportunity, just feed Landry to mean come Jessa and hola Shakira. So some of the random I mentioned, Lana Lederman. Come on. What are Shakira? They don't even wait for a pastor to say to them, thank you. Oh, Jesus, hello, hi, Ron. They just walk away because their objective is met whereby some of you may sit and we wait there that that praise obviously as human being sometimes we need that praise. But it should be a deep hidden agenda inside our lives. That when you do something, just just walk away. You don't even this

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world is full of likes and dislikes, and praise and defamation that we find a person should learn that to just walk away from certain things. Think about enema, a non GMO company once healer, we're feeding you for the sake of the sublime face of a lot of income. Jessa Cora and and a half

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murrumbeena Yamuna Bhushan completely raw why we fear that they will bypass will be abou said a person will be frowning will be in a in a in a in a disheveled bad state in upset state on that day that's what we're worried about that this sadaqa this saga becomes what saved yourself some jahannam will be shipped kitamura even half a date, it becomes a shield from the protection from the punishment of the Hellfire, just half of the soul was half a date was half a date. But have the inside your mind that intention. That's why in such secondary narration that we find that even half a coin or just a coin of charity, Allah, Allah with your Buddha will will will will grow it will

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cultivate it that becomes a mountain with what with the right intention and a person who could give millions with a wrong intention. And on the Day of Judgment, it just becomes a few freckles of money that's all it becomes a few dimes that's all the reward is because it's the inner concept of belief and conviction towards Allah Subhana Allah that's our bucket is it Titus he mentioned his heavy manlam you can be a morning muslimeen whoever it isn't any pay attention to the rights and responsibilities of the affairs of Muslim fillet subminimum Look how strong these words are. He's not from amongst them. You can't speak about this Muslim Ummah and you pray on your own you fast in

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your own, you take care of your family on your own. These are all right for good things that we need to do by the same folk by default. As a Muslim oma, there is rights and regulations that belong to other people from your well from your time that you need to give. That's what he shared with me.

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He mentioned that these actions who person does it, okay, take care of Misaki Well, I thought well, for her cos income, this person got a hard heart. This person got a rough heart, that they don't have no affection towards orphans towards poor people, they have no feeling or their heart must be seen that they are away from any form of compassion as we find Monday.

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Whoever doesn't show mercy will not be shown mercy by whom, but Allah Subhana Allah, it hammelmann for the yarmulke, manaphy sama show mercy compassion on the earth. And Allah subhanho above the seven heavens will show mercy to you. This is why we do these actions to gain the mercy from Allah Subhana Allah and as we find that this corruption of the heart as one of the movers he mentioned, well no you need to Mina Nisa to collude he was salute Allah once purity of our hearts, and purity of actions. He wants us to purify both of these together, notice how these external actions but our hearts are corrupt, or our hearts. We think that they're purified, but our external actions they

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become corrupt. And as we find him on Saturday and Sunday stuff seed he mentioned these individually examine lemon Terra Kakuka, la cuca a body this surah is a blame upon those individuals who violate the rules of Allah, Allah and violate the rules of his creation isn't the only students or the Quran combines it together in his field. This person breaks the rules of Allah to Allah by not offering the surah you're going to touch upon next, and we're not taking care of the subjects that Allah Allah as placed upon this earth. So from both angles, this individual is a losing individual. And then Allah mentioned for Wei Lin mousseline because a salah and focus towards Allah, Allah, that

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pure heart leads you to show goodness towards other individuals Allah mentioned for Waylon well as urla begin to discuss him I'm sure he said his defeat as well but Yon when he speaks about the verse that Surah Maryam Sahaja invited him helfen other salat wa T for so for your conus Somalis on

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page 20 pages, he begins to speak about a meal of a salah and the dangers look at the Quran speaks. They begin to follow their lust and their desires that when you follow your lust and your desires, it begins to weaken your Salah television May Allah forbid, abandon your Salah. So person should be vigilant about the temptations around them to not let it drip drag them away from the belief in Allah salah and again to be inside a year. A long discussion about what is right. And my word infy. Johanna, likewise Waylon, or Adam, I mentioned Waylon is not just waiting Whoa, upon these people are not mentioned this is a valley inside jahannam Oh, this is the pass that that left out with the

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burnings and the sweat and the pass and the intestines of the people of jahannam is what these people will be exposed with by the Aqua of mfrc that we find for way lil mousseline Walters people who offered the prayer, how stranger Why is Allah saying woe to those people who offer the prayer? That's what he said. He said he begins to highlight of understanding Islam understanding of

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kuranda many of us average individuals is that I have to say these words quite quite openly. There's a sickness inside our society, we approach to Quran and we think that we're gonna, we approach people, we think we can make judgment upon people. We just read the text, and we say so and so is like this, because the text says so and so we're trying to apply sixth century rulings and verdict, seventh century, eighth century, ninth century, 10th century and then apply in the society around us. This shows, Kyla to me we're fit for Dean because the meaning of a person is a Bernie person is a *y is far beyond a person who's an alum because the * he is a bit different. The professor's

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have prayed for Abdullah bin above Aloma *in for de la Mota, we'll give him not just the feel that we can put Jamal Quran give him sick for Dean, he's able to understand application of Sharia, because it's a sickness that young people go around labeling other individuals read the works of him, I'm sure 80 of taking chronic is out of context. That's what the hawala reads done. That's what they did. They applied rules and regulation, just like many of the youth do today. They said we don't follow these beliefs, you're following the same manage the same methodology, those individual of plotting it out and saying, this verse applies to so and so is not allowed. Let's not just let us

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not fool ourselves and pretend that we have the credentials. Let us wake up and accept ourselves. We're not qualified doctors, or physicians, or specialists or people that years of study and become known inside our field. Somebody has been studying stuff for two years, three years, and we have the audacity to make blunt statements about people around us. This shows the sickness is at our society and maybe us as practitioner teachers are not teaching the right things. We're just teaching people how to accuse other people how to make deductions about other people. deduction of other people is lympho. kaha is for Allah is for product is for judges is for people in a position who are able to

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have experience and understanding able to apply these rules and regulations, not for any individual come along. So read that long discussion. For a little Mussolini instead of works. I'm chunky tie goes this tangent about important understanding the rules and regulations and laws planted under another facility mentioned coloboma terrain should be Sara. If you go back to the main loop of the model, these people, their hearts don't live for Salah it's just a man in Florida is just a descriptive nature is a descriptive display of a seller. As for the inner elements, there's no rule there's no spiritual feeling inside their heart about a bond or relationship with Allah Subhana

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Allah yakou Muna su Sue Ratan what a man and they carry out physically to show people but as with the real meaning, that's what many of us Muslims today we split up or at least I pray drummer, at least I read Scylla unless she's working with salah and that's established seller and the seller or Kenya what the wha BTOB show rutuja koppla Salah wolfy Salah What about the Salah. That's what it means establish a before when you're coming to Salah you prepare yourself physically mentally you enter the message in a state of serenity tranquility, peace, pray as much as you can before the Eman enters then pray afterwards according whatever the robotic arm that's how it should be asserted that

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after Salah insalata turn her and in fashi while monka Salah takes you away from evil things, bad practices, but what happens many of our society we can see oh I prayed to God so many the message not to criticize the in motherhood, Baba go and CSR massage. People start smoking, swearing, whatever, maybe straight after Juma. So what's the impact of Juma understanding or after every single daily Salah? What's your understanding of your relationship towards Allah Subhana Allah so that's Allah mentioned that these individuals are living I'm sala de ser Hoon him I'm so glad you mentioned laya Hoon that these people they become heatless in a state of hafla people who don't care

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about this center you know even many most of us you find there may be so spiritually focused inside etc but when there's a meeting or when there's a commitment or when it's something to do for you know she had recently but then we pray off pray offers Nigella Baden McCullough with Aisha will combine hemoglobin Isha, I'm on the train, I'm on the bus, I have a meeting, I have this. I don't even want to say people come in as a question. I'm playing football. So can I combine my prayers? Yeah. What is this? What type of man understand this life is difficult to stop and to pray and this and that. This shows that we speak about greater concern to the Muslim Ummah, we can't take care of

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these. I don't even want to use it's not simple things. Because a Salah whitener Allah Kabira to Indiana hace Salah is Kabira is going to be difficult in the Allen Kashi except for those individuals who have that focus inside their heart. So that's what Allah mentioned. A Latino whom I'm Salah to Allah didn't say whom fee Salah to him.

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Look at kind and merciful Allah is if Allah said fee Salah team that means all of us now are damned, because it means now who becomes heedless that if your mind wanders at any moment inside Salah, then you fall into this idea, but Allah didn't say that because Allah knows there could be element of overflow of heat. This is inside the seller, there could be a sell fish Allah. So Allah didn't say that he said Ancelotti him, those who regarding their prayers, they are lazy it because he mentioned the Hadith you asked Luna Salah they delay the prayer based upon the Hadith in the inside Bukhari Muslim not mistaken they delayed it until last moment. So the end of slaughter acid then they come

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and they pick like a chicken or a hen goes down on the ground that is bumped their head up and down and they complete the Salah. Right when the sun is setting, if this happens once in a person's lifetime, okay, that could be excusable. That's why the The Mikado Salah dubray, the day the if it happens that you have to pray yourself at the end moment your January be trapped, or whatever happened or you're traveling or something's happened that prevented you, then you can pray at the end time. No, it becomes habitual. There is still casilla to mana fake. That is a prayer of the hypocrite that every slide the end of the time, just makes a few pegs and said I read the Asana.

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That is the prayer of the monastic according this Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam ala Dino whom Allah, Allah, and walk Tia, they delay the prayers from the review time and some of the other mfrc as I mentioned, mm, chunky decided to see he mentioned if allies warning us about those who are heedless, regarding Salah. And same for Waylon, what do we take ways to make just a severe warning or punishment in Japan and whatever we take it to be, if Allah is warning us just about that. Think about Allah, that dealing with those people who abandon their prayer. That's something to reflect upon inside our life, that if Allah is warning us that people are lazy, complacent about their

00:32:01--> 00:32:39

prayers, imagine the punishment of the person who doesn't pray. And we're not going to make a judgement. But the biggest symbol that you can find a massive amount of Sahaba that companions on unanimous agreement, the person who's clearly left Islam, in comparison, some other things that we may discuss inside our society, and is what we should be worried about person who's left a Salah, *a Guevara, that person disbelieved that was a disbelief, personal battle I mean, I mean how many people from our family members they don't pray they don't see the field and put in the prayer is a they could be dispelling not we're making this ruling. By ponder over this there could be

00:32:39--> 00:33:14

disbelievers. That's what they mean speaks about this deeply, that they have no rights for these individuals. They eventually some of them seem to be preyed upon to such extremities that we find, but because of compassion in the society that we live in, we do this to encourage them to remind people but they're living in a wholesome Islamic Society. These people that love them, they have no excuse at all, to be up staying away from the prayer from Allah Subhana Allah and as we mentioned, an app called Shake Shack with a minimum Satoshi dimension or a pulse shape. The least that we could do basically is if so who is people who stay away from Gema who stay away from the congregation

00:33:14--> 00:33:58

prayer? Why why why does the massage have been established? And why do you stop the people say oh, as long as you're paying Gemma Gemma is third fourth in the line. The Prime role for Muslim men is to exert the effort to pray a Salah Bill gemera Phil masajid we do have the sheikh said learn how to resell our book is based upon Salah to Gemma readable for the la roadbook a treaty speak about Sheila to Gemma our football elucha and it's very readable to a Josias who come tariku Salah, ruling about the person who are Salah, kita, Abu Salah, Erica and the person who leaves the Salah. Really, really soon have a better word about the taboo Sarah, whereby the professor he said that I want to

00:33:58--> 00:34:38

appoint another man. Imagine a profession He is the man who would want to come and lead in his place. He said I want someone else to stand in my place. And I go to the homes of those men who don't join the JAMA and I burned down their homes. Nola rbj lu one Nisa, if it wasn't for the children and women, I would have commanded that the someone who had this isn't something trivial or something like that, we should think oh, if I have the time, if it's the weekend, if it fits into my schedule, this is something we should be worried about trying our best. And then if we can't, because of work commitments, or travel, then the second level tried to paint Juma with a

00:34:38--> 00:34:59

congregation of people. And then the next level at least pray your Salah comfortably wherever you can. That's what we should have the vision not that it should be totally everything should be abandoned inside our lives. That's a mum Sadie mentioned on behalf of our Salah. We're close to God, our prayers and I've lost inside our prayers that this is a source of success for us then

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

Last time that I mentioned that these individuals who established the prayer what is the condition of such individuals and Latina Homura own that these people are offering the Salah they are only doing it to show people if a man because Allah He mentioned about these individuals tolerable Mandela fie columbanus in so some sometimes we don't understand the works of some of the classical aroma of the kalimat the words they're using is as if they we are living with these words today terrible Manzella Kubina they want some form of respect prestige and honor to be placed in the hearts of people to say hey look at me I'm reading a Salah you know this is something we should all

00:35:38--> 00:36:14

be doing this or look at we don't want to go into a political climate how people will make videos and images or look at so and so reading is Salah. I don't seem to understand what is all this pomp and charade about so and so has come to such as mercy to read Salah by Muslim by default we should all be offering our Salah we don't need to make a video about it. We don't mean to make a display about it. So this discussion is in a new discussion. It's something centuries ago that we've had this in our in our in our myths of people that these people they claim to be extra intelligent they know the new source, they know the text or every so often they have to show the public that look I

00:36:14--> 00:36:48

do so and so does offer the Salah Who are you to criticize people look at him he's offering Salah, look at them, look at good people they are but for what purpose and Latina you're our own for that purpose. Allah Homura own for the purpose of showing people that are offering a Salah that's right Ma'am, we're heading inside is inside as Barbara Missoula begins to discuss I mentioned they don't care about prayers. They join in with prayers with the believers. So when they might be passing by and that reminder comes to join join in a could be something good, but when they're on their own dinner offer their prayer, so some of them are fussy because he'd actually mentioned that intercede.

00:36:48--> 00:37:28

alladhina you soluna Phil Allah Ania they pray in public, what are your soluna fear? They don't pray in secrecy. Why do they prefer so I'm saying that when you finish your congregational prayers, tried to pray your children praise your nonprofit at home when secrecy for what purpose? I'm not saying we shouldn't pray inside a mystery, but to remind family members and to build a bond a relationship with Allah Subhana Allah and Allah mentioned como como que cela euro una nurse Allah yet Quran Allah illa karela Allah, Allah Anissa speak about Manasa hain. Look, Allah describes them. You know, sometimes I want an opponent I think, you know, it may sound very strange words and somebody may try

00:37:28--> 00:38:07

to misconstrue these words. But sometimes monasticon are better than us. Because they understood the text and they understood that I need to do these things. If not, I'm going to be classified as a criminal. I need to join the prayer in the masjid. I need to pray behind the prophet Elijah to some, if not, I'm going to be openly not I'm a monastic. So that's how they approach these things. We don't look at us we have no element of concept within ourselves. So Allah describes these individually they have come in a snotty camo husana when they stand for prayer is a state of laziness you know and that's visible once again that's even closer to the heart many the folk are

00:38:07--> 00:38:50

measured excessive moving inside Sarah could talk to Sarah some folk have gone through a break your Salah, the person fidgeting with their watch fidgeting with a hot rod fidgeting with their clothes, fiddling with their button fiddling with a pocket moving around, even as a minor view but it's there to remind us that excessive movement inside a Salah qumola carnitine. Stand in front of Allah observant. If we give this worldly example if today, if one of us to stand for example, in front of the Queen are in front of a king, how would we stand there in our best clothing, and our best attire in our best etiquette in our best behavior? Everything would be pristine. Because why? You know

00:38:50--> 00:39:36

we're standing in front of a royalty in front of a person we present so appropriately in front of these people. That's the psyche of us it would be but yet look at when in a method will Allah look at our approach towards coming towards a Sunnah people come in rotten clothing, rotten dress, smelling all types of no care about a Salah. I believe I came to the Mashallah come to a Salah Indra come to Silla in a state of obedience spa. You come to your buddy Adam, who do the Neto come in the coolie Masjid every time you come to the masjid, who Xena to come take your beautiful garments. Take your beautiful garment that you're going to that's why the Aloma mentioned that when you come to a

00:39:36--> 00:40:00

salon so even though the narration may be weak, but look at the meaning. Pray your Salah as if it's your final Salah. That that is your final Salah of you standing in front of Allah Subhana Allah so how does a person want to be perfume dressed appropriately in front of Allah Subhana Allah and after you find that we went to people a great discussion begins to take place about people who offer a Salah in a form of reading

00:40:00--> 00:40:41

are showing off and then finally concludes by men who are younger than my own. These are sifat as one of my many of the hypocrites and not just the hypocrites genuine individuals as we began when we speak about lofty things we the discussion about what is William neuronal Maroon they say and Maroon is added to other words will bait These are small utensils of the home a spoon a fork a bowl a port that's a little bit fuzzy they discuss it that's what they are William neuronal Maroon then somebody might say is even even lighter than a few pinches of salt some water they're not able to share it we should we should look at is deeply and an anonymous said William narrowly Maroney as a support as

00:40:41--> 00:41:20

some random have gone to the view that they prevent well they prevent Zika that these are these evil individuals that we've given them such so much, but they're not able to share this with other subjects around them. So we find these individual replica feed mentions master know a bird or a beam will act in a healthy disperse these people have perfected that a better to Allah a no have they perfected the relationship towards the people house in a good year with our hero, Allah Delica with coastal Moby in their loves this dunya and they lost the architect as well in a heartbeat that we find kulu maroof sadaqa every good thing is a sadhaka any good thing that you do is a sadhak of the

00:41:20--> 00:41:57

individual. And in the end of this the series shared olufemi Rahmatullah begins, which is very spiritual, we really see ridges Amma that we find, you always conclude with such elements, why the Ganga, many of us going to the technical studies of these IR and what they mean and the derivatives and the linguistics. He said just learn from these tours in the last juice. Learn the application of these teachings and avoid those teachings which are detrimental or which are blameworthy based upon the Hadith of the Prophet of Islam as narrated by Aisha are the local Anna Cana hulagu his characteristics was the Quran don't look at people around you. Don't look at people around because

00:41:57--> 00:42:35

many, many of us that we fought look at the the trend inside the Quran as we mentioned, look at the teachings inside the Quran. That's what we need to uphold. That we need to follow. People will come and go people will make mistakes don't use people excuse not to do good deeds. Use the Quran as your benchmark as the excuse the Quran tells me to do this to avoid this to do this that's what I need to have the benchmark inside my life so all those actions which are evil or bad actually the Quran tells us to stay away from we should avoid them all the actual Quran tells us to do we should encourage ourselves to carry these out inside our life for a greater reward instead of others only

00:42:35--> 00:42:40

tofik inability to become amongst those individual Allah de esta Muriel polar for

00:42:41--> 00:43:06

those who comprehend not just hear the word understand these words break down these words and they live to it according to the best of their ability. If I look back mobile login our mean sir, meaning that the person the message is conveyed to understand it far better the one who even heard it on a first gathering that is spread far and wide that a person becomes more focus. That's what we want inside our life and from this most simple man who can focus on his teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah.