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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the origins of Muhammad's statement about the "we are not a mirror" and the "we are not a mirror" message. A narration describes a man who died from a beast and is found in a bag. The story is not fully understood by the audience and the speaker discusses the challenges of faith and acceptance of the prophets. The importance of adapting one's lifestyle and following the messenger's instructions is emphasized.
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The brothers and sisters Allah subhanaw taala says what up adequately but Rasul Roman Catholic Vasavada Micucci boo wudu had utter whom Nasir una wala MOBA de reliquary, Mattila, he Wanaka didja Academy never even more serene. Allah subhana wa says to the messenger, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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and certainly prophets and messengers came before you. And those prophets and messengers were called liars, they were denied. But they were patient over the name calling, they were patients over the denial, and they were harmed, persecuted, hurt, until our help came to them. And no one can alter the Promise of Allah. And there has certainly come to you some of the tidings of the prophets and messengers, the fourth, when we talk about the messenger, sallAllahu wasallam. And I'm going to get to

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the actual meat of the holtsville, if you will, or the the most fascinating elements of this whole time I'm going to get to shortly but when we talk about the prophets of Allah, and we talk about the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, we look at the prophets and messengers that came before the Prophet sallallahu it was said them and they were amongst the best of mankind, and they were a source of inspiration and patients to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam throughout his entire prophethood and so you find Hadith after Hadith narration after narration Rahim Allah He Musa, may Allah have mercy on my brother, Moses, peace and blessings be upon him, but will there be

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caminhada or Saba, he was harmed with something greater than this and he was patients, the prophets I saw them when he would talk about his brother use of it his set up so many different Hadith where he talks about prophets and messengers that came before, and how their example inspired the prophets lie Selim through some of his difficult moments, and there's this narration from Urbanus, rootgrow, the Allahu Tada, anvil, where he speaks about the Prophet sallallahu wasallam reflecting on a prophet of old, so he says, Can neon blue Isla Rasulullah sallallahu selama Yaquina be I mean, Anbiya Baba, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, em suffer dama and when he were cool, rob this really

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homey phenomena on the moon, when Massoud was speaking to a later generation? And he said, It says if I'm looking at the prophet of God, speaking about a prophet that came before him, and he said that there was a prophets that came before as he was wiping the blood from his face that was caused by what by his people trying to kill him. As he was wiping the blood from his face. He said, Oh Allah, Oh, my Lord, forgive my people. They don't know any better. Now I've been hijaab Rahim, Allah and other scholars, they commented on this. So it's a very interesting Hadith because when the prophets I seldom used to speak about the prophets of old he would praise them so he named them may

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Allah have mercy on my father, Abraham Ibrahim already set up my brother Musa already set up. But here he said, A prophet that came before and some of the scholars said he was talking about knew how to his set up, Noah, peace and blessings be upon him because we know in the Quran that know how to Islam endured hundreds of years of increasing persecution and mockery. Some of the scholars said he's talking about a Saudi is Saddam Jesus, peace and blessings be upon him. Because there are other narrations to the effect, praising the forbearance of a Saudi Salam, some of the scholars say he's actually talking about himself, which is why he said a prophet of the prophets. Why? Because it was

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indeed in the Battle of offense, that Salomon saregama, the Allahu Tada and who says, lemme show Howard who, when the prophets lie, some space was split. His teeth were literally knocked out. His helmet drilled into his face, his uncle and some of his closest companions, massacred and mutilated the prophets, I saw them with his back into a ditch, and many of the companions fearing that he is going to die at that moment, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and said, Allah homophilic Only phenomena animal what he brought himself to say was what? Oh Allah, forgive my people, they just don't know any better. Oh, ALLAH forgive my people. They don't know any better. He wasn't talking

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about his heart, his companions. He was talking about the people on the other side, that were literally trying to kill him and that succeeded at killing many of his companions, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Lama Absa Naka, Illa Ramadan, they are the mean and we have not sent you except as a mercy to the worlds. And that's why the Scholars say when you look at the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in battle. The prophets lie Selim was at every part of the battlefield. He was in the front, he was on the right he was on the left he was in the middle. The narration of ideal the Allahu Taala Adam and also from Allah.

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The law I know that one, it became extremely hot and difficult in the battlefield people could hide behind the Prophet slice on because of his courage, as he was in the midst of that he was in every portion of the battle. And you see, narration after narration about his courage like in the Battle of her name was just a few people left he was always there didn't flee the battlefield. So Allah Hardy was set up with all of that. He only slayed one person with his hand.

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One person in the course of battle was killed by him SallAllahu it he was.

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He would knock down people swords, he would he would fight but he wouldn't kill with his hand in the battlefield. Prophets I saw them said, the worst of people on the Day of Judgment, a person cuts at an OB who was killed, killed a prophet or was killed by his prophet, prophets are sent to guide people to one God. They're all sent with that same message. And in that is a mercy and the Prophet slice alum is distinguished by His mercy. How horrible of a human being do you have to be to kill a prophet of God or to be killed by a prophet who was sent as a mercy to you and to guide you and sold the one man and his name was obey blue collar. Obey would fantasize about murdering the Prophet

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slice hello in Mecca before the heads up before the migration. You know what he told the prophets lie Selim II tell him I have a special horse and a special sword for the day that I kill you.

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I swear by Allah, I'm going to kill you. Save the horse for you. Save the sword for you. I mean, this is one of the persecution is ongoing and mech in the early days, that one day the time is going to come where you're going to be killed, and it's going to be my hand, my horse, my sword. And there he was on the day of a hood, coming out the profit slice and I'm charging towards him when he was wounded.

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And the Prophet sly son picked up a spear and he threw it towards him. And it hit the side of his neck and he died.

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And that's when the Prophet slicin made that remark. What a horrible What a horrible fate. What a horrible fate to be killed by the mercy to the worlds. So all of this is an introduction to a very interesting narration I came across it's an authentic narration. And I want to put you in the mindset of this narration

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I don't even know how to be taught it but all the Allahu Taala and who says llama llama to Isla Silla Havasu de la he sallallahu alayhi wa salam Wadjet to fika in a safe Rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Roketsan fie her he said when I held the weapons or the the shield the armor, the sword of the prophets lie sunnah. And he his idea of not to be thought about the outside and who who else right would pick them up and hold them.

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He said I noticed that inscription on the sword of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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It's an authentic hadith. Now before I even say what the inscription on the sword of the Prophet slice of him is, what do you think an inscription on the sword would look like? What do people listen to when they're in the gym or something to get them into the mood of exercising? What are you going to have on your weapons for battle and war? Something to do with war, right? Maybe an idea

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about guitar, you know about fighting and you know something about courage, something about bravery, like what do you think is going to be inscribed on the sword of a man in battle? And this hadith blows my mind. I deal with the Allahu Tada and when he says that I looked at the sword of the prophets lie somewhat was inscribed on his sword or for Amala MK Wilson mankapur. UK accent Ilan. Asahi Lake, what could inhaca Whatever, Alana fsic

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This is what's inscribed on the sort of the profit slice Hello. Forgive those who have wronged you.

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Or for Amnon Balak. Forgive those who have wronged you. This is what the profit slice is looking like when you're looking at when he holds a sword forgive those who have wronged you. Reconcile with those who have cut you off? Show excellence to those who have shown you evil and speak the truth even if it is against yourself.

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Would anybody anybody? Yes, that that would be what was inscribed on the sword of a man and battle.

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Forgive those who have wronged you.

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Reconcile with those who have cut you off, show excellence to those who have shown you evil and speak the truth even if it's against yourself. This is what was inscribed on the sword of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that in and of itself, Pamela, could give us enough to ponder upon for a very long time. We're talking about the blessing of this light that was brought to a world of darkness

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to be the last brick of a home built of the bricks of Prophets, all calling towards the worship of one God. And submission to that one God, the Creator of the heavens in the earth, a mercy to the worlds and here he is. And this is what's written on

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his sword. We're talking about the most challenging aspects of faith. Now, when you talk about the most challenging aspects of the Sunnah because the prophets lie Selim brought us a message and that message has consequences and it has something for us to follow. It's consequential The truth is consequential. It means that you have to adapt your lifestyle you have to abide by certain commandments. And yes, there's the fifth, the jurisprudence there's the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala at the core of the message of monotheism have to hate there is the Sunnah of the Prophet sly salaam, the traditions of the messenger it is Salatu was Salam, those that are observable and those

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that are not all of these things.

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But where your faith really comes into play, where whether or not you are really absorbing the message of this man it his Salatu was Salam comes into play, is how you're going to act with these things. That's what's inscribed on his sword. Imagine what was embedded in his heart SallAllahu wasallam and what should be embedded in ours? Some of the scholars when they talk about this hadith, they talk about the generality of it, or some of the you know, the message there very obvious messages that could come out of that the prophets lie some saying, and Mujahid mangia had enough to Hoefler authentic definitivamente that a Mujahid the one who truly strives is the one who strives

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against himself for Allah subhanho wa Taala and there's of course a weak Hadith that is attributed to the prophets lie Selim. But it is authentically attributed to Ibrahim be Allah kama Rahim Allah Tada from and half of them and Roger that on the way back from a military expedition. He says Clagett terminal Jihad Al Askari fermata atom filled Jihad and Akbar, you've come back from the lesser struggle, what have you done with the greater struggle? And they said what is that? He said, It's the jihad on our nerves.

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To strive against yourself, that you battle your ego, because ego is what got at least out of paradise. It's what got the devil to fall out of paradise. Ego is what prohibits people from accepting the truth. Ego is what causes people to ruin their relationship with God and with people ego is always a barrier. It's the hijab, the veil between a person and Allah subhanaw taala as Imam Shafi Rahim Allah Tala said,

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that's what the prophets lie some is looking at.

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And that's why panela You see,

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when we talk about how we relate to the prophets, I sell them in pain and in patients.

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You know, there are disasters and tragedies that struck the profit slice on them that none of us will ever have to endure. And none of us could imagine.

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Burying six of your seven children.

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Right? Family members being mutilated, and you having to clean up those bodies, persecution, betrayal, all of those things, right. These are things that are so distant,

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such hard difficulties that he faced Allah Hardy, who was summoned indeed, the Prophets and Messengers were tested. And they were tested with the most severe of tests. But this test of character, ultimately, in the number if you tell me my academy o'clock, the prophets lie, some said I was sent to perfect your character. This test of character is a severe test. And you want to know who's closest to the profit slice of them on the Day of Judgment. You want to know who the Prophet slice alum will be next to those that are closest to him in character, those that have the best of luck, the best characteristics, the best traits? When you look at how the prophets lie, some applied

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these words in his life. I don't know how he sat in front of Hinze.

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After she cuts the chest of Hamza, or the Allahu Tada, and when chewed his liver and spit it out, how does he How does he not hold a grudge against them? How does he not exact vengeance against these people in Mecca? When he comes back? How does he show them so much grace? Not only does he forgive them, he leaves them in their positions of leadership as a means of uniting the community. How does he do that? Allah hasten um, how does he not lose sleep over the things that they have said and done? How does he manage to keep that it his Salatu was set up.

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And that's where the scholars mentioned. That is because he had a greater goal. His goal was not vengeance. His goal was not *. His goal was not power. His goal was not winning in the sense of a victory in battle. His goal was not some sort of tribal revenge my tribe against yours his goal was not a banner being raised. His goal was the pleasure of Allah. Hence there is this connection between wanting the pleasure of Allah

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and being able to lower the lowest part of the self to where it belongs.

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There is a connection between wanting the pleasure of Allah so bad

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that your character is refined accordingly. When you talk about Kristen and her look, good character. You cannot disconnect

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That idea of wanting the pleasure of Allah so much for so much more. We talked about the prophets lie, some sacrificing sleep, why he loved this Lord, standing up at night in prayer, he loved the law. It was his pleasure to stand up at night in prayer. So it had that immediate implication with his worship, but that immediate implication with character, he loved Allah. He wanted the pleasure of his Lord. And so everything that was lowly was not befitting to a person who's in pursuit of Allah's pleasure, and that has an implication with your character. And the prophets lie some was sent not just to teach us to worship one God, but to pursue the pleasure of that Lord to where it

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transforms our relationship with Him in our relationship with everything, and anything around us. And so dear brothers and sisters, when we talk about the prophets, I send them saying these things and I want you to remember them. inscribed on the sword of the prophets I seldom or for Amnon, bollock, or for unknown bottleneck, forgive those who have wronged you while sitting on top Ark. Reconcile with those who have cut you off as an Elan as he like, show excellence to those who have shown evil to you. What could it have? Whatever Alanna fsic Speak the truth even if it's going to mean that you're speaking against your self.

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The prophets lie some freed his heart from all of those things that would get in the way of filling it with the love of Allah subhana wa Tada. And that's why the saying from a chef a Rahim Allah Tada. He said lemma fo to Lm Aqua the other I had an hour to an FCM. In other words,

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when I learned to forgive an afro, what do you ask Allah for an alpha linolenic alpha one to help with alpha for me that forgiveness in part, when I was able to let go of the grudges in my heart once I learned to forgive, once I learned to let go of grudges. I relieved my soul of the burden of enmity.

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My soul felt relief. I felt relief from the burden of enmity. Because holding a grudge can end up hurting you as much as the person who inspired it, if not more. And subhanAllah a lot of times people say what, wait a minute, does that mean letting go? Does that mean the injustice is accepted. And I want you to remember this, that letting go of it doesn't mean accepting the injustice that was done to you, but refusing to let it inhibit your growth and happiness. That's what Letting go means the prophets lie. Some did not accept this as a reality for the world around him it his thought was set up. But the prophets lie some also did not allow it to penetrate his heart to where he could not

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grow and grow, be guided and guide, be rectified and rectify.

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You've got to have that pursuit of Allah subhanaw taala. And so when we talk about following the messenger slice them, this is how we follow the messenger. So why Selim in creed and in character, may Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst those that love Him, that love the prophets and messengers that love the one who sent them, and whose hearts are filled with that love and whose characters are refined in accordance with the pursuit of that love Allah Ameen. Akula kolyada was stuff about electronics and Muslim infra stuff we don't know who to hire for.

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Him the reliable enemy Mossad was salam ala Rasulillah Karim Allah and he will suffer from a lot of freedom. You know minutes will Massimino when we see much here even when I'm watching the Casimir on Caribbean Mooji without Allah fitted on our Hamner. Why for an hour or two I did not. Robin Allah and Fuson our interim Takodana will top Hamner Linux Nana Minahasa serene Allah in a careful one Karima for Allah McFeely YT Deena Abraham Omar Kamara, bonus era, Robin hablando as well as you know the reality not Kurata Aryan Jana limit Sakina Imam Allah azza wa jal one and men Covina equally MCAD Allah Allah good lighting in a bit of light I mean what religion our one and that being said I

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mean about the law and Allah here I'm gonna do a lesson or a title corbion here and in fascia you will carry well well you're either coming Allah come to the Quran first Quran Allah Quran which guru right in there now is it like kumara Decra Allahu Akbar wala who Yana matassa own walking with Salah

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