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Jumah Khutbah/Lecture at the Valley Ranch Islamic Center – You are on your own: Take charge of your life.

July 07, 2017.

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Learn you don't want to study you want to stop when

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fusina was a marina Maria de La La La La La La La

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La La La La La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika washer ana Muhammadan Abu or a pseudo Latina Amira taco la Hakata Casa de La Tomatina. 11 Tomas, Muslim moon. Yeah you anessa Takara Bakula de la comida wahala caminhada Baba salmon humare Jalan kathira Vanessa taco la la. Or ham in the LA can la Cooperativa De La La Nina I'm gonna taco la kulu Colin de de de use La La Kuma mala Kumar Welcome to Nova comm one minute Allah sudo Allah, Allah, Allah, unnatural Quran Quran Allah tala tala el Hadji Hadji Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for sure Allah Marina de tu Hakuna Matata Bakula de la la la la la la la la la vida de la MADI brothers and sisters. Now this is the second Juma after the

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month of Ramadan. And people they see the energy is now is a little bit depleting. That momentum they have developed and they got from the month of Ramadan is fading out. And then wondering what happened. If you remember the last hurrah we talked about your self development, that you need to move forward and upgrade not go backward. But how can I do this? What is the secret? How would I know that I'm moving forward? And what is that main issue that if I can really comprehend and understand that will help me move forward regardless of the circumstances? It actually it's in the Quran. It is an ayah in the Quran that we sometimes read it will not probably we get emotional as we

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read it but we don't pay attention much to it. The eye on Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about me and you and our responsibility on the Day of Judgment he says to Hannah hautala well could look to malatya metaphor,

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but could look at D o malkia. metaphor de which means each and every one of you will return back to Allah azza wa jal alone.

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You can gonna be standing before Allah subhanho wa Taala individually.

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No team members will be with you.

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No one who you always blame for your faults will be standing next to you. And no one you thought that they're supposed to pull you up with them as they go forward in their lives will be standing next to you. You are going to be standing alone with Allah subhanho wa Taala. To answer for everything that you've done in this life, if you can comprehend this muscle, if you just understand this point, you realize, okay, so I'm on my own right now.

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I'm on my own, therefore, I need to take charge of my own life. I need to make sure that I do it right. A Sahaba rhodiola donham they understood this principle very, very, very well. Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam explained that to them in many, many different ways. In an urban urban head battle him Allah Allah from Hadith Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he said Let us look at the map, the moment that the Buddha mapped that every human being not at this moment, every human being, they're not gonna move their feet before Allah subhana wa that as the sun before the standard for Allah azza wa jal on the Day of Judgment, until the answer for things. And these things are the most

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important things for us in our lives. He said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Omar he FEMA of your life. How did you spend your life? Allah has blessed you with 70 years, 25 years, whatever the time that you spend on this life? What did you do with it? How do you spend your time? And so what are the FEMA, the health that you give that was given to you, your body, the ability, your ability to wake up every single day and a lot of blood? I mean, to go on work and earn and do all these things? Allah bless you this this body, what did you do with it? And how did you use it? Was it used for the right thing or not? One elementary Mother, I'm a lover the knowledge that you have the knowledge

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that you lost of how blessed you You know what, not just the knowledge, the access to knowledge that Allah has made easy for you. And you didn't you never took advantage of it. And you're going to be questioned about that. And says one Mali, FEMA Kesava, Hoover, FEMA and

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inaccessible, FEMA, I'm talking about the wealth, where they got that from and how they're going to be spending that. So the Hadith is about what about your individual responsibility that you'll be standing before Allah subhanho wa Taala? To answer for these questions. Just get this point, right. On the day of judgment, you can I be on your own. So you better be prepared. Don't throw blame anybody. Make sure that you give the right answers when you're asked about these questions. You see the whole principle of being individual responsible for their whatever that is, whether it's a matter of dunya or asherah was understood by the Sahaba the law of the land Omar bomb. Look at this

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story. Abdullah bin Alf, radi Allahu Allahu Akbar.

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He was in Mecca, a very well known and very, very successful

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businessman, he was rich was wealthy. But then when he was when he had to leave Mecca when he was forced out during the hijra time rhodiola nwaba. He didn't leave with much. He almost actually he left everything behind. And he came out from Mecca would does just that though that's the shirt he had on his bank. That was it.

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And he moved to America all the way to Medina. They're seeing the crisis of the what we call them today, refugees, a Sahaba. And Mecca and Medina, they call them and they call them Mahajan, immigrants. So the case of the refugees the Prophet sallallahu alayhi, wa sallam, he wanted to course, you know, create a system in order for these margerine these immigrants to be taken into the society and assimilate in the community without having to worry about you know, that impact of losing everything that left behind. So he established a system of Aha, that bond the pledge of brotherhood that he did Salalah Salaam with them, in which he requested some of the locals, the

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wealthy locals are those who can afford to embrace someone as their own at becoming one of their blood relatives, almost you could say. So like, they're basically not just naturalizing them into the society. It's even like adapting them as part of their members, the members of their own tribe and their own family. Those Sahaba they were teaming up with each other one Ansari and one mohajir one answer one Mohammed Abdullah Marvin Alf happened to be with one of those wealthy unsought of the law of the land. So he came to me because this my Felicity, my brother, so Allah Subhana, Allah blessed me with so much, Allah blessed me with so much, I had so much water handle, I have so much

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money, I have so much land, I have, you know, handle a successful life and even Actually, he offered him even his family members. If you want to marry I will help you with that. Like basically, he said, you can establish yourself in an instant Andromeda now for the law of the land. Of course, he could took advantage of them. He could have taken advantage of this and says, Sure, let's do that. But he says and I'm sorry, he told him I can split that 5050 between me and you. Wow, at that level of generosity.

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Abdur Rahim Allah now for the law one call Baraka law. Hola, kaffee aliko Malik, may Allah bless you bless your wealth and your family. dulany Allah

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says, could you please just let me know? Where's your marketplace?

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At Where's your business place? I want to go there.

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What does that exactly mean? Man, he had everything he could imagine to re establish himself as a successful businessman.

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And he could have done it easily. He was successful. They said about him. He was so successful, he was so lucrative in his in his bargains, or the last one that occurred you hail from Las Sahara, either heaven that he can sell you the dirt in the entire desert as gold. Like it's so clever, and his business on the lawn, but he instead of taking advantage of this product, instead of you know, dependent on others for his individual success, he wanted to do it on his own. So he says Aquila hair, keep your wife with you keep your family with you to show me what the market is. And after a man goes to the marketplace, a week later, the Prophet salaallah Salah meets up the man in the

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street and he was dressed nicely and he smells nicely which means he had Mashallah he had excess wealth and money to buy new new soap and he didn't have enough money to buy water and perfume Mashallah, I mean, someone who just barely came from Mecca in a week, I mean, they need the basic needs of their lives and now this man is Mashallah he has a nice dress on him already and and he smells very nice. The professor Sam does have the ramen button but like Mashallah, Mashallah, what is this? Where is this coming from? Carla salata is overseas, I got married.

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In one week, he will establish himself established family on his own in one week. So the Prophet says, I'm out of curiosity. He goes, Mother, I'm harder to her. What did you give her as a bridal gift? I mean, what did you give us for Maha? Allah was known what is the weight of a dead stone in gold.

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Like this is excess wealth right now that he can afford giveaway as a gift.

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All of this was in one week, sort of Sorolla mid draft for him to be successful and put Baraka in his life.

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This man, Abdullah man, and as you can see, in matters of dunya, he took charge of his own life.

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He didn't sit there in Medina, crying at the glorious time of his business in mica, and how he was successful, how he could, you know, turn the dirt and the dust and the sand of the desert into gold. He didn't sit down crying at that.

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And when he was given an opportunity, he wasn't greedy either. Because he knew I could have been successful with that, but that kind of success wouldn't matter much

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To him,

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it wouldn't mean much to him because it wasn't my effort. I took someone else's effort. It's just like when you're born with a silver spoon in your mouth. So he didn't want to have that. He says, No, no, I want to make it on my own.

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So he had the skill. And he had everything and had the last panel on his side and has the most important thing, the real meaning of topical and dependent on Allah subhanho wa Taala Abdul Rahman Abhinav. And his that simple statement in Islam in the history of Islam has become one of the Proverbs for the real meaning of depending on your self and individual responsibility.

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He took charge of his own life, he felt responsible for his own actions in the dunya. And so in Dunia rhodiola when he became very successful. Obviously, in our time, when people become rich, they're afraid to lose their faith with it. That's the expectation you become rich, you go away from the message, you start, you know, getting busy with making money and all this stuff and so on. So you get so scared. So some people they sabotage, sabotage their business and others palette. They just let go and they just forget about their dream. But Andromeda now has success in dunia didn't change his success in the ACA as well. The Prophet sallahu wa salam, he counts him as one of the 10

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people who will intergender the 10 people guarantee Jenna, Marvin.

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Marvin have been also busy as a successful businessman. He was a community leader. He always had time to volunteer and think about the community and help with that, to the extent that when when Amara hottub radi Allahu taala, Anwar da, he was stabbed. On his deathbed. Amara de la Juan, he assigned the committee of six people so they could select the success of the next Khalifa after him. And Abdul Rahman was one of those people. Not just one of the six people No, no, no he had he played a major role in choosing the halifa that came after Omar Abdullah Juan Mata de la noir de Abdul Rahman was one of the three people that six people became three Abdul Rahman, Al Arab and a half and

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I live in Toronto. He said to us, man and Ali, Listen, I'll get myself out of it. But

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you basically gave me the permission to choose. And eventually, they did. Abdullah Nando de la Ronaldo, he was successful in matters of dunya and matters of Ashura. And again, one major principle here is that he depended on himself for this kind of success.

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Ramadan is over.

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We always dependent on the masjid, to create an environment for us. We all are dependent on Salatu tarawih Anisha. To bring that spirit up and high for us. We always dependent on the masjid and the Imams to create a beautiful, amazing night activities on the weekend and also the last 10 nights of Ramadan. And when people come to them as they just like Subhana Allah, this is amazing. This is great, this is beautiful. And then suddenly, once Ramadan is over, and these community services provided for us, you know, for ourselves in the community, they're gone, or at least they're now they're over because of Madonna's over the responsibility of enjoying the same feeling and moment

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falls on me and you

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falls on us right now.

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Meaning waking up for tahajjud whose responsibility is that?

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Is that your wife, your husband, we cannot force a house you can pass the next day whose job is this right now? Making sure that you still come for a shot even though the time is the same thing 1015 never changed someone whose responsibility to come from Santa Lucia. All of these now comes back again to us individually.

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Many many people when it comes to after the month of Ramadan, we cry the beautiful memories of Ramadan as if it's holla Gianni until next Ramadan inshallah Tada. Why, if you know that you need to move forward, then the main principle that will help you Sharla moving forward is to understand and realize it's your individual responsibility to keep moving forward. A lot of people unfortunately they they throw all the blame on others, whether there's a parent or a spouse or a friend or the work whatever that is, stop blaming others and make sure that you take charge of your life and you move forward. You see blaming others is actually is the way and the path or the will of the people

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Allah subhana wa tada multiple dimensions are often pseudotsuga and others about the conversation that happens in Japan and between the people of Johanna one of these conversations as the last panel that I mentioned the sort of server will call alladhina cafaro la mina be heard or unavailability baignade de la semana speak about the coup for Indonesia we will never believe in this forum will never believe in what revealed before the Quran. While atara Allah says And if we look at the valley moon, what altara de la Mora Mapo funa and Dora these transgressions who transgress against their own

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That's what it means. They will be standing before Allah azza wa jal er g Roboto Hoon Isla Botterill Cole, they're arguing among themselves. They're yelling at each other. They're fighting over over this issue of corollary nesto. The little lady in a stack baru, Lola antoon, lacuna. momineen, a Latino study for those who felt that they were weak subordinates in this dunya. Those who felt that they were they were controlled, they were oppressed, they will now blame the oppressor. They blame their leaders. They blame that the celebrity they blame the culture, whoever that is that they followed in this dunya Allah Allah antoon lacuna. momineen If it wasn't for you, we have been

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believers, like you stand in our way.

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But then those alladhina stackable Allah Subhana Allah that they answer back coralina stackable religion a stollery for those who are oppressors or leader leaders and so on. There is in fitna, there isn't how long, they will tell a dinner story for those who thought about themselves. They were oppressed. And no sadhana kumana houda it by the jackal. Like really, you blame us for stopping you from going to the path of guidance of Allah Muhammad has played to you. Welcome to Module remine. No, it's your fault. You're the criminals. It's your own work. It's your own failure. That's what they're saying. This kind of you know, blame game that happens. It happens in Ghana. And

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obviously, as you see, they're throwing the blame on other people when it's too late. And we all know that it's going to be too late to blame other people on the Day of Judgment, it is clear in the Quran. It's clear in the Quran. So if we already know that it's going to be too late to blame anybody else on that day, you make sure then don't make that game today in this dunya.

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Whatever happened in your life,

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you might say, well, Subhanallah, I failed in my marriage, I failed in my business, I failed in school, I failed here. I feel you know what? Fine. If you look at the history of mankind, even nations failed at some point, but they recalibrate, they recover. And they move on.

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These what you call a failures, they become learning experiences, we learn from them. And then we move on. And we make commitment that we will never come from we put ourselves in a compromising position like this anymore after this. And we put everything in our effort in our mind in our hearts to move forward and moving nowhere but forward. Knowing that Allah subhanho wa Taala said, couldn't have simply Makassar Batra Hina at every single soul, be my cassava will only be held to words that Saul had earned means you're not going to be responsible for someone else's earning, you will be responsible for your own earning yourself. And Subhana Allah depending on your self, this self

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dependence By the way, it's even fitrah it's natural to us as human beings, being self employed, love to have your own scheduled and your free time and do things your own way and so on. That's natural. If you have children, you know what I'm talking about, you know, your little kids, they don't even they don't even know how to put two words together. But they still insist in their own way.

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They want to eat, if you even try to teach them how to eat very well force their way to eat.

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When you try to help them with something, they insist on doing it on their own, in many, many ways. Why? Because it's fitrah. This is natural, we love to do things on our way, our way and on our own. But then we teach our children in certain ways to be dependent on us. Now, that depends on the parents lifestyle, and also parenting style. It depends how much how much emphasis they put on their children's dependence on them, or on themselves to be just independent, self independent, depends. Some families, they put so much emphasis on, you know, their children's dependence on the parents. And as a result, of course, when they grow up older, some holiday they expect that other people will

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help them out. But in reality, on the day of judgment, you will be standing with the loss of Hanover alone. So working out for federal, for example, when you become a teenager right now, and you reach that age, it's your responsibility.

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Your parents failure to wake you up when you're at that age doesn't mean that actually they're failing waking you up. No, they're letting you deal with it on your own. You're responsible for it now.

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Your full dependence on them to wake you up or remind you to do your Salah or do to do this, but this is a battle that

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there's not a responsibility anymore. It's your responsibility right now. Obviously there is a partial of this because you are living with them at home. But still it becomes your personal responsibility. And for the brothers and sister the grown ups right now, those who have children the same thing too. We always blame circumstances. We bring with them

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Down the market, we blame politics we blame the culture we blame this and that. But remember, on the day of judgment, nothing is going to help you other than your own records. And only your record will help you before Allah subhanho wa Taala. So make sure that you prepare yourself for this amount of shift of mentality that Allah he says and he incorporates basically an Arabic proverb mohaka just the comment luciferic First of all, antigenemia amrik like nothing will scratch your back better than your own, your own your fingers or your own hand. Nothing we'll get to that spot you need better than your own hand.

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And that's exactly the same thing in your life. No one would understand the value of your Salah better than you. No one would realize the importance of you doing your religious duties and even dunya duties more than yourself. So make sure to take charge of your life the May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it successful for us in the dunya and akhira Balaam in a cooler color that was taught for la de Mola come

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through in order for Rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam o Baraka Nabina Muhammad, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam, Sleeman kathira my bad evangelia mother brothers and sisters, as we tell people, we encourage people to be self self, you know, independent and doing things you know, and take charge of their own lives and so on. That by by no mean we're telling them to completely cut themselves off from helping each other. No, it's part of our religious friends responsibility to assist and help one another Allah subhanho wa Taala say that unsalted awesome Illallah Dena Amano, I'm gonna study harder, but also will have to water also the sub, that we have faith, we work upon

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this faith, we help each other and we assist each other to be patient as well. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says what are our Anwar al taqwa assist and help each other do to do that which is good, there is no doubt about it, you need to assist one another, but not being dependent on one another.

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When it comes to assistance, that means you take charge of your life and if there is anything falling short here and there, you have someone to remind you, someone to help you someone to pick up you know, the pieces after they fell and so on from you. This is how what needs to be actually assisting one another. This is where we come together as a community and help and assist one another. But individually, you're responsible to do your part, as part of this community. As a community, obviously we're responsible to provide the environment to provide the access to provide the

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you know, the resources for each and every one of us have hamdulillah to enjoy the Riba and also been successful Indonesia and Africa. But you individually that is your individual responsibility to become part of the system. If you know that you have a religious duty towards your community, towards the masjid towards your brothers and sisters, then it's your individual community to come forward and help with that. May Allah Subhana Allah make us among those who listen to the speech and follow the best available and I mean, Allah Melinda manzana, one fan of Mr. lantana in the cantle animal Hakeem Allahumma tuna fusina taqwa was a key anti-romantic until you hum Oh la, la la la la

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la la la la casa Luna nebby Yeah, you're Latina. amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam Otis Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad Ali was a big marine world Allahumma Rashid in Abu Bakr and Omar was nanavati once the Sahaba Jasmine woman Terbium de la oma Dean, welcome Salah.