Children’s Series – Why do I Need to be Clean?

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My beloved children, let's talk about cleanliness today. I'm taught to be clean, I need to brush my teeth. And you might be wondering, why did I start with brushing my teeth, because Subhanallah early morning before the fast commences in Ramadan, I brush my teeth and I make sure that I've used my toothpaste the way I always do. And I've brushed my teeth goggled my mouth and made sure I'm clean and neat, and so on. But brushing your teeth is not the only part of being clean, I need to have good clothes, I need to make sure that I clean myself. I look presentable, don't be lazy, wear something neat. It does not have to be expensive clothing, but

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it just has to be neat. Your face needs to look neat. Your body needs to be clean, you need to make will do sometimes you know what to do? Well, if you don't know what to do, it's when you wash yourself before you pray. Maybe your parents might teach you about it. Or if you have a teacher at the madrasa or if you have a teacher teaching you some Islamic Studies, they may teach you what exactly we'll do is so you can ask your parents or those who are living with Okay, they will tell you, washing yourself before you pray is called Voodoo. The VAT itself shows us I must wash my face, I must wash my hands. I must wash my feet, I must pass my you know wet hands over my head. I must

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wash up to my elbows and so on. And I must be clean smart at all times. I shouldn't be a smelly person. So Han Allah. Because what happens then is people don't want to play with me. They don't want to talk to me. They don't want to stand near me because I'm smelling I haven't bought I haven't showered. Don't be lazy to bath or to shower. Don't be lazy, you must go out to shower because Allah is pleased with a person who is clean. Allah is clean, and he loves cleanliness. So don't be lazy. You must clean yourself and Allah will love you. Because Allah loves clean people. When I say clean, I'm talking about, you've washed yourself, you've actually got clean clothes. So if you go out to

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play and you miss your clothes, it's fine, you're allowed to have fun. When you come back home, make sure your feet are clean. Make sure you change your clothes, make sure you're you're smart once again. So play time best you can mess, that's fine. But you when you come back, you must make sure you're cleaning. inshallah, don't be lazy because sometimes some children don't like to buy, they just don't like water. For what reason, I don't know. But water is power here on Mota here only the water will clean, you know it's clean itself and it will clean you. If you were to use it, it cleans, it will clean the other things. So if I want to clean something, I need to put water on it

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so that the water cleans it, I can use my soap, I can use shampoo, I can use some gel whenever I need to. And I will wash with water. But I shouldn't waste water. While I'm cleaning. I don't just leave the tap on and all the water is just used. You know what? You're a child, you use so much water. If there are billions of people on earth using the same amount of water. That's a whole sea full of water every day. But Allah has blessed us that water is underground in most cases. So we shouldn't waste it. Because if we wasted imagine how many buckets of water we're just wasting. And if we wasted it, what's going to happen to everyone else Subhanallah we might run out of water one

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day, and that's true. So therefore, use the water but don't waste it. When you're showering. Don't just stand under the shower for hours on end. You stand under the shower, but you make sure you've showered yourself, you cleanse yourself. You soaked yourself you turned on the water again, you washed up all the soap. And you might have a few more minutes there and then you switch it off. And you can come out of that shower clean and think about other people they also need to shower and the water is shared by everyone. Even if your dad is paid for the water or your mom or anyone you're living with. Even if you've paid for the water one day. It doesn't mean you're allowed to waste to

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clean yourself. But don't be wasteful. Allah bless you guys. Allah loves those who are clean. I pray that Allah loves myself, yourselves and all of us and gather us in paradise. I mean,

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thank you so much for listening. Please tell me if you're listening on my official YouTube channel of Dominica official, you can leave a comment at the bottom telling me about how you shower about how lazy you feel when you want to when your mom tells you to have a bath and how you've been saving water and any other details you want to leave for me insha Allah in the comments. May Allah bless you all as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.