Meeting Muhammad PBUH #10 – When He Joked With You

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The way that you joke actually says a lot about you and joking is something that we should really take serious in terms of the ethics that surround it. Right? Sometimes, jokes can actually really humiliate someone, sometimes they can honor someone. Sometimes jokes can take away from your own dignity, right because they display something about you. That's actually not that pleasant. And sometimes jokes can be used to bring joy. So it's really about how you're using the joke, who you're joking with and what the intention of the joke actually is.

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Now, the first time the prophet SAW Allah hardy someone would joke with you it would probably take you back Why because he's also less of Allah hottie with something right? So you hold him in such high esteem as you should sallallahu wasallam you've seen him in such a noble way as you should sell Allah Hardy was solemn. And the first time he jokes with you, you're going to be taken aback and the prophets a little liason and had that experience with some of the companions. So he would tell a joke, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and some of the Sahaba said Yasuda, like you're joking with us like, are you really joking with us? And the profit slice of them said I joke well, aku illa setka I

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joke but I only speak the truth even when I joke. So the first thing about the joking of the Prophet slice alum is that the prophets I send them a slide that I mean, the honest and trustworthy one, the truthful one, would not tell a joke with a lion, meaning he wouldn't deceive you with a joke. And so the profit slice of them set that standard and by the way, he also guaranteed it his salatu salam, a home fee Russell tiljander, a home in the middle of paradise. Lima Antara Cal Khatib were in kanimozhi. Han for someone that leaves offline, even if they are telling a joke. Now, when you actually start to get to the specific jokes of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, I don't want you to

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feel bad if you don't find them funny. Why? Because jokes usually don't translate well across culture and language, right? So your parents jokes are probably not funny to you. And your jokes are certainly not funny to your parents, right? It's kind of all over the place. So when you start talking about jokes across culture and language, and you're talking about 1400 years ago, obviously there's a context to it, there's something that people would have found funny, that you would not find funny, but at the same time, it's just the idea of how the Prophet slicin I'm used to joke that was so beautiful. And it starts off with his family I used to hold the alongside on her, she tells

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us that if it wasn't a serious matter, the profit slice and I've always found a way to tell a joke about it. kanima xanthi Beatty. So first and foremost, he was a jokester in his own home. So Lola Hardy, who was selling he was pleasant in his own home. He used to joke with his family all the time. So the law how it was set up, so he brought joy with him to the house, and that's something that is consistent with his overall demeanor at home sallallahu wasallam. And the jokes that he would tell they were intelligence, they were truthful, and he had a goal with his jokes. One the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would use jokes as a means of bonding with you or relating to

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you. So he bonds with his family sallallahu it was something he bonds with the youth in the community, he bonds with the children and his Salatu was Salam or he relates to people that he otherwise could not relate to. So it removes a sense of formality that perhaps allows for a more authentic relationship when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam jokes with you The second thing the prophets lie some does with his jokes as he diffuses tense situations and that's something that's part of his genius it his slotless set up so when faulty model the allow it it'll be alongside it. And he got into an argument, because that's what married couples do. They have

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arguments. The Prophet slice alum comes to her house Fatima's house and says where is it, she said that he's upset, he's in the masjid, the Prophet slicin goes to the masjid. And he finds it all the Allahu taala. And sleeping in the dirt and the prophets lysozyme starts to dust the dirt off of him and says, Call me about to rob stand up, oh, father of dirt. So he's doing that. So in the law, it was something to defuse the situation, right. And that's something that jokes can do. The Prophet slicin would also use jokes to convey a concept, right? That might have made you nervous before, but he would do that Salalah how it was set up so that you could understand something more beautiful, so

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to unlock a greater beauty. So for example, the profit slice and I'm telling the old woman do any old women enter into paradise and she was grieved. And then the profit slice them said, No, the profit slice on them says no woman will enter Paradise elderly, right, because everyone enters paradise youthful. So the prophets lysozyme was making her feel better. The Prophet slicin was doing away with her anxiety, and the Prophet sly son was really conveying a greater beauty. The fourth thing is, he would show you that he was paying attention to you, right? And it means something when the prophets lie some jokes with you, right? And so most of his jokes, were actually with the

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downtrodden. Most of his jokes were actually with those that were overlooked. And most of those jokes were with people that others would not even have conversations with.

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Right. So you find with Zaha will the Allahu tada Ando. For example, Zara will the longtime who who is a young man who did not have the best appearance, who did not have a tribe who did not have anyone to really uplift him in that society. The Prophet slicin would always joke was I had all the allowance out I know so he makes sure to point out that I had in the gathering and intellia joke Woods I had all the A lot of times, he'd inflate the importance of Zahle the alongside it. And one time the Prophet sallallahu wasallam even goes to the marketplace. And in this beautiful story, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he grabs Zaha will be a lot of time. And he starts to screen menu study

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how that menu study how that men yesterday had that who's going to buy this one from me who's going to buy this slave who's going to buy the slave as I had with the law, I did not know that it was the profit slice on behind him. So he said that what I knew was the profit slice on them. I didn't fight back so I could get the buttock of his of his closeness to Allah Allah. Hi, Sam. So I just submitted myself to the Prophet slice on carrying me and holding me and laughing with me. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as he was doing that Ziad was so down on himself. Does that huddle the Allahu Tada. I know he said, Yato Sula, who would want to buy me anyway even if I was a slave for

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sell who would want to buy me Who would want me anyway? And the profit slice on turns I had all the a lot of data and who around and he looks at him and he says what I can that can delay while you are priceless in the sight of Allah subhana wa Tada, who do you think you are? Right? You're an amazing person. You are priceless in the sight of Allah. So his jokes were with the downtrodden sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. His jokes showed you that he was paying attention sallallahu wasallam. And he was establishing relationship with you at such an intimate level, even if others were not even having conversations with you. So it's really important for us to appreciate for a moment. You know, when

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you look at the rules, like the prophets, I seldom does not allow people to joke in a way that mocks others. The prophets lie some does not allow you to joke in a way that frightens others so he wouldn't let you take someone's belongings and scare them. He wouldn't let you jump out at someone Salalah How are you assuming he prohibited all of those things? The prophets lie some would actually tell jokes that would honor people instead of humiliate them. And in that process, he was building greater bonds instead of offending people and making a more cohesive community where you felt connected first and foremost to him. sallallahu wasallam. So

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