Are Grand Visions A Testament Of Emaan

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The speaker describes a trench on a mountain that was put in place by senior officials during the collapse of a trench in Yemen. The trench was designed to prevent a large rock from breaking through the trench, and the region was hit by a sudden burst of faith from Christianbelievers. The speaker also describes the struggles of the region's believers during the collapse of the trench.

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It was this kind of famine and this kind of, you know, the hunger and the cold and the fear that was coming upon them that as they were digging this trench, the province had a lot of senior when they would, when they find themselves facing a big rock, they had to break through it because they had to make the trench complete, because your trench is only as strong as your weakest link. So or the or the shortest direction, right? So they call the prophets of Allah, they send him he smashes this rock, and a spark comes by how hard the province is the rock, and then the prophets of Allah. As Adam says, Allahu Akbar, I've been given the keys of Persia, he hits the rock again, he says, Allahu

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Akbar, I've been given the keys of a sham. Allahu Akbar, he answered a third time Allah, but I've been given the keys of Yemen. You know what's really beautiful about this? Those places at that time were the superpowers. The superpowers of that time and they were not Muslim, some more fire worshippers some more Byzantium, they were Christian, and the Prophet sallallaahu Salam is telling the believers in one of the hardest, most difficult lowest times that they were in with the most fear that this is our vision. This is our vision. This is the promise of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And so much so that the believers, you know, the, you know, Sadhak Allahu Allah, that Allah and His

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Messenger have told the truth, and the Mona Filipina Hippocrates said, now why then Allah what a pseudo Allah hoorah that Allah and His Messenger promises nothing except delusions.