Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P15 146C Tafsir Bani Israil 71-77

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of today's call for individual based on history and how it will affect individual behavior. They explore the idea of "branded blindness" and the negative impact it can have on personal emotions and behavior. They also discuss the importance of compromise in relationships and emphasize the need to change one's religion to please people and avoid double punishment. The segment ends with a recitation of verses and a discussion ofNetta's approach to men and women.
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yo another rue the day that we will call cooler owner sin every people, every nation is going to be called, how be emailed me him with their Imam.

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When will this be on the Day of Judgment

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in this world in this life, we live some remember Allah some forget him. Some days we remember him some days we forget him, but there is a day coming in the ACO. The last day alone will when we are going to be shown what we have done and people are going to be called by their Imam. What is Imam Imam is a leader, someone whom you follow. So people are going to be called by their leaders on the Day of Judgment how, like for example, all followers off so and so, or followers off so and so. No followers of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam or followers of their own. Because in the end a person will be with those whom he loves, those whom he identifies with those whose way he is upon,

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he will be with them in the Agora on the Day of Judgment. So each person is going to be called by who by His Imam. Not that the Imam is going to call but that it's going to be said or followers of such and such leader. Come go to your destination? Do we really need to see who is it that we're following?

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Then Eman it also means a book. Like in the Quran. Surah Yaseen, we learn that we're Kula che in our Selena houfy imam in mobian. In a tear record, Imam is book record, because a book is also to be followed. So which book is this, it could be the book that was sent to a people. So for example, or people who were given the Quran, or people who were given to Torah or people who were given the injeel.

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And it can also refer to the book of deeds of a person

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that each person is going to be called by his book, you know, for example, when tests are being returned, what happens? The teacher has all the tests with her and she says,

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you know your name, and when she says your name, what does it mean you have to come and take your TaskPaper So likewise, people are going to be called on the Day of Judgment, how by their book by their records of deeds, Yo Ma, another rucola own SMB email me him from an OT Akita but will be Amin, then whoever is given his book in his right hand, his record, he is given in his right hand for Hola, aka Corona, kita Bahama and those are going to read their book,

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they will be able to open up their book and read it. Why? Because it's worth reading. But if a person has given his Record in his left hand, what is he going to want to do? Throw it away? Put it away, he's going to hide it behind his back. He will not want to read it. But the one who's given his Record and his right hand foot hula aka Corona kita bomb. This is very simple. If you're given a task paper back and you've actually done well, then what will happen you will go through it happily and see it. And if a person has not done that, well on a test what will he do hide it put it away? He doesn't want to see it. He doesn't want to face it. For Hola, Iike Corona Kitagawa home while

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using a Munna for Tila and people will not be wronged even if a deal, what is fatigue, the thread that is on the side of a dead seed. It's so small, that perhaps you've never noticed it. It's that tiny, so people will not be wronged even as much as a thread, a tiny wake on the side of a dead seat.

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Just imagine even this month alone will not be done. People will be treated with absolute fairness and justice. What do we learn in this idea? What we do now is what we're going to see later. What we do now is what we are identifying ourselves with and that is how we're going to be called later on. Whoever we love, whoever we associate with whoever's footsteps we follow, that is going to be with us in the clinic also. So we should take into consideration as to who we're following, who we're associating with, and what we are doing, woman cannot be had the armor and whoever is in this meaning in this life, in this world, whoever is our Ma blind, blind to what? To Allah, His signs,

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the clear evidences that prove to his existence, his guidance, his book, The promises that he

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is made. So basically a person is living blindly. Woman can afford her the armor for her Phil Herati armor, then he will be blind in the era also, what a Balu sebelah. And he will be more astray in way. What does it mean by this? What blindness is this? In life in this world, a person could have perfect vision, perfect eyesight, but if he is blind at heart, what does it mean? If you're blind, your eyes are closed, you cannot see. You're in your own world.

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Likewise, when a person's heart is blind, what does it mean? He doesn't see he doesn't learn, he doesn't care. He's living in his own world.

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He doesn't recognize what is so obvious before him.

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So whoever lives a life of blindness, he's living in his own world, forgetful of Allah subhanaw taala, oblivious to Allah subhanaw taala, oblivious to the agora. And this is why he turns away from Allah and this is why he fulfilled his desires and becomes us philosophically, woman can be heavy armor, for will Herati armor then in the Hereafter, he will also be blind. What does it mean by this, he will also be blind in the hereafter.

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He will be blind from Genmai he will never see gender.

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He will be blind from seeing Allah, He will not be able to see Allah.

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He will be blind in the ACA to all the pleasures and rewards that Allah has promised. And what a great loss that is. Because imagine being so close to something that is beautiful, but not being able to see it. That is the provision that is a huge loss.

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For whoever wrote the armor we're gonna lose sebelah and more astray in way, meaning the one who was misguided here will be even more lost on the Day of Judgment more lost, as and he won't find his way to Jannah he won't make his way to Paradise. He will get lost before that. And where will such people end up in the Hellfire in Surah notifii fina 15 Allah says color in the home are robbing him Yama, even Lama drew Boone.

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On that day, they will be partitioned from their Lord there will be a veil between them and their Lord so they will not be able to see Allah they will be blind. They won't be able to see Allah into the fall her i 124 Allah says woman out Allah on victory for Inilah humare Schatten Wonka, wanna shuru yomo PMT armor, that whoever turns away from my reminder from my message, then he will live a difficult life a depressed life. And in the Hereafter, we will bring him when he will be blind, he will be resurrected blind.

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So what does it show? What does this ayah teach us? Is this dunya everything? Its joys, its pleasures, are they everything? If we do get blinded by them, then what are we doing in reality, blinding ourselves from what is even better from what is far better? And what is that Jana? The home of the Hereafter. So open up your eyes now, open up your heart. Now, open up your ears now Wake Up Now. So that you can live later.

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Wake up now so that you can live later.

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And if we choose to close our eyes and pretend as if there is no alcohol pretend as if there is no god that is how we behave and that is how we act and that is how we live. Then we are putting ourselves in danger. We're in caribou and indeed they were near they were about to who? The enemy, Lefty no naka. They were about to tempt you yesterday no naka from fitna. What is fitna trial temptation. They were about to turn to you

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from a lady that which Oh hyena Ilica we have revealed to you God who is from their letters gaff well done caddy Academy. And what does caddy Academy to be at the verge of doing something or when something is at the verge of occurring, but it doesn't actually occur? To almost do something but not really do it? You know, when you're so close to it, but you don't actually do it, you don't actually accomplish it. This is what Canada is almost. So we're in Canada do lay afternoon Africa, they were about to they had almost tempted you away from that which We have revealed to you lead a study so that you would invent or Naina against us later other than it other than what other than

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what we have revealed to you, meaning they were about to tempt you to fabricate

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something in our name that we have not revealed. And if you were to do that, what a then and then let the Hudsucker they would have taken you kalila as a close friend, then they would have listened to you, then they would really befriend you what is being said over here, the Mushrikeen made many, many attempts to weaken the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or to make him change his mind somehow, that gave him offers, they said to him, that if you just touch our idols, than we will believe in you, you worship our idols one year, we will worship Allah alone the next year. So they tried many times, they gave him many incentives, you know, change your religion just a little bit,

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make something up, it's okay. You know, make some modifications compromise just a little bit. And if you will do that, either let the hadoo Kahala we will befriend you and holiness, who are really close friend, we will support you we will be with you and all of this animosity that is there between us, everything will finish and everything will be fine. So the thing is that the Prophet saw a lot of salaam he was eager to have the machine believe. And he was eager to have peace back in Makkah. And for any person who's eager, you know, to have others accept him or to maintain peace, what happens they're willing to make compromises. Like, for example, parents and children, they're

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not getting along.

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Why? Because the parents are constantly attacking their daughter, you should not do this, you should not do this, or you should do this. And the daughter also has big problems with her parents. So what happens what is necessary if you want peace back in the house? What do you need? Compromise, both will have to compromise somewhere, both will have to settle with, you know, less than perfect. Otherwise no peace. Now, the thing is that when it comes to personal matters, you know your own rights. Compromise is good. It is good. So for example, you know, parents say to the doctor that you're out from this time to this time, if you want to stay here, then you better be back at home by

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this time. So she says you know what, I want things to be back to normal. So okay, fine. As much as I want to be out with my friends at 11 o'clock, they want me to back at nine I'll be back by night. As much as I dislike it, I'll give this up just to make them happy just so that we can be at peace, she compromises she gives up something of her something that she wants to do, why in order to have things back to normal, this kind of compromise is good. All right, this kind of compromises good husband and wife things are not working well at all. The wife says okay, I will give up on this so that you will be happy doesn't says okay, I will give up on this so that you will be happy. Each

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person has to give something up compromise somewhere in order to make the relationship work. But when it comes to the matters of Deen, can we compromise there? That for example, people say we don't like this Islam of yours because you know, women have to wear hijab. So, you know, as long as you don't wear hijab, we're fine. We're cool with you. So you say okay, okay, we want you to be happy. So we will say, women don't have to wear hijab.

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Can you do that?

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You can't do that.

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If a person says, I like all this Islam business, but I just don't like the fact that alcohol is forbidden. So you say you know what, it's okay. We'll make alcohol halal for you. We'll say it's okay. And you know what? It's fine. No big deal. Can you do that? No. If a person says, you know, this, Islam is good. However, the fact that only one God is to be worship, that's kind of strange to me. So you say, Oh, it's okay, no problem, worship, multiple gods, everything was good, everything is fine. Can you do that? If you do that, then what will happen? Islam will change. The hack will not be known, and the falsehood will not be known. But unfortunately, what way have we adopted

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today, just to please others, we have changed the religion. Right? Just to make others happy with the song we saw no, this is not part of Islam, and that is not part of Islam. Whereas in reality, it is part of Islam. And we think these are modern challenges. These challenges existed at the time of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Also, where people had a big problem with the hate. They said Make some room for our idols make some room for our ship. We're in Caribou lei afternoon, aka they were about to put you in fitna. They were about to tempt you away from that which We have revealed to you. What is it that Allah has revealed?

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Though he said, no shade Claire to shriek who do not do shit. This is what Allah has revealed, but the machine wanted the prophets of Allah to set them to incline away from that just a little bit, and they wanted him to just

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invent something up, make something up and say, Oh, Allah said, you know, it's been revealed. Like we say to thee oh yeah, it's in the Quran, where is it in the Quran?

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Nowhere or people will say, oh, there's no mention of hijab in the Quran really. There is no mention of hijab in the Quran.

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People will say things like that making things up about the Quran that something is in the Quran or something is not in the Quran. Why? Just to please others will either let the Haruka Halina so that they can make you a friend. But the question over there is, do you want their friendship or do you want Allah's friendship? What matters more, you can please the world, they can be happy with you, but they cannot save you from Allah. And if Allah is happy with you, and the whole world is angry with you, you're good, you're fine, because Allah will save you. Allah will give you what people cannot give you.

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In the Quran surah Judas I have 15 We learned what either took literally him is gonna be nothing cada leadin ally of during the Karana TB Quran in oily hair, the Oba delu that when the Quran is recited to the people, they say, bring some other Quran or change it. Just make a few changes. Just add this or just remove this, then we'll be okay with you. But the prophet saw a lot of sin was he allowed to make those changes? No, he was not allowed to make any of those changes. Because the Quran is the word of Allah, not the word of the Prophet of Allah.

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I remember working with non Muslims before and sometimes when they would see certain Muslim sisters not wearing hijab, she used to come and ask me a few of them. Like, why is that person not honoring their own religion? Isn't Doesn't your religion tells you to wear certain type of clothes and not supposed to do certain things? And I'd say yeah, and then they were like, you know, it's so funny as sometimes when I see Muslims covered up and following their religion, I feel a little envy towards them, I feel like they have been honored a little bit more than us. But when I see them, the same place as us like whether it's clubbing or drinking or anything, I just wonder, like, I don't want to

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be friends with such people will get close to them because they be treated their God.

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In this world, there's a huge, like punishment for someone who either copy someone's work unfairly or chooses to take something there's a claim that, you know, this is also a portion of it. Like in terms of universities, you could be kicked out for university for five years, right? No matter how much you've finished your degree or whatever. If you think about it, this is just human words. These are just the words of people that we've made here. This is the book of Allah subhanaw taala, it is sent from the heavens, it is his Golan, we have absolutely no right to change it or claim one thing or the other about it, because that is it's completely unfair. And it's dishonouring. Exactly. And

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who are we to change the words of Allah subhanaw taala? Who are we to do that? We have no right. And the only reason why people want to change the words of ALLAH is to please others, to make Islam more accepting, more appealing to them, to make them happy. But the thing is that the religion of Allah is not so cheap, that we have to change it, we have to alter it to please others. They don't like the Quran, that's their problem. Motobu Leila calm, you know your problem, you die in your anger. But the Quran is not going to be changed because of you. But it's unfortunate that we have fallen into this trap. And one idea after another is coming out with a new interpretation, a new

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interpretation. Really, why new interpretation that the Prophet saw a lot is that I'm not teach the interpretation of the Quran, either through his words, or through his actions, or through his approvals.

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I think that we need to understand that people are more respectful and like they give more honor to people who stay firm to their beliefs. So if we stay firm to Islam, that even though people might not agree with us completely, they don't understand why we do something, they'll still like, respect us, because we want to like stay firm on what we believe. And the thing is that it's quite possible that everything that's mentioned in the Quran, you know, doesn't enter your heart that easily. Right? In the sense that majority of it, you're accepting, you're like, yeah, it makes sense to me. Of course, this is good, this is good, this is good. But then you come across an idea in which

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something is said and you're like, I find this very difficult to accept. However, you don't want to change it. You say, Oh, Allah give me the ability to accept it, because this is your callaham Pure reveal this you gave this permission or you gave this hokum you gave this prohibition, you gave this punishment and you gave this allowance, I find it difficult to accept, give me the understanding. The problem is in me not in the kalam of Allah but

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Just to make it more logical for yourself or for others don't go on changing the word of Allah subhanaw taala so the machine wanted the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to change the Quran.

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Allah subhanaw taala says well hola and Saba Tanaka and if we had not strengthened to you if we had not given you firmness if we had not kept you firm luck or the kid that token who lay him shade and kalila you would have almost inclined to them a little kid again gather to be about two all right to be at the verge of doing something but not really doing it. So like a kid that you were almost you had almost dark can lay him inclined towards them volcanoes from Recon rock afternoon and raccoon is to lean towards something. So you would have leaned towards them how much Shea and kalila very little

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but even that little bit is not okay. Even that little bit is not acceptable.

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You know, for example, a person might say, but I just changed a little bit, just changed one I just removed one idea, or just a few words.

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Even that is not okay.

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Because changing the words of a human being a little bit is also not okay, then how can we change the words of the Creator? Even a little bit? What right do we have? He then then let other Kinetica we would have made you taste

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their full hayati double in life meaning double punishment in life. While they're fond Murthy and double in depth meaning double punishment after that.

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If you had changed the Quran, and by the way, who is being sent to the prophets, Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam that if you change the Quran, if you change the way the revelation the religion, then what would happen?

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What would happen double punishment for you in this life and double punishment in the hereafter why double

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y double because if someone's status is higher than what is expected of them is also greater. And if they make a mistake, then that will also bring double consequences. This is very simple. In Arabic it is said Wakaba it originally Salini Salah era was ALLAH it will reduce will kabiri cover you.

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The Kabbalah is big mistakes have originally sullied of a small man.

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Small land, meaning an average person layperson what are they even his big mistakes, they are solo, their little mistakes, they don't really matter. However sulla it'll rajulio cubbies, the small sins of a big person, a big name, what are they cover? Their big sense, their big sense, what could be small, for an average person is very big and very serious for a person who has authority and status. So either let other connect colorful hierarchy will their file momenti Samila 32 Look are Elena and asleep, then you would not have found against us any helper being the no one would help you against us. You would have no way to save yourself from us. And this is a warning for the ummah of

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Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, that if the prophets of Allah Allah Salam is not allowed to change the deen just to please people. Do we have that permission? Do we have that authority? Never. No matter what our knowledge is, no matter what our status is, no matter what difficulty we are in, we are not allowed to change the deen of Allah. And if we do change the deen of Allah than what is mentioned, punishment in this life and punishment in the Agora also. And do we see this? The more we are changing the religion to please people, the more we are humiliating ourselves.

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The more we are humiliating ourselves, the more we are suffering in this life. We think we will have honored in this life by leaving Islam by changing Islam by altering it. No, there is no honor in that there is only humiliation in that we're in caribou. And they were near they had almost lay a stuffy Zuniga. They were about to drive you away Minal ugly from the land. Remember the word was stuffed ZIZ IBLEES he was told was stuffed this minister thought I mean whom basaltic what this was I mean, because I do.

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Okay, and then

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inside an unsettled a person, that they were firm in their seat. Oh,

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Were in their position to upon comes gives us was once, twice again and again and again. And then a person gets up and he listens to Shavon. So he unsettled and moved him from his place, you know, to frighten someone, weaken them, and move them away from their position. So for instance, you go to a public gathering, you go sit in a seat, and a person comes in sits next to you, and they're doing weird, crazy strange things. So what happens, as much as you love your seat, you will leave it and go somewhere else. If you're living in an apartment and you get really scary neighbors, what will happen, he will try to move from there, because you feel scared living in that area, living in that

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neighborhood or living next to that individual. So this has fuzzer so they had almost unsettled you. Meaning driven you away from where from the land, which land muck, because remember, the Prophet sallallahu sallam was in Makkah, and what happened we should again had threatened him and harassed him, and frightened him to the point that the Prophet salallahu Salam didn't feel secure in Makkah.

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And he was intending to leave Morocco but he could not leave unless and until Allah subhanaw taala gave him permission. He even went to UCLA if to see if he could possibly go there if the people of pi f would welcome Islam.

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But that didn't work. So the Mushrikeen this is what they wanted, unsettled the prophets, Allah is Allah minilogue the euregio come in here to expel you from it. Allah subhanaw taala says what II then and then meaning if they even frightened you and unsettled you and pushed you out of Makkah, basically, how long would they stay in Makkah Lai la persona, they will not remain Khilafah behind you, Illa Kalina, except very little.

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Meaning, if they managed to expel you from Makkah, how long will they stay in Makkah, five years? 10 years, two years? 50 years? Not forever.

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And this is true that if there's something that we want to take away from someone, we take it away from them by force, Lululemon the then how long? Are we going to enjoy it? How long are we going to keep it? How long? Just for a little while, but the consequences are eternal? You know, this is just like a child. Snatching someone's lollipop

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and then eating it with so much satisfaction. Yeah, you know, I got it. It's mine. I'm having it. How long are they going to enjoy it? Two minutes, three minutes. Satisfaction. We'll finish them. It's done. Hello, us. So II then label persona Philosophica Illa kalila. And this is exactly what happened with the machine that eventually when the Prophet saw a lot of them did leave Makkah, he emigrated to Medina, what happened to the people in Mecca? Very soon, there was the Battle of butter. Right? And the battle of whether what happened? All the major leaders of the machete Cain what happened to them finished, killed?

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And if they survived, but then later on

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today, whose name are we more familiar with the name of Rasulullah sallallahu Sena where the name of his enemy, the name of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam who matters to us more his companions or his enemies, his companions.

00:28:21 --> 00:28:31

So, again, what do we see? If you focus on pleasing Allah subhanaw taala and if people do get upset with you, then don't worry about losing people. Why?

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Because people cannot stay in this world forever anyway. If they cannot survive forever, what can they benefit you? How can they harm you? Allah is eternal, some Netta way meaning this is our sunnah. This is our established way. This is Allah has established way with who man those who are sunnah public, whom we have sent before you midwall Selena of Our Messengers, meaning all the messengers that came before when their enemies oppose them. When their enemies persecuted them, then what happened? Lyle bussola Philosophica in Lacanian. They did not remain except very little. Wala 30 dually, pseudoknot INETA Huila and you will not find for our way any that will any alteration,

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the wheel How will you how will you the wheel is to move something from its original place and shift it to another place. So you will not find any shifting any alteration any changing of what Allah has way?

00:29:34 --> 00:29:37

And what is Allah's way that when people will persecute the messenger?

00:29:39 --> 00:29:58

And even if they managed to expel the messenger, even if they managed to harm the messenger, how long are they going to live? How long are they going to enjoy very little. Think about fit our own? Did he persecute mozarella center? Of course. And when most artists that are left who followed him around who died fit our own

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till we see this this is the Sunnah of Allah those who oppose Allah those who oppose his revelation those who oppose his messengers they cannot last forever

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let's listen to the recitation of these verses. Yo man

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Dr. Kita

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for stuff is gonna come in and feel free to come in for either

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in college

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panicle long will be handy ignition to Allah Illa illa Anta Anastasiou Karna to really

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