Achieving Taqwa Through Fasting

Yasir Qadhi


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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi divulges details on the numerous benefits of Ramadan. Primary among these is – Taqwa – which can be attained through fasting. 

In our quest to achieve Taqwa, we need to exercise patience at all stages and hope and pray that Allah will shower His infinite blessings upon us which will make it all worth it.


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hamdulillah Isla De Niro

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Al hamdu Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah, Camden Kathie Lee Banila, Bullock,

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delta and Cooney, Noir, Obinna Masada to see him Allah nebby Karim. Allah says in the Quran Wanaka was slain alladhina Otto kitabi public way Yakama taco LA, the we'll see that I'm telling you will see it means the concise legacy that I'm telling you and the people before you that advocate up is that they should have the taqwa of Allah. This is a laws we'll see you and the evidences and verses for taqwa are way too numerous to mention. But taqwa is the essence of Islam. It is the pinnacle of Islam. It is the backbone of Islam, because you're conscious of Allah. And Allah is saying the purpose of Siam is to get to taqwa. So let us see what happens when we fast in the month of Ramadan.

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There is no other deed that brings about a sense of consciousness of a law, like siyam. Look at how

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prayer affects us. The fact of the matter is that unfortunately, prayer has become a routine. Not that it should be but it is the case. Prayer has become monotonous ritual, we look at the watch, we say Oh, time for Lord, let me just go pray. And even as our heads go up and down, our hearts and minds are attached to the work the job pressures, assignments, children, the fact of the matter is, unfortunately, for most of us, Salah has not brought about the reality that it should as well as the guts, I'm not saying is correct, I'm saying just saying that's the reality, right, as well as the cat, the cat, what is the cat for us these days, we take out a pen, right to check and we think our

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cat is done. And technically it might be done. But rarely does the cat bring out the type of consciousness that it should. Once upon a time, Zakat would mean you would go to the poor family, you would find them you would physically hand them, you would see the effect this is going to affect you. You will see that your team the fukada Misaki, you will go to 510 1520 houses, you're going to be come back affected like I thank Allah But these days, the charity organization called us air conditioned room fundraiser going on to pull out your nice fancy $500 pen, write your check as they call us. I've done my zeca technically you have where's the horseshoe that comes from that? Now let

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us look at the cat. Sorry, let's look at Sam, what happens in the month of Ramadan? Every one of us what happens? We genuinely feel spiritual. We began to monitor

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our tongues, our hands, our eyes. We began to consciously think, Oh, I shouldn't be standing here. That's how I'm going on on fasting. People are backbiting slandering. I can't I can't be in this company. Literally we become conscious of a law during the month of Ramadan during slam even that which is Helen, if somebody slanders or fights against us, we're technically allowed to fight back. But what did our processing say? When one of you is fasting and then somebody comes in just begins the tirade verbal tirade or tries to fight with him, you just remind yourself you're fasting and you remind him in the slime in this time, so that you yourself control those legitimate emotions is

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allowed to return what the person has done to you. But in cm we reach that height. So quietly, clearly we see a competitor who is in fact, we notice that taco is achieved through the fasting