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Dear brothers and sisters, I want to stay a bit with the topic, at least for another two or three hold the most of this idea of what we can perceive based upon what is presented to us, and how much we trust the faculties with which we are perceiving the world around us. And so last week, we talked about the job. And we talked about this idea of the ultimate deception and the ultimate distortion of reality and where a person can no longer see beyond what is right in front of them. And the tragedy of that being compounded by a person trusting their own faculties to a point that they assign divinity to them. And I want to talk about this in sha Allah Tala. In an extended sense, I

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want you to think about two people that are looking at the exact same thing, and having the exact opposite reactions to it. Two people go to medical school, one person as they study the detail of Allah's creation, and they study biology, and they study all of the miracles of birth, and they study all of the miracles of the functioning of the human body, they come out and they say, subhanAllah, how amazing is the creation of Allah? How merciful is ALLAH SubhanA, which Allah to have allowed us to function in the way that we do? How dependent are we on Allah subhana, which Allah with every single process in our bodies, another person goes to medical school and has the

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exact opposite reaction, comes away with that and says, The human body is incredible. Human beings are amazing. Look at how advanced medicine is, and attributes all of that to the creation as a means of rejecting the Creator. Same thing is true. When you look around at the universe around you, some look at it, and they see the signs of Allah subhana, what's out of the Signs of God, and that brings them closer to God. Others look at it, and do not realize that they are coming to the most unintelligent conclusion that all of this is from nothing. And they use that as a proof against God, or the existence of God. Then you look at the signs, the ayat of the Quran, divine revelation, some

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read it, and are moved by the first few verses that they hear and immediately perceive the divinity of these words, the words of ALLAH SubhanA, WA, tada, others approached the Scripture, with the intention to skew and to misinterprets and to debate and to argue, and so they find themselves in constant argumentation, while the other person is absorbing the revelation with humility. You know, subhanAllah, think about I remember once coming across this meme, where you had a person that's standing, and he's standing in the middle of a garden, and everything around him, and it's beauty. And he's saying the Thought Bubble is where is the proof of the existence of God? Where are his

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miracles? As if he's completely blinded to everything that is around him. Now, is it that Allah subhanaw taala has not already put enough out there was one of the element mentioned when the Mushrikeen when the disbelievers of Mecca demanded that the prophets lie Selim slit the moon as a proof. They didn't realize that the existence of the Moon was already approved for them. And the splitting of the Moon was only an added Hogen added proof against them. Why was it that they were not able to connect already to the obvious existence of a designer and a creator? And that's why any moment, Rahim Allah says, I'll happily serve the McDougal cinnamon McDougal enter and Enology lady.

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It's not that the truth is built. It's not that reality is built. It's that you are veiled from being able to see reality. The problem is not the existence of these things. The problem is the veil between you and this reality and this truth and in reality, you will see what you are looking for. You will see what you are looking for. One of my favorite statements from hedge America Chavez Malcolm X Rahim, Allah to Allah was what he wrote in September of 1964. When he decided to go to aamra, Malcolm made one hedge and he made ombre as well in September, but there were no cameras and no press and no reporting.

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And when he was asked why he said, I need to go sharpen my spiritual eye. I need to sharpen my spiritual eyes. So he went to Amara in September. What spiritual eye is he talking about? And what does this have to do with the entire scope of what prophetic vision is when a person can see beyond or when a person is blinded in the opposite sense when Allah subhanaw taala says in the Hala terminal absorbed, it's not that the eyes go blind. There are people that can't see with their eyes.

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But they can see when I can tell them Kuruvilla TIF is slower. Rather it is the hearts that go blind. There are people that can fully see with their eyes, but their hearts are blind. And there are people that can't see with their eyes, but their hearts can see. And that is the eye that Allah subhanaw. Taala is talking about the vision of the hearts, which refers to a sense of discernment, wisdom, guidance, the ability to perceive properly, what is happening around you. And if that is blinded, then nothing makes sense. And nothing yields any good. And Allah subhanaw taala, of course tells us when canopy had the atma for whoever Tiana will not lose Sabina, Los Angeles and whoever is

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blind in this life and they will certainly be blind in the hereafter and completely a straight it's referring to a different type of blindness. When a person cannot see when a person cannot perceive. And you ask why is that? How do I get to the point of being blinded to reality where I can't perceive I hear verses from the Quran and they don't move me sitting next to someone in a hotbar lecture and that person is crying within three minutes and they're clearly moved by it. I'm already falling asleep and five

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one person on their phone cannot focus the other person just the words it tequila haka, Ducati he just the I act to be mindful of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada would move them what is it about my heart and what is the route their heart and what is it that's not moving me anymore? And there is this verse in the Quran where Allah subhanaw taala describes it, one Kalibo fgdata home obasan Qmr lamb you know, be a Willa Murrah one other thing, fetal Leone him Yama Hoon, Allah subhanaw taala says, and we will turn away their hearts and their eyes, because they refuse to believe in it the first time they encountered it.

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And so we leave them in their transgression, wandering blindly. Now pay attention to the idea, first and foremost, the heart is turned away, and so the eyes are turned away as well. When the lens is messed up here, then the lens gets messed up here as well. And Allah says something very specific because they refuse to believe in it when it was made clear to them the first time.

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And so as a result of that they're left wandering blindly in their transgression.

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And what this is referring to is conscious rejection of Allah, when you recognize it the first time conscious sinning. Now obviously, the most conscious rejection is when you realize that the truth is in front of you of guidance the first time and you turn away from it. But there are other manifestations of that as well that are not as severe. But it speaks to the same concept that you're told that something is haram and you keep doing it.

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Conscious sinning, even if it's a minor sin, you consciously go to work every day, and you know that there's something haram about your work. You consciously delay your prayers,

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some conscious type of insistence upon sin and as a result of that, the light is being extinguished in your hearts, the sins extinguish the light of the heart, the constant engagement of a sin in regards to your speech, you wake up every morning, and maybe it's your address, the conscious sending over and over and over again, minor or major, of course, major is worse, conscious and your transactions conscious in the treatment of your family conscious in the engagements of a haram relationship of a forbidden relationship. And the entire time, you're doing that every time you're doing that, you're closing your eyes to what Allah subhana wa Tada has revealed to you and you

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recognize, and eventually what starts to happen is that the recognition starts to go away as well.

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So you don't even recognize it anymore.

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Other people recognize the bad manners of a person who's inherently foul or, you know, consistently foul, and that person no longer recognizes anymore, because you engage it on a consistent basis. And so Allah subhanaw taala is saying here, that you're unable to see anymore because of your rejection. If you insist upon rejection, then you're going to insist upon blindness of the heart. And so you think of this analogy. If you enter into a dark room, and there are no lights in the room, it doesn't matter if you have fully functioning eyes, the layers of darkness are not going to be penetrated without what without light. So even if you can see if you're sitting in a dark room, you

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can't see anything, your eyes are working, but the layers of darkness are not allowing you to see anything.

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And so what do you have to do? Turn on the light. Open the window,

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see what you've been missing out on? Now, what happens is that some people want to stay in the dark because what happens when you see the light for the first time, hurts your eyes and then

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It's uncomfortable. The light can be very uncomfortable the first time that you see it. And some people would even have a tendency to do this right?

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Turn it off, close the door, turn off the light. And that's what ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada speaks about. And I want you to think about two opposing ends of this phenomenon here. One of them is the idea of the rejecting hearts, hearts, Allah pulumi him or Allah seminary him Weida Abba Sati him Alicia Allah,

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala seals their heart as they insist upon turning away, and their hearing they can no longer hear. And there's a veil that is placed on their eyes. That's one extreme. Compare the idea of the rejecting heart to the Hadith, of the loving servants, where the prophet slice on him says that Allah has sent him an eye that he would he have been held that whoever takes a beloved chosen servant of Mine as an enemy that I have waged war on that person, and no servant comes closer to me with anything that is more beloved to me than the obligatory deeds they act upon the obligations. And then after the obligations they keep on coming close to Allah subhanaw taala

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with what an elephant would the voluntary good deeds as well they give more charity, they pray more, they fast more they, they do more and more and more and more, until they gain a special love from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And if I love that person, I become the site with which they see and hearing with which they hear.

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Compare the two Subhanallah on the opposite sides of that spectrum. And this is where you find the very famous narration and telco philosophers minutes a week narration week Hadith from the Prophet, slice alum of which the meaning is authentic, that beware of the philosopher the insight of the believer, for no younger will be no Rila because he sees with the light of Allah subhana wa Tada. And it's confirmed by another narration which is authentic that in the Leela here, Ibadan, you're referring to NASA bit to assume the prophets I sort of mentioned that there are people that know, people around them, Allah has servants of his that can perceive things at a deeper level. Because of

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that deep insight and insight that is born of righteousness, the opposite of someone that stubborn upon rejection, and insight that is born out of the willingness to constantly listen, and obey and follow and grow and develop and do more and more and more and continue on that journey towards Allah subhanho wa taala, no matter what obstacles are presenting themselves to you.

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And what ends up happening is what they can see with the light of Allah subhanho wa taala. They have vasila they have philosophy, they have insights, they have the ability as Allah Subhana Allah says in the field, it can I acted in which I was to mean that there are signs for those people who have that insight, that deep ability to perceive and to see by the light of Allah subhana what's out. Now, it's not some like secret equation. It's not something that you take a course for. It's literally an unrelenting pursuit of truth and the commitment to it when you discover it. That's all it is. An unrelenting pursuit of truth and the commitment to it when you discover it and what ends

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up happening. Well, Medina Jahad, do phenol and at the end, now, I'm Susanna, those who strive and are Wait, then we guide them to our paths. And so Allah reveals more to you and more to you and more to you. It's also not when someone's seeks to say that I'm seeing things and starts to undermine revelation or makes claims and starts to command something amongst the people No, because this person is not using that unfolding reality and perception to gain control over people but rather to glint gained closest to Allah subhanaw taala by following the way of the prophets lie Selim so things become clearer. reality becomes clearer to them, they're able to discern better, they have

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more wisdom. When they read the Quran, they take more from an IRA than another person takes from 100 ions, because they're listening deeply and carefully not extracting new rulings, but extracting the deepest form of Moneda being admonished and being reminded by those verses. And so the greatest example of that is I want to know how Pablo the Allahu TADHANA when you look at our model, the alota animal and the miracles that unfolded for him, these things that would happen for him. When our model the Allahu Taala and hope is standing on the member and he sees something happening 1000s of miles away from us, Saudi Jabin

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says sorry, of the mountain

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that was due to our model, the Allahu Anhu was exerting himself

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in that pursuit of truth, unrelenting pursuit of truth and then commitment to it when he founded his Deep Pondering upon revelation, when the Quran would come down and agree with almost all the low tide I know it's because when all the low tide I know would hear the quran being revealed or the low tide I know, would immediately absorb it and follow.

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He was in deep control

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With that revelation of Allah subhana wa Tada his seeing of dreams, not dreams that you know, I saw something and so the Day of Judgment is going to happen in 2023. You know, a strange star is going to appear in the sky. You know the prophets I'm told me you're the one and you go forth and none of that.

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But true dreams for the believer. That's an added level of sights and added level of vision and the prophets lie some sudden a hadith in Sahih Muslim. He said Allah His sloth was salam electoral buzz, Amano lamb taka drew el Muslimeen tech debo was Dockercon roja as taco come Hadith he said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that when the End of Times come?

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A believer would hardly see a dream that isn't true. The righteous believer will see true dreams, dreams that give them insights, dreams that further expose that reality around them true dreams and the most truthful of you and speech are the most truthful of you, and the dreams that you will see more vision, a heart that can see a heart that starts to transcend. And so I want to end with two points here. There are three levels of the sights that they're either not mentioned, with the light of Allah subhana huzzah Allah. And they're very easy to remember the first one is seen through deception, seeing through deception.

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And so a believer would see through the deception of the job, by their Eman Allah subhanaw taala would allow them to see that it's written across his forehead, there are things that the believer can see through by virtue of their minimal belief. And so seeing through deception as the first thing and if you're not a deceiver, then Allah subhanaw taala will give you the Sith, the truthfulness, to see through the deception of others. The second level is seeing through distraction. So see through deception, and then see through distraction. Zenit would hate to dunya the distraction of the life of this world, the distraction of the material world from things that

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are more meaningful from things that are more righteous from things that are more real. So you see through distraction, how do you see through distraction by the remembrance of Allah subhana wa Tada the wicked is the medicine to that you constantly remember Allah subhana wa Tada. So you see through distraction, and the third one is to actually see through dunya.

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You see through this material world, by placing your sights on the hereafter constantly. The AF era is not some unknown abstract world that doesn't have any meaningful consequences to your everyday life in this dunya. Rather, you act as if you've already seen in Jamna. You act as if you've already seen at all because it drives you consequentially. Now, obviously, the effect the impact of seeing with your eyes is not like the impact of knowing it. But the consequence of it in regards to abiding by the truth of Revelation, it says if you have already seen paradise and hellfire, the longing that you have for Allah is as if you've already seen them, the longing that you have for Paradise as it

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as if you've already seen it. So it creates that greater level of longing. And this is where the prophets lie. Selim said, that axon is what in terms of luck and that guitar that you worship Allah as if you can see him. When you start to worship Allah as if you can see him and if you can't see him, then he you know that he sees you.

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And as I am Rahim, Allah Allah Allah said, that is the manifestation of that is what and took me to Allah because it became public, that you come to Allah with your heart before your body that before you even get to the prayer, your heart is already there before your body has already has arrived. And you are focused, as if there's no one else around you nothing else that's around you. And that is something that we all strive for, for the entirety of our lives to have that level of focus in our prayers. May Allah Subhana Allah grant us that exon May Allah grant us that excellence Allah, I mean, and your brothers and sisters Subhan Allah as you find people that embrace the truth, despite

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all of its consequences. I want you to think about people that put their families on the line, because their families might reject them. That put entire lifestyles on the line, everything that they knew, because they've seen light of that guidance on the line, and how Allah subhanaw taala looks to that person. And him did a lot of blaming, we have another sister that is embracing Islam with us today through very difficult obstacles and circumstances and many barriers, not necessarily hearts, but barriers that would be there. And that should be an inspiration and a reminder to all of us, that when a person has a commitment to the truth,

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that the consequences will be put in context of that pursuits and the reward will be even greater May Allah grant her and all of us that reward may last points out forgive us for our shortcomings. May Allah Subhana Allah grant us vision with our hearts and the ability to act upon that which He has given to us in the most loving and obedient of ways alumna Amina Koulibaly Hello stuff a lot of money so I'm assuming for stuff you don't know who have a photo

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen or there is one a lot of volume in one hour to the to the Mr. King Allama Saliba xenobiotic radical silica Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman Kathira llama food and what Nina when you know what a misdemeanor what a Muslim at La Jolla Indian home I'm watching the Casimir on Caribbean movie with their alma Phil and our Hamnet wife for an hour. That's what I did know Bob then Avila and personnel inlanta For Lonato Hana, then akuna minal ha serene Allah Mina, careful and Karima to Hibbeler for five one Allah Allah Allah Allah Deena Robert hameau McNamara Bona Salado, Robin hablando as well as you know the reality

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now Kurata Aryan vagina in mucha Tina Imam olam so this one and was told in a famous article I'll do Masada la ethnic good lighting in a bit Vitamina was originally was one and they knew him so they mean about the law and the law he had little bit it would sound a little portabella Dan here and in fascia he wouldn't even carry well well. You're either Camilla come to the Quran, Quran Allah if Quran was Kuru Harada Nana, is it luck? What are they