Reminders The 4 Step Process Part 10

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hamdulillah salatu salam ala should be able to say he was happy as me. But today we are on the last of our series on the four steps for teaching learning of Islam

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with mentioned how Allah gave these four responsibilities in the foster process relies on a solemn where he said

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he was a key Murali Mohan Lal Kitab al hikma we talked about the importance of the dilemma to the Quran, the importance of mosquito knifes, the importance of tiling on Koran, and today we will talk about the show hegman they show the * Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala is Rabbil aalameen the civitanova Allah subhanaw taala is that he completes everything. The rub is the one who takes something which is incomplete, stage by stage to a stage of perfection to a state of perfection and completeness. And therefore, Allah subhanaw taala as Rabbil alameen does not do anything incomplete.

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And naturally, therefore less of a handler did not send his message to all of mankind in incomplete fashion. Allah subhanaw taala didn't just send the word and leave it to people to read it and to understand it, whichever way they wanted, and then to practice it as in any way that they wished. Allah subhanaw taala completed the process, he sent the message. And he sent a messenger with the message

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with a clear cut set of duties and that is what we have been talking about. The duty of the messenger was not simply to convey the message. The duty of the messenger was to convey the message was to purify the people was to explain the message in detail. And then while hikma to show them how to implement that message in their lives, this is the whole purpose and this is the whole

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full responsibility of the often often Avi of the Rasul Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, which he completed in a to a level of perfection. Now those who believe that the messenger just came with a message, and he gave the message and he walked away, and we have no the message is important, the messenger is not important now. These are the people who are seriously seriously misguided and if a loss around data does not save them, then they will be out of Islam. And we need to guard ourselves from all such

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advices of shaytan as soon as our solemn came to complete the message and Alhamdulillah he did that, and Allah subhanaw taala then sent the ayah Yama Akmal telecom dinoco Vietnam to Allah community are these two local Islam A Da Da Da Da Da Da

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Da Da during the hijo de la Salim revealed this is where Allah subhanaw taala said that I have completed today my

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moto Dino calm I've completed your religion for you. And I have completed my now on you my blessing on you. And I have chosen for you Islam as your deen

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hikmah is what we know as the Sunnah of interviews Allah Salah, which is the methodology of practicing the Quran,

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the famous hadith of Ayesha delana where somebody came in us and said, they said please tell us about the life of Mohammed Salah salah and she said don't you read the Quran? And they said yes, very different. He said that was his life that was his life. The life of sola sola sola is the living manifestation of the Quran. And that is why the importance of studying the sera sera is the leading manifestation of the Quran and this avenues to study the Sierra. We have the famous quote from the son of Salim who Casa Delano, where he said that my father used to gather us together and he would talk to us about the mallozzi of a solar solar cell in the Sahara use the term ahwazi that

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was what, but they meant the whole Sierra the whole life of a solar solar cell. That how he did everything, how he walked, how he talked, how he slept? How did he

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eat his food, how was he in the home with his family, how is the outside as a general as an administrator as a businessman, in all aspects of life, the Sierra is extremely important to study. And that is the reason why

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the Sierra has been given the importance that has been given it's very, very important to study the Sierra with the with the intention of applying it in our lives. It's a it's a great mistake today that we seem to leave the Syrah behind and just restrict the teaching of the zero to whatever comes to us when we read the

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rule of the Quran. But we don't study the Sierra in detail and that's a very, very big mistake. Because without studying the Sierra in detail, how do we know how to apply the Quran, the Sierra

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Is the methodology of applying the Quran and it's the great mercy of Allah subhanaw taala that he sent Nebuchadnezzar

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to us with this and said, this is a lot of mana la

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mina is basa fee him Rasulullah. And that's that's where desire began. Allah said, this is the name of Allah that He has sent to the moment in our soul from among themselves from among them, and then what he's supposed to do. To him, it was a key moment. And that's the reason why it's very, very important for us to understand that maybe Salah Salah is an AMA for us, his whole life is never for us. He is a blessing his whole life is a blessing. And that's why it's very, very important for us to understand the importance of the Sierra, to study the Hadees

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and to ensure that we follow this in our whole lives, and that is the meaning of the Hitman. In terms of the

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in terms of desire. I asked a lot smarter to make it easy for us to understand his column and to follow his column to the best of our abilities in all our lives and to accept that from us, or Salalah highlanda Vickery walala. He was happy