Omar Suleiman – The reward of a martyr for staying at home

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of honoring prophets in a given hadith and how it is not a matter of whether a person is staying in their home. They also mention the concept of "people of truthfulness" as a category and how it is not a matter of whether a person is staying in their home or not. The speaker also discusses the importance of the heart and how it is the only thing that makes it rewardable, rather than the consequence of a situation. They also discuss the concept of a "sadhak," which is the ability to achieve a reward in a situation and emphasize the importance of the heart and its rewardable actions.
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Are you going to lie who about a quarter of the last scenario Shakeology was knocking on him handed in? I mean, when everyone in that model I mean what happened in alongside he was selling the vertical radicals will become Mohammed and still alive it was alum. While early he was luckily he was Santissima kathiawar.

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So I woke up this morning and I received the text with this hadith. And the person that sent me the text said, Is this really true as if it's unbelievable, and it was a foreword that was put together based upon a graphic or an image that was formulated by my beloved friend, brother rse ignore about the reward of the one who stays at home during a plague. And the Hadeeth zoomable hottie I referenced them in the lecture that I gave about the Sahaba that died in the Hamas plague, but it's a very interesting Hadith especially when you read the the authoritative commentary of a madman hajnal him Allah tada on what the Hadith entails the prophets license of this hadith marks all the

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law on hand that whoever waits at home during a plague young Kofi Beatty, he was the UAE um Kofi ability he stays in their land or stays in their home during a plague. And the prophets I mentioned three things he said patiently, what slub hoping and God's reward and believing that nothing will strike them except for what a last panels honor has decreed for them. Okay, so three things again, that a person stays in their home during the time of a plague, with patience, hoping in God's reward, and at the at the same time knowing that nothing will strike them unless Allah subhana wa tada has decreed it for them that the prophets lie Some said that that person would have the budget

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of the reward of a Shaheed reward of a martyr. And have they been huddled locking all that data, he commented on that. And he said that this indicates that if a person meets those three criteria, again, patience, hoping and God's reward, hoping and Eliza Delta give them the edge of that, of that, that that time. And the third one is knowing having full europeen I'm not just plugging that in there, by the way, full certainty, okay, full certainty that nothing would be decreed, except for nothing would happen to them, unless the last panel time decreed it unless God decreed it, that that person would have their award of the martyr than huddling. Allah said, even if a person did not die,

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and they actually lived through it all, and nothing struck them, they would still have the reward for that. And that's something that that's mind blowing to a lot of people, how could that be? Right? How could it be that a person would have the reward of a martyr, when all you know, all they did was they fulfilled the spiritual criteria, but nothing actually happened to them. And you have to remember that the Prophet slicin, um, said, that if a person goes to sleep, and they're sincere in their desire, and their intention for a Shahada, that Allah subhanaw taala would give them the reward or Shahada, the reward of that martyrdom, even if they died in their sleep, okay, even if

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they died in their bed. So, there's an important concept first and foremost, to clarify, that Allah does not need our worship. Allah does not need our worship part of him being ilani being completely independent of us is that a lot doesn't need our worship a lot does not need our obedience, right? our obedience would not increase his kingdom anyway, our disobedience would not decrease his kingdom in any way. So if we're looking at the counterpart, and we see it empty, that's not hurting a lot. That's a Jedi concept. It's a concept from the days of ignorance, that's a shame on us or that's, that's something that that should cause us to sort of revisit our status as a creation with the

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Creator, as an oma with the with our Bub with our Lord as to how we make ourselves worthy once again, of being in a position to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala. But it doesn't hurt a loss of mountains. So that's the first thing that Allah does not need our, our worship, right? That's not he doesn't need it, in order to establish His greatness, and he also does not need it in order to reward us fully. Because in his mercy and His grace, everything that Allah gives us, is grace in the first place, right? So even if a person were to suffer in the greatest way, make the greatest sacrifice for the sake of their Lord. Whatever Allah rewards us in return, is still part of his

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grades. It's not going to be because we deserve that reward. Right? So put that to the side. The second piece of this, I actually want to talk about this concept of sip of truthfulness. And those of you that follow the series of the first we talked about a whole bucket of a bucket of the truth and we talked about this concept of this concept of truthfulness and how Allah mentions the category of people set the category of people of truthfulness as a category even above the martyrs mbrs of the Shahada.

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The the profits and the Sunday * the people of truth, and the martyrs and when prophets lie some was on the mountain with abubaker dominant Earth man when he was on the mountain with a head with our backer on earth man with the alignment marine and hood shook the prophets license it was to be firm overhead, because you have upon you a prophet, a Sadiq, a personal truth, wish that he did and to martyrs. And one of and of course, the prophets I send them was indicating that it's not an ominous man may Allah be pleased with them would be martyred, and that old Beckett will be a lot of time who was a Sunday, so he's in a category of his own, and said, indicates that a person is so

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truthful in their intention, if any of you attended the virtual ultimate emphasis on virtual and not actually being ultimate, well, we talked about being sincere in your sincerity, having a near sadhika that truthful intention, what that means is that, you know, your heart is prepared, always your heart is prepared always to do whatever it is called to do to yearn for Allah subhanho wa Taala, and to direct our thoughts and our deeds and our actions in accordance with that yearning heart for less pleasure, no matter what comes our way. And so a person who has fulfilled those three components of being sadhak, of being Saba, of being patient, of longing for a loss of reward, and

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having full belief and certainty in Divine destiny and Divine Decree, that person has already fulfilled what it is that was necessary. And so once they've gotten past a Nia to saga, a Nia saga, a truthful intention is the greatest form of action. It's the greatest form of Allah because it's not the external consequence of the deed that makes it rewardable in the sight of Allah subhana wa Tada. It's the internal sincerity and longing for him that makes it rewardable. And so there are also some other concepts to to tackle and talking about this concept is handy. For example, police have not obeyed the law or the law of town I'm home on the day have occurred, who strove who guarded

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the profit slice on who had every intention of putting everything on the line, in that sacrifice in that noble sacrifice as the Muslims were under intense, you know, intense battle conditions, severe battle conditions and are hurt and he was catching arrows that were coming at the profit slice of them. I mean, he put his body on the line for the profit and he has lots of set up and the prophets lie Selim said whoever wants to see Shaheed and

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a martyr that walks on the face of the earth, then let them look at so even though plot had did not die in the battle or hurt, he already had the edge of the reward of the Shaheed the reward of martyrdom, even though he didn't pass away in the battle ahead. So just his his his longing, his Nia, his intention to kneel to Slavica, the way that he stood in front of the Prophet slice on them, all of that was enough to assure him of that reward. Well, the a lot of time, I'm only allowed to be pleased with him. And so the idea here, once again, is that it's not about the consequence, it's about the condition of the heart. And right now, as we're living through these unprecedented times,

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and we're seeing unprecedented in our lifetimes, at least, I mean, obviously, plagues that happened in the past, global pandemics have happened in the past, this is not foreign to the world. I mean, use the word foreign because it's the way that it has been used, you know, to,

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to, to give this virus a race. It's different for us, it's foreign to us, it's not known to us, okay, so it's foreign to us and that we have not known this type of a pandemic in our lifetimes.

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But the condition of our heart inshallah, tada is what's going to count and so the three things that the prophets Lysa mentioned, patient, hoping for a loss of reward, and certain in a laws decree, okay, that nothing will happen to me unless a lot decreed it. That is what our heart should be like. That is the condition of the heart that is the condition of our faith, but then anytime that we should be seeking and if that faith is there, then part of has been abandoned a lot expecting well from Allah subhana wa tada is that Allah subhanaw taala is so generous, so merciful, that Allah Subhana Allah will give us that reward, Bismillah and tada, even if nothing happens to us,

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physically, so May Allah allow us to be in a condition of submission, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically in every way possible. To be prepared for whatever comes our way may have lost pounds, I'm not burden us beyond our scope. May Allah give us the best of this life in the next May Allah subhanaw taala protect us and our families without depriving us in any way of the reward, the greatest reward that comes in these times May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to pass every test that comes our way. And may Allah subhanaw taala ultimately allow us to pass the test of life and to meet him in the best

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conditioned possible to grant us the best ending and to grant us the best station in the hereafter and to grant us the best position in the shade of the throne of Allah subhanaw taala on that day of standing and in the best position in Paradise, in the companionship in the neighborhood of the prophets lie Selim in the most racist people to ever walk the face of this earth and Jonathan for those alum I mean, there's a lot of pain and to all of you for tuning in. I know that it's getting more difficult with the news that's coming every day. Stay strong and Charlotte's onna stay patient stay longing for your Creator. They lost pants I reward you saw it come to light here.

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