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The importance of introsela and self-reflection in achieving personal growth is emphasized. It is also emphasized that pursuing spiritual goals and bringing change to one's life is crucial for achieving success. The speaker emphasizes the need for individuals to improve their own lives in critical eye, improve character, and community, and improve relationships with people around them. The importance of proving oneself and learning to improve oneself in critical eye is also emphasized.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen when activated in

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WA salatu wa salam O Allah Ashraf al anbiya evil musetti in America

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Hamid are also Vinay min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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Manu untuck Shaka, Zulu boom Lizzie Corinne a woman as elemina.

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So the

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honorable ordinary respected elders in brothers.

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The older poet says it very beautifully. subo hottie hair, shampoo the hair Zindagi you eat the mammootty hair,

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sunrise, sunset.

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morning, evening. And before we know it, we are already in the final moments of our life.

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1020 4555 6575 and life is over.

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The question that we need to ask ourselves

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is where are we going in life?

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Where are we headed in life?

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What is my objective? What am I working towards? Where do I want to be when I'm 6070? Or 80?

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Where do I want to see myself?

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And this goes for soul searching.

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It calls for introspection.

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We each need to sit in seclusion and ask ourselves

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what am I doing?

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Where am I going?

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And where do I want to be?

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And introspection is an important element to progress in life.

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Through introspection, we are able to gauge our strengths and our weaknesses.

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A business on an annual basis closes for a day to take stock.

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They want to know how much they have. What's the essence? What's the liabilities? They want to know? Are they progressing? Or are they retrogressive?

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Once a year we go to the doctor for a checkup. We want to know how is our health is doing. Once a year we go for an eye test to see how our eyes are doing. Is there any glaucoma is any cataract? Is there anything that I need to be worried about?

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So we do a lot of checks and balances in our lives. We do a lot of assessment. And one important assessment to do

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is our self analysis in terms of our spirituality.

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How's my connection with my Creator?

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Is there any area of improvement in my life in terms of my creator and myself?

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Is this something different that they can do in my life.

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And until and unless we are not true and honest to ourselves, we cannot improve.

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Omar will have to vote on us to say how Cebu and fusa can copula and to herself who was in a coma and to

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have people take stock of yourself

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before a lot calls you to accountability and weigh your actions before allowing them for you.

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If a person knows that, in a day or two, I'm going to be called for accountability. What would be his approach?

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He would think to himself You know what?

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If I'm asked about this action of mine, I don't ever answer. Let me change my let me change my ways, is still the totowa is still the door to repentance. If I was to ask me about this, and if I was to ask me about that, how am I going to give accountability?

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So Toby saying, regulate yourself before a law causes caused you to accountability. And really if a person can lead his life according to this principle, he will always progress in the spiritual field shalva and as believers, we've been sent for a reason to this world. Our final abode is Jenna. That is where we come from. And that is where we are returning to insha Allah, whatever is in the middle is just a transitory phase.

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A passing phase that we are going through

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So we need to lead a life of purpose.

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There has to be some objective, clothing, home, cars, all that all these things are necessities of life, but they are not the objective of life. The objective of life is to please our Creator.

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And every person has to ask himself, how can I come closer to my law? How can I improve my relationship with my Creator? days will go by, months will go by, and years will go by.

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But the question that we have to ask ourselves every now and then, am I on the right track? can i improve? can I do better? Can I bring something else in my life that can make me a better person in life. And this is an important element that I'm talking about today. Self Assessment, self analysis, soul searching stocktaking of ourselves.

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Brothers, the cars we drive today are not the same as they were in the, in the past. The BMW we drive today is not the BMW yesterday, the Mercedes Benz drive today is not the Mercedes Benz of yesterday.

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Because the company understood that in order to stay in the game, we need to improve and in order to improve, we need to look at ourselves critically. And so each year they release a new model with new features to keep up to the game and to stay relevant till the end.

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Every person does this in his business also. So brothers, it's time that we apply the same principle in our spiritual life. I mean, it can't be that for 20 to 30 years we haven't brought in no no progress in our life.

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We still read in one Salah a week

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for 20 years hamdulillah mowlana past 2007 was my trauma.

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What about the other Salas

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inshallah, inshallah, I'll make an effort.

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But others we have to bring the change in our life. Allah says, In the Drina manual and duck Shaku boom.

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I was asking a very powerful question in here.

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Has the time not come for people to pay heed to the order of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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In simple words of life, asking, has the time not come for us to change our lives? So

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abubaker have said do karate a lot longer is to take stock of himself and look at his life. So panela he would hold on to his tongue, and he would rebuke himself. And he would say it is because of you that I'm in problems.

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ameriglo hardtops edma

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abubaker why I'm so hard on yourself. He said, Omar, you don't know what this has caused me in my life. How the overloaded is worried.

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This is Abubakar taking stock of himself.

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Look at Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says, I seek a loss forgiveness more than 70 times a day. This is taking stock of himself.

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He's teaching the oma that if you want to progress, you have to keep an eye on yourself. And he mahasaya actually writes an amazing thing. He said no around the world because Hieronymus Soraka ubik if a lie intense Good for you, Allah will show you your own faults.

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This is amazing. Why? When it comes to the faults of others, we magnify them, we make it a big thing. But when it comes to our own faults,

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we provide excuses, actually, you know, yet you have to understand it within its context. Actually, what I meant to say and what I meant to do, you know, we create context for ourselves.

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So Mr. mazzani, says, that, fortunately, is that soul, whom Allah grants him the opportunity to do look at himself critically.

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And that's not an easy thing to do for others. How many of us can look at ourselves and acknowledge the shortcomings in our lives? How many of us can do that? First of all, shaytaan tells us how to downplay and second of all, she tells us, don't worry man, life is long.

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So as a law for critical eye,

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if you have a critical eye, you will continuously prove improve on yourself.

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Authority allows us to address himself sitting in seclusion used to say buffin buffin. He

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called us back to ameerul momineen.

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Baba, how did you become the ruler of the people when you are not even fit to rule them?

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This is Omar addressing himself. Look how critical he is taught himself. That Omar, how do you stand in front of people as their ruler? How? How will you answer a vanity of Yama

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subhana wa, Ali, you know, Vitaly used to address the people and he used to do some serious soul searching. He used to tell the people around him and in a career

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when I have a lot

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of people, we are moving further and further away from this world.

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As the person ages is pulling closer to his cover, is not being closer to the cornea. So he's telling the people are

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much better off of people. We are moving further and further away from Tunisia. And we are coming closer and closer to home.

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When it comes to min hell by noon, for Konami novena illa

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akumina, Vinay dunya, for him, yo, Mama run Walla

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Walla, Rahman, op people.

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The dunya also has its followers. And Arthur also has its followers, become from the followers of Iran, and do not become the followers of dunya. For today, you have the opportunity to plant for today you have the opportunity to sow the seeds. For today, you have the opportunity to do good. And there is no accountability today. And tomorrow, when you raise from your grave, there is accountability and there is no respect or no time for doing any actions.

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Brothers, time is running out. And we need to do some serious soul searching in our life. And we need to improve. And I'm going to end off with this.

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We need to improve on two areas of our life.

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Remember, days, weeks, months, and years will come to an end, life will be gone just like this.

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people sitting in the 70s year they will tell you, I wish I could undo this. And I wish I could undo that.

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Let's take a lesson from the life. So let's leave the budget today with two intentions. Number one, we're going to come down to five times so that

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we can do it.

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We have the potential to do it. It's possible to do it.

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Say inshallah brothers

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a little louder, say inshallah.

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And secondly, we're going to improve on our, our character, our morals.

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And our philosophy is the weightiest thing, in a person's record in the piano.

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The Prophet of Allah sallallahu Sallam said that the weightiest thing on the day of criada will be your flock and your character. And Allah basically means, how we teach the people around us, how we deal with the people around us, our partners?

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What kind of relationship do I have with my wife?

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We can I improve?

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Number two, my relationship with my children? Where can I improve my relationship with my neighbors? Where can I improve my relationship with my fellow human being whether he's Muslim or non Muslim? Where can I improve my relationship in terms of my community? Where can I improve?

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If we asked ourselves this one question on a regular basis, or was custom we will progress in life?

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Way can I improve way can I improve? And that's the message of today that when a new year started,

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we have an important role to play in our own lives, and that is to improve ourselves. We have the potential to do better in every facet of our life. Whatever

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happened has happened. It's water under the bridge. It there is no use crying over the spilt milk. But there is the opportunity that's the present in the future which is blank. And Allah has given us the opportunity to change today. And there's nothing that's stopping us from change except ourselves. Leave the people around us and leave what society will say. And ask yourself, What will my Allah say?

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So bring your life on to five times Allah, Allah has custom, what you are chasing will come chasing for you

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and what you are chasing for in the pursuit of what you are chasing and you are foregoing Salah will go further and further and further away from you. It's like your shadow. The faster you run, the further your shadow gets away from you and it is never possible to catch up with your shadow. But it will turn the other way around. If you turn the other way around, whatever you are chasing Allah customer will come chasing towards you.

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Because these are the words of a lion is

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bow to thirunal higher to dunya. One, zero to higher.

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We've created you for us for the asset.

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But you got lost on the way

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and Allah is giving us an opportunity again today 2017 has started to change our lives. Let us bring our lives on salah and let us improve our mama Alena