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Brothers and sisters, today's topic is one that I actually have not thought about in the past, for a reason, a lot of times, we talk about things that we can relate to at an experiential level. And the only reason this topic really came up is because I was thinking about last week's cookbook, which I'm sure most have forgotten by now about fathers. And we don't talk about fathers much because of the great emphasis on mothers in the snow. And then I was thinking about how rare it is when we talk about our fathers and our mothers, what about our grandfathers and our grandmothers. And there was another reason that got me thinking, which comes at the very end of this and chocolates out of this

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hole. In relation to the story of Isa and Madame adding him was Sarah, and the family of Amazon may have lost panatuss and his peace and blessings upon them all. And I want to talk about this for a moment and shot. Let's add and again, it's really about your experience. I personally only met one of my grandparents and I was a child that was my maternal grandmother, and she was on her deathbed when I met her. So I didn't have the experience of connecting to grandparents, I see the complete difference in my own children who would have ended up have been blessed to know three grandparents and to spend time with them. And that special bond that develops between a grandchild and a

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grandparents it's a beautiful bond. One of the things that is encompassed in that mercy that Allah subhana wa tada has sent to this earth, which encompasses all of the love and, and mercy and compassion that we find amongst each other even between humans and non humans and animals with each other and so on so forth. Right, that special relationship that Allah subhana wa tada has set down between the grandparents and the grand children. And I've seen it some hand a lot. It really dawned upon me. When the first time I saw my daughter meet her while she knows her mother, her grandmother, her great grandmother and her mother's grandmother. And they had one of those famous sayings and

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Philistine, they say sit down with the other CITIC Grandma, listen to your grandma, when you can line them all up in one row, and see the Mashallah all together and you see the lineage passed down and you think to yourself, how beautiful is this one person to the next person to the next person to the next person, it's special. And it's something that Allah Subhana Allah has blessed some people with in this life to be able to experience and to be able to see.

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But I wanted to take it to the next level. You know, we're living in a society where honoring parents is difficult, where families are being torn apart where, you know, to remind people to fear a loss of habitat and how they treat their parents and of course, parents how they treat their children to remind people to honor their parents that Allah subhanaw taala warns when they reach elderly age, don't even say to them, or roll your eyes at them. Treat them with good with goodness excellence, show them good companionship honor them. As we said, last week, you know, a boleto will be the one who's seeing the young man walking with his father, and reminding him of how to treat his

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father. In this day and age. It's hard enough for us to remind each other about our parents and the right of our parents upon us. But here's something that's very interesting about Islam, though there are words in Arabic, that convey grandparents and grandchild, when you look through the Quran and the Sunnah, the word Arab father functionally in every way covers the grandfather as well. And the way functionally covers the grandmother in every way. And in fact, that's why you will see that in the CFO, when a grandfather refers to his grandson, he doesn't say my grandson using You know, one of the words that are prominent in different Arab cultures today. He says emini, and when a grandson

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refers to his grandfather, he says me, there is no distinction whatsoever, because in Islam, there is no difference between how we honor our parents and our grandparents and Islam. There are literally one in the same functionally, legally, even in the pool, and the sooner the word encompasses grandfather in every way. The word own encompasses grandmother in every way. And of course, you would not have parents without them. And you would not exist without your parents. And they too are gates of gender that Allah subhana wa tada has given to you so for you to honor them, to show them that love in that respect, where they can easily become forgotten, easily be relegated

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to the background. And I'll just talk you know, with with all the deaths that we're seeing right now, what's the difference in your reaction? I'll start with myself. When someone says my grandmother passed away versus my mother passed away. It's almost like Well, yeah, that's expected. Right? grandparents, elderly, they're moving on and

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We can't let that mean any less honor in our hearts or reverence in our hearts towards them. So legally when Allah subhanaw taala mentions, for example, the parents and sort of the Nisa in regards to inheritance, the six of the share of the inheritance parents by the amount of the amount the consensus of the scholars includes grandparents, when Allah subhanaw taala describes the prohibitions of marriage, and he uses the word home and he uses the word up, and what is encompass beyond that it includes the grandparents by consensus of the scholars, when we talk about issues of zakat. Just like you can't give a cat to your parents because you are to spend on your parents as an

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obligation. You can't give a cat to your grandparents because they are your parents. Okay, so it's legally even encompassed in our system. children live long. And this is something that's really powerful about the way that we see grandparents discussed in the Quran and the Sunnah, whether it's the stories of the prophets of old, or the story of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. There's a human element to that, that when grandparents speak about their grandchildren, they don't have the same ideas or dreams for their grandchildren in regards to seeing them all the way through the way that they do for their children for their own children. Usually, the tone in the Quran and the Sunnah, is

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in regards to the vision that they have for their grandchildren in regards to being deeply vested in their success, and their righteousness and their Salah. And they're continuing the legacy of what they had hoped to foster in their own families. And so for example, middle Let's be calm, Ibrahim, this is the religion of your father Ibrahim, I think he's sent out the English translation will say, grandfather, this is the religion of your father, Abraham, your father Abraham, it has set up. And when Abraham it he said I said, Well, we haven't even assata ainoa grabbed me from the righteous. He didn't expect what was coming his way. Right? A child or two in his lifetime that could give him

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company. Not only did Allah subhanaw taala give him It's not easy, and it's hard, and many other children, but he lived to see Yaqoob his grandson and enjoy the presence and see the righteousness of his grandson. Yeah, cool body has set up. Some have a lot. I mean, it was the expectation that he had that they will grow up to be honorable and continue the legacy of Ibrahim the legacy of Abraham, but Allah subhanaw taala gifted him with something further, but that's what's talked about. That's what's described. Similarly, the way the prophets my son loved and Hassan will present. He would call them his children, Ebony, my two sons when they would come to him and they would jump on him

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and the profit slice on him if he was giving a hook them up. What an amazing grandfather. He is right? He would see those two, he would get down from the member in the middle of a football pick up his two grandsons sit down and give the rest of the football with Hassan percent on his life. His two sons and when he held up his son has them all the allow Tyler and what did he say in ibni hadda say it. This son of mine is a leader. This son of mine is a leader. And it may be that Allah subhanho wa Taala and you'll see heavy ettan or Lima tan, mina muslimeen that Allah will bring together two large warring groups amongst the Muslims through this son of mine, this leader of mine,

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prophets lie Selim was seeing the success of an hesa. He loved and hesson he loved him for saying he loved his grandchildren. It was the joy of his day Salalah Hardy was set up to run in and open his blesseth Garden, it has a lot of assignments, and his grandchildren would run to him and he'd do this to them. He put them under his cloak it his Salatu was Salam and hug them and kiss them. Even some of the companions they saw the prophets like some the way he kiss, it hasn't heard her saying so much. And one man says you have a sort of luck. I have 10 of them. I've never kissed any of them. Like it's, I've never done that right? What is this kissing of your grandchildren like this? Right?

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The he was a bedwin. He didn't have that culture. And the prophets like Sam said, What can I do with a man who has no mercy, and his heart, it's a special bond. But the prophet slice alum talked about the future, the continuation, the extension of that righteousness, I have big dreams for you, not in the way that I have big dreams for my children in the sense of company and getting to enjoy that particular bond of a parent and a child, that that you'll be an extension of goodness. And that's where some hamdulillah you see the do the supplication of a grandparent and I really want to stick to this for a moment. The death of a parent for or against their child is accepted. Right except

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unless there's one or two Leon, oppression or abuse or you know something of that sort. But the Lord the dura of a planet, of a father or a mother

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Or against their child is accepted.

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And that includes your grandparents to

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their dura for you or against you is accepted. And this is where this came to my mind somehow on the last few days, the interesting dimension of the grandmother of Jesus, as it is set up the grandmother of Jesus. Right. So right now, obviously, when Christmas season comes, you know, we talk about who the Saudis Saddam was in Islam, to introduce that element of you know, as it sounds important stuff, right. And then mme comes up and Madame Annie has set up hold such a high position in Islam, and we talk about her nobility, the fact that she's mentioned by name in the Quran even more than the Bible. Her name is mentioned the whole chapter named after her all the things we

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talked about money it has set up. What about the grandmother, the grandmother, and this is really powerful. You know why? Because her name, the wife of Milan, is not mentioned in the Bible, or in the M, the name is not mentioned. She's according to Christian traditions, they'll say St. m. and Muslim scholars, you know, would say henna, which matches and right to describe her that was her name. But all of that is for the most part, just, you know, relaying narrations, but her name is not mentioned in the plan or in the Bible. But her do app for her offspring is and what did she do when she was pregnant? And she said if bothered to turn him around, but be in The Nether to laka Murphy

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box ni mohalla O Allah, I dedicate what is in my wound entirely to your service. That's a cup of tea in the Qantas ammirare so accepted from You alone are truly the all hearing and the all knowing felon wah wah attack are the top the in the world to her.

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And then she gave birth to her child and she said oh, well, I gave birth to a girl. Her expectation was not what are the people gonna say? It wasn't about you know, boys are better than girls, it was that she particularly wanted to have a son to dedicate to everybody to the, to the worship to the temple to all these things. And now I have a girl and she's not going to have that same opportunity. She's not going to be able to do that. And some of the scholars mentioned that she met and nebby that she that she was hoping to give birth to a prophet to continue the legacy of profits from running is fine. But the Enable not to answer and she gives birth to a girl. Well, they said like

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Well, I'm with you. Now what what I said that Carol can answer well in the some made to her more young, but in the or either Vica whether Rhea to her in a shape ontology after she gave birth to this girl, and a lot knows what she gave birth to. And the girl is not like the boy. But at the same time that she just say, Oh, well, there's no worry about that. She's not going to be accepted. They're not even going to let her into the message. They're not going to give her any space. She's not going to be able to speak she's not going to be able to worship. What did she say? She said, You know what? In the Lord who have the with the reata hamina shape i'm i'm pleased I've named her mme.

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I've named her Medina, a worshiper of Allah subhanho wa Taala and I seek refuge in You Oh Allah for her and for her offspring. Mina shavon Ola gene from the curse the devil

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if this woman

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just had Monica, what an incredible legacy to leave on this earth. A perfect woman an example of a bada a worshiper in herself what counts minimal quantity hydro Nisa is ammonia, all of the heavy this devout worshiper perfected her email. If the only thing I mean having one Madame aloha item. How would you compare that to generations of people in terms of their ibadah that came the worship that came from Madame, it has set up but she said are easy to her because she literally had to have you know shape on origin any children she has also from the shape of Hannah law when she held her baby, who would have thought that her grandson will be inside his salon,

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as pious, as privileged as elevated in the rank of a loss of candidates on the site of a loss of Hamilton as sad as that is.

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But you know what? The prophets lie some of them mentioned recently his salon benefited from her job. How did Isa benefit from her job? We know that she benefits obviously, from the good deeds that were done by Nadia, the good of reciting Islam, some of which is still to come. When it is it is Salam descends upon us once again.

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But you know what? Subhana Allah, the prophet, so I said, I'm said every single child is born, and the shape on pokes them shavon pokes you when you're born Illa Maryam Webb now, except for Maria and her mother, when Madame as mother said, What in the UI to have the cat with it?

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Reach out to him in a safe tamala G, they were protected from the shape plan. That's how powerful the darat of a grandparent is. And so where we have a hard time even reminding people of the virtue of their parents, let's remind ourselves to honor our grandparents as well. And that's a form of honoring our parents, and to seek the jurat when you serve the elderly, and this is something that nurtures a good character in your own heart, your own life. When children grow up, and they they show respect and honor to their grandparents and serve them. This is something that nurtures a flock nurtures good character and faith. The beauty of that grandparent saying may last, the best of this

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life and the next millas pinata, allow us to be pleasing to Him and the last kind of hotel allow us to be at the service of all of those who he has demanded that we be of service to May Allah subhanho wa Taala honor us and honor those who came before us and honor those who come after us And forgive us for our shortcomings a lot. I mean, who luckily other stuff a lot you can really start infrastructural in the hole for Rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah so he could carry more and early he was like a big marine. A lot more. Meaning I went out with a Muslim, you know, when a Muslim and he went home and went in the Casimir on katiba Mooji without a lot more than our hammer, one for an hour to add dibner valonna and fusina just for Lenovo. homina done. akuna minal pascaline Allah in a careful and Kereama to hibbeler for fact for an alarm in a careful and killing 12451 alarm a fiddly whitey Deena of the hammock amount of non se la Roberto habla moment as word you know the reality now porewater area vaginally subpoena mama llama so the one and mustafina female child of the Masada we

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have a lot monster this one and monster la Vina Themis article we have a long article by the mean of the vitamin lifers and find them in veniam study the mean river the law and the law a little bit add the word son or eater wrote about a Unhand and fracture it will carry with me the covenant Allah come to the corona Sakura la escuela come watch guru Anna NEMA is the con la la la Yamato, Sarawak famous song