Hasan Ali – Appreciation – A Step Closer to Allah

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how being appreciative of people being appreciated makes one appreciate them more and makes them come close to shay apologize. They also talk about the importance of being appreciative of things in one's life, such as learning from people who have more than you or doing the right thing. The speaker also mentions the prophets of Islam and how they encourage people to be appreciative and closer to Allah.
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My brothers and my sisters, do you realize that being appreciative is something that allows your loves a lot, and will actually make you feel good as a human being just thanking people being, you know, being appreciative of what you've actually got, in fact, not being appreciative, makes you come close to shaytaan. Because the shaytan is someone by his nature, he did, he doesn't appreciate what Allah azza wa jal had given him. So when you're in your life with let's just say, look normal, you got a roof over your head, you got food on the table, you got water to drink, honestly, compared to probably a third of the world right now. You are, You are very, very lucky just to have these

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things on just in front of you. In fact, when you look at all your other comforts, like you've got carpet on the feet, or you've got some wooden flooring, you've got a nice sofa, you've got, you know, technology around you, which you enjoy, you've got parents, you've got family members, you've got, you know, even if you've got, you know, things that that are keeping you occupied and keeping you happy in one way, whatever it is, just think of it now, you're actually more lucky than half of the world, half of the world don't actually have all these things, right? Then you go a little bit further. And you think that you know what, I've got a good education system, I've got a, I've got a

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future Look, look forward to I've got many opportunities to get jobs, I've got, you know, a whole business that my family has, or maybe we've at least got good money's coming in, we don't have rainy days, days that we worry, whatever, you know, what you've done, moved a little bit more up in terms of that, and maybe you now you're, you're better than, you know, maybe not three quarters of the world, that you've got all these things. In fact, you should not be comparing yourself with actual monetary gains, and actual things that you can measure like, Oh, I'm in a four bedroom, a three bedroom house and somebody else's in a five bedroom house, or I've only got this much as a bank,

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Sandra summers got more than that. Why? Because when you compare people who've got more than you, you never can become appreciative. You can only become appreciative as a professor lasma said, when you look in terms of this dunya and you see people who've got less than you, less than you, that's when you become appreciate. Thanks, Alhamdulillah. When it comes to akhira, the prophets of Allah Islam said the opposite. He said, You should always compare yourself with people who are doing more than you. So if I'm thinking, Well, I'm doing my five daily prayers. And let's say I'm doing my little bits of Suboxone, whatever else it is, I'm a good Muslim. Well, the practice of law has

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always told us to compare with people who've got compare ourselves to people who've got who are doing more than us in terms of the ACA, so they're doing the tattoo, they're doing the extra extra thing duties and so on. So, compare yourself to that. So then you feel kind of you know, I need to do a little bit more you understand, if you do the opposite. So for example, when it comes to dunia you look at people who are more than you. And when you look at the athlete, you look at people who are doing less than you. You're in bad shape bro, you're in bad shape my friend. So do the right thing which is the lasma has told us to do okay, be appreciative and be closer to Allah and away

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from the cheetah.

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